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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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Aalto, Aino (Marsio, Aino) [1894-1949. Finland. Glass Artist/Architect]
Aho, Kaarina [1925-1990. Finland. Ceramist]
Ahola, Hilkka-Liisa (Ahola, Hilkka Liisa) [1920-. Finland. Glass Artist/Ceramist]
Ahrenberg, Jac. [1847-1914. Finland. Architect/Ceramist]
Arppe, Britt-Marie [-. Finland. Textile Designer]
Autio-Polkkynen, Sirkka [-. Finland. Rug Designer]
Björnberg, D. [-. Finland. Decorative Designer]
Boman, Marianne [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Brummer, Eva [1901-2007. Finland. Textile Designer/Painter]
Bryggman, Carin [1920-1993. Finland. Interior Architect/Furniture Designer]
Bryk, Rut [1916-1999. Finland. Ceramist/Textile/Wallpaper Designer]
Danielson-Gambogi, Elin  [1861-1919. Finland/Italy. Painter]
Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, Vuokko (Nurmesniemi, Vuokko) [1930-. Finland. Ceramist/Glass/Textile/Fashion Designer]
Flodin, Hilda [1877-1958. Finland. Painter/Sculptor]
Granlund, Svea Eleanora [1901-1986. Finland. Ceramist]
Grotell, Maija [1899-1973. Finland/USA. Ceramist/Glass Artist/Industrial Designer]
Heilimo, Brita [-. Finland. Ceramist]
Hopea-Untracht, Saara (Hopea, Saara) [1925-1984. Finland. Jewellery/Textile/Furniture Designer/Glass Artist]
Hovisaari, Annikki [1918-2004. Finland. Ceramist]
Ilvessalo, Kirsti [1920-. Finland. Textile Designer]
Isola, Maija [1927-2001. Finland. Textile Designer/Artist]
Jäderholm-Snellma, Grete-Lisa (Snellman-Jäderholm, Greta Lisa de) [1894-1973. Finland. Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Johansson-Pape, Lisa [1907-1989. Finland. Textile/Industrial/Lighting/Furniture Designer]
Jung, Dora [1906-1980. Finland. Textile/Tapestry Designer]
Kiljander, Elna [1889-1970. Finland. Architect/Interior Designer]
Koroma, Alli [1907-. Finland. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Kukkasjärvi, Irma [1941-. Finland. Textile Designer]
Laine, Orvokki (Laine-Taitto, Orvokki) [-. Finland. Ceramist]
Larsen, Liisan Hallamaa  [1925-. Finland. Ceramist]
Liljeström, Renata [1923-1998. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Lundahl, Amélia Helga [1850-1914. Finland. Painter]
Lybeck, Marita [1906-1990. Finland. Ceramist]
Maccitti-Lind, Francesca [-. Finland. Ceramist]
Makovsky, E. [-. Finland. Decorative Designer]
Metsovaara, Marjatta [1927-2014. Finland/Belgium. Textile/Fashion Designer]
Morck-Schultz, Marita [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Muona, Toini [1904-1987. Finland. Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Mustakallio-Suominen, Kaija [1916-. Finland. Textile Designer]
Nevanlinna, Lea [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Nordman, Margaret T. [1898-1981. Finland. Interior Designer]
Nyman, Gunnel [1909-1948. Finland. Glass Artist/Textile Designer]
Olin, Gunvor (Olin-Grönqvist, Gunvor) [1928-. Finland. Ceramist]
Paatelainen, Raila (Pietilä, Raila) [-. Finland. Architect]
Peippo, Rauni [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Pekonen, Aili [1907-1986. Finland/Sweden. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Pietilä, Raili (Paatelainen, Raila) [1926-2021. Finland. Architect]
Procopé, Ulrika (Ulla) [1921-1968. Finland. Ceramist]
Puotila, Ritva [1935-. Finland. Weaver/Textile/Glass Designer]
Qveflander, Anneli [-. Finland. Painter/Theatre Set/Costume Designer]
Ring, Lotta [-. Finland. Weaver]
Salmenhaara, Kyllikki [1915-1981. Finland. Ceramist]
Schjerfbeck, Helene [1862-1946. Finland/UK. Painter]
Siimes, Aune [1909-1964. Finland. Ceramist]
Silander, Joy (Silander-Lindfors, Joy) [-. Finland. Textile Designer]
Skogster-Lehtinen, Greta [1900-1994. Finland. Weaver/Textile/Tapestry Designer]
Stenros, Pirkko [1928-. Finland. Furniture/Interior Architect]
Still McKinney, Nanny [1926-2009. Finland. Ceramist/Jewellery/Glass Designer]
Strengell, Marianne [1909-1998. Finland/USA. Weaver]
Sümes, Anne [-. Finland. Ceramist]
Taipale, Martta [1893-1966. Finland. Weaver/Tapestry Designer]
Tuumi, Raija [1923-. Finland. Ceramist]
Tynell, Helena (Turpeinen, Helena) [1918-2016. Finland. Glass Artist/Designer/Ceramist]
von Fieandt, Dorrit [1927-. Finland. Ceramist]
Vuorinen, Hilkka [1924-2019. Finland. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Westermarck, Helena [1857-1938. Finland. Painter]
Yarmolinsky, Sirpa [1945-. Finland/USA. Textile/Fibre Artist/Painter]
Abbema, Louise [1858-1927. France. Painter/Sculptor/Postcard Designer]
About, Suzanne [-. France. Pyrographic Artist]
Abraham, Janine [1929-2005. France. Furniture Designer]
Adler, Rose [1890-1959. France. Bookbinder]
Adour, Pauline Françoise [-. France. Painter]
Agnès B (Troublé, Agnès) [1941-. France. Fashion Designer]
Albin-Guillot, Laure [1879-1962. France. Photographer]
Alix, Charlotte [1897-1987. France. Furniture Designer]
André-Mathieu, Marie-Thérèse [-. France. Painter/Bookbinder]
Antona, Jacqueline [1937-. France. Bookbinder]
Arc-Valette, Louise [-. France. Painter]
Asse, Geneviève [1923-. France. Textile Designer/Painter]
Atché, Jane [1872-1937. France. Poster Designer/Painter/Lithographer]
Barnagaud-Prunier, Françoise ‘toune’ [-. France. Textile Designer/Artist]
Baudouin, Marcelle [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Baumel, Annie [-. France. Window Display Designer]
Bedin, Martine [1957-. France. Architect/Interior Designer]
Béja, Renée-Anne [-. France. Painter]
Besnard, Charlotte-Gabrielle [1855-1931. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Bessin, Gabrielle [-. France. Poster Designer]
Bethmont, Eugènie [-. France. Ceramist]
Bezout, Yvonne [-. France. Illustrator]
Billotte, René [1846-1915. France. Painter]
Bodinat, Marguerite de [-. France. Lace Designer/Decorative Artist]
Bonheur, Rosa [1822-1899. France. Painter]
Bourgeois, Louise [1911-2010. France/USA. Sculptor/Glass Artist/Painter]
Bourgogne, Lucette [-. France. Tapestry Designer]
Braun, Elizabeth [-. France. Painter]
Bravura, Denyse de [1918-1993. France. Illustrator/Engraver]
Breakell, Mary Louise [1856-1931. France. Painter]
Breslau, Marie Louise Catherine [1856-1927. France. Painter/Lithographer]
Breton, Virginie Demont (Demont-Breton, Virginie) [1859-1935. France. Painter]
Brouchère, J. de [-. France. Metalworker]
Brugniot, Marguerite [-. France. Stained Glass Designer]
Bunoust, Madeleine [1885-1974. France. Decorative Artist/Wallpaper Designer/Painter]
Cameron, Marie Gélon [1872-1949. France/USA. Painter]
Carbonell, Guidette [1910-2008. France. Ceramist/Tapestry Designer/Painter/Engraver]
Carpentier, Madeleine [1865-1949. France. Painter]
Carrière, Lucy [-. France. Painter]
Cazin, Berthe [1872-1971. France. Ceramist/Embroiderer]
Cazin, Marie [1840-1924. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Champs, Marcelle [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Chanel, Coco (Chanel, Gabrielle Bonheur) [1883-1971. France. Fashion Designer]
Chapuis, Germaine Madeleine [-. France. Decorative Designer/Painter]
Chauvel, Marie-Blanche [1895-. France. Decorative Artist]
Chennevière, Jeannine [-. France. Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Chesnay, Denise [1923-. France. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Chevallier, Louise-Edmée [-. France. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Claude-Salvy, Marie-Madeleine [1900-. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Claudel, Camille [1864-1943. France. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Clouzot, Marianne [1908-. France. Illustrator/Painter/Ceramist/Fashion Designer/Lithographer]
Colvis, Marie [1857-1912. France. Decorative Designer]
Coutan-Montorgueil, Laure [1855-1915. France. Sculptor]
Cranney-Franceschi, Marie Anne [-. France. Sculptor]
Crespel, Berthe Marie Henriette Dauchez [1874-1958. France. Painter]
Crissay, Marguerite [1874-1945. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Cromières, Huguette (Bucher-Cromières, Huguette) [1921-. France. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
d'Heureux, Adrienne [-. France. Ceramist/Embroiderer/Decorative Painter]
David, Hermine [1886-1970. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Davids, Renée [1877-1949. France. Painter]
de Coster, Germaine [1895-1992. France. Bookbinder/Illustrator]
de Peillon, Charlotte [-. France. Packaging Designer]
Debillemont-Chardon, Gabrielle [1860-1957. France. Painter/Enameller]
Del Pierre, Francine [1917-1968. France. Ceramist]
Delillier, Henriette [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Delorme, Marguerite [1876-1946. France. Painter]
Delpech, Julie-Isabelle [-. France. Painter]
Delpierre, Claude [-. France. Bookbinder/Papermaker]
Demagnez, Marie Antoinette [1869-1925. France. Sculptor]
Demanche, Blanche Marguerite [1868-. France. Painter]
Desaille, Antoinette [1878-1905. France. Illustrator/Painter]
Desliens, Cécile [1853-1937. France. Painter]
Desliens, Marie [1856-1938. France. Painter]
Desma, Marthe-Louise [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Didier, Jeanne [-. France. Painter]
Didier, Jules [1831-1892. France. Painter/Engraver]
Djo-Bourgeois, Elise (Bourgeois, Elise) [-1986. France. Textile/Interior Designer]
Domergue, Jeanne [1880-. France. Decorative Artist]
Dozoul, F. [-. France. Wallpaper Designer]
du Pasquier, Nathalie [1957-. France/Italy. Textile/Furniture Designer]
Duchamp, Suzanne [1889-1963. France. Painter]
Dufau, Clémentine-Hélène [1869-1937. France. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Muralist]
Duhem, Marie [1871-1918. France. Painter]
Dumas, Hélène [1896-1995. France. Bookbinder]
Durand [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Durand, Jeanne [-. France. Painter]
d’Erlanger, Catherine [1874-1959. France/UK. Painter/Art Patron]
Eliot, Jeanne [1861-1937. France. Painter]
Eliroff, Olga [-. France. Poster Designer]
Equer [-. France. Pyrographic Artist]
Estachy, Françoise [-. France. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver/Poster Designer]
Fanny-Rozet, Stéphanie Amélie (Rozer, Fanny) [1881-1958. France. Sculptor]
Fargue, Claire [-. France. Painter]
Favre, Gisèle [-. France. Ceramist]
Félice, Marguerite de [1872-1933. France. Bookbinder/Leatherworker/Gilder]
Folsey-Risler [-. France. Bookbinder]
Fontainas, Andrée [1898-1978. France. Painter]
Fourcade-Cancellé, Jeanne [-. France. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Fournier, Nicole [-. France. Bookbinder]
Fricker, Jeanine [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Gallet, Hélène-Geneviève [1905-. France. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Galtier-Boissière, Louise [1869-1926. France. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Garay, Marie [1861-1953. France. Painter]
Gatelet, Hélène [-. France. Glass Artist/Ceramist]
Gaudin, Hélène [-. France. Painter]
Gaudin, Marcelle [1877-1935. France. Textile Designer/Decorative Artist]
Gautier, Marie [1870-1960. France. Painter/Ceramist/Illustrator]
Géraud, Th. [-. France. Pyrographic Artist]
Germain, Louise-Denise [1870-1936. France. Bookbinder/Leathercraft Designer]
Girardet, Berthe [1861-1948. France. Sculptor]
Giroud, Nicole [1936-. France. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Gonyn de Lurieux, Adèle [-. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Goudon, Pierre [1914-. France. Bookbinder]
Granger, Geneviève [1877-1967. France. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Gueden, Colette [1905-2000. France. Glass Artist/Furniture/Jewellery/Interior Designer/Ceramist]
Guedin, Colette [1905-2000. France. Decorative Artist/Interior/Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Guffroy, Jeanne [-. France. Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Guiguichon, Suzanne [1900-1985. France. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Gullet, Hélène [-. France. Textile Designer]
Hennecart, Berthe [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Henriquez, Elsa [-. France. Illustrator]
Henry, Hélène [1891-1965. France. Textile Designer]
Herbinier, Adrienne [-. France. Embroiderer]
Herest, Magdeleine [-. France. Poster Designer]
Hervieu, Louise Jeanne Aimée [1878-1954. France. Painter/Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Herwegh, A. [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Holbach, A. [-. France. Metalworker]
Holt Le Son, Lucie [1898-?. France. Shop Window/Mannequin/Furniture Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Hugo, Valentine [1890-1968. France. Painter/Illustrator/Decorative Artist]
Humblot, Anna Emile [-. France. Embroiderer/Lacemaker/Decorative Artist]
Icard, Honorine [-. France. Sculptor]
Jacquin, Alice [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Janet, Janine [1913-2000. France. Sculptor/Decorative Artist/Window Display Designer]
Jeanmaire & Leclerc [-. France. Jewellery/Decorative Art Partnership]
Jeanmaire, Marguerite [-. France. Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Jozon, Jeanne [1868-1946. France. Sculptor]
Khanh, Emmanuelle [1937-2017. France. Fashion Designer]
Lafaurie, Marie-Anne [1876-. France. Sculptor]
Lalique, Suzanne [1892-1989. France. Decorative/Theatre Set and Costume Designer/Painter]
Langlois, Espérance [1805-1864. France. Painter/Printmaker/Engraver]
Laurencin, Marie [1883-1956. France. Painter/Illustrator/Theatre Set/Costume Designer]
Lauzanne, Blanche [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Lavrut, Louise [1874-. France. Painter]
Le Bourgeois, Eve-Marie (Le Bourgeois-Cailly, Eve-Marie) [1904-. France. Sculptor/Decorative Artist]
Le Roy-Desrivières, Gabrielle (Leroy-Desrivières, Gabrielle) [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Lecreux, Marguerite (Lecreux, Madame Gaston) [-. France. Painter/Jewellery Designer/Bookbinder]
Lemaire, Aline [-. France. Wood Engraver]
Lemaire, Denise [-. France. Painter]
Lemaire, Germaine [-. France. Graphic Artist]
Lemaire, Madeleine Jeanne [1845-1928. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Lepeltier, Odette [1914-. France. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Leroux, Alice [-. France. Bookbinder]
Leroux, Jeanne (Bogureau, Jeanne) [1872-1947. France. Ceramist]
Lesbros, Adèle [-. France. Ceramist]
Lévy, Claude [1895-1942. France. Architect/Interior/Furniture Designer/Painter]
Lloyd, M.C. [-. France. Interior Designer]
Locle, Claire du [-. France. Pyrographic Artist]
Lombard, Nathalie [1962-. France. Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Typographer]
Maar, Dora [1907-1997. France. Photographer]
Macaire, Odette [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Maclès, Angèle [-. France. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Macqueron, Alice [1903-. France. Decorative Artist/Jewellery Designer]
Madrelle, Laurence [1946-. France. Graphic Designer]
Malclès, Angèle [-. France. Illustrator/Textile Designer]
Mangin, M. [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Mangin, Marc [-. France. Embroiderer]
Marc, Fanny [1858-1937. France. Sculptor]
Marcotte, Marie-Antonette [1869-1929. France. Painter]
Marrot, Paule [1902-1987. France. Textile Designer]
Martelli, Marie [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Martin, Annie [-. France. Ceramist]
Martin-Sabon, Nathalie [1855-1931. France. Decorative Designer]
Mathieu, Monique [-. France. Bookbinder]
Mathioly, Christiane (Sister Marie-Christine de la Trinité) [1920-2017. France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Meunier, Suzanne [1888-1979. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Milesi, Juliette [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Mollenhauer, Marie Thérèse [1909-1999. France. Ceramist]
Moncey, Thérèse [-. France. Bookbinder]
Monteil, Germaine [1898-1987. France/USA. Fashion Designer]
Montereau, Germaine  [1892-1959. France. Weaver/Embroiderer/Rug Designer]
Morice, Charlotte [-. France. Batik Artist/Decorative Designer]
Morisot, Berthe [1841-1895. France. Painter]
Morisset, Blanche [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Morisset, Henriette [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Mouroux, Anie [1887-1978. France. Sculptor/Medal Designer]
Natanson, Bolette [1892-1936. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Necanda, Suzanne [-. France/UK. Embroiderer/Textile Artist]
Oberteuffer, Henriette Amiard [1878-1962. France/USA. Painter]
Orliange, Annick [1946-. France. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Ory-Robin, Blanche [1862-1942. France. Tapestry Designer/Embroiderer]
O’Kin, Eugénie [1880-1948. France. Decorative Designer]
Pangon, Marguerite [1880-1955. France. Batik Artist]
Parain, Nathalie [1897-1958. France. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Pastré [-. France. Wood Engraver]
Perriand, Charlotte [1903-1999. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Pervouchine, Nathalie [1923-. France/Canada. Painter/Embroiderer/Tapestry Designer/Muralist]
Peureux, Francine [-. France. Metalworker]
Philastre, Noémie [-. France. Decorative Designer/Enameller]
Plasse Le Caisne, Bilou [-. France. Weaver/Tapestry Designer]
Plasse Le Caisne, Christine [-. France. Weaver/Tapestry Designer]
Pomey-Ballue, Thérèse [1867-1943. France. Painter]
Pons, Geneviève [1924-. France. Furniture Designer]
Portal, Colette [1936-. France. Illustrator/Animator]
Poupelet, Jane [1874-1932. France. Sculptor]
Pouquet, Alice Hélène [-. France. Sculptor]
Preiss, Anne [1941-. France. Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Typographer/Photographer]
Putman, Andrée [1925-2013. France. Furniture/Interior/Industrial Designer]
Rault, Gabrielle Louise [1874-1948. France. Decorative Artist]
Rault, Geneviève [-. France. Ceramist/Decorative Artist]
Renaudot, Lucie [-1939. France. Interor/Furniture Designer]
Reyre, Valentine (Val) [1889-1943. France. Painter]
Richier, Germaine [1902-1959. France. Sculptor]
Rivière, Pauline [-. France. Embroiderer]
Rondel, Georgette [1915-1942. France/UK/Ireland. Graphic/Display Designer/Painter]
Rouzard, Gabrielle Henriette [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Rykiel, Sonia [1930-2016. France. Fashion Designer]
Saint Phalle, Niki de [1930-2002. France. Sculptor]
Salzedo, Maggie [1890-1959. France. Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Sautier, Marie-Louise [-. France. Embroiderer/Decorative Artist]
Selmersheim, Jeanne [-1958. France. Jewellery/Lace Designer]
Sergent, Renée [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Simon, Elizabeth [-. France. Display Designer]
Simon, Jeanne [1863-. France. Painter]
Sougez, Madeleine [1891-1945. France. Ceramist/Sculptor/Painter]
Spitzer, Marthe [1877-1956. France. Sculptor]
Stahly, Claude [-1973. France. Bookbinder/Tapestry Designer/Collage Artist]
Stall, Colette [-. France. Poster Designer]
Starck, Brigitte (Laurent, Brigitte) [-1992. France. Interior Designer]
Terdjan, Anne [-. France. Textile Artist]
Tessière [-. France. Interior Decorator]
Thiollier, Claude Emma [1875-1973. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Thomass, Chantal [1947-. France. Fashion Designer]
Tixier, E.L.J. [-. France. Embroiderer/Decorative Artist]
Trigère, Pauline [1912-2002. France/USA. Fashion Designer]
Vago, Monique [-. France. Interior Designer]
Valadon, Suzanne [1865-1936. France. Painter]
Vallain, Jeanne-Louise (Nanine) [1767-1815. France. Painter]
Vallet-Bisson, Frédérique [1865-1949. France. Painter]
Vautrain [-. France. Ceramist]
Verneuil, Lucette-P.  [-. France. Embroiderer]
Vibert, Max (Maxine) [1905-1981. France. Textile/Wallpaper/Rug/Carpet/Tapestry Designer/Decorative Artist]
Vionnet, Madeleine [1876-1975. France. Fashion Designer]
von Ladau, Jackie [-. France/USA. Weaver]
Waldeck-Rousseau, Marie [1854-1936. France. Decorative Designer/Metalworker]
Youllet, Ixia [-. France. Painter]
Zask, Catherine [1961-. France. Graphic Designer/Typographer/Calligrapher]
Zillhardt, Madeleine [-. France. Sculptor/Glass Artist]


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