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Archives de l'art français / Nouvelles Archives de l'art français [1857-1905]

L'Art Moderne [1881-1914]

Les Arts. Revue Mensuelle des Musées, Collections Expositions [1902-1919]

Augusta. Revista de Arte [1918-1920]

The Burlington Magazine [1903-1922]

Die Christliche Kunst: Monatsschrift für alle Gebiete der christlichen Kunst und Kunstwissenschaft [1904-1922]

The Connoisseur. An Illustrated Magazine for Collectors [1902-1922]

The Craftsman [1901-1916]

Gazette des Beaux-Arts [1859-1899]

Illustrated Magazine of Art [1853-1854]

International Studio [1907-1922]

Die Kunst. Monatshefte für frei und angewandte Kunst [1899-1922]

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The New Path [1863-1865]

The Yellow Book [1894-1897]

The Craftsman

Eastwood, New York: The United Crafts

Vol.1, no.1, October 1901 - vol.31, no.3, December 1916 [all published]

This title has been digitized in its entirety by the University of Wisconsin Decorative Arts and Material Culture collection.

Vol.1, no.1, October 1901 - vol.31, no.3, December 1916 [all published]

This title has been digitized in its entirety by the University of Toronto for the Internet Archive project To search using the Internet Archive file click on title. You can then download or click Read Online to view. Note: the Optical Character Recognition for some of the titles in the Internet Archive project is not very good, it is, therefore, worth checking double-checking the list of contents for each volume when searching. Comments: The quality of the digitisation by the University of Wisconsin is possibly superior and the user may also find it easier to use. A description of The Craftsmen provided by the Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture: In 1901, Gustav Stickley, a premier proponent of the Arts and Crafts movement in North America, along with United Crafts of Eastwood N.Y. published the first issue of The Craftsman. The monthly journal was dedicated to the products, ideals and philosophy of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The Craftsman espoused the ideal of simple, functional design and the "necessity of producing good art as a means to improve public morals and further public happiness" (Foreword from v.2, no.3, 1902). Topics include furniture making, domestic architecture, interior design, landscape design, decorative arts, textiles, industry and social commentary. There are also numerous articles by and about major artisans and proponents of the Arts and Crafts Movement, such as William Morris, John Ruskin, Charles Binns, Irene Sargent, Frederick Law Olmsted and Harvey Ellis. Full of illustrations and photographs, The Craftsman provides a multifaceted and detailed look into the movement and its beginnings in North America. The journal ceased publication in 1916. Presented here is a full-text digital facsimile of The Craftsman (1901-1916), made from the holdings of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Steenbock Library and Kohler Art Library. The libraries' issues are not archivally intact; covers and concluding sections of advertising pages are missing in some cases. However, article content in numbered page sequences is complete. The full text is keyword searchable within the limits of optical character recognition software. The contents for each issue can also be browsed; and thumbnail images of pages in sequence can be displayed using "gallery view." Indexing of The Craftsman in commercial sources is available via "Readers' Guide Retrospective" online by the H. W. Wilson Co., and the print volume: "The New Craftsman Index," by Marilyn Fish (Lambertville, NJ: Arts and Crafts Quarterly Press, 1997). For further information about the University of Wisconsin Decorative Arts and Material Culture Collection and about other resources they have digitized see: http://decorativearts.library.wisc.edu/