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Alliance of German Designers / Allianz deutscher Designer (AGD)

The Alliance of German Designers / Allianz deutscher Designer (AGD) is an independent association of professional designers., initially founded in Bremen in 1976 as the as the Arbeitskreis arbeitnehmerähnlicher Grafik-Designer. Today the AGD is open to designers working in all fields, although graphic design still predominates. The association is currently based in Braunschweig and has approximately 3,000 members. The site contains data on all the members of the AGD listed in 34 categories which include book and magazine design, catalogue design, colour design, comics and cartoons, commercial communication design, fashion design, animation, typography, calligraphy, furniture design, jewellery design, packaging design, poster design, product design, interior design, theatre design, trade fair and exhibition, and textile design.