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Art Workers Guild [1884-. UK. Design/Craft Association]


The Art Workers Guild was founded in Britain in 1884 by a group of architects wi… subscribers only


1. Cumming, Elizabeth. Hand, heart and soul: the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland Edinburgh: Berlinn Limited, 2006 [ISBN 10: 1-84158-419-3]

2. Beauty’s awakening: the centenary exhibition of the Art Workers Guild. Brighton: England: Royal Pavilion, Art Gallery and Museums, 1984 [Exhibition catalogue]

3. Art and work: an exhibition of art, craft and design 1884-1975 presented by the National Book League and the Art Workers Guild. London: National Book League, 1975 [Exhibition catalogue]

4. A Masque of Winter and of Spring. Presented by the members of the Art Workers Guild. London: The Studio, 1899

5. Massé, H.J.L.J. The Art-Workers’ Guild, 1884-1934 Oxford, England: Printed for the Art-Workers' Guild at the Shakespeare Head Press, 1935.

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