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Scheurich, Paul [1883-1945. Germany. Graphic/Poster/Theatre Designer/Painter/Sculptor/Illustrator/Ceramist]


Paul Scheurich was born in New York City on 24 October 1883. He subsequently mov… subscribers only


1. Paul Scheurich zeichningen. Edited by Oskar Fischel. Berlin: Rembrandt Verlag, 1925

2. Meier, Günter. ‘Paul Scheurich (1883-1945). Die Plakate / ‘Paul Scheurich (1883-1945). The poster’. ‘Plakat Journal ’Heft 3, July-September 1995 pp.3-6

3. Just, Johannes. Meissen porcelain of the Art Nouveau period. London: Obis, 1985

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