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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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L'Agence Dorland (Studio Dorland, Atelier Dorland, Créations Dorland) [-. Germany/France/UK. Advertising Agency/Graphic Design Studio]
L'Allemand, Grete [-. Austria. Embroiderer]
L'Arte della Ceramica [1863-1910. Italy. Ceramics Factory]
L'Oeuvre (OEV) [1913-. Switzerland. Design Organisation]
l'Orme, Philibert de (Delorme, Philibert) [1514-1570. France. Architect]
L. Chr. Lauer [1860-. Germany. Coin, Medal, Plaque and Badge Manufacturer]
L. Cloquet & Et. Mortier [-. Belgium. Architectural Partnership]
L. S. Davids [-. UK. Commercial Art Studip]
L.C. Gumbinner Advertising Agency (Lawrence C. Gumbinner Advertising Agency) [1926-. USA. Advertising Agency]
L.E. McGivena & Co. [1939-. USA. Advertising agency]
L.J. Peters Hofmöbelfabrik [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
L.V. [-. Spain. Poster Designer]
L.W. Frohlich & Co. [1939-. USA. Advertising Agency]
La Bombarda, Nicola [-. Italy. Painter]
La Croix, Emil B. [-. USA. Architect]
La Dell, Edwin [1914-1970. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Lithographer]
La Farge, John [1835-1910. USA. Glass Artist/Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
La Gándara, Antonio de [1861-1917. France. Painter]
La Maîtrise [-. France. Design Studio]
La Manna, Giuseppe [1832-. Italy. Painter/Mosaic Artist]
La Pegna, G. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
La Pietra, Ugo [1938-. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
La Prelle, Frank [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
La Riva [-. UK. Poster Designer]
La Roche, Maria [1870-1952. Switzerland/Germany. Painter/Lithographer]
La Rue, Mervin W., Jr. [-. USA. Cinematography Equipment Designer/Engineer]
La Thangue, Herbert Henry [1859-1929. UK. Painter]
La Touche, Gaston [1854-1913. France. Painter]
La Tour, Quentin de [1704-1788. France. Painter]
La Trobe, James Henry [1862-1921. UK. Architect]
Laage, Wilhelm [1868-1930. Germany. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Laan, D.J. van der [-. Netherlands. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Labat, Marius Bernard [-. France. Engraver]
Labaye, Germaine [-. France. Textile Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Labbé, Werner [1909-1989. Germany. Poster Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Labby, Gary [-. USA. Television Graphic Designer]
LaBeaume & Klein [1914-. USA. Architectural Firm]
LaBeaume, Louis [1873-1961. USA. Architect]
Labino, Dominick [1910-1987. USA. Glass Artist]
Labisse, Félix [1905-1982. France. Theatre Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Laboccetta, Mario  [1899-1988. Italy. Illustrator/Poster Designewr]
Laborun, J. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Labouret, Auguste [1871-1964. France. Stained Glass Designer]
Laboureur, Jean-Émile  [1877-1943. France. Painter/Engraver]
Labrousse, Jeanne Antionette [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Decorative Artist]
Labrouste, Henri [1801-1875. France. Architect]
Labrouste, Théodore [1799-1885. France. Architect]
Lac, Mette [-. Denmark. Textile Designer]
Lacagnina, Thomas (Tommy, Tom) [1938-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Lacaz, Guto [1948-. Brazil. Graphic/Packaging/Exhibition/Book/Industrial Designer/Typographer/Illustrator]
Lacerta [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Lacey & Upchurch [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lacey, Arthur John [1845-1923. UK. Architect]
Lacey, Constance Mary [1884-1961. UK. Painter/Illuminator/Embroiderer]
Lacey, Enid [1905-1987. UK. Painter/Woodcut Artist/Wood Engraver]
Lacey, Frank [-. UK. Toy Maker]
Lacey, Frederick William [1855-1916. UK. Architect]
Lacey, Leopoldine D. [-. UK. Toy Maker]
Lachaise, Gaston [1882-1935. France/USA. Sculptor]
Lachenal, Edmond [1855-1948. France. Ceramist/Sculptor/Painter/Decorative Designer]
Lachenal, Nathalie [1887-1962. Poland/Switzerland. Poster Designer/ Illustrator/Engraver/Painter]
Lachenal, Raoul [1885-1956. France. Ceramist]
Lachman, Harry B. [1886-1975. USA. Painter/Set Designer/Film Director/Illustrator]
Lack, Katherine O. [1898-1946. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Lackey, Jane [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Lacktman, Michael [1938-. USA. Metalsmith/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Lacloche Frères [1875-. Spain. Jewellery House]
Lacombe, Georges [1868-1916. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Lacombe, Michel [-. Canada. Metalsmith]
Lacoste, Gerald [1908-1983. UK. Architect/Painter]
Lacy, George John Joseph [1874-1943. UK. Architect]
Lada-Mocarski, Polly [1902-1997. USA. Bookbinder]
Ladd, Anna Coleman [1878-1939. USA. Sculptor]
Ladd, Barbara [-. USA. Ceramist]
Ladds, John [1835-1926. UK. Architect]
Laden, Murray [-. USA. Photographer]
Ladewig, Franz Wilhelm [-. Austria. Architect/Decorator]
Ladies’ Work Society [1875-. UK. Arts and Crafts Society]
Ladousa, Tom [-. USA. Ceramist]
Ladwig, James [-. USA. Art Director]
Lady Kinloch’s Painted Furniture Industry [-. UK. Furniture Workshop]
Laera, G. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Laermans, Eugène [1864-1940. Belgium. Painter]
Laessle, Albert [1877-1932. USA. Sculptor/Medallist]
Laethier, Georges [1875-1955. France. Sculptor]
Lafaurie, Marie-Anne [1876-. France. Sculptor]
Lafean, Richard [-. USA. Ceramist]
Lafferty, Roland [-. USA. Ceramist]
Laffitte, Gaston (Lafitte, Gaston) [-. France. Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Lafitte Désirat (Lafitte-Désirat) [-. France. Wax Doll Makers]
Lafleur, Abel [1875-1953. France. Sculptor/Medallist]
Lafon, Albert [1860-1935. France. Architect]
Laforêt, Alessandro [1863-1937. Italy. Sculptor]
Laforgue, Adrien [1871-1952. France. Architect]
Lagaë, Jules [1862-1931. Belgium. Sculptor/Medallist]
LaGatta, John (La Gatta, John) [1894-1977. USA. Illustrator]
Lagerbielke, Gunilla [-. Sweden. Textile Artist/Designer]
Lagerfeld, Karl [1938-2019. Germany/France. Fashion Designer]
Lagerson, Rolf H. [1925-. Sweden. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Lagostena, Pietro [1877-1977. Italy. Sculptor/Architect/Furniture Designer]
Lagostina [1901-. Italy. Houseware Manufacturer]
Lagostina, Adriano [1915?-. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Lagostina, Massimo [1908-?. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Lagrange, Jacques [1917-1995. France. Tapestry Designer/Painter/Engraver/Costeme Designer]
Lagus-Möschl, Gabi (Möschl-Lagus, Gabi. Möschl, Gabi) [1887-?. Austria. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Lahalle & Levard [1907-. France. Design Partnership]
Lahalle, Pierre [1877-1956. France. Architect/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Lahey, Frances Vida [1882-1968. Australia. Painter]
Lahey, Marguerite Duprez [1878-1958. USA. Bookbinder]
Laho Art Works [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Lahrs, Friedrich [1880-1964. Germany. Architect]
Lai, Simone [-. Italy. Ceramist]
Laidlaw, Thomas H. [1846-1915. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Etcher]
Laidler, Gavin Graham ‘Pont’ [1908-1940. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Laidman, Edith Annie [1880-1943. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Laiewski, Andrew J. [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Lain, Percy Edgar Cyril [1873-1951. UK. Architect]
Lain, Roy A. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Lainati, Mede [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Laine, Orvokki (Laine-Taitto, Orvokki) [-. Finland. Ceramist]
Laing, Annie R. (Laing, Mrs James G.) [1869-1946. UK. Painter]
Laing, David [-1856. UK. Architect]
Laing, Francis James ‘Frank’ [1862-1907. UK. Etcher/Painter]
Laing, Henry George Malcolm [1874-1948. UK. Architect]
Laing, James Garden [1852-1915. UK. Painter/Architect]
Laing, Wharton & Down [1886-1894. UK. Manufacturers of Electric Lighting]
Lainio, Eino [1913-2006. Finland. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Laird Covey Industrial Design [1953-. USA. Industrial Design Studio]
Laird, Arthur Robert [1881-1958. UK. Lithographer/Painter]
Laird, Emily Ruth [1921-2007. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Laird, James Austen [1878-1950. UK. Architect]
Laird, James William [1880-1939. UK. Architect]
Laird, John [1880-1939. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lajoue, Jacques de (La Joue, Jacques de) [-1761. France. Painter/Decorative Designer]
Lajta, Béla [1873-1920. Austria-Hungary. Architect]
Lakatos, Artúr (Arthur) [1880-1968. Hungary. Painter/Interior Designer]
Lake, Antony [1905-1956. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Lake, Freda M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Lake, Herbert John [1909-1946. UK. Architect]
Lake, J.W.H. [-1924. Australia. Architect]
Lake, John-Orwar [1921-. Sweden. Glass Designer/Ceramist/Painter]
Lakeman, Ernest [1882-1948. Ireland. Stained Glass Designer]
Laker, Russell [-. UK. Letter Artist]
Laki, Yama [-. Japan. Sculptor]
Lakich, Lili [1944-. USA. Neon Artist/Graphic Designer]
Lakin, Harold [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Lakofsky, Charles [1922-1993. USA. Ceramist]
Laky, Gyöngy [1944-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker]
Lalaing, Jacques de  [1858-1917. UK/Belgium. Sculptor/Painter]
Lalanne, Françoise Antoine Maxime [1827-1886. France. Etcher]
Lalia, Alfredo [1907-. Italy. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Laliberté, Norman [1925-. USA. Graphic Artist/Painter]
Lalique, Marc [1900-1977. France. Glass Artist]
Lalique, René [1860-1945. France. Jewellery/Glass/Furniture Designer]
Lalique, Suzanne [1892-1989. France. Decorative/Theatre Set and Costume Designer/Painter]
Lallemant, Robert [1902-1954. France. Decorative Artist/Ceramist]
Lallerstedt, Erik [1864-1955. Sweden. Architect]
Lallerstedt, Lars [1938-. Sweden. Industrial Designer]
Laloux, Victor Alexandre Frédéric [1850-1937. France. Architect]
Lam, Bill [1924-. USA. Lighting Designer]
Lam, Wilfredo [1902-1982. Cuba. Painter]
Lamaizière, Marcel Claude Léon [1879-1923. France. Architect]
Lamaizière, Pierre Léon [1855-1941. France. Architect]
Lamb & Rich [1881-1889. USA. Architectural Firm]
Lamb, C. M. [-. UK. Sculptor]
Lamb, Charles J. [-. UK. Art Director/Graphic Designer]
Lamb, Charles Rollinson [1860-1942. USA. Architect/Sculptor/Painter/Printmaker]
Lamb, Edward Beckitt [1857-1934. UK. Architect]
Lamb, Ella Condie [1862-1936. USA. Stained Glass Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Muralist/Mosaic Artist]
Lamb, Frederick Stymetz [1863-1928. USA. Stained Glass Designer/Muralist]
Lamb, Helen Adelaide [1893-1981. UK. Embroiderer/Illuminator/Calligrapher]
Lamb, Henry [1883-1960. UK. Painter]
Lamb, Hugh [1849-1903. USA. Architect]
Lamb, James [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Lamb, John [1840-. UK. Decorative Artist/Wallpaper Designer/Photographer]
Lamb, Lynton [1907-1977. UK. Painter/Wood engraver/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Lamb, Thomas [1938-1997. Canada. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Lamb, Thomas Babbit (Tom) [1896-1988. USA. Industrial Designer/Cartoonist/Illustrator/Ergonomist/Muralist]
Lamb, Thomas White [1871-1942. USA. Architect]
Lambda, Peter [1911-1995. UK. Sculptor/Industrial Designer]
Lambeaux, Jef [1852-1908. Belgium. Sculptor]
Lambert, André [1884-1967. Germany/France. Painter/Illustrator/Theatre Costume Designer]
Lambert, Bryan [-. USA. Lighting Designer]
Lambert, E. P [-. UK. Architect]
Lambert, Ed [1940-2011. USA. Textile Artist]
Lambert, Edward G. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Lambert, Edwin Jether [1856-1932. UK. Painter]
Lambert, Ernst [-. UK. Photographer]
Lambert, George Washington Thomas [1873-1930. UK/Australia. Painter/Illustrator/Sculptor/Etcher]
Lambert, Henry [-. UK. Silversmith]
Lambert, Horace [1861-1917. UK. Architect]
Lambert, John, Jr. [1861-1907. USA. Painter]
Lambert, Kate Elinor (Nell) [1892-. UK. Illustrator/Printmaker/Wood Engraver]
Lambert, Mary B. [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Lambert, Maurice de [1873-1952. France. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver/Decorative Artist]
Lambert, Maurice Prosper [1901-1964. UK. Sculptor]
Lambert, Raoul A. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Lambert, Ronald (Ron) [1923-1995. Australia. Painter/Poster Designer]
Lambert, Saul [1928-. USA. Illustrator]
Lambert, Théodore [1857-. France. Architect/Furniture/Interior/Jewellery Designer]
Lambertini, Giannino [1891-1968. Italy. Painter/Sculptor/Stained Glass Designer]
Lambeth Guild of Handicraft [-1898. UK. Craft Guild]
Lamble, Kenneth [-. UK. Packaging/Industrial Designer]
Lambot, Émile [1869-1940. Belgium. Architect]
Lambourne, Nigel [1919-1988. UK. Illustrator/Printmaker]
Lami, Stanislas [1858-1944. France. Sculptor/Decorative Artist]
Lamm, Lora [1928-. Switzerland/Italy. Graphic/Packaging Designer/Typographer]
Lamm, William [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Lammers, Frans [1911-1966. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Lammert, Eduard [1867-1957. Germany. Painter]
Lämmle, Hans [1913-?. Germany. Graphic/Poster/Packaging Designer/Painter]
Lämmle, Sigrid (Laemmle, Sigrid) [-. Germany. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Lamonica, Giuseppe [1862-1919. Italy. Painter]
LaMotte, Bernard [1903-1983. France/USA. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist]
Lamourdedieu, Raoul [1877-1953. France. Sculptor/Medallist]
Lamoureux, Marguerite [1907-. Canada. Textile Artist]
Lampadius, Johannea Gottfried H. [-. USA. Architect]
Lampard, Kenneth D. [1926-. UK. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Lampérth, József [1894-1924. Hungary. Poster/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Lampérth-Kmetty [-. Hungary. Graphic Design Partnership]
Lampitt, Ronald [1906-1988. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Lampl, Fritz [1892-1955. Austria/UK. Glass Artist]
Lamplugh, Bertram [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Lampugnani, L. (Lampugnani, R.) [-. Italy. Illuminator]
Lancashire, David [1946-. UK/Australia. Graphic Designer]
Lancaster, Dora [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Lancaster, Edward Purser [1911-1954. UK. Graphic Designer/Painter/Mural Artist]
Lancaster, Eric [1911-. France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Lancaster, Lois [1932-. USA. Fibre Artist/Feltmaker]
Lancaster, Osbert [1908-1986. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Lancaster, Percy [1879-1951. UK. Architect/Painter/Stained Glass Designer/Etcher]
Lancaster, Theodora [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Lance, A.E. [-. UK. Lace Designer]
Lancelot-Croce, Marcelle Renée [1849-1942. France. Medallist]
Lanceray, Eugene (Lancère, Eugene) [1875-1946. Russia/USSR. Sculptor/Illustrator/Theatre Designer/Mosaic Artist/Painter/Graphic Artist]
Lancetti, Pino [1932-2007. Italy. Fashion/Film Costume Designer]
Lanchester & Lodge [1930-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lanchester & Rickards [1904-1920. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lanchester Stewart & Rickards [1896-1904. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lanchester, Henry Vaughan [1863-1953. UK. Architect/Town Planner]
Lanchester, Lucas & Lodge [1923-1930. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lanchester, Mary [1864-1942. UK. Painter/Printmaker]
Lancia, Arnaldo [1876-1948. Italy. Painter]
Lancia, Emilio [-. Italy. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Landau, Dorothea Natalie Sophie (Natalie Sophie da Fano, Dorothea) [1881-1941. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Sculptor]
Landau, Emma [-. USA. Photographer/Illustrator]
Landau, Jacob [1917-2001. USA. Illustrator/Printmaker/Painter]
Landauer, Fritz [1883-1968. Germany/UK. Architect]
Landauer, Walter (Landor, Walter) [1913-1995. Germany/UK/USA. Industrial/Packaging]
Landault, Roger [1919-1983. France. Furniture Designer]
Landberg, Nils [1907-1991. Sweden. Glass Artist]
Landbrugets Associates [-. Denmark. Design Studio]
Landeau, Sandor Leopold [1864-1924. Hungary/USA. Painter/Muralist/Graphic/Stained Glass Designer]
Landell, Harper [1918-1997. USA. Industrial Designer]
Landells, Flora Annie Margaret [1888-1981. Australia. Ceramics Decorator/Painter]
Lander & Kemp [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lander Bedells & Crompton [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Lander, Edgar Longley [1883-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Lander, Felix J. [1897-1960. UK. Architect]
Lander, Harold Clapham [1868-1955. UK. Architect]
Lander, Helmut [1924-. Germany. Sculptor]
Lander, John [-. USA. Glass Artist]
Lander, John St. Helier [1869-1944. UK. Painter]
Lander, Reginald (Reg) Montague [1913-1982. UK. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Lander, Richard Smith [1827-1892. UK. Architect]
Landers, Frary & Clark [1842-1965. USA. Housewares and Hardware Company]
Landheim, J.W. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Landini y Cia, Romeo [-. Argentina. Poster Designer]
Landis, Richard [1931-. USA. Weaver]
Landolt, Fernand [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Landon, Edward [1911-1984. USA. Painter/Printmaker]
Landowski, Paul [1875-1961. France. Sculptor]
Landrum, Darrell [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Landry, Abel [1868-1923. France. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Landry, Al [-. USA. Illustrator]
Landry, Fritz Ulysse [1842-1927. Switzerland. Medallist/Sculptor]
Landry, Paul [1904-1990. Switzerland. Poster Designer/Painter/Glass Artist/Ceramist/Engraver]
Landsberg, Max  [1878-1930. Germany. Architect]
Landsmann, Giuseppe (Venna, Lucio) [1897-1974. Italy. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Landuyt, Octave (Octaaf) [1922-. Belgium. Ceramist/Sculptor/Painter/Engraver/Theatre Set/Jewellery Designer]
Landwehr, E. [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Landwehr, Fritz [1897-1966. Germany. Textile/Graphic Designer]
Lane & Girvan Ltd. [1904-1977. UK. Iron Foundry]
Lane, Carol [-. USA. Art Director]
Lane, Constance Emma [1889-1944. UK. Muralist/Painter/Weaver]
Lane, Doyle [1925-. USA. Ceramist]
Lane, J.E. Taylor [-. UK. Blacksmith]
Lane, Kaye [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Lane, Madeleine [1912-2007. USA. Ceramist]
Lane, Richard Q [-. UK. Interior Decorator]
Lane, Susan [-. UK. Ceramist]
Lane-Bender [1950-. USA. Packaging Design Firm]
Lanel, Luc [1893-1965. France. Ceramist/Metalworker/Sculptor]
Lanfranchi, G. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Lang, Albert [1847-1933. Germany. Painter/Engraver]
Lang, Albert Lancelot [1878-1951. UK. Architect]
Lang, Andreas [1874-1944. Germany/Ireland. Woodcarver]
Lang, Candid [1930-. Switzerland. Photographer]
Lang, Doug [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Lang, Erwin [1886-1962. Austria. Woodcut Artist/Poster Designer]
Lang, Eugene J. [1879-1952. USA. Architect]
Lang, Fritz [1877-1961. Germany. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator]
Lang, Hans [1898-. Austria. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Lang, Josef Adolf [1873-1936. Austria/Germany. Poster Designer/Painter]
Lang, Leonhard [1878-1948. Germany. Painter]
Lang, Paul [1877-1937. Germany. Decorative Designer/Embroiderer/Painter]
Lang, Robert [-. France. Publicity Publisher/Advertising Agent/Graphic Designer]
Lang, Robert L. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Lang, Rodger [1942-2000. USA. Ceramist]
Lang, Wilhelm [-. Germany. Painter]
Lang, William [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Lang-Kurz, Minna [-. Germany. Textile Designer]
Lang-Kurz, Paul [1877-1937. Germany. Architect/Decorative Designer/Embroiderer/Painter]
Langa & Düyffcke (J. Langa & Düyffcke) [-. Germany. Medal Design Partnership]
Langa, Johann von [1860-. Germany. Sculptor/Medallist/Engrver]
Langaskens, Maurice [1884-1946. Belgium. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist/Engraver]
Langdale Linen Industry [-. UK. Textile Firm]
Langdale, Marmaduke A. [1840-1905. UK. Painter]
Langdale, Stella [1880-1976. UK/Canada/USA. Painter/Illustrator/Sculptor]
Langdon, David [1914-2011. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Lange, Albert F.M. (Lange, A.F.M.) [-. Germany/USA. Architect]
Lange, Arthur [1875-1929. Germany. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Lange, Emil [1884-1968. Germany. Architect]
Lange, Erik William [1876-1946. Sweden. Illustrator/Graphic Artist]
Lange, Gerd [1931-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Furniture/Interior Designer]
Lange, Günter Gerhard [1921-2008. Germany . Type Designer]
Lange, Harry [1930-2008. Germany/USA/UK. Illustrator/Film Production Designer]
Lange, Herbert [1911-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Lange, Kaj [1905-1987. Denmark. Ceramist]
Lange, Laura [-. Germany. Graphic Artist/Bookbinder]
Lange, Olaf [1875-1965. Norway. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Lange, Otto (Ottolange) [1879-1944. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Lange, Rolf [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Lange, Willy [-. USA. Garden Designer]
Langenmantel, Ludwig von [1854-1922. Germany. Painter]
Langenzersdorfer Keramik-Werkstätte [1910-1933. Austria. Ceramics Workshop]
Langer, Helmut [1945-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Langer, Joseph [1865-1918. Germany. Painter/Textile Designer]
Langer, Karl [1900-. Austria. Architect]
Langer, Olgierd [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Langer, Richard [1879-1950. Germany. Sculptor]
Langer, Wilhelm {1} [1869-1929. Austria. Painter]
Langer, Wilhelm {2} [-. Germany. Painter]
Langer-Rosa, Marina [-. Germany. Illustrator]
Langer-Schlaffke, Marta [1872-1957. Germany. Embroiderer]
Langfeldt, Karl Friedrich [1888-. Germany. Graphic Designer/Sculptor]
Langfier Ltd  [1895-1941. UK. Photographic Studio]
Langford, A. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Langham Sketching Club [1838-. UK. Art Club]
Langham, John [1853-1926. UK. Architect/Architectural Illustrator]
Langhammer, Carl [1868-1943. Germany. Painter/Illustrator]
Langheim, Carl [1872-1941. Germany. Painter]
Langhein, Carl [1872-1941. Germany. Graphic/Poster stamp Designer]
Langheinrich, Max [1873-. Germany. Architect]
Langille, W.O. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Langlais, Bernard [1921-1977. USA. Woodcarver/Sculptor]
Langlet, Ragnhild [1934-. Sweden/USA. Textile Artist]
Langley, Helen [1862-1943. UK. Sculptor/Decorative Artist/Medallist]
Langley, Jonathan [1952-. UK. Illustrator]
Langley, lisa [1907-1994. USA. Ceramist/Muralist/Painter]
Langley, Walter [1852-1922. UK. Painter]
Langley-Taylor, George [1888-1968. UK. Architect]
Langlois, Espérance [1805-1864. France. Painter/Printmaker/Engraver]
Langlois, Eustache-Hyacinthe [1777-1837. France. Painter/Engraver]
Langlois, Leo M. [-2003. USA. Advertising Art Director/Film/Television Producer/Director]
Langlois, Polyclès [1814-1872. France. Painter/Engraver]
Langseth, Emma [-. USA. Ceramist]
Langton, Daniel Webster [1864-1909. USA. Landscape Architect]
Langtry, Mary [-. USA. Painter]
Lanham, James S. [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Lanham, Olive [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Länk, Carina [1963-. Sweden. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Lanker, Albert [-. Switzerland. Lighting Designer]
Lankes, Julius John (J.J.) [1884-1960. USA. Woodcut Artist/Illustrator]
Lankford, Harry G. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Lansdale, F.J. [-. UK. Trade Fair Stand Designer]
Lansdell, John [-. UK. Exhibition/Display Designer]
Lansdown, George Arthur [1867-1946. UK. Architect]
Lanston Monotype Company [1887-. USA. Typesetting Firm]
Lantéri, Édouard [1848-1917. France/UK. Sculptor]
Lantman, George Henri [1875-1933. Netherlands. Metalworker/Jewellery Designer]
Lantoine, Fernand Désiré Louis [1876-. France/Belgium. Painter]
Lantzius, Elisabeth [-. Germany. Graphic Artist]
Lanús, José Maria [-. Argentina. Ceramist]
Lanux, Eyre de [1894-1996. USA/France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Lányi, Imre [c.1905-. Hungary/Brazil. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Lanyon, Peter [1918-1964. UK. Painter]
Lanz, Johann Wilhelm [1725-. Holy Roman Empire. Ceramist]
Lanzetti, L. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Lanzinger, Hubert [1880-1950. Austria. Poster Designer/Painter]
Lap, Englebert [1886-1970. UK. Printmaker]
Lapa, Querubim [1925-. Portugal. Ceramist]
Lapadula, Ernesto (La Padula, Ernesto) [1902-1968. Italy. Architect]
Laparra, William [1873-1920. France. Painter]
Lapekas, Glen [1942-1976. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Lapenna, Gilda [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Lapidus, Ted [1929-2008. France. Fashion Designer]
Lapierre, Charles [1867-. France. Poster Designer]
Lapine, André Christian Gottlieb [1866-1952. Russia/Canada. Painter]
LaPlantz, David [1944-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Sculptor/Metalsmith]
LaPointe, Nancy Frommer [-. USA. Ceramist]
LaPolice, George [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Laporte-Blairsy, Léo (Laporte-Blaisin, Léo) [1865-1923. France. Ceramist/Lighting Designer]
Laposky, Ben F. [1914-2000. USA. Mathematician/Computer Artist]
Lapow, Harry S. [1909-1982. USA. Packaging Designer/Photographer]
Lappalainen, Ilmari [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Laprade, Albert [1883-1978. France. Architect]
Laprade, Pierre [1875-1931. France. Painter]
Lapthorn, Mabel Dickinson [1888-1974. UK. Painter/Graphic/Book Cover Designer]
Larche, François Raoul [1860-1912. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Larcher, Dorothy [1884-1952. UK. Textile Designer/Painter]
Larcher, Jean [1947-2015. France. Calligrapher/Typographer]
Larcombe, Ethel [1876-1940. UK. Letter Artist/Illustrator/Painter]
Lardin, Pierre [1902-1982. France. Wallpaper/Theatre Set Designer/Painter/Glass Engraver]
Larding, M. [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Larding, P. [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Laren, Jacobus van [1877-1953. Netherlands. Architect]
Larimore, Jack [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Larionov, Mikhail [1881-1964. Russia/France. Graphic/Theatre Designer/Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Larisch, Rudolf von [1856-1934. Austria. Calligrapher/Letterer/Typographer]
Larkin, Anya [1945-. USA. Textile Designer]
Larking, Louisa Margaret [1898-1978. Australia/UK. Painter/Etcher]
Larkins, Edward Thomas [1881-1965. UK/USA. Architect]
Larkins, William Martin [1901-1974. UK. Painter/Etcher/Graphic Designer/Commercial Artist]
Laroche, Yvon [1942-. Canada. Graphic Designer]
Larrivé, Jean Baptiste (L’Arrivé, Jean-Baptiste) [1875-1928. France. Sculptor]
Larroux, Antonin [1859-1937. France. Sculptor]
Larry Klein & Associates [-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Lars Calonius, Inc. [1952-. USA. Animation Production Company]
Larsen and Dewers [1961-. Australia. Jewellery Design/Silversmithing Partnership]
Larsen Design Studio [1958-. USA. Textile Design Studio]
Larsen, A.O. [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Larsen, Bjørn A. [1926-. Norway. Industrial/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Larsen, Dahlgaard [-. Denmark. Poster Designer]
Larsen, Ejnar (Ejner) [1917-1986. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Larsen, Hans W. [1886-1984. Denmark. Sculptor]
Larsen, Helge [1929-. Denmark/Australia. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Larsen, Henrik [-. Denmark. Decorative Artist]
Larsen, Jack Lenor [1927-2020. USA. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Larsen, Kai Lyngfeldt [-. Denmark. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Larsen, Knud [1865-1922. Denmark. Painter]
Larsen, Liisan Hallamaa  [1925-. Finland. Ceramist]
Larsen, Marget [1922-1984. USA. Graphic Designer]
Larsen, Ove [1889-1945. Denmark. Painter/Ceramist]
Larsen, Roy [-. USA. Art Director]
Larson, Edward [1931-. USA. Woodcraft Designer/Sculptor]
Larson, Jane [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Larson, Julie [-. USA. Ceramist]
Larson, Karl O. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Larson, Leslie [1925-. USA. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Larson, Lisa [1931-. Sweden. Ceramist]
Larsson, Axel [1898-1975. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Larsson, Carl [1853-1919. Sweden. Painter/Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Larwin, Hans [1873-1938. Austria. Painter]
Lasar, Charles Augustus C. [1856-1936. USA. Painter]
Lascelles, Constance Mary ((Wenlock, Baroness) [1852-1932. UK. Painter]
Lasciac, Antonio (Lascak, Anton) [1856-1946. Italy. Architect]
Lasdun, Denys [1914-2001. UK. Architect]
Laske, Oskar [1874-1951. Austria. Architect/Painter]
Lasker, Joseph Leon (Joe) [1919-2015. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist]
Laskin, Rebekah [1955-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Laskoff, Franz [1869-. Poland/Italy. Poster Designer]
Lassaw, Ibram [1913-2003. USA. Jewellery Designer/Sculptor]
Lassen, Bo [-. Sweden. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Lassen, Flemming [1902-1984. Denmark. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Lassen, Hans [1868-. Germany. Architect]
Lassen, Heinrich [1879-. Germany. Architect]
Lassen, Heinrich (Heinz) [1864-1953. Germany. Architect]
Lassen, Mogens [1901-1987. Denmark. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Lasserre, Firmin-Pierre [1870-1943. France. Medallist/Sculptor]
Lasserre, Henry Joseph (Lasserre, Henri) [1870-1932. France. Ceramics Decorator]
Lasserre, Juliette [1907-2007. Switzerland. Photographer]
Lasson, Alexandra (’Madame Frits Thaulow’) [1862-1955. Norway/France. Leathercraft Designer]
Laszczka, Konstanty [1865-1956. Poland. Painter/Graphic Artist/Sculptor]
László, Paul [1900-1993. Hungary/Austria/USA. Architect/Furniture Designer]
László, Philip de [1869-1937. Hungary/UK. Painter]
Latenay, Gaston de [1859-1943. France. Painter/Lithographer/Decorative Designer]
Latham Tyler Jensen [1955-. USA. Industrial Design Studio]
Latham, Arthur Gilbey [1869-1928. UK. Architect]
Latham, Peter A. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Latham, Richard (Dick) S. [1920-1991. USA. Industrial Designer]
Lathrop, William Langson [1859-1938. USA. Painter]
Latimer, Clive [1915-1987. UK. Furniture Designer]
Latis, Amneris [-. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Latour, Alfred [1888-1964. France. Painter/Illustrator/Textile Designer]
Latour, Eugênio [1874-1942. Brazil. Painter]
Latour, Maurice Quentin de [1704-1788. France. Painter]
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry [1764-1820. USA. Architect]
Lattimer, James [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Lau, Freeman [1958-. China/Hong Kong. Graphic Designer]
Lau, William [-1973. USA. Ceramist]
Laub and Helving [-. USA. Ceramic Mural Partnership]
Laubadère, Louis Paul de [-. France. Painter]
Laubental, Sybil (Laubenthal, Sybil) [-. Germany/Canada. Ceramist]
Lauber, Joseph [1855-1948. Germany/USA. Stained Glass Designer/Muralist/Painter]
Laubi, Hugo [1888-1959. Switzerland. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Laubisch, August [-. Germany. Ironworker]
Läubli, Walter [1902-1991. Switzerland. Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Photographer]
Laubschat, Otto [1896-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Lauda, Jan [1898-1959. Bohemia/Czechoslovakia. Sculptor]