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The Craftsman [1901-1916]

Dekorative Kunst [1901-1921]

Design [1965-1974]

Design Review [1948-1954]

Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration [1897-1922]

Form [1957-2007]

House & Garden [1911-1922]

International Studio [1907-1922]

Journal of Design and Manufactures [1849-1852]

Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts [1975-2004]

Keith's Magazine on Home Building [1905-1921]

Magazine of Art [1881-1899]

Metropolis [2003-2010]

Moderne Bauformen [1907]

The Studio [1896-1922]

Keith's Magazine on Home Building

Minneapolis, Minnesota: M.L. Keith

Vol.13, no.1, January 1905 - vol.14, no.6, December 1905 Vol.23, no.1, January 1910 - vol.46, no.6, December 1921

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Note: Initially published as The Homebuilder in January-February 1899. Also known as Keith's Homebuilder and Keith's Beautiful Homes Magazine before becoming Beautiful Homes Magazine in 1931.


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