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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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F. & C. Osler [1807-1976. UK. Glassworks/Lighting Manufacturer]
F. A. & S. Tugwell [1897-1899. UK. Architectural Firm]
F. E. & A. Milne [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
F. Eugene Smith Associates [1960-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
F. Guilford W. Dudley & C. Pickford. [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
F. Osborne & Company Ltd. [1874-. UK. Manufacturers of Ecclesiastical Metalwork and Stained Glass]
F. Piccinelli e C. [-. Italy. Manufacturers of Decorative Mirrors]
F. Sage & Co. [-. UK. Shopfitting Firm]
F. Schönthaler & Söhne [1852-. Austria. Interior Decorating Firm]
F. Schumacher & Co. [1889-. USA. Manufacturer of Furnishing fabrics]
F. T. Verity & S. Beverley [1930-. UK. Architectural Firm]
F. Wirth Söhne, Hofmöbelfabrik [1866-1915. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer/Interior Decorators]
F.A. Foster & Co., Inc. [-. USA. Textile Manufacturers]
F.A. Lattmann [1841-1929. Germany. Playing Card Printers]
F.A. Schütz [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
F.A. Schütz (Schütz Werkstätten für Möbelkunst und Innenarchitektur) [1841-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer/Interior Decorators]
F.B. Arthur Modern Interiors [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
F.C. Nielsen [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
F.C. Pritchard & Partners  [1923-. UK. Advertising Agency]
F.C. Pritchard Wood & Partners [1923-. UK. Advertising Agency]
F.P. Bhumgara & Co. [-. India/UK/USA. Importers/Exporters of Silverware, Jewellery and Oriental Ware]
F.W. Braat [1844-1971. Netherlands. Metalwork Factory]
F.W. Grafton & Co. Ltd. [1855-. UK. Textile Manufacturer]
Faas, Ron [1967-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Fabbi, Fabio [1861-1946. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Fabbri, Agenore [1911-1988. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Fabbri, Remo (”Remo”) [1890-1977. Italy. Poster Designer/Ceramist/Painter]
Fabbrucci, Aristide Luigi [-1921. UK. Sculptor]
Faber, Carl [1885-11962. Gerrmany. Painter]
Faber, Will [1901-1987. Germany. Book Designer/Illustrator]
Fabian, Cecil Thomas [1873-1911. UK. Sculptor/Woodcarver]
Fabian, E. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Fabian, Max [1873-1926. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Fabian, Robert [-. USA. Art Director]
Fabiani, Max [1865-1962. Italy/Austria. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Fabiansen, Ib [1927-. Denmark. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Lighting Designer]
Fabigan, Hans [1901-1975. Austria. Graphic/Poster/Book/Lettering Designer]
Fabre, Auguste-Victor [-. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Fabri, Pompeo [1874-1959. Italy. Painter]
Fabricius, Demetrius [1847-1907. Greece/Egypt. Architect]
Fabritius & Sønner [1844-. Norway. Printing Firm]
Fabritius Reklamebyrå (Fabritius Reklamebyraa) [-. Norway. Advertising Agency/Design Studio]
Fabry Associates [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fabry, Edmund [1892-1939. Germany. Architect/Painter/Woodcut Artist]
Fabry, Emile [1865-1966. Belgium. Poster Designer]
Fabry, Erno [1906-1984. USA. Architect/Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Fabry, Jaro [1912-1953. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Muralist]
Fabrycki, William [1936-. USA. Mixed Media Artist/Painter]
Faccioli, Raffaele [1846-1916. Italy. Painter]
Facetti, Germano [1926-2006. Italy/UK. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Fachschule für Edelmetallindustrie (Hochschule für Gestaltung), Schwäbisch Gmünd [1909-. Germany. University of Applied Art]
Fachschule für Glas-Industrie Haida [1870-. Bohemia. Craft School]
Fachschule für Glasindustrie, Steinschönau [1856-. Bohemia/Czechoslovakia. Glass Vocational School]
Fachverband für die wirtschaftlichen Interessen des Kunstgewerbes [-. Germany. Trade Association]
Faddis, George [-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Painter]
Fader, Lester [1925-1997. USA. Architect/Jewellery Designer]
Fafard, Joe [1942-. Canada. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fafard, Paul-Emil [-. Canada. Graphic Designer]
Fagan, Betty Maud Christian [1875-1932. UK. Painter]
Fagan, Isobel (Isabel) [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Fagan, William Bateman [1860-1948. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Fagard, Jules [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Fager, Charles [1937-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fagerberg, Carl [1878-1948. Sweden. Sculptor]
Fagerlund, Carl [1915-. Sweden. Glass Designer]
Faggi, Alfeo [1885-1966. Italy/USA. Sculptor]
Fagioli, I. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Fagnen, Léon [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Fagot, Louis [-. France. Architect]
Faguet, Alexis-Victor [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Fahlström, Carl [1854-1920. Sweden. Architect]
Fahnestock, Samuel (Sam) L. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fahnström, Dale [1940-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fahrenkamp, Emil [1885-1966. Germany. Architect]
Fahrenkrog, Ludwig [1867-1952. Germany. Painter]
Fahrner, Theodor, Jun. [1859-1919. Germany. Jewellery Manufacturer/Designer]
Faigh, Henry [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Faini, Virgilio [1872-1973. Italy. Poster Designer]
Fair & Myer [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fair, John William [1871-1915. UK. Architect]
Fairbairn, Walter [1877-1963. UK. Architect]
Fairbank, Alfred John [1895-1982. UK. Calligrapher/Photographer]
Fairburn, Arthur Rex Dugard (A.R.D.) [1904-1957. New Zealand. Textile Designer]
Fairclough, Wilfred [1907-1996. UK. Painter/Engraver]
Fairfield & Dubois [1962-1975. Canada. Architectural Firm]
Fairhurst, E. (Fairhurst, Henry) [-. Argentina. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Fairhurst, E.H. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Fairhurst, Enoch [1874-1945. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Fairhurst, Harry Smith [1868-1945. UK. Architect/Painter/Etcher]
Fairley, James Graham [1846-1934. UK. Architect]
Fairley, James McLellan [1860-1942. UK. Architect]
Fairlie, Reginald Francis Joseph [1883-1952. UK. Architect]
Fairman, F.S. [-. USA. Architect]
Fairweather & Robertson [-. Ireland. Architectural Firm]
Fairweather, George [1906-1985. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Fairweather, Hubert Moore [1881-1950. UK. Architect]
Fairweather, John [1867-1942. UK. Architect]
Fairweather, John Matthew [1882-1962. Ireland. Architect]
Faith Craft [-1972. UK. Manufacturers of Ecclesiastical Furnishings and Vestments]
Faith-Ell, Age [1912-1998. Sweden. Textile Designer]
Faivre, Abel [1867-1945. France. Painter/Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Faivre, Ferdinand [1860-. France. Sculptor]
Falat, Julian [1853-1929. Poland. Painter]
Falces, J. [-. Spain. Architect]
Falchetti, Alberto [1878-1951. Italy. Painter]
Falck, Emmy [-. Germany. Wallpaper Designer]
Falcke, Gladys L. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Falco, Filippo de [1852-1926. Italy. Painter]
Falcon, Thomas Adolphus [1872-1944. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Silversmith]
Falcone, Bill [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Falconer Baker & Campbell [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Falconer, J. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Falconer, John Mackie [1820-1903. USA. Painter]
Falconer, Pearl [1911-2000. UK. Illustrator/Fashion Designer]
Falconer, Thomas [1880-1934. UK. Architect]
Falconer-Green, W. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Falda, Giovanni Battista [1643-1678. Papal States. Architect/Engraver/Printmaker]
Faldi, Charles [-. USA. Art Director]
Falga, L. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Falguera i Sivilla, Antoni de [1876-1947. Spain. Architect]
Falguière, Alexandre [1831-1900. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Falileiev, Vadim Dmitrievitch (Falileieff, Vadim Dmitrievich; Falileev, Vadim Dmitrievich) [1879-1950. Russia. Painter]
Falise, August (Auguste) [1875-1936. Netherlands. Sculptor/Medallist]
Falize, Lucien [1839-1897. France. Goldsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Falk Stadelmann & Co. Ltd. [1887-. UK. Lighting ManufacturerFalk Stadelmann & Co. Ltd.]
Falk Studio [-1919. Australia. Photographic Studio]
Falk, G. [-. USA. Art Director]
Falk, Gathie [1928-. Canada. Ceramist/Sculptor/Performance Artist/Painter]
Falk, Hans [1918-2002. Switzerland. Painter/Poster Designer]
Falk, Lars-Erik (Falk, Lars Erik) [1922-. Sweden. Textile Designer/Sculptor]
Falk-Monte Luke [1919-. Australia. Photographic Studio]
Falke von Lilienstein, Gisela [1871-. Austria. Ceramist/Glass Artist/Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Falke, Gladys L. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Falke, Ursula [1896-1981. Germany. Dancer/Graphic Artist]
Falkenberg-Liefrinck, Ida (Liefrinck, Ida Falkenberg) [1901-2006. Netherlands. Interior Designer/Glass Artist]
Falkenstein, Claire [1908-1997. USA. Painter/Sculptor/Jewellery Designer/Illustrator/Printmaker]
Falkenstein, Hugo [1891-. Austria. Textile Designer/Decorative Artist]
Falkiner, W. [-. Ireland. Metalworker]
Falkirk Iron Co. [1819-1920. UK. Ironworks]
Falkner, Anne Louise [1862-1933. UK. Painter]
Falkner, Harold [1875-1963. UK. Architect/Painter]
Falkner, Travers [-. Ireland. Tapestry Designer]
Fallica, Alfio [1898-1971. Italy. Architect/Sculptor/Furniture Designer]
Falls, Charles Buckles [1874-1960. USA. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Falls, Roger Eykyn [-. Australia. Painter]
Fallu, Nardo Carlos [1902-. Australia. Lithographer]
Falorsi, M.A. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Stained Glass Designer]
Falqués, Pere [1850-1916. Spain. Architect]
Faltin, Willy [1908-. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Falus, Elek [1884-1950. Austria-Hungary/Hungary. Graphic Designer/Decorative Artist]
Falwell, Bobby [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Familie von Heider [1898-. Germany. Ceramics Firm]
Fancher, Louis [1884-1944. USA. Poster/Graphic Designer]
Fanchiotti, V. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Fandl, William [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Fandt, William [-. . Calligrapher]
Fanelli, Sara [1969-. Italy/UK. Illustrator]
Fangel, Henry Guy [-. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Fangel, Maud Tousey [1881-1968. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Fanger-Schiesser, Karin [1959-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer/Muralist]
Fanghänel, Hans [1874-1935. Germany. Architect]
Fangor, Wojciech (Voy) [1922-. Poland. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Fangrieve, M.L. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Fanigliulo, Ciro [1881-1969. Italy. Painter/Muralist]
Fanner, Alice Maud [1865-1930. UK. Painter]
Fannin, Allen [1939-2004. USA. Weaver]
Fannin, Dorothy [1941-. USA. Weaver]
Fanny-Rozet, Stéphanie Amélie (Rozer, Fanny) [1881-1958. France. Sculptor]
Fanta, Julius [-. USA. Phptographer]
Fantin-Latour, Henri [1836-1904. France. Painter/Engraver/Lithographer]
Fantini, Enrico [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Fantini, Tommaso [-. Italy. Painter]
Fanto, Leonhard [1874-1958. Austria/Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Theatre Designer]
Fantoni, Barry Ernest [1940-. UK. Cartoonist/Caricaturist]
Fantoni, Marcello [1915-. Italy. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Faraday & Son Ltd. [1814-. UK. Candelabra and Light Fittings Manufacturer]
Faraghan, George [-. USA. Photographer]
Faragó, Géza [1877-1928. Hungary. Poster Designer/Painter]
Faragó, Odön [1869-1935. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Farasyn, Edgar (Farasyn, Edgard) [1858-1938. Belgium. Painter/Engraver/Etcher]
Farber, Bob [1924-1993. USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Farcas [-. France. Poster Designer]
Farey, Cyril Arthur [1888-1954. UK. Architect/Painter]
Farey, F. Arden [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Farge, Henri [1884-1969. France. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator]
Fargue, Claire [-. France. Painter]
Farina, Battista 'Pinin' [1893-1966. Italy. Automobile Designer]
Farina, Italo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Farinati, C.S. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Farington, Joseph [1747-1821. UK. Painter]
Farkas [-. Hungary. Design Partnership]
Farkas, Andrew [-. Germany/Hungary. Poster Designer/Architect]
Farkas, George [-. Germany/Hungary. Poster/Exhibition/Furniture Designer]
Farkas, Kiko  [1957-. Brazil. Graphic Designer]
Farleigh, John [1900-1965. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver/Textile/Graphic Designer]
Farley, William [1893-1964. UK. Painter]
Farmakovsky, Mstislav Vladimirovich [1873-1946. Russia/USSR. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Artist]
Farmer & Brindley [1851-1929. UK. Architectural Sculptors/Ornamentalists]
Farmer & Dark [1934-1994. UK. Architectural Firm]
Farmer, Ernest [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Farmer, Frank Quentery  [1878-1955. UK. Architect]
Farmer, Helen [1888-1970. Australia. Painter/Printmaker]
Farmer, Henry Edward [1868-1934. UK. Architect]
Farmer, John MaCormack [1897-1989. Australia. Painter]
Farmer, Walter [1870-1947. UK. Painter]
Farmer, Willie George [1908-1961. UK. Architect]
Farmiloe, Edith [1870-1921. UK. Illustrator]
Farmlett, Harry [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Farneti, Stefano [1855-1926. Italy. Painter]
Farnham, Paulding [1859-1927. USA. Jewellery Designer/Sculptor/Metalsmith]
Farnsworth, Sidney [1886-1826. UK. Illuminator/Painter/Graphic Artist]
Farny, Henry Francis [1847-1916. USA. /IllustratorPainter]
Farquerson, David [1839-1907. UK. Painter]
Farquharson, Horace [1874-1966. UK. Architect]
Farquharson, Joseph [1846-1935. UK. Painter]
Farquharson, William 'Clyne' [1906-1972. UK. Glass Designer]
Farr, E.A. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Farr, Fred [1914-1973. USA. Sculptor/Muralist/Jewellery Designer]
Farr, Michael [1924-1993. UK. Writer on Design/Design Consultant/Educator]
Farr, William (Bill) [-2015. USA. Packaging/Jewellery Designer/Sculptor]
Farrah, Abdelkader [1926-2005. Algeria. Theatre Set Designer]
Farran, Charles Ernest [1889-1973. UK. Civil Engineer/Architect]
Farran, Evelyn Gertrude [1868-1934. UK. Bookbinder]
Farran, Frederick St. Clair [1876-1934. UK. Civil Engineer/Architect]
Farran-Lee, Martin [1961-. Sweden/UK. Graphic Designer]
Farrand, Charles D. [-. USA. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Farrell, Bill [1936-. USA. Ceramist]
Farrell, Frederick Arthur [1882-1935. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Farrelly, Rose V. [-. Ireland. Embroiderer]
Farrer, Henry [1843-1903. UK/USA. Painter]
Farrier, Archibald Victor [1897-1987. UK. Architect]
Farringdon Studios [-. UK. Illustration/Photographic Studio]
Farsky, Robert [1881-. Austria. Architect]
Faruffìni, Federico [1831-1869. Italy. Painter]
Farulli, Fernando [1923-1997. Italy. Painter/Glass Artist]
Farynk, Walter [-. USA. Photographer]
Fasolin, Erik [-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Fasolino, Teresa [1946-. USA. Illustrator/Muralist]
Fassbinder, John [-. USA. Ceramist]
Fassett, Truman Edmund [1885-1970. USA. Painter]
Fässler, Franz [1920-2003. Switzerland. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Fatio, Edmond [1871-1959. Switzerland. Architect]
Fatio, Maurice [1847-1943. USA. Architect]
Fattal, Vahé [1942-. USA. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Fattori, Giovanni [1825-1908. Italy. Painter]
Fau & Guillard  [1921-1926. France. Ceramics Partnership]
Fau, André [1896-1982. France. Ceramist/Painter]
Fau, Pierre [1888-1969. France. Illustrator]
Faublée, René [1906-. France. Architect/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Faucheur, Henry [1889-1961. France. Architect]
Faucheux, Pierre [1924-1999. France. Graphic/Book Designer/Architect]
Fauconnet, Guy Pierre [1882-1920. France. Illustrator/Interior Designer/Etcher]
Faul-Coradi Inc. [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Faulconer, Mary [1912-. USA. Painter/Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Faulhaber, Hans [-. Germany. Sculptor]
Faulkner Bronze Co. [-. UK. Bronze Manufacturer]
Faulkner Diamond and Orient Pearl Co. [-. UK. Jewellery Manufacturers/Retailers]
Faulkner, Aileen M. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Faulkner, Alma [1886-1968. UK. Poster Designer]
Faulkner, Amos Francis [1868-1940. UK. Architect]
Faulkner, Charles Joseph [1833-1892. UK. Decorative Artist]
Faulkner, H. [-. UK. Furniture]
Faulkner, Herbert Waldron [1860-1940. USA. Painter/Woodcarver]
Faulkner, Kate [1841-1898. UK. Tile Painter/Decorative Designer]
Faulkner, Lucy (Orrinsmith, Lucy Jane) [1839-1910. UK. Tile Painter/Bookbinder/Engraver/Embroiderer/Decorative Artist/Wallpaper Designer]
Faure, Amandus [1874-1931. Germany. Painter/Engraver]
Faure, Sergio [-. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Faure-Dujarric, Louis [1875-1943. France. Architect/Painter/Illustrator]
Faure-Dujarric, Lucien [commonly known as Lucien Faure] [1872-1943. France. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Faure-Laubarède, G. [-. France. Metalworker/Sculptor]
Faurot, Randall D. [-. USA. Industrial/Vehicle Designer]
Fauser, Hermann [1874-1947. Germany. Sculptor/Medallist]
Faux, F. W. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Favalli, Augusto [-. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Favara, Vito [-. Italy. Stained Glass Designer]
Favata, Ignazia [1943-. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Favata, Ray [1924-. USA. Animator]
Favell, A. L. [-. UK. Architect]
Favén, Antti [1882-1948. Finland. Painter]
Favier, Henry [1888-. France. Architect]
Faville, William Baker [1855-1947. USA. Architect]
Favorsky, Vladimir Andreyevich [1886-1964. Russia/USSR. Book Designer/Muralist/Illustrator]
Favre, G. [-. France. Poster Designer]
Favre, Gisèle [-. France. Ceramist]
Favre, Sergio [-. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Favretto, Giacomo [1849-1887. Italy. Painter]
Fawcett, Evelyn [-. UK. Garden Designer]
Fawcett, G. [-. Ireland. Woodcarver]
Fawcett, Gertrude [1884-1962. UK. Painter]
Fawcett, Robert  [1903-1967. USA. Illustrator/Painter/Cartoonist/Graphic Designer]
Fawcett, Walter W. [-. USA. Illustrator/Painter/Book Designer]
Fawell, Edmund [-. UK. Inlay Artist]
Fawell, Nathan [-. UK. Inlay Artist]
Fawell, W. [-. UK. Inlay Artist]
Fawkes, Irene [1886-1977. UK. Poster/Graphic Designer]
Fawkes, Judith Poxson [1941-. USA. Tapestry Designer]
Fay, Carl Friedrich [1853-1918. Germany. Photographer]
Fay, Clark [1895-1956. USA/UK. Illustrator/Painter/Lithographer]
Fay, Ernst [1910-. Germany. Book Designer]
Fay, Georges [-1916. France. Poster Designer]
Faydherbe, Ben [1958-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Faye-Hansen, Eugenie [1871-1960. Norway. Textile Designer]
Fayer, Jan Jasper [-. USA. Lighting Designer]
Fayet, Gustave [1865-1926. France. Decorative Artist/Ceramist/Tapestry/Carpet Designer]
Fazakas, Donelda [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Fazakerley [1835-1915. UK. Bookbinders]
Fazakerley, John [1843-1909. UK. Bookbinder]
Fazio, Linda [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
FDB-Reklame [-. Denmark. Advertising/Design Studio]
Fear, Jeffrey [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Fearon, Hilda [1878-1917. UK. Painter]
Fearon, Percy Hutton (’Poy’ [1874-1948. UK. Cartoonist]
Fearon, Percy Hutton (’Poy’) [1874-1948. UK. Cartoonist]
Featheringill, Philip [-. USA. Illustrator]
Featherston, Grant [1922-1995. Australia. Furniture Designer]
Featherston, Mary [1943-. Australia. Furniture Designer]
Féau, Amédée [1872-1952. France. Painter/Engraver]
Féchin, Nicolai Ivanovich [1881-1955. Russia/USA. Painter/Sculptor]
Fechner, Hanns [1860-1931. Germany. Painter/Poster Designer]
Fechter, Anita [-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith]
Fedarb, Ernest Janes [1905-2005. UK. Painter]
Fedden, Arthur Romilly [1875-1939. UK. Painter]
Fedden, Herbert Lancelot [1869-1910. UK. Architect]
Feddersen, Hans Peter [1848-1941. Germany. Painter]
Feder, Abe [1909-1997. USA. Lighting Designer]
Feder, Benjamin (Ben) [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director/Painter]
Federal Advertising Agency [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Federal Furnace Pottery [1966-. USA. Pottery]
Federer, Carl [-. USA. Collage/Découpage/Montage Artist]
Federico Martinotti & C. [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Federico, Gene [1918-1999. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Federico, Helen [1921-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Federico, Joseph B. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Federico/Zagara, Inc. [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Federighi, Christine [1949-2006. USA. Ceramist]
Fedoroff, George [1906-2001. USA. Sculptor/Woodcraft Designer]
Fedorová, Silvia [1945-. Slovakia. Fashion Accessories/Hat Designer/Fibre Artist]
Fedorovitch, Sophie [1893-1953. Russia/UK. Theatre/Ballet Costume Designer/Painter]
Fedotov, Pavel [1815-1852. Russia. Painter/Illustrator]
Feeney, William Peregrine [1845-1921. UK. Painter]
Feeterse, H. [-. Netherlands. Decorative Artist]
Feher, Joseph (Joe) [1908-1987. Hungary/USA. Painter/Illustrator/Art Director/Graphic Designer/Calligrapher/Muralist]
Fèher, Paul [1898-1990. Austria-Hungary/USA. Decorative Metalwork Artist/Interior Designer]
Fehn, Sverre [1924-2009. Norway. Architect]
Fehr, Henry Charles [1867-1940. UK. Sculptor]
Fehr, Siegfried [-. Germany. Architect]
Fehse, Alfred [-. Germany. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Feibusch, Hans [1898-1998. Germany/UK. Painter/Sculptor/Muralist/Poster Designer/Printmaker]
Feiler, Uta [1941-. Germany. Jewellery Designer]
Feiler, Wolf [-. USA. Art Director]
Feininger, Andreas [1906-1999. France/Germany/USA. Photographer]
Feinman, Martin [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Feinstein, Mal [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Feint, Adrian George [1894-1971. Australia. Painter/Etcher/Bookplate Designer]
Feissl Franz Fehér & Co. [-. Hungary. Printing Firm]
Feist, Otto [1872-1939. Germany. Silversmith/Sculptor/Painter]
Feitler, Beatriz (Bea) [1938-1982. Brazil. Art Director/Graphic Designer]
Fejér, George [1912-1996. Hungary/UK. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Fejes, Gyula [1891-1958. Hungary. Poster Designer]
Felber, Carl Friedrich [1880-1932. Switzerland/Germany. Painter]
Feld, Rudi [1896-1994. Germany/USA. Painter/Poster Designer/Film Director]
Feldbauer, Max Josef [1869-1948. Germany. Painter]
Felderhoff, Reinhold [1865-1919. Germany. Sculptor]
Feldman Eugène [1921-1975. USA. Graphic Artist]
Feldman, Bella Tabek [1930-. USA. Sculptor/Fibre Artist]
Feldman, Del Pitt [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Feldman, J. [-. France/UK. Textile/Carpet Designer]
Feldman, Lester [-. USA. Art Director]
Feldman, Matthew [1955-. USA. Leather Artist/Handbag/Jewellery Designer]
Feldmann, Otto [1881-1942. Austria/Germany. Graphic Artist/Painter/Gallery Owner]
Feldmann, Wilhelm [1859-1932. Germany. Painter/Lithographer]
Feldtmann, Hugo [-. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Feldtmann, Julius [1856-1933. Germany. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Felger, Friedrich [1882-. Germany. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Craftsman]
Félice, Marguerite de [1872-1933. France. Bookbinder/Leatherworker/Gilder]
Felici, Manlio [-. Italy. Architect]
Feliu de Lemus, Manuel [1865-1934. Spain. Painter/Poster Designer]
Felix-Palmer, Dorothea (Palmer, Dorothea Felix) [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Felix-Palmer, E.R. (Palmer, E.R. Felix) [-. UK. Textile Artist]
Felix-Palmer, Nancy (Palmer, Nancy Felix) [1865-1947. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Felkin, Margaret [1871-1961. UK. Painter]
Fell, Herbert Granville [1872-1951. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Book Designer]
Fella, Edward (Ed) [1938-. USA. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Feller, Josef [-. Germany. Architect]
Feller, Mathias [-. Germany. Architect]
Fellerer, Max [1889-1957. Austria. Architect]
Felli, E. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Fellows, Annie [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Fellows, L. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Fellows, Laurence [1885-1964. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Fellows, William K. [1870-1948. USA. Architect]
Fells, Margaret [-. UK. Metalworker]
Felten, Frances [1905-1976. USA. Metalsmith/Pewtersmith]
Felten, Rudolf [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Felten, Yury Matveyevich [1730-1801. Russia. Architect]
Feltham, Terence Stanley Crathern [1896-1971. UK/Hong Kong. Architect]
Felton, Frances [1905-1976. USA. Pewtersmith]
Felvidéki, Andràs [1946-. Hungary. Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Typographer/Illustrator/Calligrapher]
Fémes-Beck, Marie [-. Hungary. Embroiderer]
Fenati, L. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Fenci, Piero [1944-. USA. Ceramist]
Fendley, George Herbert [1885-1945. UK. Woodcarver]
Fenn, Constance (Connie) [1933-2001. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist]
Fenn, Harry [1837-1911. UK/USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Fenn, Otto [1913-1993. USA. Photographer]
Fenn, William Amor [1863-1933. UK. Illustrator/Metalworker]
Fenneker, Josef [1895-1956. Germany. Painter/Poster Designer/Painter]
Fennell, Paul J. [-. USA. Animator/Art Director]
Fenning, Arthur Richard George [1855-1937. UK. Architect]
Fenoglio, Pietro [1865-1927. Italy. Architect]
Fenster, Fred [1934-. USA. Metalsmith/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Fenton, Ernest William (E.W.) [1922-. UK. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Fenton, Harold (Harry) [1886-. UK. Stained/Wallpaper/Textile Glass Designer/Mosaic Artist]
Fenton, Joan [-. USA. Art Director]
Fenton, John [1912-1977. USA. Graphic Artist/Painter/Printmaker]
Fenton, Roger [1819-1869. UK. Photographer]
Fenton, Sophia [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fenton, William Carter [1861-1950. UK. Architect]
Fenwick [-. UK. Illustrator]
Fenwicke, W. Ellison [1863-1953. UK. Architect]
Fényes, Adolf [1867-1945. Hungary. Poster Designer/Painter]
Fenzl, Otto [1898-1945. Austria. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fenzy & Carreux [-. France. Architectural Firm]
Feragutti Visconti, Adolfo [1850-1924. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Ferar, Montgomery [1909-1982. USA. Architect/Industrial Designer]
Ferber, Erna [-. Germany. Graphic Artist]
Ferber, Herbert [1906-1991. USA. Sculptor/Painter]
Ferch, Rudolf [-. Austria. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Ferd. Lundquist & Co. [1864-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturers]
Ferenczy, Károly (Karl) [1862-1917. Austria-Hungary. Painter]
Ferenzi, Nino [1903-1968. Italy. Poster Designer]
Ferguson, Charles John [1840-1904. UK. Architect]
Ferguson, Frank W. [1861-1926. USA. Construction Engineer/Architect]
Ferguson, Godfrey William [1855-1939. Ireland. Architect]
Ferguson, Harry [1884-1960. UK. Engineer/Tractor Designer/Manufacturer]
Ferguson, James [1710-1776. UK. Painter/Astronomer]
Ferguson, Ken (Kenneth) [1928-2004. USA. Ceramist]
Ferguson, Norman (Norm) [1902-1957. USA. Animator]
Ferguson, Perry [1901-1963. USA. Film Designer]
Ferguson, Sue [-. USA. Weaver/Fibre Artist]
Fergusson, C.J. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Fergusson, Christine Jane [1876-1957. UK. Painter]
Fergusson, John Duncan (Ferguson, John Duncan) [1874-1961. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Ferlet, Auguste [1867-1942. France. Sculptor]
Ferlié, Jean Léon [-. France. Architect]
Fermaud, Edmund Auguste [1876-1968. UK. Architect]
Fernald, Ellie [-. USA. Ceramist/Beadwork Artist/Painter]
Fernand-Dubois, Émile [1869-1952. France. Sculptor]
Fernandes, Millôr [1924-. Brazil. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Painter]
Fernandez & Rubin [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Fernandez Balza [-. Argentina. Advertising Agency]
Fernandez, Mario [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Fernczi (J. Ferenczi et Fils) [1879-1966. France. Publishing House]
Ferngren, Vera [-. Sweden. Silversmith]
Fernie, M. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Ferns, Ronald George [1925-1997. UK. Graphic/Theatre Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Muralist]
Ferragamo, Salvatore [1898-1960. Italy. Shoe Designer]
Ferraguti, Arnaldo [1862-1825. Italy. Painter]
Ferrand, L. [-. France. Illustrator]
Ferrándiz Bádenez, Bernardo [1835-1885. Spain. Painter]
Ferrante, Erasmo [1914-1975. Italy. Poster Designer]
Ferranti Ltd. [1905-1996. UK. Manufacturers of Electric Fires/Electronic/Electrical Equipment]
Ferrari, Amerigo [1889-1970. Brazil/Italy. Poster Designer]
Ferrari, Arturo [1861-1932. Italy. Painter]
Ferrari, E. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Painter/Sculptor]
Ferrari, Edward [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Ferrari, Ermellino [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Ferrari, Giovanni Pietro [1884-1970. Italy/Argentina. Sculptor/Furniture Designer]
Ferrari, Giulio [-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Ferrari, Giuseppe [1840-1905. Italy. Painter]
Ferrari, Nina [-. Italy. Painter]
Ferrari, S. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Ferrari-Bravo, Giovanni [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Ferrari-Hardoy, Jorge (Ferrari Hardoy, Jorge) [1914-1977. Argentina. Architect/City Planner/Furniture Designer]
Ferrarini, M. [-. Italy. Decorative Artist]
Ferrario, A. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Ferrario, F. [-. Italy. Woodcraft Designer/Decorative Inlaid Wood Artist]
Ferrario, Francesco [1875-1946. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Ferraris, Arthur von [1856-. Hungary. Painter]
Ferraro, Achille [-. Italy. Painter/Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Ferrati, Bruno [-. Italy. Architect/Interior Designer]
Ferraudi, Giuseppe [1853-1929. Italy. Painter]
Ferré, Gianfranco [1944-2007. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Ferreira, Armando Thomas [-2009. USA. Ceramist]
Ferrer Soria, Isidro  [1963-. Spain. Graphic Designer]
Ferrer, Santiago [-. . Painter]
Ferrers, the Rt. Hon. the Earl [1864-1937. UK. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Ferretti, Paolo [1866-1938. Italy. Painter]
Ferrettini-Rossotti, Emilia [1866-1951. Italy. Painter]
Ferrey, Benjamin [1810-1880. UK. Architect]
Ferri, Battista [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Ferri, Liana [-. Italy. Painter]
Ferrier, Arthur [1891-1973. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Ferrier, Claude Waterlow [1878-1935. UK. Architect]
Ferrier, Walter [-. Canada. Illustrator]
Ferrillo, Arturo [-. USA. Sculptor]
Ferris, Bernice Branson [1882-1936. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Ferris, Byron [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fèrro, Cesare [1880-1934. Italy. Painter]
Ferrucci, Andrea [1465-1526. Republic of Florence. Sculptor]
Ferry & Clas [1890-1913. USA. Architectural Firm]
Ferry, Ernest Frank [1880-1946. UK. Architect]
Ferry, George Bowman [1851-1918. USA. Architect]
Ferry, Tom [1891-1954. Australia. Illustrator/Caricaturist/Commercial Artist]
Ferry, Walter H. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Ferry-Hanley Company [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Ferstel, Heinrich von [1828-1883. Austria. Architect]
Ferstl, J. [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Fery, Antal [1908-1994. Hungary. Graphic/Poster/Bookplate Designer/Woodcut Artist]
Feseke, Dieter [1955-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Fesser, Edward [1863-. USA. Painter]
Festersen, Friedrich [1850-1916. Germany. Ceramist]
Festival of Britain [1951-. UK. Cultural Event]
Fetch, Ernest Edward [1866-1929. UK. Architect]
Fetherolf, William G. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fett, Jolán [1927-2009. Hungary. Textile/Fibre Artist]
Fetz, Kurt [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fetz, Werner [-. USA. Photographer]
Feucht, Fred [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Feuchtenberger, Anke [1963-. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer/Cartoonost]
Feudel, Arthur [1857-1929. Germany/USA. Painter]
Feuerbach, Anselm [1829-1880. Germany. Painter]
Feuerhahn, Hermann [1873-1955. Germany. Sculptor]
Feuerriegel, Kurt [1880-1961. Germany. Ceramist]
Feuillâtre, Eugène [1870-1916. France. Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Feustmann, Maurice Mayer [-. USA. Architect]
Feves, Betty [1918-1985. USA. Ceramist]
Février, Jules [1848-. France. Architect]
Février, Raymond [1878-1952. France. Architect]
Feyen-Perrin, Augustin [1826-1888. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Feyerabend, Erich [1889-1945. Germany. Bookplate/Graphic Designer/Wood Engraver/Illustrator]
Ffelan, Joseph Alfred [1871-1951. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Decorative Artist]
Ffolkes, David [1912-1966. UK/USA. Theatre Set/Costume Designer]
Ffolkes, G. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
ffolkes, Michael (Davis, Brian) [1925-1988. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Animator]
ffoulkes, Charles John [1868-1947. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Fiala, Karl [1885-. Austria. Sculptor]
Fiaschi, Emilio [1858-1941. Italy. Sculptor]
Fiault, Jean [-. France. Architect]
Fichard, Maximilian von [1836-1923. Germany. Painter]
Fichera, Francesco [1881-1950. Italy. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Ficks Reed Company [1885-. USA. Manufacturers of Wicker, Rattan and Cane Furniture]
Fiddian, Dorothy Eileen [1891-1979. UK. Bookbinder]
Fidler, Alwyn Gwilym Sheppard [1909-1990. UK. Architect]
Fidler, Harry [1856-1935. UK. Painter]
Fidler, Laura Barbara Sutherland [1857-1936. UK. Painter]
Fidler, Robert [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Fiebiger, Franz [1880-1932. Austria. Painter/Poster/Graphic Designer/Woodcarver]
Fiechter, Ernst [1875-1948. Switzerland/Germany. Architect]
Fiedler, Detlef [1955-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Fiedler, Hal [1919-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Fiedler, Ladislaus [-. Austria-Hungary. Architect]
Fiedler, Marianne [1864-1904. Germany. Painter]
Field Sons & Co. [-. UK. Printing Firm]
Field, Avery Edwin [1883-1955. USA. Photographer]
Field, Elizabeth [1902-1995. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver/Etcher/Woodcut Artist]
Field, Horace [1861-1948. UK. Architect]
Field, J.W. [-. UK. Joiner]
Field, May [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Field, May A. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Field, William [-. UK. Carpet Designer]
Field, William (Bill) [1933-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Fieldcrest Mills Inc. [1912-. USA. Carpet Manufacturer]
Fieldhouse, Murray [1925-. UK. Ceramist]
Fielding, Copley [1787-1855. UK. Painter]
Fielding, Walter Harrison [1889-1988. UK. Architect]
Fields, Edward [1913-1979. USA. Textile Designer]
Fiene, Ernest [1894-1965. Germany/USA. Painter/Lithographer/Etcher/Illustrator]
Fiennes, Celia (Rooke, Celia) [1902-1998. UK. Wood Engraver/Painter/Illustrator]
Fieweger, Viktor [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Fife, Lin [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Figall, Frederick [-. USA. Photographer]
Figari, Filippo [1885-1973. Italy. Painter/Poster/Furniture Designer]
Figge, Ewald [1876-1949. Germany. Architect]
Figgis, Kathleen E. [1871-1960. UK. Painter]
Figgis, Loyal Charles [-. Australia. Architect]
Figgis, Thomas Phillips (T.P.) [1858-1948. Ireland. Architect]
Figini & Pollini [1927-1984. Italy. Architectural Partnership]
Figini, Luigi [1903-1984. Italy. Architect]
Fike, Phillip [1927-1997. USA. Metalsmith/Goldsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Filchner-Klein, Käthe (Käte) [-. Germany. Textile Designer]
Fildes, Luke [1844-1927. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Fili, Louise [1951-. USA. Graphic/Packaging Designer/Typographer]
Filipelli, Cafiero [1889-1973. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Filipkiewicz, Stefan [1879-1944. Poland. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Filippelli, Ettore [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Decorative Designer/Painter]
Filippini, Emilio [1870-1938. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Films Pierre Rémont [-. France. Animation Production Studio]
Filters, Josef [-. Germany. Decorative Designer]
Fina, Angela [1937-2013. USA/Canada. Ceramist]
Finali, Gustavo Pulitzer [1887-1967. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Finazzer Flori, Elgio [1896-1960. Italy. Painter]
Finberg, Alexander Joseph [1866-1939. UK. Etcher/Illustrator/Art Historian]
Finch, Alfred William [1854-1930. Belgium/Finland. Ceramist/Painter]
Finch, Harry (Henry) W. [1869-1942. UK. Architect/Plasterer/Modeller]
Finch, Henry William [1869-1942. UK. Architect/Plasterer/Modeller]
Fincham, Hjalmar [1892-1966. UK. Painter/Interior Designer]
Finck, Adele von [-. Germany. Painter]
Finckh, Marianne (Finckh-Haelssig, Marianne) [-. Germany. Illustrator]
Findlater & Murray [1900-1903. UK. Architectural Firm]
Findlater, Robert W. [-1941. UK. Architect]
Findlater, Robert William [1867-1941. UK. Architect]
Findlay, Frank R. [-. Canada. Architect]
Findlay, James Leslie [1868-1952. UK. Architect]
Findlay, William (industrial designer) [-. Canada. Industrial Designer]
Findlay, William (painter) [1875-1960. UK/USA. Painter]
Fine Art Society [1876-. UK. Private Art Gallery]
Fine, Jamie [1946-. USA. Ceramist]
Finelli, Edoardo [-1900. Italy. Painter/Sculptor]
Finetti, Gino von [1877-1955. Croatia/Germany/Italy. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Finey, George Edmond [1895-1987. New Zealand/Australia. Painter/Sculptor/Cartoonist]
Fini, Gianfranco [1936-. Italy. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Fini, Leonor [1908-1996. Argentina/France. Painter/Theatre Set Designer/Illustrator]
Fink, Herbert [1921-2006. USA. Printmaker/Painter]
Fink, Karl [-. USA. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Fink, Lotte [-. Austria. Glass Artist]
Fink, Shirley [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Fink, William [-. USA. Art Director]
Finke, Jochen [1941-. USA. Theatre Set Designer]
Finkel, Henry [1910-1996. UK/Canada. Industrial Designer]
Finlands Annonscentral [-. Finland. Advertising Agency]
Finlator, Ian [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Finlay, Ernest [-. Australia. Painter/Ceramist/Printmaker]
Finley, William Lovell [1876-1953. USA. Photographer]
Finmar Ltd. [1934-. UK. Furniture Importers]
Finn, Arthur L. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Finn, Gloria [-. USA/UK. Rug Maker]
Finn, Herbert George [1861-1942. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Finn, James Wall [1866-1913. USA. Painter/Muralist]
Finn, Jean [-. UK. Rug Designer]
Finnegan, Teddi [-. USA. Weaver]
Finnemore, Joseph [1860-1939. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Finnemore, Sybil [-. UK. Ceramist]
Finners, Hans [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Finney, Hubert Arthur (Finney, Hugh) [1905-1991. UK. Painter]
Finnie, John [1829-1907. UK. Painter/Etcher/Engraver]
Finozzi, Ugo [1874-1932. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Finsler, Hans [1891-2003. Switzerland. Photographer]
Finsterer, Alfred [1908-1996. Germany. Graphic/Book Designer/Bookplate Designer/Letterer/Woodcut Artist]
Finta, Joseph [1931-. Hungary. Graphic/Poster/Packaging Designer/Typographer]
Fiocchi, Annibale [1915-. Italy. Architect/Industrial Designer]
Fioravante. U. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Fioravanti, Umberto [1882-1918. Italy. Sculptor]
Fioravera, Alvise [1923-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Fiorda-Kelley, A. [-. Uruguay. Architect]
Fiore, Loretta [-. USA. Metalsmith]
Fiore, Paolo [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Fiorentino, G. [-. Italy. Decorative Artist/Illustrator]
Fiorenza, Armand [-. USA. Industrial Designer/Illustrator]
Fiorenzo, Gianetti [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Lighting Designer]
Fiori, Armand (Al) [1936-. USA. Architectural/Interior/Exhibition Designer]
Fiori, Leonardo [1926-. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Fiorini, Guido [1891-1965. Italy. Architect/Textile/Theatre Set Designer]
Fiorucci, Elio [1935-2015. Italy. Fashion Designer/Retailer]
Fiorucci, Vittorio [1932-2008. Canada. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Firle, Otto [1889-1966. Germany. Architect/Graphic Designer]
Firle, Walther (Walter) [1859-1929. Germany. Painter]
Firma Domus [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturer]
Firmin, George D. [-. USA. Photographer]
Firth, J.T. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Firth, John [-. UK. Ceramist]
Firth, Reginald Clifton [1904-1980. New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Photographer]
Firth, S.F. [-. UK. Leathercraft Designer]
Firth, Sidney [-. UK. Ceramist]
Firth, Susannah [-. UK. Bookbinder/Jewellery/Leahercraft Designer]
Firth, Tazeena [1935-. UK. Theatre Set/Costume Designer]
Fisanotti, Carlo (”Fina”) [1912-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Fisch [-. Denmark. Poster Designer]
Fisch, Arline [1931-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith]
Fisch, Olga (Anhalzer-Fisch, Olga) [1901-1990. Hungary/Ecuador. Textile/Rug Designer]
Fischel, Hartwig [1861-1942. Austria. Architect]
Fischel, Otakar [-. Czechoslovakia. Interior/Furniture Desgner]
Fischel, Paul [1885-1942. Austria. Architect]
Fischer von Erlach, Johann Bernhard [1656-1732. Austria. Architect]
Fischer, Alfred [1881-1950. Germany. Architect]
Fischer, Alice [1907-2004. Austria/USA. Textile Designer/Ceramist/Printmaker]
Fischer, Béla [1898-. Germany. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Fischer, Bernard W. [-. USA. Metalworker]
Fischer, C. [-. . Decorative Plasterer]
Fischer, Carl [1924-. USA. Photographer/Art Director]
Fischer, Carl (Carlos) [1888-1987. Switzerland. Sculptor/Ceramist/Woodcarver]
Fischer, Clara Elisabet [1856-. Germany. Painter]
Fischer, Georg [-. Germany. Window Display Designer]
Fischer, Hannah [-. USA. Ivory Carver]
Fischer, Hans (Fis) [1909-1958. Switzerland. Painter/Lithographer/Textile/Theatre Designer/Illustrator/Muralist]
Fischer, Heini [1921-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Fischer, Heinrich [-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Fischer, Hermann [1888-1955. Switzerland. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Fischer, J. [-. Germany. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fischer, József (Joseph, Josef) [1873-1942. Hungary. Architect]
Fischer, Leo J. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Fischer, Liane [-. Austria. Embroiderer]
Fischer, Mildred [1907-2000. USA. Papermaker/Weaver/Tapestry Designer/Painter]
Fischer, Otto [1870-1947. Germany. Painter/Poster Designer]
Fischer, Randi [-. Sweden. Muralist/Pattern Designer]
Fischer, Raymond [1898-1988. France. Architect]
Fischer, Richard [1935-. Germany. Industrial Designer]
Fischer, Ruth [-. . Graphic Designer]
Fischer, Theodor [1862-1938. Germany. Architect/Town Planner]
Fischer, Vilhelm (Wilhelm) Theodor [1857-1928. Denmark. Ceramist/Painter]
Fischer-Corso, Heini (Fischer, Heini) [1921-1990. Switzerland. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Fischer-Köystrand, Karl (Carl) [1861-1918. Austria. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Fischer-Nosbisch, Dorothea [-. Germany. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Fischer-Nosbisch, Fritz [1919-. Germany. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Fischer-Trachau, Otto [1878-1958. Germany. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Fischerová-Kvechová, Marie [1892-1984. Austria-Hungary/Czechoslovakia. Illustrator/Painter]
Fischinger, August [1887-1958. Germany/Austria. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Fischl, Karl Adalbert [1871-1937. Austria. Architect]
Fischlein, Svend [-. Denmark. Industrial Designer]
Fischli, A. [-. Germany. Graphic Artist]
Fischli, Hans [1909-1989. Switzerland. Architect/Exhibition Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Fiser, Jaroslav [1910-2003. Czechoslovakia. Graphic Designer]
Fish, Anne Harriet ‘Fish’  [1890-1964. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Caricaturist/Painter]
Fish, Lawrence [-. UK. Illustrator]
Fishauf, Louis [1949-. Canada. Illustrator/Graphic/Packaging Designer/Typographer]
Fishback, Kurt E. [1942-. USA. Ceramist/Photographer]
Fisher & Co. [-. UK. Manufacturers of oil printed paper and textiles]
Fisher & Trubshawe [-1939. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fisher Gillis & Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fisher, Alexander [1864-1936. UK. Enameller/Silversmith/Sculptor/Jewellery Designer/Painter]
Fisher, Alfred Hugh [1867-1945. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Fisher, Ann [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Fisher, Arthur Addison [1878-1965. USA. Architect]
Fisher, Edmund Montagu Prinsep (E.M.P.) [1872-1918. UK. Architect]
Fisher, Frank [-. UK. Sculptor/Medalist]
Fisher, George [1879-1970. UK. Bookbinder]
Fisher, George P. [1871-1914. UK. Painter]
Fisher, Harrison [1877-1934. USA. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Fisher, Howard T. [1903-1973. USA. Architect]
Fisher, Hugo Melville [1878-1946. USA. Painter]
Fisher, James William [1857-1936. UK. Architect]
Fisher, Jeff (Jeffrey) [1952-. Australia/UK/France. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Fisher, Jules [1937-. USA. Theatre Lighting Designer]
Fisher, Kate [-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Enameller/Sculptor]
Fisher, Mark William (Fisher, William Mark) [1841-1923. USA/UK. Painter]
Fisher, Maud Charlton [-. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Fisher, May [-. UK. Graphic Artist/Bookplate Designer]
Fisher, Roderick Charles [1902-1973. UK. Architect]
Fisher, Samuel Melton [1860-1939. UK. Painter]
Fisher, Trubshawe & Fisher [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fisher, Walter Robert Fitzgibbon [1898-1979. UK. Architect]
Fisher, William [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fisher, William Ellsworth [1871-1937. USA. Architect]
Fishley, Edwin Beer [1832-1912. UK. Ceramist]
Fiske, George [1835-1918. USA. Photographer]
Fiske, Gertrude Horsford [1878-1961. USA. Painter]
Fisker, Kay [1893-1965. Denmark. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer/Metalworker]
Fisker, Marianne [-. Denmark. Wallpaper Designer]
Fison, Winifred Lucy [1883-1664. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Fistick, Stanley (Stan) [-. USA. Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Fiszman, Gilles [1932-. Belgium. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Fitch, Douglass [-. USA. Architect]
Fitch, Winifred Emily [1888-1972. UK. Painter]
Fitger, Arthur [1840-1909. Saxony/Germany. Painter]
Fitschen, Hinrich (Fittschen, Hinrich) [1843-1903. Germany. Architect]
Fitt, Ethel M. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Fitton, Edmund Hedley [1859-1929. UK. Etcher/Engraver/Painter]
Fitton, James [1899-1982. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Fitton, Roderick Arthur [1895-1977. UK. Architect]
Fitton, Thomas Arthur [1864-1929. UK. Architect]
Fitton, W. John [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Fitton, W. John [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Fitz, Benjamin Rutherford [1855-1891. USA. Painter]
Fitz, Grancel [1894-1963. USA. Photographer]
Fitzgerald, Arthur Herbert [1876-1949. UK. Architect]
Fitzgerald, Betty (Rothenstein, Betty; Ayers, Duffy) [1915-2017. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Fitzgerald, Dorothy [1888-1979. Ireland. Painter/Lithographer]
Fitzgerald, Ed [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Fitzgerald, Florence [1864-1929. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Fitzgerald, G. [-. UK. Commercial Artist/Poster Designer]
Fitzgerald, Gerald [1873-1935. Australia. Painter]
Fitzgerald, John Anster [-1906. UK. Painter]
Fitzgerald, L. [-. Ireland. Weaver]
Fitzgerald, Patrick [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Fitzharris, Jennie [-. Ireland. Embroiderer/Stained Glass Designer/Illuminator]
Fitzharris, Norah [-. Ireland. Bookbinder]
Fitzpatrick, Craig [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Robert [1891-1969. USA. Cartoonist]
Fitzpatrick, Robert [-. USA. Architect]
Fiume, Salvatore [1915-1997. Italy. Sculptor/Painter/Architect/Theatre Set Designer/Illustrator]
Fivaz, Charles Henri [1856-1933. Switzerland/France. Architect]
Five Arts Group [-. UK. Association of Freelance Commercial Artists]
Fivemiletown Metal Industry (Fivemiletown Class) [1892-1914. Ireland. Art Metalwork Workshop]
Fix, Robert [1877-1935. Austria-Hungary/Austria. Furniture Designer]
Fix-Masseau, Pierre [1905-1994. France. Graphic Designer]
Fjerdingstad, Christian (Fjerdingstadt, Christian) [1891-1968. Norway/France. Silversmith]
Fjæstad, Gustaf (Gustav) [1868-1948. Sweden. Painter]
Flack, Richard [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Flad, Adolf [1881-1937. Germany. Ceramist]
Flad, Adolph (Adolf) [1881-1937. Germany. Ceramist/Painterf]
Flagg, Ernest [1857-1947. USA. Architect]
Flagg, H. Peabody [1859-1937. USA. Muralist]
Flagg, James Montgomery [1877-1960. USA. Illustrator/Painter/Poster Designer]
Flaherty, Robert J. [1884-1951. USA. Filmmaker]
Flameng, François [1856-1923. France. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver]
Flamme, Fritz [1873-1961. Germany. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Flanagan, J.F. [-. UK. Weaver]
Flanagan, John [1865-1952. USA. Sculptor/Painter/Medallist/Coin Designer]
Flanagan, John Patrick [1889-1964. Ireland. Painter]
Flanders, Dennis [1915-1994. UK. Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Flanders, Ira [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Flandrin, Edm. [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Flandrin, Jules Léon [1871-1947. France. Paintert/Ceramist/Engraver]
Flandrin, Jules-Léon (Jules Léon) [1871-1947. France. Painter/Ceramist/Engraver]
Flaschöen [-. France. Illustrator/Caricaturist]
Flasherty, Frances Hubbard (Flaherty, F.H.) [1883-1972. USA. Filmmaker]
Flashman, S. Edgar M. [-. UK. Tile Designer]
Flasschoen, Gustave [1868-1940. Belgium. Poster Designer/Painter]
Flath, Wolfgang [-. Germany. Industrial Designer]
Flato, Hans [1887-1950. Germany/USA. Painter/Poster Designer]
Flatow & Priemer  [-1935. Germany. Architectural Firm]
Flavin, Dan [1933-1996. USA. Sculptor]
Flaxman, John [1755-1826. UK. Sculptor/Engraver/Illustrator]
Flechtner, Otto [1881-1952. Germany. Illustrator/Caricaturist/Sculptor]
Fleck, Otto Julius [1902-1960. Germany/South Africa. Painter]
Fleckhaus, Willy [1925-1983. Germany. Art Director/Graphic Designer]
Fleetwood-Hesketh, Peter [1905-1985. UK. Architect/Writer on Architecture/Illustrator]
Fleetwood-Walker, Bernard [1893-1965. UK. Painter]
Fleischauer, Ludwig [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Fleischer, Max [1861-1930. Germany. Painter/Architect]
Fleischmann, Arthur John (A.J.) [1896-1990. Slovakia/Austria/Australia/UK. Sculptor]
Fleischmann, Horst [-. Germany. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Fleischner, E. [-. Spain. Industrial Designer]
Flejsar, Josef [1922-. Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic. Graphic/Poster/Exhibition/Tapestry Designer/Calligrapher/Typographer/Muralist]
Fleming, A. J. [-. UK. Architect]
Fleming, Allan [1929-1977. Canada. Graphic Designer/Typographer/Calligrapher]
Fleming, Douglas F. [-. Australia. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Fleming, Erik [1894-1954. Sweden. Silversmith]
Fleming, Herbert Sidney [1881-1955. UK. Architect]
Fleming, Ian [1906-1994. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Etcher]
Fleming, John M. 'Beath' [1913-1991. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Fleming, Ronald [1896-1968. UK. Interior Designer/Decorator]
Fleming, William [-. USA. Graphic/Packaging Designer/Painter]
Fleming-Williams, Charles Lionel [1879-1919. UK. Architect]
Fletcher & Ellis [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Fletcher & Shepherd [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fletcher, Alan [1931-2006. UK. Graphic/Industrial Designer]
Fletcher, Archibald Michael [1887-1957. UK. Painter]
Fletcher, Banister [1833-1899. UK. Architect]
Fletcher, Banister Flight [1866-1953. UK. Architect]
Fletcher, Benjamin (B.J.) [1868-1951. UK. Furniture Designer/Metalsmith]
Fletcher, Benton [1866-1944. UK. Painter/Furniture Designer]
Fletcher, Frank Morley [1866-1949. UK/USA. Painter/Printmaker]
Fletcher, Hanslip [1874-1955. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Fletcher, Harry [-. USA. Art Director]
Fletcher, Henry Martineau [1870-1953. UK. Architect]
Fletcher, Herbert [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Fletcher, Herbert Phillips [1872-1916. UK. Architect]
Fletcher, Janet [1903-1999. UK. Architect]
Fletcher, Judith [1886-1971. Australia. Photographer]
Fletcher, Mollie [1951-. USA. Textile Artist/Weaver]
Fletcher, William Billington [1884-1937. UK. Architect]
Fletcher, William Teulon Blandford (W.T.B.) [1858-1936. UK. Painter]
Fletcher-Clayton, Edward [1882-1943. UK. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Fletcher-Forbes-Gill [1962-1967. UK. Design Studio]
Fletcher-Murchison, Sally [1933-. USA. Ceramist]
Fletcher-Watson, Pilford [1842-1907. UK. Painter]
Fletchner, Otto [1881-1952. Germany. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Fleuret, François [-. Switzerland/France. Decorative Designer]
Fleury, Albert François [1848-1925. France/USA. Painter/Muralist]
Fleuss, Oswald [1859-1915. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer/Illustrator/Embroiderer]
Flickinger, Richard [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Fliegerbauer, Max Josef [1874-. Germany. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Flight, W. Claude [1881-1955. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Sculptor/Interior Designer]
Flinck, Govert (Govaert) [1615-1660. Dutch Republic. Painter]
Flint, Peter John [-. UK. Silversmith]
Flint, William Russell [1880-1969. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Flis, Francis R. [-. USA. Art Director]
Flitcroft, Henry [1697-1769. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Flockhart, William [1852-1913. UK. Architect]
Flöckinger, Gerda [1927-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Flockton & Gibbs [1878-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Flockton, Charles Burrows [1867-1945. UK. Architect]
Flockton, Thomas James [1825-1899. UK. Architect]
Flodin, Hilda [1877-1958. Finland. Painter/Sculptor]
Flodman, Karl (Carl) Samuel [1863-1888. Sweden. Painter/Etcher]
Flögl, Mathilde [1893-1958. Austria. Decorative Artist/Graphic/Jewellery/Textile/Fashion Designer]
Floing, Wilfred O. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Flóki, Alfred [1938-1987. Iceland. Illustrator/Book Designer/Painter]
Floor, Marcia [1947-. USA. Basketmaker]
Flora, James [1914-1998. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director/Painter]
Flora, Paul [1922-2009. Austria. Illustrator/Caricaturist/Cartoonist]
Florence Press [1908-. UK. Private Press]
Florence, Henry Louis [1843-1916. UK. Architect]
Florence, Noel [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Floria, James [-. USA. Design Director]
Florian, Charlie [-. France. Engraver]
Florian, Ernest-Théophile [1863-1914. Switzerland/France. Wood Engraver]
Florian, Frédéric [1858-1914. Switzerland/France. Wood Engraver/Illustrator]
Florian, Gordon [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Flossmann, Josef (Joseph) [1862-1914. Germany. Sculptor]
Flower, Gerald W. [1912-1994. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Flower, Victor Augustine [1875-1917. UK. Architect]
Flowers, W.T. [-. UK. Enameller]
Flowers, William T. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Floyd, Francis Haywood [1874-1951. UK. Architect/Painter]
Floyd, Oliver [1863-1947. UK. Architect]
Flückiger, Adolf [1917-. Switzerland. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Fluevog, John [1948-. Canada. Footwear Designer]
Flyge, Jacob Ludwig (J.L.) [1849-1913. Denmark. Bookbinder]
Flygsfors Glasbruk [1888-1980. Sweden. Glassworks]
Flyn, Alexander [1879-1963. USA. Painter]
Flynn, Pat [1954-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith]
Flyr, Diane [1947-. USA. Ceramist]
Foäche, Arthur [1871-1967. France. Painter/Poster Designer]
Foberg, A. [-. Sweden. Tapestry Designer]
Focacci, Amerigo [1884-. Italy. Sculptor]
Focardi, Ruggero [1864-1934. Italy. Painter]
Fochler, Albert [-. Germany. Furniture Maker]
Fochler, Lotte (Frömmel-Fochler, Lotte) [1884-1972. Austria. Textile/Tapestry Designer]
Födsch, Karl [-. Germany. Painter/ Graphic Designer]
Foerster, Charles H. [-. Austria. Sculptor]
Foerster, Donald V. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Foerster, Karl [1874-1970. Germany. Horticulturalist/Garden Designer]
Fog & Mørup [1915-. Denmark. Lighting Manufacturers]
Fogarty, Thomas [1873-1938. USA. Illustrator]
Fogel, Seymour [1911-1984. USA. Muralist/Painter/Sculptor]
Fogelberg, Sven [-. UK. Glass Designer]
Fogerty, John Frederick [1863-1938. Ireland/South Africa. Architect/Engineer/Painter]
Foges, Gertrude Eva [1902-1986. Austria. Textile Designer/Kinetic Artist]
Fogg, Thomas Holt [1882-1918. UK. Architect]
Foggie, David [1878-1948. UK. Painter]
Foggitt, George Herbert [1887-1975. UK. Architect]
Foght, Helga [1902-1974. Denmark. Textile Designer]
Fogleman, James K. [-. USA. Art Director]
Fogli, Oddone (Oddo) [1892-1919. Italy. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Fohrman, Seymour F. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fokina, Vera [1886-1958. Russia/USA. Ballet Dancer]
Folden, Lee [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Földes, Imre [1881-1958. Austria-Hungary/Hungary. Painter/Graphic/Poster/Bookplate Designer]
Foley, Edwin [-1912. UK/Australia. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Foley, Fran [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Foley, Harold Heartt [1874-1923. USA. Painter/Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Foley, John Henry [1818-1874. Ireland. Sculptor]
Foley, Roslyn Mando [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Folingsby, George Frederick [1828-1891. Ireland/Australia. Painter]
Folkard, Anthony [-. UK. Art Director]
Folkard, Charles James [1878-1963. UK. Illustrator]
Folkes & Folkes [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Folkes, Hugh Ernest [1872-1956. UK. Architect]
Folkes, John Homery [1906-2000. UK. Architect]
Follett, Bernard [-. UK. Photographer]
Follin, W. [-. . Lighting Designer]
Follini, Carlo [1848-1938. Italy. Painter]
Follis, John [1923-1994. USA. Environmental/Furniture/Interior/Graphic Designer]
Follot, Paul [1877-1941. France. Decorative Artist/Ceramist/Sculptor/Furniture Designer]
Folly Cove Designers [1938-1969. USA. Art/Design/Craft Group]
Folmar, Wilson [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Folon, Jean-Michel (Jean Michel) [1934-2005. Belgium/France. Graphic/Theatre Set Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Painter]
Folsey-Risler [-. France. Bookbinder]
Foltin, Wilhelm (Foltin, A.W.) [1890-1970. Austria. Architect/Textile/Furniture Designer]
Fomina, Iraïda [1906-1964. USSR. Book/Poster/Packaging Designer/Illustrator]
Fonda Haupt Company (Fonda-Haupt Company) [-. USA. Advwertising Agency]
Fondaw, Ron [1954-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fondra, Elena [1910-. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Fong, Karen [1971-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Foni, F. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Painter]
Fonie, Jane [-. UK. Interior Designer]
Fontainas, Andrée [1898-1978. France. Painter]
Fontaine, Emmanuel [1856-1935. France. Sculptor]
Fontaine, Pierre François Léonard [1762-1853. France. Architect/Interior Decorator]
Fontan, P.A. [-. . Poster Designer]
Fontana, Carlo [1865-1956. Italy. Sculptor]
Fontana, Edmondo [1861-1929. Italy. Poster Designer]
Fontana, Ernesto [1837-1918. Italy. Illustrator/Painter/Illuminator/Muralist]
Fontana, Giovanni [-. Italy. Leather Designer]
Fontana, Lucio [1899-1968. Argentina/Italy. Ceramist/Poster Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Fontana, Nino [-. Italy. Exhibition Designer]
Fontana, Rubén [1942-. Argentina. Graphic Designer]
Fontana, Tacita [-. UK. Sculptor]
FontanaArte (Fontana Arte) [1932-. Italy. Furniture/Lighting Manufacturer]
Fontanelli, Giuseppe [1910-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Fontanet, Noël [1898-1982. Switzerland. Poster Designer]
Fontano, O. [-. Italy. Painter/Muralist/Sculptor]
Fontenay, Prosper-Eugène [1824-1887. France. Jewellery Designer]
Fonteyne, Edouard [-. Belgium. Painter]
Fookes, Ursula Mary [1906-1991. UK. Printmaker/Linocut Artist]
Foord, Jeanie [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Foote Cone & Belding [1943-. USA/UK. Advertising Agency]
Foote, Eric [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Foote, Florence [-. USA. Bookbinder]
Foote, Will Howe [1874-1965. USA. Painter]
Footitt, G.R. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Footprints [1925-. UK. Hand-Printed/Painted Textile Workshop]
Foottet, Frederick Francis [1850-1935. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Forain, Auguste [1868-. France. Metalsmith]
Forain, Jean-Louis [1852-1931. France. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Forakis, Peter [1927-2009. USA. Sculptor]
Foran, Ellen [-. Ireland. Embroiderer]
Forbát, Fred [1897-1972. Sweden/Hungary/Germany. Architect/Town Planner]
Forbat, Olga [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Forberg, Ati [1925-. Germany/USA. Illustrator]
Forberg, Carl Ernst [1844-1915. Germany. Etcher/Painter]
Forberg, Charles [-. USA. Architect/Industrial Designer]
Forbes & Tate [1905-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Forbes & Tate & Victor Smith [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Forbes Lithograph Company [-1959. USA. Lithographic Company]
Forbes, A.S. [-. UK. Artist]
Forbes, Colin [1928-. UK/USA. Graphic Designer]
Forbes, Elizabeth Stanhope [1859-1912. UK. Painter]
Forbes, Ernest [1877-1962. UK. Painter/Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Forbes, James [1880-1925. UK. Architect]
Forbes, James Edwin [1876-1955. UK. Architect]
Forbes, Kenneth Keith [1892-1980. Canada/UK. Painter]
Forbes, Rob [1951-. USA. Ceramist/Entrepreneur]
Forbes, Stanhope Alexander [1857-1947. UK. Painter]
Forbes, Tina [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Forbes, Ulrica [1900-1960. South Africa/UK. Painter]
Forbes, Vivian [1891-1937. UK. Painter]
Forbes-Robertson, Philippe [1898-1968. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Forchiassin, Virgilio [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Forchino, G.B. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Ford & Earl Design Associates [1964-. USA. Design Studio]
Ford Byrne & Associates [-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Ford, Betty Davenport [1912-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Ford, E. Drusille [1858-1927. USA. Architect/Writer]
Ford, Edsel Bryant [1893-1943. USA. Automobile Designer]
Ford, Edward [-. UK. Inlay Craftsman]
Ford, Edward Onslow [1852-1901. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Ford, Emily Susan [1850-1930. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Ford, Frank [-. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Ford, G.H. [-. USA. Architect]
Ford, George McLean [1867-1921. UK. Architect]
Ford, Harold H. [1924-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Ford, Harry [-. USA. Art Director]
Ford, Harry Wharton [1875-1947. UK. Architect]
Ford, Henry Justice [1860-1961. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Ford, John A. (Ford, J.A.) [1864-. UK. Painter]
Ford, Lewis [-. UK. Inlay Craftsman]
Ford, Margaret [1941-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Ford, Mary A. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Ford, Michael [1920-2005. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Ford, Paul [-. UK. Architect]
Ford, Walter B., II [1920-1991. USA. Industrial Designer]
Ford, Wolfram Onslow [1879-1956. UK. Painter]
Forde, Edward (Ed) [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fordham, Daniel Porter [-1899. UK. Architect]
Fordred, Ronald F. [1904-1958. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Foreman, Michael [1938-. UK. Illustrator/Animator/Cartoonist/Painter]
Föreningen for Svensk Hemslöjd [1899-. Sweden. Craft Association]
Forest Craft Guild [1907-1917. USA. Craft Guild]
Forest Wilson Associates [1947-. USA. Furniture Design Studio]
Forester, Harold [-. UK. Ceramist]
Forestier, Henri-Claude [1875-1922. Switzerland. Painter/Poster Designer]
Forestier, Jean Claude Nicolas (J.C.N.) [1861-1930. France. Landscape/Garden Designer]
Foringer, Alonzo Earl [1878-1948. USA. Painter/Poster Designer/Engraver]
Foris, Rick [-. USA. Ceramist]
Forlivesi Montanari, Enzo ‘Araca’ [1898-1989. Italy. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Formagnana, Pietro [-. Italy. Silversmith]
Formagnano, P. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Forman, Elizabeth [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Formby, Richard Leo [1903-1971. UK. Architect]
Formica, Giovanni [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Formilli, Attilio [1866-1933. Italy. Poster Designer/Sculptor/Illustrator/Painter]
Formilli, Cesare Tito G. [1860-1942. Italy/UK. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Fornara, Carlo [1871-1968. Italy. Painter]
Fornasetti, Piero [1913-1988. Italy. Artist/Furniture/Graphic Designer/Ceramist]
Fornoff, Erich [1914-1953. Germany. Graphic/Poster/Set Designer]
Forns y Romans, Rafael Maria [1868-1939. Spain. Painter]
Forrer, M. [-. UK. Carpet Designer]
Forrest Associates Inc. [1963-1993. USA. Design Studio]
Forrest, Archibald Stevenson [1869-1963. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Forrest, Donald [-. UK. Architect]
Forrest, George Topham [1872-1945. UK. Architect]
Forrest, Jess [-2004. USA. Industrial Designer]
Forrest, Thomas Theodosius [-1784. UK. Painter]
Forrester, Alfred Henry (Crowquill, Alfred) [1804-1872. UK. Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Caricaturist]
Forsberg, Ann-Mari [1916-1992. Sweden. Textile Designer]
Forsberg, James (Jim) [1919-1991. USA. Painter/Printmaker]
Forsberg, Karl-Erik (Karl Erik) [1914-1995. Sweden. Calligrapher/Typographer/Graphic Designer]
Forseth, Einar [1892-1988. Sweden. Painter/Glass/Mosaic Artist/Textile Designer/Illustrator]
Forsgren, John David [1951-. USA. Stained Glass Designer]
Forshaw, John Henry [1895-1973. UK. Architect/Town Planner]
Forssberg, Petrus [1880-1949. Sweden. Metalworker]
Forssell, Pierre [1925-2004. Sweden. Silversmith]
Forst, Florence [-. USA. Ceramist]
Forster [-. UK. Illustrator]
Förster, A. [-. Austria. Porcelain Manufacturer]
Förster, Alexander [1861-1932. Austria. Sculptor/Ceramics Manufacturer]
Forster, Cornelia [1906-1990. Switzerland. Painter/Graphic Artist/Textile /Tapestry Designer/Embroiderer/Illustrator/Ceramist]
Forster, Francis L.M. [1873-1916. UK. Painter]
Forster, Frank Joseph [1886-1948. USA. Architect]
Forster, Hanna [1898-. Germany. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Forster, Hans [-. Germany. Painter]
Förster, Hans (Foerster, Hans) [1885-1955. Germany. Painter]
Forster, Harold [1896-. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Forster, John Wycliffe Lowes [1850-1938. Canada. Painter]
Forster, L.M. [-. UK. Leathercraft Designer]
Forster, Reg [-. UK. Art Director]
Förster, Richard [1873-1956. Germany. Sculptor]
Forstner, Leopold [1878-1936. Austria. Mosaic/Textile Artist/Poster Designer]
Forsyth & Creswell [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Forsyth & Maule [1896-1929. UK. Architectural Firm]
Forsyth, Derek [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Forsyth, Gordon Mitchell [1879-1952. UK. Ceramist/Stained Glass/Poster Designer/Educator/Painter]
Forsyth, James [1826-1910. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Furniture Designer/Gilder/Carver]
Forsyth, James H. [-. USA. Photographer]
Forsyth, James Nesfield [1864-1942. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Forsyth, John Dudley [1874-1926. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Stained Glass Designer/Ceramist]
Forsyth, Lilian [1870-. UK. Painter/Decorative Designer]
Forsyth, William [1854-1935. USA. Painter]
Forsyth, William Adam [1872-1951. UK. Architect]
Forsythe, Renée [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Fort y Guyenet, Enrique [1853-1910. Spain. Architect]
Fortescue, George Alan [1889-1944. UK. Architect]
Fortescue, William Banks [1850-1924. UK. Painter]
Fortescue-Brickdale, Eleanor [1872-1945. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Stained Glass Desgner]
Fortesque, George Alan [1889-1944. UK. Architect]
Forth, D.S. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Forti, U. [-. Italy. Architect]
Fortin, Jean [-. Canada. Graphic Designer]
Fortiny, Edouard (Fortini, Eduardo, Edouardo) [-. France. Sculptor]
Fortuin, Anton (Toon) [1880-1967. Netherlands. Sculptor/Ceramist/Interior Designer]
Fortune [1930-. USA. Business Magazine]
Fortune, Doyle [-. UK. Sculptor/Poster Designer]
Fortune, Michael C. [1951-. Canada. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Fortuny y Marsal, Mariano José María Bernardo (Fortuny y Carbó Marsal, Mariano) [1838-1874. Spain. Painter]
Fortuny, Mariano (Fortuny y Madrazo, Mariano) [1871-1949. Spain. Fashion/Theatre Designer/Painter]
Fortwängler, Karl Josef [1875-1960. Germany. Woodcarver]
Foscato, Vincent [-1966. Italy/USA. Mosaic Fabricator]
Foschini, Arnaldo [1884-1968. Italy. Architect]
Foschter, Albert [-. . Painter]
Fosdick, James William [1858-1937. USA. Mural Painter/Pyrographic Artist]
Foskey, Harry [1862-. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Foss, David [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Foss, Dennis [-. USA. Ceramist]
Foss, John Henry Beart [1874-1949. UK. Architect]
Foss, Jonathan [1910-1974. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Fossella, Gregory [1933-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fossombrone, Andrea [1887-1963. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Foster & Cooper [-. UK. Interior Decorators/Cabinetmakers/Furnishing/Uphostering Firm]
Foster & Davies [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Foster & Lovell [-1914. UK. Architectural Firm]
Foster, Benjamin (Ben) [1852-1926. USA. Painter]
Foster, Doris Collin [1924-. USA. Metalsmith/Silversmith]
Foster, E. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Foster, Eric F.H. [-. UK. Interior/Retail Designer]
Foster, Frank [1867-1947. UK. Architect]
Foster, Fred S. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Foster, Jim [-. USA. Ceramist]
Foster, John [1900-1980. USA. Ceramist]
Foster, John (Architect) [-1846. UK. Architect]
Foster, John Ernest [1877-1968. UK. Painter]
Foster, John, Junior [-1846. UK. Architect]
Foster, L.M. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Foster, Lovell & Lodge [-. UK. Architect]
Foster, Mabel C. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Foster, Marcia Lane [1897-1985. UK. Wood Engraver/Illustrator]
Foster, Marcia Lane (Jarrett, Foster) [1897-. UK. Illustrator/Wood Engraver/Poster Designer]
Foster, Myles Birket [1825-1899. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Foster, Norah Mary (Forster, Mrs Gilbert) [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Foster, Peter [-. Canada. Industrial Designer]
Foster, Robert [1895-1985. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Sculptor]
Foster, Stanley Mace [1884-1967. UK. Sculptor/Silversmith]
Foster, Thomas Oliphant [1882-1942. UK/India/Burma. Architect]
Foster, William Gilbert [1855-1906. UK. Painter]
Fostoria Glass Co. [1899-. USA. Glass Manufacturers]
Foth, Don [-. USA. Art Director]
Fotherby, Lesley [1946-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Fothergill, Watson [1841-1921. UK. Architect]
Fotheringham, Helen J. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Foto [1931-. UK. Design Group]
Foto Ronchini [-. Italy. Photographic Studio]
Foucard, Marc [-. . Artist]
Foucault, Marc [1902-1985. France. Photographer]
Foucher, Jean Baptiste Isidore [1832-1907. France. Sculptor]
Fougeron, André [1913-1998. France. Painter]
Foujita, Tsugouharu [1886-1968. Japan. Painter/Printmaker]
Foulem, Léopold [1945-. Canada. Ceramist]
Found, Ethel Miriam [1885-1971. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Found, James Arthur [1876-1976. UK. Painter]
Fouqueray, Dominique Charles [1869-1956. France. Painter/Engraver/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Fouquet, Georges [1862-1957. France. Jewellery Designer/Goldsmith]
Fouquet, Jean (Jehan) [-. France. Painter/Glass Artist/Sculptor]
Fouquet, Pierre [1909-2003. France. Ceramist]
Fouracre & Watson [-. UK. Stained Glass Studio]
Fouracre, John Thomas [1844-1915. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Fourain, August [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Fourain, Maurice Philippe  [-. France. Jewellery Designer]
Fourcade-Cancellé, Jeanne [-. France. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Fourdinois, Henri-Auguste [1830-1907. France. Furniture Designer/Wood Carver/Painter/Decorative Artist/Sculptor]
Fourer, Louis (Faurer, Louis) [1916-2001. USA. Photographer]
Fournery, Félix [1865-1938. France. Illustrator/Painter]
Fournier des Corats, Pierre [1884-1953. France. Sculptor]
Fournier, Alexis Jean [1865-1948. USA. Painter]
Fournier, Anatole [1864-1926. France. Ceramics Painter/Decorator/Decorative Designer]
Fournier, Antoine Marie René [1877-1906. France. Architect]
Fournier, Louis Édouard [1857-1917. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Fournier, Nicole [-. France. Bookbinder]
Fournier, Sheila [1930-2000. UK. Ceramist]
Fournier-Sarlovèze, Raymond [1836-1916. France. Painter]
Fourniss, William [-. UK. Decorative Designer/Writer on Decorative Art]
Fourtane, Loyola [1899-1976. USA. Jewellery Designer/Painter]
Foweraker, Albert Moulton [1873-1942. UK. Painter]
Fowler, A. [-. UK. Silversmith]
Fowler, Alfred J. [-. Ireland. Decorative Designer]
Fowler, Arthur [-. UK. Metalworker/Engraver]
Fowler, Charles Hodgson [1840-1910. UK. Architect]
Fowler, David [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Fowler, Frank [1852-1910. USA. Painter]
Fowler, Harrison R. [1876-. UK. Metalsmith/Painter]
Fowler, Henry Tutty [1874-1934. UK. Architect]
Fowler, Robert [1853-1926. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Fox & Fowle Architects (FXFOWLE) [1978-. USA. Architectural/Interior Design Firm]
Fox Photos [1926-1983. UK. Photographic Studio/Agency/Library]
Fox, Charles William [1893-1970. UK. Architect]
Fox, Emanuel Phillips [1865-1915. Australia/UK. Painter]
Fox, Ethel Carrick [1872-1952. Australia. Painter]
Fox, Frank [1860-1926. UK. Architect]
Fox, George E. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Fox, Kathleen [1880-1963. Ireland. Painter/Enameller/Stained Glass Designer/Metalworker/Leatherworker]
Fox, Lilla Margaret [1914-. UK. Illustrator]
Fox, Lorraine [1922-1976. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Fox, Marilyn [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fox, Mark [1961-. USA. Graphic/Poster/Packaging Designer/Typographer/Illustrator]
Fox, Mortimer J. [1860-1945. USA. Architect]
Fox, Norma [-. USA. Rug Designer]
Fox, Peter [1933-. Canada. Footwear Designer]
Fox, R. Atkinson [1860-1935. Canada. Painter]
Fox-Pitt, Douglas [1864-1922. UK. Painter]
Fox-Strangways, Sylvia [1890-1975. UK. Ceramist]
Foxlee, Henry J. [-. UK. Industrial/Engineering/Automobile Designer]
Foxley, Allen [1869-1955. UK. Architect]
Foxley, Constance [1862-1943. UK. Illustrator]
Foy, André [-1953. France. Painter/Decorative Artist/Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Foy, Nell [-. UK. Sculptor/Toymaker]
Foy, René [-. France. Sculptor/Goldsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Foy, William [1791-1859. Ireland. Painter]
Fra Angelico [-1455. Republic of Florence. Painter]
Frabasile, Mario [1926-2002. Italy. Poster Designer]
Fracassini, Cesare (Fracassi, Cesare) [1838-1868. Italy. Painter]
Fracchia, Giovan Battista (Nino”) [1888-1950. Italy. Poster Designer]
Fraenkel, Wilhelm (Fränkel, Wilhelm) [1844-1916. Austria. Architect]
Fraerman, Theophil  [1883-1957. Russia. Painter]
Fragiacomo, Pietro [1856-1922. Italy. Painter]
Fragiacomo, Pietro (Piero) [1856-1922. Italy. Painter]
Frágner, Jaroslav [1898-1967. Czechoslovakia. Architect/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Fragonard, Alexandre-Évariste [1780-1850. France. Painter]
Fragonard, Jean-Honoré [1732-1806. France. Painter/Printmaker]
Fraikin, M. [-. Belgium. Poster Designer]
Fraipont, Gustave [1849-1923. Belgium. Poster Designer/Painter]
Fraker, William A. (Bill) [1923-. USA. Film/Television Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Photographer]
Frame, Walter Keith [1895-1957. USA. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Printmaker]
Frampton, Edward Reginald, Snr. [1848-1929. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Frampton, George [1860-1928. UK. Sculptor/Decorative Artist]
Frampton, Meredith [1894-1984. UK. Painter]
Frampton, Mrs E. Reginald (Clark, Lola) [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Frampton, Mrs E. Reginald (Clark, Lola) [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Français, François-Louis [1814-1897. France. Painter]
France & Daverkosen (France & Søn) [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturer]
France & Laycock [-1913. UK. Architectural Firm]
France, Alfred [-. UK. Painter/Graphic Artist/Poster Designer]
France, Arthur Alderson [1863-1916. UK. Architect]
France, Charles [1833-1902. UK. Architect]
France, James Harold [1873-1925. UK. Architect]
France, Reginald G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Francés, Juan [-. Spain. Poster Designer]
Francés, Tirso [1967-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Francesca, Piero della [-1492. Republic of Florence. Painter]
Franceschinì, Ernesto [-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Francesco + Aldo Piccaluga [1962-. Canada. Architectural/Interior/Industrial Design Studio]
Francesconi [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Franchi, Virgilio [1886-1956. Italy. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Franchomme van Halteren, Valentine [1867-1957. Belgium. Painter]
Francia, Francesco [-. Papal States. Painter]
Francis Barker & Son Ltd. [-. UK. Metalware Manufacturer]
Francis Blod Design Associates [-. USA. Design Studio]
Francis Higgins & Son Ltd. [1879-1939. UK. Silversmiths]
Francis R. Esteban Associates [-1974. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Francis, Carrie [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Francis, Eirian E. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Francis, Eleanor Joyce [1904-1985. UK. Printmaker/Bookbinder/Wood Engraver/Illustrator]
Francis, Eric Carwardine [1887-1976. UK. Architect/Painter]
Francis, Florence A. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Francis, Ivor [1906-1993. Australia. Painter]
Francis, J. H. M. [-. UK. Architect]
Francis, Margery [-. UK. Illuminator/Painter]
Francisco & Jacobs [-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Franciscone, Sergio [1912-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Francisi, Raffaele [1901-1945. Italy. Poster Designer]
Franck, Fance [1931-2008. USA/France. Ceramist]
Franck, James Ernest [-1970. UK. Architect]
Franck, Kaj [1911-1989. Finland. Glass Artist/Ceramist/Textile Designer]
Franck, Philipp [1860-1944. Germany. Painter/Graphic Artist/Etcher]
Franco, G. [-. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Franco, Manfredi [1883-1968. Italy. Sculptor/Decorative Artist/Architect/Painter]
Franco, Marian [-. USA. Packaging/Graphic Designer]
François [-. France. Wood Engraver]
François, André [1915-2005. France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Franges-Mihanovic, Robert [1872-1940. Austria-Hungary/Yugoslavia. Sculptor/Medallist]
Frangipane, A. [-. Italy. Painter]
Frank Burnet & Boston [1889-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Frank C. Eyles [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Frank Collinson & Co. [-. UK. Interior Decorators]
Frank Delano & Associates [1974-. USA. Graphic Design/Branding Consulancy]
Frank Gianninoto & Associates [1931-. USA. Design Studio]
Frank Potter and F. & H. Goldsmith [-1938. UK. Architectural Firm]
Frank Roth Industrial Design [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Frank Seaman Inc. [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Frank V. Liotta & Associates [-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Frank, Alfred [1884-1945. Germany. Poster Designer]
Frank, E. [-. Austria. Silversmith]
Frank, Erna [1881-1931. Germany. Etcher/Lithographer/Painter]
Frank, Greta [-. USA. Fashion Illustrator]
Frank, Hans [1884-1948. Austria. Painter]
Frank, Herbert [-. Germany. Industrial Designer]
Frank, Hugo [1892-1963. Germany. Painter/Poster Designer/Painter]
Frank, Jean-Michel [1895-1941. France/USA. Interior Decorator/Furniture Designer]
Frank, Josef [1885-1967. Austria/Sweden. Architect/Interior/Textile/Furniture Designer]
Frank, L. [-. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Frank, Louis [1907-. Netherlands. Graphic/Packaging/Poster Designer]
Frank, Mary [1933-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor/Painter]
Frank, Peter A. [1874-1942. Germany. Architect]
Frank, Rudolf [1898-1974. Germany. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Frank, Sepp [1889-1969. Germany. Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Frank, Walter [-. USA. Illustrator]
Franke, Anna (Ann) [-. USA. Weaver]
Franke, Anne [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Franke, Edward H. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Franke, Ernst Ludwig [1886-1948. Austria. Poster Designer/Painter]
Franke, Franz [-1917. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Franke, Fritz [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Franke, Gerhard [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Franke, Karl [1894-1952. Germany. Typographer]
Franke, Rudolf F. [1913-1970. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Franke, W. [-. Germany. Sculptor]
Frankel, Charles [-. USA. Enameller/Metalworker]
Frankel, Dextra [1924-. USA. Metalworker/Enameller/Sculptor/Exhibition Designer]
Fränkel, György (Almár, György) [1895-1974. Hungary. Furniture Designer/Architect/Painter/Graphic Artist]
Frankel, Rudolf [1901-1974. Germany/USA. Architect]
Fränkel, Wilhelm [1874-. Germany. Architect]
Franken Pzn, Joannes Petrus Josephus (Franken Pzn, Jan} [1896-1977. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Painter]
Franken, Joannes Henricus 'Jan' [1878-1959. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Franken-Willemaers, Edmond [-. Belgium. Architect]
Frankenthaler, Helen [1928-. USA. Painter]
Frankfurt, Stephen O. [1931-. USA. Art Director]
Frankham, M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Frankiss, Charles [1876-1949. UK. Architect]
Frankl Galleries [-. USA. Design Gallery/Workshop]
Frankl, Paul T. [1886-1958. Austria/USA. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Franklin & Franklin [-. UK. Textile Manufacturer]
Franklin Bruck Advertising [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Franklin, Ethel [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Franklin, Geoffrey [-. UK. Silversmith]
Franklin, Jeannette L. [-. UK. Sculptor]
Franks Design Studio [-. UK. Textile Design Studio]
Franks, R. [-. Argentina. Graphic Designer]
Franks, Ronald Herbert [1911-1996. UK. Architect]
Franquinet, Armand [-. Belgium. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Franquinet, Eugene Pierre [1875-1940. Belgium. Painter]
Franson, Otto [-. Sweden. Graphic Designer]
Franssen, Joseph [1893-1968. Netherlands. Architect]
Frantz Hingelberg [1897-1970. Denmark. Jewellers/Smithsmiths]
Frantze, Fredrik [-. Norway. Illustrator]
Franz Fischer & Sohn [-. Germany. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Franz Hauptmann [-. Austria. Jewellers]
Franz Schneider, Hof-möbelfabrik [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturers]
Franz, C. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Franz, Karl [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Franzini, Enrico [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Franzoni, Roberto [1882-1960. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Frape, James [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Frapolli, Michele [1880-1950. Italy. Architect]
Frasca, Michael [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Frascara, Jorge [1939-. Argentina/Canada. Graphic Designer]
Frascino, Edward (Ed) [1938-. USA. Sculptor/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Painter]
Frasconi, Antonio [1919-. Uruguay/USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer/Painter/Wood Engraver]
Fraser & Peerless [1913-1914. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fraser, Betty [-. USA. Illustrator]
Fraser, Claud Lovat [1890-1921. UK. Theatre/Poster Designer/Painter]
Fraser, Donald Hamilton [1929-2009. UK. Painter]
Fraser, E. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Fraser, Eric [1902-1983. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Fraser, Gilbert Wilson [1873-1954. UK. Architect]
Fraser, Grace Lovat [1889-1977. UK. Theatre Set/Costume/Interior Designer]
Fraser, H. Elsie [-1963. UK. Embroiderer]
Fraser, Henry Hubert [1885-1918. UK. Architect]
Fraser, James Earle (J.E.) [1876-1953. USA. Sculptor]
Fraser, Janny [1943-. Netherlands/Canada. Fibre Artist/Weaver/Ceramist]
Fraser, Juliette May [1887-1983. USA. Painter/Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Muralist/Printmaker]
Fraser, Norman [-. Canada. Poster Designer]
Fraser, Percival Maurice [-1969. UK. Architect]
Fraser, Peter [1888-1950. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Comic Artist]
Fraser, Robert Winchester [1848-1906. UK. Painter]
Fraser, Treleaven & Wilkinson [1923-. UK. Set Design/Interior Decoration Firm]
Fraser, William [1867-1922. UK/Canada. Architect]
Fraser, William A. [-1925. USA. Photographer]
Frass, Rudolf [1880-1934. Austria. Architect]
Fratell, Ronald [-. USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer]
Fratelli Alinari (Alinari Ore Spa) [1852-. Italy. Photographic Firm]
Fratelli Canepa [-. Italy. Manufacturer of Decorative Ironwork]
Fratelli Clemente [1870-1933. Italy. Cabinetmakers]
Fratelli Clementi [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fratelli Faggiani  [-. Italy. Clock Manufacturer]
Fratelli Garolini [-. Italy. Design Studio/Workshop]
Fratelli Gianotti [-. Italy. Interior Design Firm]
Fratelli Giovanni & Alessandro Felice [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fratelli Maffertini e C. [-. Italy. Lighting Manufacturer]
Fratelli Sangermano [-. Italy. Sculpture/Decorative Design Partnership]
Fratelli Valabrega [1884-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Frater, William [1890-1974. UK/Australia. Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Frati, Stelio [1919-2010. Italy. Aircraft Designer/Mechanical Engineer]
Fratini, Gina [1931-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Frattini Magnusson, Emanuela [1959-. Italy/USA. Architect/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Frattini, Gianfranco [1926-2004. Italy. Architect/Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Frauberger, Heinrich [1845-1920. Germany. Art Historian/Critic/Interior Architect]
Fraumeni, Guy [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Fraydas, Stan [1908-1985. USA. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Fraysse, Jean [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Frazee, A.A. [-. USA. Ceramist]
Frazer, Austin [-. UK. Exhibition Designer/Typographer]
Frazer, J. K. [-. UK. Architect]
Frazer, William Miller [1864-1961. UK. Painter]
Frazier, Bernard [1906-1976. USA. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Frazier/Hauge & Associates [-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Fréchet, André [1875-1973. France. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Fred Dunn & Co. [-. Germany. Metalsmiths/Jewellery Manufacturer]
Fred J. Brauer, Inc. [-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Fred Rowntree & Son [1912-19. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fred Rowntree & Sons [1919-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fred Storm Industrial Design [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Fred W. Howarth [1901-1915. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Fred Wittner Advertising [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Frede, Marcus [-. Germany. Decorative Designer]
Fredenburg, Scott [-. USA. Blacksmith]
Frédéric, Léon [1856-1940. Belgium. Painter]
Frederick & Harland Schofield Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Frederick Parker & Sons Ltd. (Parker Knoll Ltd.) [1869-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Frederick Sage & Co. [1860-. UK. Shopfitters]
Frederick Tibbenham Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Frederick Walton and Co., Ltd. [1877-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Frederick Wheeler & Godman [1907-1921. UK. Architectural Firm]
Frederick Wheeler & Lodge [-1903. UK. Architectural Firm]
Frederick Wheeler & Son [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fredericksen, William [-. USA. Illustrator]
Frederickson, Ole [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Frederico, Gene [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Frederiksen, Arni [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Frederiksen, Erik Ellegaard  [1924-1997. Denmark. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Frederiksson, Jack [-. Sweden. Packaging Designer]
Fredersdorf-Henle, Albertine [-. Germany. Poster Designer]
Fredin-Fredholm, Maud [1919-. Sweden. Textile Designer]
Freebairn, G.M. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Freebury, P.L. [-. UK. Sculptor]
Freed, Maurice [1911-1981. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Freedgood, Martin [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Freedlander, Arthur Reeblin [1876-1940. USA. Painter]
Freedlander, Joseph H. [1870-1943. USA. Architect]
Freedman, Arnold [-. USA. Photographer]
Freedman, Barnett [1901-1958. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Freedman, Beatrice Claudia (Guercio, Beatrice Claudia) [1904-1981. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Freedman, Cal [-. USA. Graphic/Packaging/Industrial Designer]
Freehof, Mortimer E. [1893-1986. USA. Architect]
Freem & Bremer [-. Netherlands. Architectural Firm]
Freem, Arie Renier [1853-1921. Netherlands. Architect]
Freeman & Ogilvy [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Freeman, Albert C. [1873-1938. UK. Architect]
Freeman, Alfred H. [-. USA. Stained Glass Designer]
Freeman, Barbara Constance [1906-1999. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Freeman, Bill [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Freeman, C.S. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Freeman, Claire [-. USA. Weaver]
Freeman, Frank Richard [1870-1934. UK. Architect]
Freeman, Frederic [-. USA. Illustrator]
Freeman, G. Mallory [-. USA. Art Director]
Freeman, Headon & Co. [-. UK. Manufacturers of Fringes and Tassels]
Freeman, Inez [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Freeman, Mary Winifred [1866-1961. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Freeman, Percy Benjamin French [1859-1927. UK. Architect]
Freeman, Richard [1932-. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Freeman, Richard Knill [1840-1904. UK. Architect/Painter]
Freeman, Robert [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Freeman, Robert B. [-. USA. Art Director]
Freeman, W. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Freemantle, Stanley E. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Freer, Frederick Warren [1849-1908. USA. Painter/Etcher]
Freeth, James W. [-. Ireland. Metal Worker/Medallist]
Freeth, Thomas [1912-1997. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Freid, Ethel [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Freida, Raphaël [1877-1942. France. Painter/Illustrator/Stained Glass Designer]
Freiman, David J. [-. USA. Design Manager]
Freimark, Robert (Bob) [1922-2010. USA. Tapestry Designer]
Freire, Segundo Jose [-. Argentina. Graphic Designer]
Freisager, Michael (Hans Michael) [1924-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Freise, Dorothea [1895-1962. Germany. Bookbinder]
Freise, Kathrin [1901-. Germany. Bookbinder]
Freitas, Augusto Luis de [1868-1962. Brazil. Painter]
Freiwirth, Ladislas [1895-. Hungary/UK. Exhibition Stand/Poster/Theatre Set Designer]
Freke, Frances [-. Ireland. Embroiderer]
Frelinghuysen, George G., Jr. [-. USA. Interior Decorator]
Fremery-Gull, Lilly [-. Netherlands. Jewellery Designer]
Frémiet, Emmanuel [1824-1910. France. Sculptor/Engraver/Medallist]
French, A.E. [-. UK. Artist]
French, Alec Frank [1891-1972. UK. Architect]
French, Annie (Anne) [1872-1965. UK. Illustrator]
French, Cecil [1879-1953. Ireland. Painter/Art Collector]
French, Daniel Chester [1850-1931. USA. Sculptor]
French, Harriett J. [-. Ireland. Woodcarver]
French, Herbert G. [1872-1942. USA. Photographer/Print Collector]
French, Honorah [-. UK. Ceramist]
French, Honorah M. [-. UK. Ceramist]
French, John [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
French, Madeline H. [-. UK. Embroiderer/Lacemaker]
French, Neal [1933-. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
French, Percy [1854-1920. Ireland. Painter/Illustrator]
Frène, Ed. [-. France. Illustrator]
Frenger, Per [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Frenguelli, Giuseppe [1856-1940. Italy. Sculptor]
Frenz, Alexander [1861-1941. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver]
Frenzel, H.K. [1882-1937. Germany. Publisher/Editor of Gebrauchsgraphik (1924-37)]
Frenzel, Oskar [1855-1915. Germany. Painter/Lithographer]
Frenzreb, Henry W. [-. USA. Art Director]
Frère, Charles-Théodor [1814-1888. France. Painter/Poster Designer]
Frere, Eustace Corrie [1863-1943. South Africa/UK. Architect/Painter]
Frère, Pierre Édouard [1819-1886. France. Painter]
Fresco Academy [-. UK. Fresco Academy]
Freud, Ernst L. [1892-1970. Austria/UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Freud, Lucian [1922-2011. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Freudenberg, Boris [-. Russia. Architect]
Freund, Elsa [1912-2001. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Freund, Sheldon [-. USA. Photographer]
Frew, Alexander [1861-1908. UK. Painter]
Frew, J. Arnold [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Frewen, G. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Frewing, Nicholas J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Frey, Albert (Architect) [1903-1998. Switzerland/USA. Architect]
Frey, Albert (Painter\Designer) [1870-1949. Switzerland. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Frey, Alice [1895-1981. Belgium. Painter]
Frey, Berta [-. USA. Weaver]
Frey, Hans Conrad [1877-1935. Switzerland. Sculptor/Painter/Medallist]
Frey, Max [1874-1944. Germany. Painter/Theatre Set Designer]
Frey, Otto [1879-1957. Austria. Poster Designer]
Frey, Pierre [1918-. Switzerland. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Frey, Rolf [-. Austria. Poster Designer]
Frey, Theodor [1901-1905. Germany. Metalworker]
Frey, Viola [1933-2004. USA. Ceramist]
Frey, Walter [-. Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Freyberg, Herbert [1855-1924. UK. Architect]
Freyer, Achim [1934-. Germany. Graphic/Theatre Set Designer/Animator/artiust]
Freyer, Grattan [-. Ireland. Ceramist]
Freyssinet, Eugène [1879-1962. France. Structural/Civil Engineer]
Freytag-Just, Margarete [1882-1916. Germany. Textile Designer]
Friant, Émil [1863-1932. France. Painter/Poster Designer]
Friberg, Berndt [1899-1981. Sweden. Ceramist]
Friberg, Kristina [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Friberger, Erik [1889-1968. Sweden. Architect]
Frick, Helen [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Frick, Kurt [1884-1963. Germany. Architect]
Fricker, Fritz [1928-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer/Engraver/Muralist/Mosaic Artist]
Fricker, Jeanine [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Frid, Tage [1915-2004. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Fridhagen, Bertil [1905-1993. Sweden. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Friduss, Eugene (Gene) [-. USA. Photographer]
Frieberg, Gunnar [1921-. Sweden. Graphic Artist/Animator/Lithographer]
Frieberger, Eva [1892-1950. Germany/Austria. Ceramist]
Fried, Anton [-. Germany. Decorative Designer]
Friedeberg, Pedro [1937-. Mexico. Architect/Furniture Designer/Sculptor/Painter]
Friedeberger, Klaus [1922-. Germany/UK. Graphic Designer/Art Director/Painter]
Friedel, Hans [-. Germany. Metalworker]
Friedensen, Thomas (Friedenson, Thomas) [1879-1931. UK/Australia. Etcher/Painter/Poster Designer]
Friedenson, Joseph T. [1877-1931. UK/Australia. Etcher/Painter/Poster Designer]
Friedenson, Thomas [1879-1931. UK/Australia. Etcher/Painter/Poster Designer]
Friedenson, Thomas Joseph [1877-1931. UK/Australia. Etcher/Painter/Poster Designer]
Friederang, Maximilian Franz [1857-1929. Germany/USA. Muralist/Painter]
Friederich, Camillo [1869-1953. Germany. Architect]
Friedl, Friedrich [1944-2009. Germany. Graphic/Exhibition Designer]
Friedl, H. [-. Austria. Textile Designer]
Friedlaender, Elizabeth [1903-1984. Germany. Textile/Book Cover Designer/Typographer]
Friedlaender, Henri [1904-1996. Germany/Netherlands/Israel. Calligrapher/Typographer]
Friedlaender, Johnny [1912-1992. Germany/France. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver/Etcher]
Friedländer, Elizabeth (Friedlander, Elizabeth) [1903-1984. Germany/UK/Ireland. Graphic/Type Designer]
Friedländer, Johnny [1912-1992. Germany/France. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator]
Friedlander, Lee [1934-. USA. Photographer]
Friedlander, Leo [1888-1966. USA. Sculptor]
Friedman, Alan [1944-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Friedman, Bernie [-. USA. Photographer]
Friedman, William M. [1909-. USA. Exhibition Designer/Curator]
Friedman, Yona [1923-. Hungary/France. Architect]
Friedmann, Arnold [1925-. Germany/USA. Interior Designer]
Friedmann, Ernst (Friedmann, Ernest P.) [1876-1958. Germany. Architect/Interior Designer]
Friedmann-Otten, Mitzi (Otten, Mitzi) [1884-1955. Austria/USA. Metalworker/Textile/Graphic Designer/Enameller/Painter]
Friedrich Goldscheider (Goldscheider'sche Porzellan-Manufactur und Majolica-Fabrik) [1885-. Austria. Ceramics Manufacturer]
Friedrich, Otto [1862-1937. Austria. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Friedrich, Woldemar [1846-1912. Germany. Painter/Illustrator]
Friedson, Herbert [-. USA. Enameller]
Friell, James (Gabriel’) [1912-1997. UK. Cartoonist]
Friend, Donald [1915-1989. Australia. Painter]
Friend, George Taylor [1881-1969. UK. Seal/Jewellery Engraver/Bookplate Designer/Medallist/Printmaker]
Friend, Leon [1902-1969. USA. Art Teacher]
Fries, Anton [-. Germany. Illustrator]
Fries, Leonhard Waldemar [1881-. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Friese, Richard [1854-1918. Germany. Painter]
Frieseke, Frederick Carl [1874-1939. USA. Painter]
Friesz, Achille Emile Othon (Achille-Emile-Othon) [1879-1949. France. Painter/Poster Designer]
Frigeri, M. [-. Italy. Graphicx Artist]
Friley, Gene [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Friling, Hermann [1867-1940. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Interior Architect]
Frilung, Emy [-. Germany. Dress Designer]
Frimberger, Marianne [1877-1965. Austria. Book Designer/Lithographer]
Frimkess, Lou [-. USA. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Frimkess, Michael (Mike) [1937-. USA. Ceramist]
Fripp, Thomas William [1864-1931. UK/Canada. Painter]
Frisch, Max [-. Germany. Stained Glass Designer]
Frischauf-Szablo, Ferenc [1876-1962. Hungary. Industrial/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Frischauf-Szablo, Ferenc [1876-1962. Hungary. Industrial/Furniture/Interior Designer/Architect]
Frishmuth, Harriet Whitney [1880-1980. USA. Sculptor]
Frissell, Toni [1907-1988. USA. Photographer]
Fristedt, Sven [1940-. Sweden. Textile Designer]
Fristrup, Nilaus [1836-1909. Denmark. Painter]
Frith, Donald [1924-. USA. Ceramist]
Frith, Edgar Silver [1890-1974. UK. Sculptor]
Frith, Michael [1951-. UK. Painter]
Frith, Norman L. [-. UK. Architect/Exhibition Designer]
Frith, William Powell [1819-1909. UK. Painter]
Frith, William Silver [1850-1924. UK. Decorative Artist/Sculptor/Wood Carver]
Fritsch, C. [-. Hamburg. Engraver]
Fritsch, Elizabeth [1940-. UK. Ceramist]
Fritsch, Ernst [1892-1965. Germany. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Fritscher, Michel [-. Switzerland. Painter]
Fritz Hansen [1872-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Fritz, Robert C. [1920-1986. USA. Glass Artist]
Fritz, Ronald (Ron) [-. UK. Animator/Illustrator]
Fritzsche, Martin [-. Germany. Ceramist]
Fritzsche, Martin (Fritsche, Martin) [-. Germany. Ceramist]
Frizzell, Frederick George [1902-1976. UK. Architect]
Frobenius, Hermann [1871-1954. Germany. Painter]
Frodsham, Sam [1890-. UK. Woodworker/Woodcarver]
Froebel, Otto [1844-1906. Switzerland. Landscape/Garden Designer]
Froede, Otto Johannes [1894-. Germany. Bookbinder]
Froelich, Albert (Fröhlich, Albert) [1876-1953. Switzerland/Germany. Architect]
Froelich, Paul [1897-1968. USA. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Froemel, A. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
frogdesign (Frog Design) [1969-. Germany/USA. Design Consultancy/Multimedia Firm]
Froggatt, F.G. [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Frohlich, Emil [1862-1950. Germany. Painter]
Frohlich, Ludwig Wilhelm (Frohlich, Ludwig William) [1913-1971. Germany/USA. Advertising Executive]
Froitzheim, Paul [-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Graphic Designer]
Frolli, Vincenzo [1860-1949. Italy. Painter]
Fromboluti, Omero [1892-. Italy/USA. Mosaic Designer]
Froment, Eugène [1844-1900. France. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator]
Froment, Nicolas [-. France. Painter]
Froment-Meurice, Jacques Charles François Marie [1864-1948. France. Sculptor]
Fromenti, Marcel [-. France. Fashion Designer/Illustrator]
Fromentin, Eugène [1820-1876. France. Painter]
Fromhold, Hal F. [-. Canada/USA. Ceramist]
Fromkes, Maurice [1872-1931. USA. Painter]
Frömmel, C. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Frömmel, Hans [-. Austria. Decorative Artist]
Frommell [-. Austria. Ceramist]
Fromuth, Charles Henry [1861-1937. USA. Painter]
Fronius, Hans [1903-1988. Austria. Illustrator/Painter/Engraver/Lithographer]
Fronzoni, A.G. [1923-2002. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Interior/Furniture/Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Sculptor]
Fronzoni, Angelo G. [1923-2002. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Interior/Furniture/Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Sculptor]
Frood, Hester [1882-1971. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Fröschl, Karl (Carl) [1848-1934. Austria. Painter]
Froshaug, Anthony [1920-1984. UK. Typographer]
Frost, Charles Sumner [1856-1931. USA. Architect]
Frost, F.G. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Frost, Gary Link [1941-. USA. Bookbinder]
Frost, Jack [-. USA. Art Director]
Frost, Lilian [-. UK. Calligrapher/Decorative Artist]
Frost, Lillian [-1956. UK. Illumination Artist]
Frost, Vince [1964-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Frost, William [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Frost, William Edward [1810-1877. UK. Painter]
Frowein, Jan Frederik Lodewijk [1855-1914. Netherlands. Architect]
Frueh, Alfred J. [1880-1968. USA. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Painter]
Frullini, Luigi [1839-1897. Italy. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Frumerie, Agnès [1869-1937. Sweden. Sculptor/Painter]
Frutiger, Adrian [1928-2015. Switzerland. Typographer/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Fruytier, Wilhelmina [1915-2007. Netherlands. Textile/Fibre Artist/Tapestry Designer]
Fry, A. Joanna [-. UK. Painter]
Fry, Amy Joanna [1885-1953. UK. Painter]
Fry, E. Maxwell [1899-1987. UK. Architect/Painter]
Fry, Edith May [1883-. Australia/UK. Painter]
Fry, Francis Stephen [1904-2002. UK. Architect]
Fry, Guy E. [1903-. USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Fry, Helen [1864-1937. UK. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Fry, Henry L. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Fry, Jocelyn [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Fry, Lewis George [1860-1933. UK. Painter]
Fry, Marshall T. [1878-. USA. Painter/Interior Designer]
Fry, Norah Adaline [1882-1955. UK. Illustrator/Etcher]
Fry, Peter George [1875-1924. UK. Architect]
Fry, Reginald Cuthbert [1877-1932. UK. Architect]
Fry, Roger [1866-1934. UK. Ceramist/Textile/Furniture Designer/Painter/Art Historian/Critic]
Fry, Samuel [1844-1918. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Fry, Sherry Edmundson [1879-1966. USA. Sculptor]
Fry, Wilfred Washington (W.W.) [1875-1936. USA. Advertising Executive]
Frycz, Karol [1877-1963. Poland. Painter/Theatre Set/poster Designer]
Fryer, C.E. [-. UK. Art Director]
Fryer, Katherine Mary [1910-2017. UK. Wood Engraver/Painter]
Fryer, Wilfred Moody [1891-1967. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Fryers & Penman [1898-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fryers, Arthur John [1874-1954. UK. Architect]
Frykholm, Annie [1872-1955. Sweden. Textile Artist]
Fryklund, Sven-Erik [1921-2003. Sweden. Architect/Sculptor]
Frølich, Lorenz [1820-1908. Denmark. Painter/Illustrator/Etcher]
FTI (form technic international) [1954-. Germany. Design Studio]
Fuchs, Alfred [1877-. Germany. Painter/Sculptor]
Fuchs, Annette [1939-1992. UK. Ceramist]
Fuchs, Bohuslav [1895-1972. Czechoslovakia. Architect]
Fuchs, Douglas [1947-1986. USA. Sculptor/Basketmaker/Jewellery Designer]
Fuchs, Emil [1866-1929. Austria/UK/USA. Sculptor/Medallist/Painter]
Fuchs, Heinrich [-. Germany. Lighting Designer/Ceramist]
Fuchs, Heinz [1886-1961. Germany. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Fuchs, Joseph [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Fuchs, Louis-Joseph-Gustave [1856-1905. France. Engraver/Lithographer/Painter]
Fuchs, Ludwig F. [-. Germany. Architect]
Fuchs, Siegfried [1903-1978. Germany. Typographer]
Fuchs, Willy [-. Germany (Federal Republic). Graphic Designer]
Fuchs-Jürgens, Ottilie [-. Germany (Federal Republic). Graphic Artist]
Fuchsenberger, Fritz [1876-1945. Germany. Architect]
Fucker, Otto [1883-. Germany. Architect]
Füger, Heinrich Friedrich [1751-1818. Holy Roman Empire/Austria. Painter]
Führmann, Carl Jr. [-. Germany. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Fuhrmann, Otto W. [1889-1966. Germany/USA. Graphic Designer/Linocut Artist/Printer]
Fuhs, Ludwig [1888-. Germany. Sculptor]
Fujii, M. [-. Japan. Animator]
Fujikawa, Gyo [1908-1998. USA. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Fujioka, Robert J. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fujita, Akiko [1930-. Japan. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Fujita, Kaz [-. USA/Japan. Graphic Designer]
Fujita, Kyohei [1921-2004. Japan. Glass Artist]
Fujita, S. Neil [1921-. USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Fujita, Shinji [-. Japan. Poster Designer]
Fujiwara, Fuseki [-. Japan. Poster Designer]
Fujiwara, Hiromu [-. Japan. Industrial Designer]
Fuka, Vladimir [1926-1977. Czechoslovakia. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Graphic/Book Designer]
Fukagawa, Yeizayemon (Fukagawa, Eizaemon) [-. Japan. Ceramics Manufacturer]
Fukano, Tadasu [1929-. Japan. Graphic Designer/Typographer/Letterer]
Fukuda, Shigeo [1932-2009. Japan. Graphic Designer]
Fulcher, Cicely [1865-1958. UK. Metalworker/Illustrator]
Fuldner, Robert W. [-. USA. Lamp Designer]
Fulkerson, Georgianna [-. USA. Ceramist]
Fuller & Smith [1907-1930. USA. Advertising Agency]
Fuller & Smith & Ross Inc. [1930-1976. USA. Advertising Agency]
Fuller, Beata A. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Fuller, Esther Torosian [-. USA. Ceramist/Painter]
Fuller, Florence Ada [1867-1946. Australia. Painter]
Fuller, Henry Brown [1867-1934. USA. Painter]
Fuller, Isaac, the younger [-. England. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Fuller, James Franklin [1835-1925. Ireland. Architect]
Fuller, Leonard John [1891-1973. UK. Painter]
Fuller, Loie (Loïe) [1862-1928. USA. Dancer/Actress]
Fuller, Lucia Fairchild [1872-1924. USA. Painter/Muralist]
Fuller, Richard Buckminster [1895-1983. USA. Architect/Industrial/Vehicle Designer]
Fuller, Steven [1911-1999. USA. Glass Artist]
Fuller, Sue [1914-2006. USA. Painter/Mixed Media Artist/Sculptor/Engraver/Printmaker]
Fuller-Clark, Herbert [1869-1934. UK. Architect]
Fullerton, Clarence A. [-. USA. Architect]
Fulleylove, Joan Elizabeth Anne [1886-1947. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Woodcut Artist/Painter]
Fulleylove, John [1845-1908. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Fullwood, Albert Henry [1863-1930. UK/Australia. Painter/Illustrator]
Fullwood, John [1854-1931. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver]
Fülöp, Elemér [1882-1949. Austria-Hungary/Hungary. Sculptor]
Fulper Pottery Co. [1814-1935. USA. Pottery]
Fülscher, Johanna Katharina [1893-1978. Switzerland. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Fulton, Bessie [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Fulton, James [1930-2003. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fulton, James Black [1878-1922. UK. Architect/Painter]
Fumagalli, Celestino [1864-1941. Italy. Sculptor]
Fumagalli, Giovanni [1899-1970. Italy. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Fumé, C. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Fumeron, René [1921-. France. POster/Tapestry/Wallpaper Designer/Painter/Muralist]
Fumio, Asakura [1883-1964. Japan. Sculptor]
Funai, Carol [1941-. USA. Textile Designer]
Funakoshi, Saburo [1931-. Japan. Glass Designer/Artist]
Funck, Theodor [1867-1919. Germany. Painter]
Functional Furniture Manufacturers [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Funk [-. Switzerland. Poster Designer]
Funk Jr., John A. [-. USA. Photographer]
Funk, Eugen [1911-2004. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Funk, Geraldine [1919-2009. USA. Weaver/Illustrator]
Funk, Lissy [1909-2005. Switzerland. Embroiderer/Textile Artist]
Funk, Paul [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Funk, Theodor [1867-. Germany. Painter]
Funk, Verne [1932-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Funk, Wilhelm [1866-1949. Germany/USA. Painter]
Funke, G.H. [-. Austria. Wicker Furniture Designer]
Funke, Margarete [-. Germany. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Fuorischema [1971-. Italy. Graphic Design Studio]
Furber, Jessie Rendle [1880-1966. UK. Painter/Printmaker]
Furio, José Marcel [1896-. Spain. Painter]
Furioso, Carol [-. USA. Ceramist]
Furlanetto, A. [-. Italy. Decorartive Designer/Painter]
Furlanetto, Manlio [1892-. Italy. Decorarive Designer/Painter]
Furler, Alfred [-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Bookbinder]
Furlongs Ltd. [-. UK. Interior Decorating/Furniture Design Firm]
Furman, David [1945-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Furness, Frank [1839-1912. USA. Architect]
Furniss, Harry [1854-1925. Ireland. Cartoonist/Caricaturist/Illustrator]
Furniture Industries Ltd. [1920-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Furnival, A. Stanley [1914-1980. Canada. Art Director]
Furnival, Stanley [-. Canada. Art Director]
Furnivall, Frank [1867-. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Furrer, Walter [1860-1949. Switzerland. Architect]
Furse, Charles Wellington [1868-1904. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Furse, John Henry Monsell [1860-1950. UK. Sculptor]
Furse, Margaret [1911-. UK. Theatre/Film Costume Designmer]
Furse, Roger [1903-1972. UK. Illustrator/Theatre/Film Designer/Painter]
Fürst, Walter [-. Germany. Decorative/Poster Designer]
Furstenberg, Arno Ford [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fürstlich Stollberg'sches Hüttenamt [-. Germany. Metalware Manufacturer]
Furukawa, Haruo [-. Japan. Industrial Designer]
Furunobu, Kano Eisen [1696-1731. Japan. Painter]
Furuta, Soichi [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Fuseli, Henry [1741-1825. Switzerland/UK. Painter]
Fuss, Albert [1889-1969. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Fust, Rudolf [-. Germany. Architect]
Futawatari, Ado [-. Japan. Poster Designer]
Futterer, Josef (Joseph) [1871-1930. Germany. Painter/Illustrator]
Futurum [1934-1942. Sweden. Interior/Furniture Design Firm]
Fyfe, David Theodore [1875-1945. UK. Architect]
Fyler, Wolfgang (Wolf) [-. USA. Art Director]
Fymat, Robert [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Fyodorovsky, Fyodor [1883-1955. Russia/USSR. Theatre Set Designer]
Fyvie & Wilson [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Fyvie, John Douglas [1884-1939. UK. Architect]