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Academy Architecture and [Annual] Architectural Review [1895-1922]

The American Architect [1917-1922]

American Architect and Building News [1878-1889]

The Architectural Record [1891-1922]

Architecture. The Professional Architectural Monthly [1919-1922]

California Architect & Building News [1886-1900]

The Canadian Builder and Carpenter [1911-1918]

Dekorative Kunst [1901-1921]

Design Review [1948-1954]

Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration [1897-1922]

House & Garden [1911-1922]

International Studio [1907-1922]

Keith's Magazine on Home Building [1905-1921]

Metropolis [2003-2010]

Moderne Bauformen [1907]

Revue generale de l'architecture et des travaux publics [1840-1853]

The Studio [1896-1922]

AHR net Research Guides No.2:

Free-access, digitised art, architecture, design and craft journals on the Internet

The following journals have been digitised and are available free to access on the Internet. Click on the title to search. The dates given are for the period covered by the digitisation.

The focus is on journals that have originally been published in print format. A later edition of the guide will include archived files of e-journals.

It is hoped that the listing of journals that have been digitised will avoid duplication. It also shows where there are gaps that it would be good to fill.