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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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Cabat, Rose [1914-2015. USA. Ceramist]
Cabot, Petra [1907-2006. USA. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Cacicedo, Jean Williams [1948-. USA. Textile/Wearable Artist]
Cadby, Carine [-. UK. Photographer]
Cadness, Mildred [1890-1982. UK. Enameller]
Cadwalader-Guild, Emma (Emma Cadwallader-Guild) [1843-c.1911. UK. Sculptor/Medalist]
Cahill Daisy Staunton (Staunton-Cahill, Daisy) [-. Ireland. Woodcarver]
Cain, Charlotte [1942-. USA. Textile Artist/Painter]
Caird, Gladys, M. [1892-1967. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Caird, Marjorie Rorie [-. UK. Painter]
Calkins, Deborah H. [-. USA. Art Director]
Callear, Agnes [1893-1959. Ireland. Embroiderer]
Calm, Lotte (Calm-Wierink, Charlotte Alice) [1897-1974. Bohemia/Austria. Jewelley Designer/Graphic artist]
Calvert, Edith [1864-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Calvert, Margaret [1936-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Cameron, Beatrice [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Cameron, I.M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cameron, Julia Margaret [1815-1879. UK. Photographer]
Cameron, Katharine (Kate) [1874-1965. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Cameron, Marie Gélon [1872-1949. France/USA. Painter]
Cameron, Mary [1865-1921. UK. Painter]
Camm, Florence [1874-1960. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Metalworker/Decorative Artist/Cartoonist]
Campbell, B. Elvey [-. UK/USA. Woodcarver]
Campbell, Ethel [-. UK. Leathercraft/Decorative Designer]
Campbell, Frances Soule [1860-. USA. Painter]
Campbell, Jean [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Campbell, M.C. [-. Ireland. Bookbinder/Leathercraft Designer]
Campbell, Madeleine E. Hume [-. UK. Metalworker]
Campbell, Madeline Caroline Frances Eden (Wyndham, Mrs. Percy) [-1920. UK. Enameller]
Campbell, Norah Molly [1888-1971. UK. Painter/Etcher/Sculptor]
Campbell, Sarah [1946-. UK. Textile Designer]
Campi, Antonia [1921-1919. Italy. Industrial/Furniture Designer/Ceramist]
Campion, Charlotte [-. UK. Woodcraft Designer]
Campos, Beatriz [1915-. Portugal. Ceramist]
Camwell, Alice Mabel [1880-1946. UK. Goldsmith/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Canta, Agnes [1888-1964. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Painter/Lithographer]
Canton, Susan Ruth [1849-1932. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Canziani, Estella [1887-1964. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Interior Decorator]
Cao, Fang [1956-. China. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Caplan, Carol [-. USA. Ceramist]
Capps, Sarah [-. USA. Metalsmith]
Capwell, Josephine Edwards [1863-1951. USA. Painter]
Carballo, Aída [1916-1985. Argentina. Ceramist/Painter]
Carbonell, Guidette [1910-2008. France. Ceramist/Tapestry Designer/Painter/Engraver]
Cardew, Gloria [1878?-. UK. Painter]
Cardozo Kindersley, Lida (Lopes Cardozo, Lida) [1954-. Netherlands/UK. Letter Artist/Designer/Glass Engraver/Sculptor/Typographer/Muralist/Stonecutter]
Carew, Bertha [1878-1956. USA. Painter]
Carew, Kate (Williams, Mary) [1869-1961. USA/UK. Caricaturist]
Carhartt, Elaine [1951-. USA. Sculptor/Ceramist/Muralist/Printmaker]
Carlisle, Mary Helen [1869-1925. USA. Painter]
Carlyle, Florence [1864-1923. Canada. Painter]
Carman, Nancy [1950-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Carocci, Eva [-. Italy. Stone Artist]
Carpenter, Aimée [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Carpenter, Shirley Lege [1939-2001. USA. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Carpentier, Madeleine [1865-1949. France. Painter]
Carpmael, Cecilia [1876-1947. UK. Painter]
Carr, Fanny [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Carr, Frances Comyns [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Carr, Geraldine [1866-1954. UK. Enameller/Sculptor]
Carr, Hamzah [-. UK. Painter]
Carr, M. Ella [-. UK. Embroiderer/Lacemaker]
Carré, Gerda [1872-. Germany. Sculptor/Painter]
Carré, Jean Louise (Hadaway, Mrs W.S.) [1865-1939. Canada/UK. Jewellery Designer]
Carrière, Lucy [-. France. Painter]
Carrington, Dora [1893-1932. UK. Painter]
Carrington, Leonora [1917-2011. UK/Mexico. Painter]
Carro, Lucia Dudley [1880-1962. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Carson, Jane [1879-1942. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Carter, Ann Gillmore (Rees, Ann Gillmore) [1900-1982. UK/Australia. Wood Engraver/Woodcut Artist/Printmaker/Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Carter, Doris A. [-. UK. Wood Engraver/Ceramist/Embroiderer]
Carter, Elizabeth Ellin [-. UK. Leathercraft Designer]
Cartmel, Alice [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Cartwright, Virginia [1943-. USA. Ceramist]
Cary, Evelyn Rumsey [1855-1924. USA. Poster Designer/Painter]
Casella, Ella [1858-1946. UK. Sculptor/Illustrator/Medallist]
Casella, Nelia [1859-1950. UK. Sculptor/Ceramist/Illustrator/Medallist/Enameller]
Casey, Jacqueline S. [1927-1992. USA. Graphic Designer]
Cash, Mildred Helen [1876-1966. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Cashmore, Gladys [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Casilear, John William [1811-1893. USA. Painter/Engraver]
Caspari, Gertrud [1873-1948. Germany. Illustrator]
Cassatt, Mary [1844-1926. USA. Painter]
Casson, Margaret MacDonald (MacDonald, Margaret) [1913-1999. UK. Architect/Glass/Interior Designer/Ceramist/Photographer]
Castanis, Muriel [1926-2006. USA. Sculptor]
Castelli Ferrieri, Anna [1918-2006. Italy. Architect/Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Castiglioni, Georgina [1943-. Italy. Industrial/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Castle, Constance [-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Caswall-Smith, Lizzie (Smith, Lizzie Caswall) [1870-1958. UK. Photographer]
Catt, Irene J. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cattaneo, Maria Michis [1833-1901. Italy. Painter]
Catterall, Kate [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Catterton-Smith, Isabel [-. UK. Embroiderer/Painter]
Caudle, Nancy [-. Canada. Art Director/Illustrator]
Cavalcanti, Moema [1942-. Brazil. Graphic/Book Designer]
Cavenagh, Kathleen [-. UK. Decorative/Jewellery Designer/Silversmith]
Cazin, Berthe [1872-1971. France. Ceramist/Embroiderer]
Cazin, Marie [1840-1924. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Cecchi, Eda [-. Italy. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Cecere, Ada Rasario [1894-1971. USA. Glass Artist/Painter/Muralist]
Cecil, Mary Rothes Margaret (Cecil, Lady Wiliam) [1857-1919. UK. Painter]
Center, Amelia H. [-. USA. Craftsperson]
Chabot, Aurore [1949-. USA. Ceramist]
Chafy, Gwendolen [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Challoner, Susannah Mary (Molly) [1901-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Metalworker]
Chamberlain, Amy Roberts [1956-. USA. Glass Artist/Sculptor]
Chambers, Evelyn F. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Chambers, Isabel Maud [1896-1941. UK. Architect]
Chambers, Mary [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Champs, Marcelle [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Chance, Julia Charlotte Strachey (Chance, Mrs W.) [1869-1949. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Sculptor]
Chance, Julie C. (Chance, Mrs W. [1869-1949. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Sculptor]
Chanel, Coco (Chanel, Gabrielle Bonheur) [1883-1971. France. Fashion Designer]
Chaney, Ruth [1908-1973. USA. Woodcut Artist/Lithographer/Etcher/Painter]
Channer, Frances [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Chapel, Helen Kay [1861-1949. UK. Painter/Embroiderer/Decorative Artist]
Chaplin, A. Lawson [-. UK. Painter/Ceramist]
Chaplin, Adrienne Lawson [1879-1953. UK. Painter/Ceramist]
Chaplin, Alice Mary [1848-1921. UK. Sculptor/Ceramist/Painter]
Chapman, C. [1894-1978. UK. Painter]
Chapman, Constance Stannard [1894-1978. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Chapman, Dorothy M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Chapman, Gertrude H. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Chapman, Jane [-. USA. Weaver]
Chappelle, Kathy [-. USA. Ceramist]
Chapuis, Germaine Madeleine [-. France. Decorative Designer/Painter]
Chard, Elsie [1891-. UK. Sculptor]
Chard, Minnie E. [1882-1963. UK. Illuminator]
Charlat, Beulah [-. USA. Weaver]
Charles, Bessie Ada [1869-1932. UK. Architect]
Charles, Ethel Mary [1871-1932. UK. Architect]
Charleston, Irene [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Charol, Dorothea [1889-1963. Germany. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Chart, Louie M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Chase, Adelaide Cole [1868-1944. USA. Painter]
Chase, Cornelia [-. USA. Sculptor]
Chase, Emily [1868-. UK/USA. Painter]
Chase, Rebecca [1878-1965. USA. Painter]
Chase-Riboud, Barbara [1939-. USA. Sculptor]
Chatteris, Vere [1887-1983. UK. Painter]
Chatwin, Isabella Gertrude [1874-1931. UK. Decorative Artist]
Chauvel, Marie-Blanche [1895-. France. Decorative Artist]
Cheek, Malvina [1916-2016. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Cheeseman, Dorothy [-. UK. Textile Designer/Painter]
Cheeseman, Josephine (Cheesman, Josephine) [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cheesman, Dorothy [-. UK. Painter/Textile Designer]
Chennevière, Jeannine [-. France. Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Cherry, Emma Richardson [1859-1954. USA. Painter]
Chesnay, Denise [1923-. France. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Chesney, Mary Moulton [1872-. USA. Painter]
Cheston, Evelyn Davy [1875-1929. UK. Painter]
Chevallier, Louise-Edmée [-. France. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Cheyne, Betti [-. USA. Ceramist]
Chiappori, Lisa [-. Italy. Poster Designer/Decorative Artist]
Chicago, Judy [1939-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver/Ceramist/Textile Designer/Painter]
Chilton, Margaret Isabel [1875-1963. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Chislett, Mabel Clare [-. USA. Sculptor]
Chomentowska, Maria [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Chometowska, Maria [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Choo, Chunghi [1938-. USA. Metalsmith/Fibre Artist]
Choy, Katherine [1927-1958. USA. Ceramist]
Christenson, Ann [-. USA. Ceramist]
Christie, Annie H. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Christie, Grace (Christie, Mrs A.H) [1872-1953. UK. Embroiderer]
Christofanetti, Helen [1915-1996. UK. Textile Designer/Sculptor]
Chryssa (Mavromichali, Vardea) [1933-. Greece/USA. Sculptor]
Chung, Patricia S. [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Chunn, Nancy [-. USA. Ceramist]
Church, Margaret [1916-1978. UK. Architect/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Church, Sharon [1948-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Ciardi, Emma [1879-1933. Italy. Painter]
Cignetti, Michelangelo [-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cippio, Anna [-. Austria. Embrioderer]
Claesson, Ester [1884-1931. Sweden. Garden Architect/Designer]
Clague, Daisy [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Clancy, Elizabeth [-. USA. Art Director]
Clark, A. Evelyn [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Clark, Catherine [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Clark, Dorothy (Morang, Dorothy) [1906-1994. USA. Painter/Craftsperson/Museum Curator/Critic]
Clark, Emma Chichester [1955-. UK/Ireland. Illustrator]
Clark, Harriett Candace (Rose) [1852-1942. USA. Photographer]
Clark, Jean [1902-1999. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Clark, Kathryn [-. USA. Papermaker/Painter]
Clarke Hall, Edna (Hall, Edna Clarke) [1879-1979. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Clarke, Bethia Mary [1867-1959. UK. Painter]
Clarke, F.F.M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Clarke, Florence J.A. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Clarke, Kate [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Clarke, Letitia [-. UK. Ivory Carver]
Clarke, Lilley E.M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Clarke, Margaret [1866-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Silversmith/Sculptor]
Clarke, Margaret (Crilley, Margaret) [1884-1961. Ireland. Painter/Poster Designer]
Clarke, Minnie Ellen [1857-1942. UK. Painter]
Clarkson, Penelope Flint [1890-1927. UK. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Clarry, Siriol [-. UK. Illustrator]
Clarus, Alice (Greinwald-Clarus, Alice) [1887-. Germany. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Claude-Salvy, Marie-Madeleine [1900-. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Claudel, Camille [1864-1943. France. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Claus-Speer [-. Germany. Ceramist]
Clausen, Katharine Frances [1886-1936. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Claxton, Kathleen M. [-. UK. Artist/Inn Sign Designer]
Clayden, Marian [1937-2015. USA. Textile/Fashion Designer/Fibre/Wearable Artist]
Clayton, Katharine Mabel [-. UK. Painter/Etcher/Jewellery Designer]
Clegg, Ada [1871-1942. UK. Decorative Artist]
Clegg, Christine [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Clement, Dorothea Maud [1880-1972. UK. Decorative Artist/Sculptor/Painter]
Clements, Gabrielle de Veaux [1858-1948. USA. Painter/Etcher/Muralist]
Clements, Rosalie [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Clements, Rosalie Thompson [1878-. USA. Painter]
Clinton, Margery [1931-2005. UK. Ceramist/Painter]
Clipsham, Jacqueline [1936-. USA. Ceramist]
Clissold, Joyce [1905-1982. UK. Textile Designer]
Close, Helen [-. UK. Textile/Wallpaper Designer]
Closset, M. [-. Belgium. Embroiderer]
Clouzot, Marianne [1908-. France. Illustrator/Painter/Ceramist/Fashion Designer/Lithographer]
Clover, Kathleen [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Clover, Mary [-. Ireland. Embroiderer]
Clute, L. Beulah Mitchell [1873-. USA. Printmaker/Illustrator/Painter]
Clutterbuck, Julia Emily (Alsop, Julia Emily) [1871-1932. UK. Painter/Etcher/Mezzotint Engraver]
Clutton, Sarah [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Clutton-Brock, Evelyn Alice [1876-1964. UK. Painter]
Coates, Carolin [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Coates, Ella [1889-1937. UK. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cobb, Rebecca Anne [1982-. UK. Illustrator]
Cobden-Sanderson, Anne [1853-1926. UK. Embroiderer]
Cobden-Sanderson, Stella [1886-1979. UK. Embroiderer/Bookbinder]
Cochran, Gretchen Stevens [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker]
Cochran, Kate [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Cochrane, Jessica M. (Cave, Mrs Walter) [1863?-1934. UK. Painter/Decorative Artist/Embroiderer]
Cockayne, Evelyn L. [-. Australia. Graphic Designer]
Cockerell, Catherine [1903-1995. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cockerell, Florence (Arundel, Florence) [-1912. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Cockerell, Florence Kate Kingsford [1872-1949. UK. Illustrator/Calligrapher/Illuminator/Ballet Set/Costume Designer/Painter]
Cockerell, Katherine [-. UK. Silversmith]
Cockerell, Patience Scott [1878-1957. UK. Bookbinder]
Codina, Marie Thérése [-. Spain. Textile Artist]
Cogger, Florence J. [1878-1939. UK. Painter]
Coggin, Katherine Maude [1875-1943. UK. Metalworker]
Cohen, A. Dorothy [1887-1960. UK. Painter]
Cohen, Ahza [1936-. USA. Textile Artist/Tapestry Designer]
Cohen, Fréderika Sophia (Cohen, Fré) [1903-1943. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Calligrapher/Typographer/Woodcut Artist]
Cohen, Minnie Agnes [1864-1940. UK. Painter]
Cohen, Nancy [-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Colbert, Betty [1925-2009. USA. Ceramist/Muralist]
Colburn, Elanor Ruth Eaton Gump (Eaton, Eleanor) [1866-1939. USA. Painter]
Colby, Sas [1939-. USA. Fibre/Book Artist/Photographer]
Cole, Babette [1950-2017. UK. Illustrator]
Cole, Ethel Kathleen [1892-1976. UK. Painter/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Cole, Lillie E. [-. USA. Ceramist]
Coleborn, Freda M. [1911-1965. UK. Glass Artist/Embroiderer/Painter]
Colefax, Sibyl [1874-1950. UK. Interior Decorator]
Coleman, Elaine [1945-. USA. Ceramist]
Coleridge, Maud [1860-1911. UK. Painter]
Coles, Agnes E. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Coles, Thelma [1952-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Colette (Denton, Colette) [1937-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Collier, Ada Louise [1870-1948. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Collier, Bonnie [-. USA. Ceramist]
Collier, Susan [1938-2011. UK. Textile Designer]
Collin, Agnes [-. UK. Embroiderer/Enameller]
Collin, Leni [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Collingridge, Ruth [1885-1969. UK. Poster Designer]
Collings, Dahl [1909-1988. Australia. Painter/Film-Maker/Graphic Designer]
Collins, Albina M. [-. Ireland. Metalworker]
Collins, Bonita [-. Canada. Ceramist]
Collins, Jeanette [1939-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Collver, Ethel Blanchard [1875-1955. USA. Painter]
Colquhoun, Ithell [1906-1988. UK. Painter]
Colter, Mary Elizabeth Jane [1869-1958. USA. Architect/Craftsperson/Interior Designer]
Colvill, Helen [1856-1953. Ireland. Painter]
Colvin, Franklin [-. USA. Tapestry Designer/Weaver/Painter]
Colvis, Marie [1857-1912. France. Decorative Designer]
Colyer, Chrissie [1861-1944. UK. Painter]
Coman, Charlotte Buell [1833-1924. USA. Painter]
Commeline, M.K. [-. UK. Photographer]
Conant, Lucy Scarborough [1867-1921. USA. Painter]
Condak, Henrietta [-. USA. Art Director/Illustrator]
Conder, Jean [-2016. UK. Architect]
Connell, Christine  [1871-1916. UK. Metalworker/Silversmith/Sculptor]
Connell, Julie [-. USA. Quilter/Weaver]
Connell, Lena [1875-1949. UK. Photographer]
Connolly, Gertrude (Conolly, Gertrude) [-. UK. Metalworker]
Connolly, Sybil [1921-1998. Ireland. Fashion Designer]
Conrad, Reine Adelaide [1871-. USA. Painter]
Conrow, Ginny [-. USA. Ceramist]
Constable, E. Rawson [-. UK. Embriderer]
Constantine, Elizabeth [-. USA. Ceramist]
Constantinidis, Joanna [1927-2000. UK. Ceramist]
Cook, Alice May [1876-1960. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Cook, Ethel Isabel [1871-1947. UK. Painter]
Cook, Eveline (Harvey, Eveline) [1910-. Australia. Lithographer/Graphic Designer]
Cook, Hilda V. [1888-. UK. Painter]
Cook, Lia [1942-. USA. Textile/Tapestry Designer/Weaver]
Cook, Margaret [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cooke, Lydia [-. UK. Metalworker/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cooke, M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cooke-Collis, Sylvia [1900-1973. Ireland. Painter]
Cooksey, May Louise Greville [1878-1943. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Coombe, Helen [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Decorative Painter]
Cooper, Agnes Gertrude [-. UK. Metalworker]
Cooper, Alice [1888-1937. USA. Sculptor]
Cooper, Emma Lampert [1860-1920. USA. Painter]
Cooper, Gwen [-. USA. Papermaker]
Cooper, Lydia [1861-. UK. Painter]
Cooper, Muriel [1925-1994. USA. Graphic Designer/Educator]
Cooper, Susie [1902-1995. UK. Ceramist]
Cooper, Violet [-. UK. Embroiderer/Weaver]
Cooper, Winifred [1889-1983. UK. Painter]
Cooper, Winifred M. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Coover, Mary [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cope, Grace [-. UK. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Copeland, M. Baynon [-. USA. Painter]
Copley, Noma [1916-2006. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Corbet, Edith Jane [1848-1920. UK. Painter]
Corbett, Ada M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Corcos, Lucille [1908-1973. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Cornell, Judy [-. USA. Ceramist]
Coronio, Aglaia [1834-1906. UK. Decorative Designer/Bookbinder/Embroiderer/Art Patron]
Coronio, Calliope [1856-1906. UK. Decorative Designer]
Correll, Leslie [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Corrigan, Barbara [-. USA. Illustrator]
Corsaw, Wilma Baker [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cosens, Doris Morley [1894-1945. UK. Architect]
Costa, Nicoletta [1953-. Italy. Illustrator]
Costello, Lucy E. [-. Ireland. Calligrapher]
Coster, Joan [1903-1974. UK. Photographer]
Coster, Johanna [1893-1960. Netherlands. Illustrator/Painter/Poster Designer/Ceramist]
Cotesworth, Alice [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Cotton, Joan [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Counts, Rubynelle [-. USA. Ceramist/Quilter]
Cournoyer, Georget [1931-. Canada. Ceramist]
Court, Emily G. [1880-1957. UK. Painter]
Courtnay, Isabel [-. Ireland. Decorative Designer]
Cousens, W.A.F. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Cousins, Sydne [-. USA. Industrial Designer/Inventor/Manufacturer]
Coutan-Montorgueil, Laure [1855-1915. France. Sculptor]
Covarrubias, Marta [1958-. Mexico. Graphic Designer]
Cowan, Elizabeth Van Osdel [1863-1932. USA. Painter]
Cowan, Theodora Esther [1868-1949. Australia. Sculptor]
Cowell, Margaret [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Cowen, E.M. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cowgill, Molly [1948-. USA. Ceramist]
Cowham Hilda Gertrude [1873-1964. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Cowles, Fleur [-. USA/UK. Art Director/Painter]
Cowling, Clara [1863-1946. UK. Painter]
Cowper, Joan (Crossley-Holland, Joan) [1912-2005. UK. Ceramist]
Cox, Alice Lucy [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cox, Christiana [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Cox, Dorothy [-. USA. Painter/Fashion Designer]
Cox, Hebe [1909-1993. UK. Textile Designer/Carpet/Interior/Embroiderer]
Cox, Kathleen [1904-1972. Ireland. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Cox, Louise [1865-1945. USA. Painter]
Cox, Mabel [-. UK. Metalworker/Furniture Designer/Embroiderer]
Cox, Trena Mary [1895-1977. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Coy, Jeannie [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Crabtree, Mary [-. UK. Painter]
Craft, Percy Robert [1856-1934. UK. Painter]
Craig, Ailsa [1895-1967. UK. Ceramist/Illustrator]
Craig, Edith [1889-1947. UK. Costume Designer]
Craig, Margaret Alleyne [1917-2005. UK. Architect]
Craigie, Dorothy M, [1908-. UK. Illustrator]
Crain, Joyce [-. USA. Textile Designer/Fibre Artist]
Cramer, Marie (Cramer, Rie) [1887-1977. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Cramer, Nancy Shaw [1944-. USA. Weaver/Rug/Interior Designer/Gallery Owner]
Cranach, Wanda von [-. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Crandall, Adelaide Blanchard [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Crandall, Doris [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Crane, Lucy [1842-1882. UK. Art Critic]
Crane, Mary Frances (Crane, Mrs Walter) [1846-1914. UK. Embroiderer]
Cranney-Franceschi, Marie Anne [-. France. Sculptor]
Cranwill, Mia [1880-1972. Ireland. Jewellery Designer/Metalworker/Weaver/Illustrator]
Crapper, Edith Bertha [1892-1979. UK. Painter]
Craven, Shirley [1934-. UK. Textile Designer]
Craver, Margret (Withers, Margret Craver) [1907-2010. USA. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Crawford, Elsie [1913-1999. USA. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Crawford, Ina [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Crawford, Susan Fletcher [1863-1918. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Crawshay-Williams, Gillian [1910-1995. UK. Display Designer]
Crespel, Berthe Marie Henriette Dauchez [1874-1958. France. Painter]
Crespi, Raffaella [1929-2011. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Creswick, Maude [-. UK. Graphic Artist]
Crickmay, Faith [-. UK. Graphic Designer/Muralist]
Crissay, Marguerite [1874-1945. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Crofts, Eva [1875-1946. UK. Textile Designer]
Crofts, Stella Rebecca [1898-1964. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Cromières, Huguette (Bucher-Cromières, Huguette) [1921-. France. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Cronyn, Melissa [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Crooks, Gladys V. [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cropp, Harriet E. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Cross, Marion M. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Crouse, Gloria E. [1925-2011. USA. Rug Designer/Weaver]
Crow, Nancy [1943-. USA. Quilter]
Crowe, Jocelyn [1906-1963. UK. Illustrator]
Crowell, Susan [-. USA. Ceramist]
Crowley, Grace [1890-1979. Australia. Painter]
Crump, Hilda E. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Cruttwell, Grace [1880-1952. UK. Painter]
Csillag, Vera [1909-1997. Hungary. Illustrator/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Cudlip, Laura [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Culley, Gertrude [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Culverwell, Minnie [-. UK. Metalworker]
Cumbrae Stewart, Janet Agnes [1883-1860. Australia. Painter]
Cummings, Donna [1945-. Canada. Interior Designer]
Cumpston, Charl Josephine [1902-1993. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cunningham, N. [-. UK. Photographer]
Cunz, Martha [1876-1961. Switzerland. Painter/Woodcut Artist]
Cunzer, Ethel [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Curley, Jayme [-. USA. Ceramist]
Curling, Gladys E. Spencer [1892-1958. UK. Painter/Costume Designer]
Curran, Zeta [-. Ireland. Decorative Designer]
Currey, Ada [1852-1913. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Currier, Anne [1950-. USA. Ceramist/Tile Designer/Sculptor]
Currier, Elizabeth [-. USA. Quilter]
Curtis, Dora [1873-1920. UK. Painter/Bookplate Designer/Illustrator]
Curtis, Kathleen [-. Ireland. Leathercraft Designer]
Curtis, Phoebe A. [-. Ireland. Decorative Artist]
Curtois, Ella Rose [1860-1944. UK/France. Sculptor]
Curtois, Mary Henrietta Dering [1854-1929. UK. Painter]
Curwen, Frances [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Cusack, Margaret [1945-. USA. Textile Designer/Illustrator/Embroiderer]
Cute, Virginia Wireman [-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cutler, Eleanor Pierce [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cuzner, Ethel [1880-1953. UK. Jewellery Designer/Silversmith/Embroiderer]
Cyriax, Tony [1876-1926. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Embroiderer]
Czarnetski, Janet [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Czegka, Bertha [1880-. Austria. Caricaturist]