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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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Mey, Joan van der (Meij, Johann van der) [1878-1949. Nertherlands. Architect]
Aa, Bert van der [1968-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Aardewerk, Sem [1929-1995. Netherlands. Interior Architect]
Acronius, G.M. [-. Netherlands. Metalworker/Lighting/Jewellery/Interior Designer]
Aelst, Willem van [1627-1683. Netherlands. Painter]
Aikman, William A. [-. Netherlands/USA. Architect/Furniture/Interior/Textile/Rug/Lighting Designer]
Alma-Tadema, Lawrence [1836-1912. Netherlands/UK. Painter]
Alons, Cor [1892-1967. Netherlands. Industrial/Furniture/Interior Designer/Glass Artist/Ceramist]
Alphen, Antoinette Ludovica van (Alphen, Tony van) [1878-1910. Netherlands. Painter]
Altorf, Johan Coenraad [1876-1955. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Amitelhoek [-1910. Netherlands. Pottery/Furniture and Metalwork Workshops]
Amphora [1908-1933. Netherlands. Tile/Faience Manufacturer]
Amstelhoek [1897-1910. Netherlands. Craft Workshops]
Andringa, Martinus van [1864-1918. Netherlands. Painter]
Ansingh, Lizzy [1875-1959. Netherlands. Painter]
Apol, Lodewijk Franciscus Hendrik (Louis) [1850-1936. Netherlands. Painter]
Appenzeller, Hans [1949-. Netherlands. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Arondéus, Willem John Cornelius [1894-1943. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Artz, Constant David Ludovic [1870-1951. Netherlands. Painter]
Artz, David Adolph Constant [1837-1890. Netherlands. Painter]
Asscher, S. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Atelier de Smeden [-. Netherlands. Art Studio]
Baanders, Tine [1890-1971. Netherlands. Bookbinder/Lithographer/Graphic Artist]
Baars, Jan Hendrik [1875-1899. Netherlands. Medallist/Sculptor]
Baarsel, Pieter Willem van [1879-1949. Netherlands. Stained Glass/Graphic Designer/Printmaker]
Bake, Bertha [-. Netherlands. Textile Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Woodcarver]
Bakema, Jacob Berend [1914-1981. Netherlands. Architect]
Bakker, Gijs [1942-. Netherlands. Jewellery/Fashion/Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Bartels, Christiaan [1889-. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Barvelink, Hans [1931-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Bas Backer, Rik [1967-. Netherlands/France. Graphic Designer]
Batelaan, H. [-. Netherlands. Metalsmith]
Bauer, Marius Alexander Jacques [1867-1932. Netherlands. Painter/Etcher/Engraver/Illustrator/Caricaturist]
Beek, Willem van [1867-1924. Netherlands. Painter/Furniture Designer]
Beeke, Anthon [1940-. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Begeer, Anthonie [1856-1910. Netherlands. Silversmith/Medallist]
Begeer, Carel J.A. [1883-1956. Netherlands. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Behrens, Charles [1907-1965. Netherlands/Sweden. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Beiling, Herman [1887-1864. Netherlands. Sculptor/Painter/Graphic artist]
Bellefroid, Edmond [1893-1971. Netherlands. Ceramist/Industrial Designer/Painter/Batik Artist/Bookbinder]
Berg, Toon [1877-1967. Netherlands. Stained Glass Designer]
Berg, Willem van den [1886-1970. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer/Engraver]
Berkovich, Elmar [1897-1968. Netherlands. Interior/Furniture/Textile Designer]
Berlage, Hendrik Petrus [1856-1934. Netherlands. Architect/Designer]
Berlage, Toop (Strasser-Berlage, Anna Catherine) [1889-1976. Netherlands/Switzerland. Illustrator/Book Designer/Batic Artist]
Berndsen, Johan Theodorus [1890-1932. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Berserick, Herman [1921-2002. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Beyeren, Abraham van (Beijeren, Abraham van) [-1690. Netherlands. Painter]
Beynon, Suzon (Benyon, Leonie Elize Caroline) [1896-1968. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator/Textile Arist]
Bieruma Oosting, Adriana Johanna Wilhelmina (Bieruma Oosting, Jeanne) [1898-1994. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer/Glass Artist/Painter/Engraver]
Bijvoet, Bernard [1889-1979. Netherlands. Architect]
Binnenhuis [1900-1936. Netherlands. Design/Craft Co-operative]
Blaauw, Cornelis Jouke [1885-1947. Netherlands. Architect]
Blommers, Bernardus Johannes [1845-1914. Netherlands. Painter]
Bodenheim, Nelly [1874-1951. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Boer, Michel de [1954-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Boer, W.C.J. (Wim) [1922-1999. Netherlands. Landscape Architect]
Boeyinga, Berend Tobia [1886-1969. Netherlands. Architect]
Bogtman, Willem [1882-1955. Netherlands. Stained Glass Designer/Manufacturer]
Boissevain, Paul [1922-2014. Netherlands/UK. Architect/Lighting Designer]
Boks, Joost (J.W.C.) [1904-1986. Netherlands. Architect]
Bolle, Leendert [1879-1942. Netherlands. Sculptor/Medallist]
Bons, Jan [1918-2012. Netherlands. Graphic/Exhibition Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Boom, Harry [1945-1995. Netherlands. Textile Artist]
Boom, Irma [1960-. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Boom, Karel (Charles) [1858-1939. Netherlands. Painter]
Boon, Nella [-. Netherlands. Bookbinder]
Born, Bob van den [1927-. Netherlands. Painter/Cartoonist]
Bos, Ben [1930-2017. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Bosboom, Jan Willem [1860-1928. Netherlands. Architect]
Bosboom, Johannes [1817-1891. Netherlands. Painter]
Bosch, Etienne [1863-1933. Netherlands. Painter]
Bosscher, Madeleine [1942-. Netherlands. Textile Designer/Artist]
Boterenbrood, Jan C. [1886-1932. Netherlands. Architect]
Bottema, Tjerk [1882-1940. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Cartoonist/Illustrator/Lithographer/Painter]
Braakman & Dekker [-. Netherlands. Furniture Design Partnership]
Braakman, Cees [1917-1995. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Bralds, Braldt [1951-. Netherlands/USA. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Brand, Chris [1921-1998. Netherlands. Typographer/Calligrapher/Letterer/Book Designer]
Braningen, Theodor van [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Brattinga, Pieter [1931-2004. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Book Designer/Typographer]
Breedveldt [-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Breitner, George Hendrik [1857-1923. Netherlands. Painter/Photographer]
Bremer, Gustav Cornelis [1880-1949. Netherlands. Architect]
Brender à Brandis, Gerardo Abraham [1878-1971. Netherlands. Sculptor/Jewellery/Graphic Designer/Painter/Illustrator/Bookbinder/Lithographer]
Bresser, J.D.J [-. Netherlands. Metalworker]
Briedé, Johan [1885-1980. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Briët, Arthur Henri Christiaan [1867-1939. Netherlands. Painter]
Brinkman & Van der Vlugt [1925-1936. Netherlands. Architectural Firm]
Brinkman, Johannes Andreas [1902-1949. Netherlands. Architect]
Broek, Willem ten (Wim) [1905-1993. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Muralist/Stained Glass Artist]
Broese van Groenou, Elsje (Rappard-Broese van Groenou, E.) [1881-1968. Netherlands. Painter/Lace Designer]
Brom, Jan Eloy [1891-1954. Netherlands. Ceramist/Metalworker]
Brom, Leo [1896-1965. Netherlands. Ceramist/Metalworker]
Brom-Fischer, Hildegarde [1908-2001. Netherlands. Embroiderer/Tapestry/Textile Designer]
Bromberg, Paul [1893-1949. Netherlands. Architect/Interior Designer]
Bronger, Nel (Lensvelt-Bronger, Nel) [1878-1935. Netherlands. Costume Designer]
Brouwer, Willem C. [1877-1933. Netherlands. Ceramist/Stone Carver/Graphic Designer]
Brown, Pieter Irwin [1903-. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Illustrator/Printmaker/Woodblock Artist]
Bruckman, William Leendert [1866-1928. Netherlands/UK. Painter/Architect/Illustrator]
Bruckman, William Leendert (Bruckman, Willem Leendert) [1866-1928. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator/Architect]
Bruna, Dick [1927-2017. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Brunott, J. [1889-1951. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Brusse, Willem Lucas (Wim) [1910-1978. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Photographer]
Buekers, Jacoba (Jo) [-. Netherlands. Goldsmith/Julery Designer]
Buijs, Pieter (P.A.M.) [1923-. Netherlands. Landscape Architect]
Buiskool, B [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Bureau Industriele Vormgeving [-. Netherlands. Design Studio]
Burg, Marius van der [1880-1950. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver/Wallpaper Designer]
Canta, Agnes [1888-1964. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Painter/Lithographer]
Cardozo Kindersley, Lida (Lopes Cardozo, Lida) [1954-. Netherlands/UK. Letter Artist/Designer/Glass Engraver/Sculptor/Typographer/Muralist/Stonecutter]
Carpay, Frank [1917-1985. Netherlands/New Zealand. Ceramist/Textile Designer]
Caspel, Johann Georg van [1870-1928. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer/Architect]
Clements (Clement) [-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Cohen, Fréderika Sophia (Cohen, Fré) [1903-1943. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Calligrapher/Typographer/Woodcut Artist]
Cohen, Henri [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Illustrator]
Colenbrander, Theodorus Christiaan Adriaan [1841-1930. Netherlands. Ceramist/Textile/Carpet Designer]
Collette, Joan [1889-1958. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic/Stained Glass Designer]
Commart [-. Netherlands. Advertising Agency]
Comte, Adolf le [1850-1921. Netherlands. Painter]
Copier, Andries Dirk [1901-1991. Netherlands. Glass/Mosaic Artist/Muralist]
Cordemeyer, André R. [1924-1998. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Cornelissen & Kruijsen [-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Partnership]
Cornelissen, Henk [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Coster, Johanna [1893-1960. Netherlands. Illustrator/Painter/Poster Designer/Ceramist]
Cramer, Marie (Cramer, Rie) [1887-1977. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Crouwel, Joseph [1885-1962. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Crouwel, Wim [1928-. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Typographer/Museum Director]
Cuypers, Eduard [1859-1927. Netherlands. Architect/Engraver/Glass Artist/Illustrator]
Cuypers, Joseph (Cuijpers, Josephus) [1861-1949. Netherlands. Architect]
Cuypers, Pierre (Cuijpers, Petrus) [1827-1921. Netherlands. Architect]
d'Ailly, Ragnhild [1897-1951. Netherlands. Textile Designer]
Daemen, Jo [1891-1944. Netherlands. Illustrator/Stained Glass Designer]
Dalenoord, Jenny [1918-. Netherlands. Illustrator/Woodcut Artist/Painter]
David, Gérard [-1523. Netherlands. Painter]
de Bazel, Karel Petrus Cornelis [1869-1923. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer/Illustrator/Engraver]
de Bock, Théophile [1851-1904. Netherlands. Painter]
De Cirkel [1934-. Netherlands. Sheet Metal/Furniture Manufacturer]
De Genneper Molen [1899-1982. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturers]
De Haas, Mauritz Frederik Hendrik [1832-1895. Netherlands/USA. Painter]
de Heus, Tom [1921-1985. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
de Jong, Hans [1932-2011. Netherlands. Ceramist/Sculptor/Collagist]
De Lerma, Sofia [1891-1961. Netherlands. Ceramist/Sculptor]
de Rooden, Jan [1931-2016. Netherlands. Ceramist]
de Roos, Sjoerd Hendrik (S.H.) [1900-1987. Netherlands. Typographer/Graphic/Book/Furniture Designer/Letterer]
De Stijl [1917-1931. Netherlands. Art/Architecture/Design Group/Movement]
de Swart, Jan [1908-1987. Netherlands/USA. Sculptor/Craftsman/Inventor]
de Vries, Coen [1918-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
de Vries, Derk Jan [1930-. Netherlands/Italy. Industrial Designer]
de Vries, Willem [1908-1969. Netherlands. Ceramist]
de Vringer, Wout [1959-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
de Wyn, W.D. [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Delmonte, Koert S. [1913-1982. Netherlands/UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Der Kinderen, Antonius Johannes (A.J.) [1859-1925. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator]
Derkinderen, Antonius Johannes (Derkinderen, Antoon) [1859-1925. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer/Stained Glass Artist/Graphic Designer]
des Bouvrie, Jan [1942-. Netherlands. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Deysselhoff [-. Netherlands. Batik Artist]
Dietwee Ontwerpers [1988-. Netherlands. Design Studio]
Dijsselhof, Gerrit Willem [1866-1924. Netherlands. Painter/Printer/Graphic Artist/Bookbinder]
Dirksen, Reijn (Reyn) [1924-1999. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Disberg, Harry [1921-2004. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Wood Engraver]
Dobbenburgh, Aart van [1899-1988. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Wood Engraver/Muralist]
Doebele, Hans Peter [1925-. Netherlands. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Does de Willebois, Sophia (Sophie) van der [1891-1961. Netherlands. Ceramist]
Doeve, Joseph Ferdinand (Doeve, Eppo) [1907-1981. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic/Poster Designer/Cartoonist/Sculptor]
Donath, Non [-. Netherlands. Decorative Artist/Bookbinder]
Dooijes, Dick [1909-1998. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Douwe, Gerard [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Dreesen, Harry [1884-1948. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Drost, Henriëtte Agathe (H.A.) [1897-1974. Netherlands. Textile/Woodcraft Designer]
Duco Crop, Michiel [1863-1901. Netherlands. Textile Designer]
Dudok, Willem Marinus [1884-1974. Netherlands. Architect/Interior/Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Duiker & Bijvoet [1919-1935. Netherlands. Architectural Firm]
Duiker, Johannes (Jan) [1890-1935. Netherlands. Architect]
Dumbar, Gert [1940-. Netherlands/UK. Graphic Designer]
Dupont, Pieter [1870-1911. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist/Engraver]
Duynstee, Josephus Jacobus (Jos) [1881-. Netherlands. Architect]
E.S.K.A.F. (Eskaf) [1919-1934. Netherlands. Ceramics Manufacturers]
Eibink & Snellebrand (A. Eibink & J.A. Snellebrand) [1916-1949. Netherlands. Architectural Firm]
Eibink, Adolph [1893-1975. Netherlands. Architect]
Eijnde, Hendrik Albertus van den (Eynde, H.A.) [1869-1939. Netherlands. Sculptor/Metalworker/Silversmith]
Eisenloeffel, Jan (Eisenlöffel, Jan) [1876-1957. Netherlands. Silversmith/Metalworker]
Eisenlöffel, Jan [1876-1957. Netherlands. Silversmith/Metalworker]
Elenbaas, Valdemar Hansen (Wally) [1912-2008. Netherlands. Painter/Lithographer/Mosaic Artist/Photographer]
Elffers, Dick [1910-1990. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Ellens, Harm [1871-1939. Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Metalsmith]
Endt, Everett (Evert) [1933-. Netherlands/France. Design Director]
Erkelens, Paul [1912-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Errens, Adolphe Pieter Herman Jacob van Weezel [1866-. Netherlands. Painter]
Escher, Gielijn [1945-. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Essers, Bernard [1893-1945. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver/Woodcut Artist/Illustrator]
F.W. Braat [1844-1971. Netherlands. Metalwork Factory]
Faas, Ron [1967-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Falise, August (Auguste) [1875-1936. Netherlands. Sculptor/Medallist]
Falkenberg-Liefrinck, Ida (Liefrinck, Ida Falkenberg) [1901-2006. Netherlands. Interior Designer/Glass Artist]
Faydherbe, Ben [1958-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Feeterse, H. [-. Netherlands. Decorative Artist]
Fortuin, Anton (Toon) [1880-1967. Netherlands. Sculptor/Ceramist/Interior Designer]
Francés, Tirso [1967-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Frank, L. [-. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Frank, Louis [1907-. Netherlands. Graphic/Packaging/Poster Designer]
Franken Pzn, Joannes Petrus Josephus (Franken Pzn, Jan} [1896-1977. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Painter]
Franken, Joannes Henricus 'Jan' [1878-1959. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Franssen, Joseph [1893-1968. Netherlands. Architect]
Fraser, Janny [1943-. Netherlands/Canada. Fibre Artist/Weaver/Ceramist]
Freem & Bremer [-. Netherlands. Architectural Firm]
Freem, Arie Renier [1853-1921. Netherlands. Architect]
Fremery-Gull, Lilly [-. Netherlands. Jewellery Designer]
Frowein, Jan Frederik Lodewijk [1855-1914. Netherlands. Architect]
Fruytier, Wilhelmina [1915-2007. Netherlands. Textile/Fibre Artist/Tapestry Designer]
Gast, Frans ter [1880-1970. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Textile Designer]
Geel, Christiaan Johannes van [1891-19. Netherlands. Graphic Designmer/Painter/Muralist]
Geesink, Joop [1913-1984. Netherlands. Animator/Comic Artist/Pupeteer]
Gelder, Aert van (Gelder, Arent van) [1645-1727. Netherlands. Painter]
Gelder, Pieter van [1902-1984. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Cartoonist/Illustrator/Industrial/Jewellery Designer/Muralist]
Gerbrands, Roelf [1891-1954. Netherlands. Goldsmith/Engraver/Stained Glass/Textile Designer/Painter/Lithographer]
Gerth-Eilers, Dina [1894-1979. Netherlands. Textile Designer]
Gestel, Leo [1881-1941. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Giampietro, Isabel A.M. [-. Netherlands. Glass Artist]
Gidding, Jacobus Wilhelmus (Jaap) [1887-1955. Netherlands. Painter/Ceramist/Jewellery/Interior Designer/Mosaic Artist]
Gidding, Johannes (Gidding,Jan) [1859-1914. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Giezen, Krijn [1939-2011. Netherlands. Sculptor/Textile Artist/Painter/Illustrator/Photographer]
Gilles, Wim [1923-2002. Netherlands/Canada. Industrial Designer]
Gispen, W.H. (Gispen, Wilhelm H.) [1890-1981. Netherlands. Industrial/Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Goeting, Jan [1918-1984. Netherlands. Mosaic Artist/Painter/Stone Carver/Muralist]
Goldsteen, Arthur (Gol) [1908-1985. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Gort, Johannes J., Jr. [1875-1950. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Gorter, Jac. [-. Netherlands. Packaging Designer]
Graadt van Roggen, Johannes Mattheus [1867-1959. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist/Etcher/Engraver/Lithographer]
Graaf, Geertruida Alida Helena de  [1878-. Netherlands. Bookbinder]
Granpré Molière, Marinus Jan [1883-1972. Netherlands. Architect/Painter]
Grauss, Gerhard Hendrik (Geert) [1882-1929. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist/Lithographer]
Grégoire, Jan [1887-1960. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Grimmon, Adriaan Alphonsus Maria [1884-1953. Netherlands. Architect/Interior Designer]
Groenewegen, Han [1188-1980. Netherlands. Architect]
Groll, Jan F. (Groll, John F.) [1848-1919. Netherlands/. Architect]
Groot, Jan Hessel de [1864-1932. Netherlands. Ceramist/Architect/Painter]
H. Pander en Zonen (H. Pander & Zonen) [1863-1985. Netherlands. Furniture/Housewares Manufacturers]
Haas, C.J. de [-. Netherlands. Poster/Graphic/Interior Designer]
Hahn, Albert Pieter [1877-1918. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Cartoonist]
Hahn, Albert, Jr. (Dijkman, Albert Pieter) [1894-1953. Netherlands. Illustrator/Book Designer/Printmaker/Cartoonist]
Hahne, Albert Pieter [1877-1918. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Hall Thérèse van [1872-1931. Netherlands. Schulptor/Painter]
Hals, Dirk (Dirck) [1591-1656. Netherlands. Painter]
Hals, Frans [-1666. Netherlands. Painter]
Ham, Jan van [1892-1989. Netherlands. Painter/Ceramist]
Hamdorff, Wouter [1890-1965. Netherlands. Architect]
Hamel, Willem [1860-1924. Netherlands. Painter]
Hana, Herman (Hendrik) [1874-1952. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Hanrath, Johan Wilhalm [1867-1932. Netherlands. Architect]
Hard Werken - Ten Cate Bergmans (Inizio) [1994-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Studio]
Hartz, Sem L. [1912-1995. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Harzing, Wilhelmus (Willem, Wim) [1898-1978. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Hausbrand, F. [1900-. Netherlands. Architect]
Haverman, Hendrik Johannes [1857-1928. Netherlands. Painter]
Heemskerck, Jacoba van [1876-1923. Netherlands. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Heering, G.J. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Heesen, Willem [1925-2007. Netherlands. Glass Artist]
Hellendoorn, Jacobus Johan [1887-1959. Netherlands. Architect/Interior/Graphic Designer]
Hem, Pieter (Piet) van der Hem [1885-1961. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer/Cartoonist]
Henstra, Friso [1928-2013. Netherlands. Illustrator/Comic Strip Artist/Sculptor]
Hesselink, Abraham [1862-1930. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Heukelom, Jan Bertus [1875-1965. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Bookbinder]
Heusden, Johan Hendicus (Joop) van [1920-2013. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Hiemstra, N.J. [-. Netherlands. Lighting Designer/Manufacturer]
Hilhorst, Gerardus Pieter Lambertus [1886-1957. Netherlands. Graphic/Textile Designer/Woodcut Artist]
Hillen, Johannes Baptista [1877-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Hoef, Christiaan Johannes van der [1875-1933. Netherlands. Sculptor/Medallist/Illustrator/Engraver/Lithographer/Ceramist/Graphic Designer]
Hoekendijk, Karel [-. Netherlands. Ceramist]
Hoeker & Zoon [1883-1921. Netherlands. Silversmiths/Jewellery Firm]
Hoeker, Willem Christiaan [1862-1906. Netherlands. Silversmith]
Hoeksema, Daniël (Daan) [1879-1935. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Hoff, Adriaan Johannes van't [1893-1939. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Hoff, Robert van ’t [1887-1979. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Hofman, Pieter Adrianus Hendrik  [1885-1965. Netherlands. Sculptor/Goldsmith/Painter/Illustrator/Architect/Etcher/Lithographer/Graphic/Jewellery/Interior Designer]
Homan, Reynoud [1956-. Netherlands. Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Typographer]
Hooch, Pieter de [1629-1684. Netherlands. Painter]
Hoog, Bernard de [1867-1943. Netherlands. Painter]
Hoogstraten, Bart [1893-1956. Netherlands. Architect]
Hoppen, Gerardus (Gerard) [1885-1959. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Hordyk, Gerard [1899-1958. Netherlands/USA. Graphic Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Houckgeest, Gerard (Gerrit) [1600-1661. Netherlands. Painter]
Houthuyse, David [1928-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Hoynck van Papendrecht, Jan [1858-1933. Netherlands. Painter/Illustrator]
Hoytema, Theodoor van [1863-1917. Netherlands. Illustrator/Painter]
Hubers, Dirk [1913-2003. Netherlands/USA. Ceramist]
Hut, Paul [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Ingen, Hendrikus Alexander van [1846-1920. Netherlands. Painter/Lithography]
Israëls, Josef (Jozef) [1824-1911. Netherlands. Painter]
Istha, Joop [1933-. Netherlands. Industrial Designer]
J.B. Hillen [-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
J.N. Reus & Son [-. Netherlands. Architectural Firm]
Jacobs van den Hoff, Gijsbert Jan (Gijs) [1889-1965. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Jacobs, Jacob Andries [1884-1968. Netherlands. Sculptor/Goldsmith/Jewellery Designer/Illustrator]
Jager Meezenbroek-van Beverwijk, Louise Pierette Jacqueline de [1869-1961. Netherlands. Textile Designer]
Jansen van Galen, Hendrikus Jan (Jansen van Galen, Driekus) [1871-1949. Netherlands. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Jansen, Arnold H. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Jansen, Henricus [1867-1921. Netherlands. Painter/Lithographer/Graphic Artist/Poster Designer]
Jelles, Baukje [-. Netherlands. Weaver/Batik Artist]
Jesse, Hendrik Johannes [1860-1943. Netherlands. Architect]
John Th. Uiterwyk & Co. [1893-. Netherlands. Furniture/Metalware Workshop]
Jonas, Harie (Harrie, Henri) [1878-1944. Netherlands. Painter/Printmaker/Illustrator/Woodcut Artist/Lithographer/Graphic/Stained Glass Designer]
Jong, Jo de [-. Netherlands. Textile/Linoleum/Pattern Designer]
Jongejans, Charles [1918-1995. Netherlands. Graphic/Industrial Designer]
Jongert, Jacob (Jongert, Jacques) [1883-1942. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Jongkind, Johan Barthold [1819-1891. Netherlands. Painter/Printmaker]
Joost, Thooft & Labouchère [1653-. Netherlands. Porcelain Manufacturer]
Jordaan, Louis J. [1885-1980. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Graphic Artist/Etcher/Painter/Caricaturist]
Jordens, Barend [1888-1972. Netherlands. Painter/Sculptor/Ceramist/Medallist/Furniture Designer]
Jos. E. Asscher & Co. [-. Netherlands. Interior Decorating Firm]
Jungmann, Nico [1872-1935. Netherlands/UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Kaas, Jacobus (Jaap) [1898-1972. Netherlands. Sculptor/Medallist/Painter/Printmaker]
Kalff, Louis Christian [1897-1976. Netherlands. Industrial/Poster Designer]
Kamerlingh Onnes, Harm Hendrick [1893-1985. Netherlands. Painter/Stained Glass Designer/Etcher/Ceramist/Mosaic Artist]
Kammerer, Frederik Hendrick (Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrick ) [1839-1902. Netherlands. Painter]
Karel Meijer & H.E.M. Rademaker [-. Netherlands. Architectural Firm]
Katwijk, Frans van [1893-1952. Netherlands. Ceramist]
Kelfkens, C.J. [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Keller, Johan [1863-1911. Netherlands/UK. Sculptor]
Kelting, Marie [1886-1969. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Kemming, Loek [1951-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Kempers, Maarten (Mart) [1924-1993. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer/Painter]
Kempkes' Meubelfabrieken, NV [-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Kempkes, H., Jr. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Keulen, Jan van [1913-1994. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Kever, Jacob Simon Hendrik (Hein) [1854-1922. Netherlands. Painter]
Kho Liang Ie (Liang Ie, Kho) [1927-1975. Netherlands. Industrial/Interior/Graphic Designer]
Kielman, Hero [-2007. Netherlands/Canada. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Kisman, Max [1953-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Kleber, Cornelia Johanna Maria (Kleber, Annie) [1890-1957. Netherlands. Interior Designer/Graphic Artist]
Kleinhout, Gerrit Herman (G. H.) [1881-1958. Netherlands. Architect]
Klerk, Michel de [1884-1923. Netherlands. Architect/Lithographer/Painter/Industrial/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Klijn, Willem [1892-1961. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Painter/Lithographer]
Klinkenberg, Karel [1852-1924. Netherlands. Painter]
Kloppers, Herman [-. Netherlands. Theatre Set/Poster Designer]
Kluwer, E. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Knip, René [1963-. Netherlands. Typographer/Graphic Designer]
Koeweiden, Jacques [1957-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Kok, Albert [1872-1941. Netherlands. Architect]
Kok, J. Jurriaan [1861-1919. Netherlands. Architect/Ceramist]
Komter, Auke [1904-1982. Netherlands. Architect]
Konijnenburg, Willem Adriaan van [1868-1943. Netherlands. Sculptor/Painter/Printmaker/Illustrator]
Koninklijke Deventer Tapijtfabriek [1797-1919. Netherlands. Carpet Manufacturers]
Koninklijke-Verenigde-Tapijtfabrieken (KVT) [1919-. Netherlands. Rug/Carpet Manufacturers]
Koo, Nicholaas Petrus de [1881-1960. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster/Interior Designer]
Korsan, M. [-. Netherlands. Art Director]
Koster, Antonie Louis [1859-1937. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver]
Kraatin, Jac. Van, Jr. [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Kralingsche Tapijtfabriek 'Werklust' W. Stevens & Zonen [-1919. Netherlands. Carpet Manufacturers]
Kramer, Friso [1922-2019. Netherlands. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Kramer, Piet [1881-1961. Netherlands. Architect/Bridge/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Kreunen, Jan Reiner [1892-1918. Netherlands. Decorative Artist/Poster Designer]
Kriege, Jan [1884-1944. Netherlands. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Krijger, Henk [1914-1979. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Kromhout, Willem [1864-1940. Netherlands. Architect]
Krop, Hildebrand Lucien (Hildo) [1884-1970. Netherlands. Sculptor/Graphic Artist/Decorative Painter/Furniture Designer]
Kropholler, Alexander Jacobus (A.J.) [1881-1973. Netherlands. Architect]
Kruijsen, Karel [1951-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Kruseman van Elten, Hendrik Dirk [1829-1904. Netherlands. Painter]
Kuijper van Harpen, Adriana  [1870-1947. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Kuipers, Abe [1918-. Netherlands. Graphic/Exhibition Designer/Typographer]
Kuipers, Foeke [1871-. Netherlands. Architect]
Kurvers, Antonius (Anton) [1889-1940. Netherlands. Lithographer/Furniture/Industrial/Graphic/Book Cover Designer/Textile Artist]
Kuyken, Marie Cornelia (Kuyken, Rie) [1898-1988. Netherlands. Wallpaper/Pattern Designer]
Kuyper. W. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Kuypers, Jan [1925-1997. Netherlands/Canada. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Laan, D.J. van der [-. Netherlands. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Lammers, Frans [1911-1966. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Lantman, George Henri [1875-1933. Netherlands. Metalworker/Jewellery Designer]
Laren, Jacobus van [1877-1953. Netherlands. Architect]
Laudy, Jean [1877-1956. Netherlands/Belgium. Painter]
Lauweriks, Johannes Ludovicus Mathieu [1864-1932. Netherlands. Architect]
Lavies, Johannes Frederik (Jan) [1902-20005. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Le Gras, August [1864-1915. Netherlands. Painter]
Le Mair, Henriëtte Willebeek [1889-1966. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Lebeau, Joris Johannes Christiaan (Chris) [1878-1945. Netherlands. Graphic/Textile Designer/Glass Artist/Ceramist]
Leck, Bart van der [1876-1958. Netherlands. Painter/Tile/Poster Designer/Typographer]
Ledeboer, Judith [1901-1990. Netherlands/UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Leeuw, Oscar [1866-1944. Netherlands. Architect]
Leijdekkers, Hans [1962-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Leijenaar, Peter Jan (Leyenaar, Peter Jan) [1923-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Leliman, Johannes Hendrik Willem [1878-1921. Netherlands. Architect]
Lensvelt, Frits [1886-1945. Netherlands. Theatre Set/Poster/Furniture Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Lent, Kees van (Lent, Cees van) [1920-2002. Netherlands. Illustrator/Painter]
Libra Studio [-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Studio]
Liemburg, Harmen [1966-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Limburg, Jos [1864-1945. Netherlands. Architect]
Linse, Johannes [1875-1930. Netherlands. Painter]
Linssen, L.J.F. [1935-. Netherlands. Glass Designer]
Lion Cachet, Carel Adolph [1864-1945. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster/Interior/Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Lionni, Leonard (Leo) [1910-1999. Netherlands/Italy/USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Art Director]
Lippits, Meindert (Lippits, M.J.E.) [1869-1941. Netherlands. Architect]
Löb, Kurt [1926-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer/Painter]
Loeber, Johannes Aarnout (J.A.) [1869-1957. Netherlands. Bookbinder/Graphic Designer]
Loghem, Johannes Bernardus van (Loghem, Han van) [1881-1940. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Lorm, Cornelis de [1875-1942. Netherlands. Ceramist/Glass Artist/Graphic/Furniture Designer]
Loubèr, Johannes Aarnout [1869-1957. Netherlands. Decorative/Textile Designer/Woodcut Artist]
Lucassen, Jan [1937-. Netherlands. Industrial Designer]
Luns, Hubert Marie (Huib) [1881-1942. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Designer/Medallist/Engraver]
Lunteren, Johannes Petrus Hendricus van [1882-1958. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Luyten, Henry (Hendrik) [1859-1945. Netherlands/Belgium. Painter]
Maes, Nicolaes (Nicolaas) [1634-1693. Netherlands. Painter]
Malsen, Frederik Hendrik van [1830-1914. Netherlands. Architect]
Manche, Lou [1908-1982. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Ceramist]
Marée, Piet [1903-1999. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Photographer]
Maris, Jacob [1837-1899. Netherlands. Painter]
Maris, Matthew (Matthjis) [1839-1917. Netherlands. Painter]
Maris, Willem [1844-1910. Netherlands. Painter]
Maris, Willem Matthijs [1872-1929. Netherlands. Painter]
Martens, Willem (Willy) [1856-1927. Netherlands. Painter]
Mastenbroek, Johan Hendrick van [1875-1945. Netherlands. Painter]
Mauve, Anton [1838-1888. Netherlands. Painter]
Mauve, Rudolf Carl (Ru) [1878-1965. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Meer, Barend van der [1659-1700. Netherlands. Painter]
Meester, Johan de, Jr. [1897-1986. Netherlands. Puppetmaker]
Meijer, Jan de (Meyer, Jan de) [1878-1950. Netherlands. Architect/Sculptor/Goldsmith/Furniture/Glass Designer]
Meijer, Karel [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Meijer, Wybo (Meyer, Wybo) [1885-1942. Netherlands. Printmaker/Engraver/Illustrator/Lithographer/Painter/Textile Designer]
Melai, Guus [1923-2000. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Menalda, Elisabeth (Liesbeth, Lieske) [1895-1997. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Bookbinder]
Mendes da Costa, Joseph (Josef) [1863-1939. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Mertens, Hermann Friedrich [1885-1960. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Mesdag van Houten, Sientje [1834-1909. Netherlands. Painter]
Mesdag, Hendrik Willem [1831-1915. Netherlands. Painter]
Mesquita, Samuel Jessurun de [1868-1944. Netherlands. Graphic Artist]
Methorst, Hendrik [1896-1969. Netherlands. Furniture/Jewellery Designer/Metalworker]
Mettes, Frans [1909-1984. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Metz & Co. [1740-. Netherlands. Manufacturers/Retailers of Furniture/Furnishing Fabrics and Decorative Ware]
Metz, Lex [1913-1986. Netherlands. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Mey, Johan Melchior van [1878-1949. Netherlands. Architect]
Meydam, Floris [1919-2011. Netherlands. Glass Artist/Ceramist/Sculptor/Painter]
Meyer, Mans [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Midderigh-Bokhorst, Bernhardina [1880-1972. Netherlands. Illustrator/Lithographer/Graphic Artist/Painter]
Mijksenaar, Paul [1944-. Netherlands. Graphic/Industrial Designer]
Miranda, Abraham de [1888-1946. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver/Graphic Artist/Engraver]
Moen, Adriaan [1879-1950. Netherlands. Architect]
Moerkerk, Hermanus Antonius Josephus Maria ‘Herman’ (Moerkerk, J.M.) [1879-1949. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Mohrbutter, Alfred [1867-1916. Netherlands. Etcher/Lithographer/Painter]
Mol, H.W. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Molenaar, Heinrich [1909-. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Molkenboer, Antoon (Anton) [1872-1960. Netherlands. Painter/Cartoonist/Glass Artist/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Molkenboer, Theo [1871-1920. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Monnickendam, Martin [1874-1943. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Mor, Antonis (Moro, Antonio) [-. Netherlands. Painter]
Morel, Willem Ferdinand Abraham Isaac Vaarzon (W.F.A.I. Vaarzon-Morel) [1868-1955. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Moriën, J.H. [-. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Mulders, Jan B. [-. Netherlands. Textile Artist]
Muller, Gerard Gustaaf [1861-1929. Netherlands. Painter]
Muller, Gérhard Gustaf [1861-1929. Netherlands. Painter]
Muller, Leendert Johan [1879-1969. Netherlands. Ceramist/Painter]
Munsters, Carla [1939-. Netherlands. Fibre Artist]
Muntendam, Jan Albertsz [1882-1938. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Muntendem, Jan Albertsz [1882-1938. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Mus Hzn, Cornelis [1886-1973. Netherlands. Stained Glass Designer/Textile Artist/Interior Designer]
Muysken, Constantijn [1843-1922. Netherlands. Architect]
N.V. Kristal-, Glas- en Aardewerkfabrieken De Sphinx (N.V. Kristalunie), Maastricht [1827-. Netherlands. Glass/Ceramics Manufacturers]
Neer, Aert van der [-1677. Netherlands. Painter]
Neuhuys, Johannes Albert [1844-1914. Netherlands. Painter]
Nicolas, Josephus Antonius Hubertus Franciscus (Nicolas, Joep) [1897-1972. Netherlands. Stained Glass Designer]
Nienhuis, Bert [1873-1960. Netherlands. Ceramist/Jewellery Designer]
Nierstraz, Elizabeth [1870-1931. Netherlands. Textile Designer]
Nieuwenhuis, Ferdinand Jacob [1838-1919. Netherlands. Architect]
Nieuwenhuis, Theo [1866-1951. Netherlands. Fourniture/Textile/Interior Designer/Metalworker]
Nieuwenkamp, Wijnand Otto Jan (W.O.J.) [1874-1950. Netherlands. Painter/Lithographer/Etcher/Sculptor/Graphic Designer/Architect]
Nijpels, Charles (Nypels, Charles ) [1895-1952. Netherlands. Graphic Artist]
Noorda, Bob [1927-. Netherlands/Italy. Graphic/Packaging Designer/Typographer]
Noordzij, Peter Matthias [1961-. Netherlands. Typographer]
Noto Soeroto, Raden Mas [1881-1951. Netherlands. Textile Artist]
Nuyten, Harry [-. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
NV Glasfabriek Leerdam (N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Glasfabriek Leerdam) [1878-. Netherlands. Glassworks]
Obbes, Joan François [1869-1963. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Painter]
Oerder, Frans David [1867-1944. Netherlands/South Africa. Painter/Etcher/Photographer]
Olivier, Jettie [1918-2003. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Olthuis, Norbertus Gerhardus Josef [1925-2009. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer/Etcher]
Onder den Sint-Maarten [-1941. Netherlands. Copperware/Furniture Workshop]
Onderwater, Hendrik Theodorus de Court [1877-1905. Netherlands. Painter]
Os, Augustinus Arnoldus van [1883-1940. Netherlands. Architect/Sculptor/Painter/Goldsmith]
Os, Jan van [1744-1808. Netherlands. Painter]
Os, Mies van A.E. [-. Netherlands. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Oud, Jacobus Johannes Pieter (J.J.P) [1890-1963. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer/Painter]
Oxenaar, R.D.E. (Ootje) [1929-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Design Director]
Parry, Rob [1925-. Netherlands. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Patijn, A.A. [-. Netherlands. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Paulsen, Margarete [1908-1988. Netherlands. Calligrapher]
Penaat, Willem [1875-1957. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Penaat, Willem [1875-1957. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Penraat, Jacob (Jaap) [1918-2006. Netherlands/USA. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Penraat, Jettie [1916-2003. Netherlands/USA. Textile/Fibre Artist]
Peters, Cornelis Hendrik [1847-1932. Netherlands. Architect]
Petri, J.P. [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Pieck, Henri Christiaan [1895-1972. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Pijpers, Arnold (Pypers, Arnold) [1900-1951. Netherlands. Painter/IllustratorGraphic Artist/Muralist/Textile Designer/Lithographer]
Pitcairn-Knowles, James [1863-1954. Netherlands. Painter/Glass Artist]
Plasschaert-Peeman, Anna [1875-1959. Netherlands. Painter/Stained Glass Designer/Mosaic Artist]
Plateelbakkereij Delft (Delft Ltd., Pottery Manufacturers) [1897-1928. Netherlands. Pottery]
Plateelbakkerij De Distel (Plateelfabriek ‘De Distel’) [1865-1925. Netherlands. Earthenware/Tile Manufacturer]
Poggenbeek, George [1853-1903. Netherlands. Painter]
Poggenbeek, Thomas Gustaaf Wilhelm (Tom) [1872-1942. Netherlands. Decorative Artist/Textile Designer]
Polak, Richard [1870-1957. Netherlands. Photographer]
Pontier, Ad. [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Pool, Johan Adam [1872-1945. Netherlands. Decorative/Furniture Designer/Architect]
Pool, Johan Adam [1872-1945. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Poortenaar, Jan [1886-1958. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver/Graphic Artist]
Postma & Hoogstraten [-. Netherlands. Architectural Partnership]
Postma, Jan Diederik, Sr. [1890-1962. Netherlands. Architect]
Pothast, Willem Frederik Anton  [1877-1916. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Potterij Zaalberg [1918-. Netherlands. Pottery]
Premsela, Benno [1920-1997. Netherlands. Interior/Industrial/Exhibition Designer]
Probst [-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Proper, Jan [1890-. Netherlands. Painter/ Lithographer/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Rädecker, John (Raedecker, John) [1885-1956. Netherlands. Painter/Sculptor]
Rademaker, H.E.M. [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Ravesteijn, Sybold van [1889-1983. Netherlands. Architect]
Ravesteyn, Sybold (Sijbold) van [1889-1983. Netherlands. Architect/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Reens-Arta (Reens Arta) [-. Netherlands/UK. Interior Decorating Firm]
Rees, W.K. [-. Netherlands. Batik Artist]
Regteren Altena, I. Q, van [1899-1980. Netherlands. Art Historian/Textile Artist]
Reijn, Theodoor van (Reyn, Theo van) [1884-1954. Netherlands. Sculptor/Painter/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Reitsma, Lex [1958-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Remiëns, Adrianius (Janus) [1890-1972. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Remmen, Herman van [1889-1967. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Retera, Willem [1890-1955. Netherlands. Sculptor/Interior Designer]
Reus, Hendrik [1872-1935. Netherlands. Architect]
Rietveld, Gerrit [1888-1964. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Rietveld, Wim [1924-1985. Netherlands. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Rijkmans-Kaijser, Suzanna Anthonia (Rijkmans-Kayser, Suzanna Anthonia) [1900-1954. Netherlands. Lithographer/Painter/Illustrator]
Rinke, Jan [1863-1922. Netherlands. Illustrator/Etcher/Poster Designer]
Roelofs, Willem [1822-1897. Netherlands. Painter]
Roessel, Arnold van [1883-1947. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Rol, Cornelis [1877-1963. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Roland Holst, Richard Nicolaüs [1868-1938. Netherlands. Poster/Wallpaper/Stained Glass Designer]
Rolf, Margot [1940-. Netherlands. Textile Artist/Designer/Embroiderer]
Röling, Marte [1939-. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Ronner, Henriëtte (Ronner-Knip, Henriëtte) [1821-1909. Netherlands. Painter]
Roobol, Gustaaf Adolf [1889-1981. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Rood, A.H. van [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Rood, Emanuel Marcus [1850-1929. Netherlands. Architect]
Roosenburg, Dirk [1887-1962. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Ros, Lies [1952-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Roskam, Eduard [1854-1919. Netherlands/Belgium. Sculptor]
Rosse, Herman (Hermann) [1887-1965. Netherlands/USA. Architect/Theatre/Furniture Designer/Art Director]
Royen, Jean François van [1878-1942. Netherlands. Typographer/Printer]
Rozenburg Plateelfabriek (Rozenburg Pottery) [1883-1917. Netherlands. Pottery]
Rozendaal, Willem Jacob (W.J.) [1899-1971. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Glass Artist/Ceramist]
Ru, Huib de [1902-1980. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Glass Artist/Painter/Muralist/Sculptor]
Rüdeman, Dolly [1902-1980. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Rueter, Georg [1875-1966. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic/Stained Glass Designer/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Ruisdael, Jacob van [-1682. Netherlands. Painter]
Ruth, Theo [1915-1971. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Rutten, Gerard [1902-1982. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Film Director]
Sadée, Philip Lodewijk Jacob Frederik [1837-1904. Netherlands. Painter]
Salomonson, Hein [1910-1994. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Sandberg, Willem J.H.B. [1897-1984. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Sandt, Anton van de [1865-1929. Netherlands. Architect]
Schelfhout, Lodewijk [1881-1943. Netherlands. Ceramist/Silversmith/Graphic/ Furniture Designer/Painter/Mosaic Artist]
Scheltema, Jan Hendrik [1861-1941. Netherlands/Australia. Painter]
Schilling, Johanned Hendrik Eduard (Henk) [1893-1942. Netherlands. Stained Glass/Graphic Designer/Muralist]
Schol [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Scholten, Désirée [1920-1987. Netherlands. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Scholten, Herman [1932-. Netherlands. Textile Artist/Weaver]
Schonk, Johannes Theodorus (Jan) [1889-1976. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver/Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Ceramist/Painter/Lithographer]
Schoo, Pieternella Maria (Schoo, Nel) [1898-1981. Netherlands. Bookbinder]
Schouten, Jan [1852-1937. Netherlands. Stained Glass Designer]
Schregel, Bernardus Petrus [1870-1956. Netherlands. Painter]
Schreuder van Coolwijk, Jan W.H [1868-1962. Netherlands. Painter]
Schrier, Nicolaas (Nico) [1900-1989. Netherlands. Glass Artist/Painter/Graphic Designer/Lithographer]
Schrijver, Herman [1904-1972. Netherlands/UK. Interior Decorator]
Schröder, Rob [1950-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Filmmaker]
Schröder, Truus (Schröder-Schräder, Truus) [1889-1985. Netherlands. Architect/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Schrofer, Jurriaan [1926-1990. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Schuitema, Paul [1897-1973. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Schultsz, Jan Christoffel [1872-1945. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Schwartze, Thérèse [1851-1918. Netherlands. Painter]
Semeij, Jacobus Fernandus Adolphus (F.J.A.) [1891-1973. Netherlands. Interior/Furniture Designer/Decorative Artist]
Shamask, Ronaldus [1945-. Netherlands/USA. Fashion Designer]
Siewertsz van Reesema, Elisabeth [1881-1954. Netherlands. Textile Designer/Painter]
Siewertsz van Reesema, Elizabeth [1881-1954. Netherlands. Textile Designer/Painter]
Simonis, Dick [1919-. Netherlands. Industrial/Jewellery Designer/Goldsmith]
Sjollema, H.A. [-. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Bookplate Designer]
Slothouwer, Tj. [-. Netherlands. Batik Artist]
Sluiter, Jan Willem ('Willy') [1873-1949. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Sluys, Cornelis van der [1881-1944. Netherlands. Interior/Textile/Furniture Designer]
Sluyterman, Beatrice [-. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Sluyterman, Theodorus Karel Lodewijk [1863-1931. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Sluyters, Jan [1881-1957. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Smit, J. [-. Netherlands. Photographer]
Smith's Service en Adviesbureau [-. Netherlands. Advertising Agency]
Smits, Anthonie Pieter [1881-1957. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Smits, Johannes Bartholomeus [1874-1944. Netherlands. Interior Designer/Woodcarver/Lithographer/Bookbinder]
Smitshuijzen, Edo [1944-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Snellebrand, Jan Anthonie [1891-1963. Netherlands. Architect]
Soest, Louis Willem van [1867-1948. Netherlands. Painter]
Sonnega, Auke [1910-1963. Netherlands. Painter]
Spanjaard, Frits [1889-1978. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Spier, Jo [1900-1978. Netherlands. Cartoonist]
Spierenburg, Leendert (Leen) [1922-1971. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Staal, Jan Frederik (Fritz) [1879-1940. Netherlands. Architect]
Stam, Mart [1899-1986. Netherlands/Germany. Architect/Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Stapel [-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Steen, Jan [-. Netherlands. Painter]
Stein, Johann von [1896-1965. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Painter]
Steur, Johan Adrianus Gerard van der [1865-1945. Netherlands. Architect]
Stigter, Jed [-. Netherlands. Silversmith]
Stockvis, P.J. [-. Netherlands. Lighting Designer]
Stok Wzn, Jacobus Pieter [1862-1942. Netherlands. Architect]
Stok, Henri van der [1870-1946. Netherlands. Sculptor/Glass Artist/Graphic Designer/Etcher/Engraver/Muralist]
Stolk, Reijer (Reyer) [1896-1945. Netherlands. Sculptor/Illustrator/Etcher/Printmaker/Painter/Woodcut Artist/Textile Designer/Muralist]
Stolk, Swip [1944-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Storm van 's-Gravesande, Carel Nicolaas [1841-1924. Netherlands. Painter]
Straaten, Jacobus Augustinus van, Jr. [1862-1920. Netherlands. Architect]
Studio Dumbar [1977-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Studio]
Studio Flem [-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Studio]
Studio M.W. [-. Netherlands. Advertising Agency/Graphic Design Studio]
Studio Valk [-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Studio]
Stuyt, Jan [1868-1934. Netherlands. Architect]
Suyling, Karel [1926-. Netherlands. Graphic/Industrial Designer]
Swarte, Joost [1947-. Netherlands. Graphic/Furniture Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Typographer]
Teeuwisse, Henricus [1827-1911. Netherlands. Architect]
Teixeira de Mattos, Henri [1856-1908. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Tel Design [1962-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Consultancy]
Tepe, Frederik Adolf [1873-1940. Netherlands. Painter/Woodcarver/Sculptopr/Engraver]
ter Meulen, François Pieter (ter Meulen, Frans Pieter)  [1843-1927. Netherlands. Painter]
Thorn Prikker, Johan [1848-1932. Netherlands. Painter/Sculptor/Illustrator/Stained Glass/Thapestry/Book Cover Designer]
Tjeenk, Jan de Bie Leuveling [1885-1940. Netherlands. Architect/Industrial Designer]
Tonenaar, J. (Tollenaar Emching, J. Ph. C.) [-. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Toorop, Jan [1858-1928. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist/Poster Designer]
Total Design [1963-. Netherlands/Belgium. Design Studio]
Treumann, Babette [1950-. Netherlands. Fibre/Textile Artist/Tapestry Designer]
Treumann, Otto [1919-2001. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Truijen, Emile (Truyen, Emile) [1928-2003. Netherlands. Interior Architect/Industrial Designer]
Tussenbroek, Henry Gerald van (Tussenbroek, Harry van) [1879-1963. Netherlands. Sculptor/Puppetmaker]
Tussenbroek, Otto van [1882-1957. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Painter/Mosaic Artist/Photographer]
t’Binnenhuis [1900-1936. Netherlands. Arts and Crafts Workshop/Cooperative]
Uiterwaal, Stef [1889-1960. Netherlands. Sculptor/Painter/Glass Designer]
Unger, Gerard [1942-. Netherlands. Typographer]
Uri, Jan [1888-1979. Netherlands. Painter/Printmaker]
Utrechtsche Machinale Stoel- en Meubel-fabriek [1908-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Uytvanck, V.E. van [-. Netherlands. Textile Artist]
Vaessen, Barbara [-. Netherlands/USA. Glass Artist]
Vaillant, Henriëtte [1875-1949. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Valkema, Sybren (Iep) [1916-1996. Netherlands. Glass Artist/Ceramist/Textile Designer]
Van Alfen [-. Netherlands. Advertising Agency]
van Anrooy, Anton [1870-1949. Netherlands/UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
van Bemmel, F. [-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
van Blokland, Rokus [1926-. Netherlands. Toy Designer]
van Blokland-Mobach, Corry (Mobach, Corry) [1929-. Netherlands. Toy Designer]
Van Borssum, H. [-. Netherlands. Art Director]
Van Dam, Madja [1932-. Netherlands/Canada. Textile Artist]
van den Akker, Koos [1939-2015. Netherlands/USA. Fashion Designer]
van den Born, Bob [1927-. Netherlands. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Painter]
van den Bosch, Jac. [1868-1948. Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Applied Artist]
van den Broek, Johan Hendrik (J.H.) [1898-1978. Netherlands. Architect]
van den Dool [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
van der Horst, Loes [1919-. Netherlands. Textile Artist/Sculptor/Painter]
van der Toorn Vrijthoff, Jelle [1946-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
van der Velden, Petrus (Paulus) [1837-1913. Netherlands/New Zealand. Painter]
van der Vlugt, Leeendart Cornelis [1894-1936. Netherlands. Architect]
van Dijk, Bob [1967-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
van Doesburg, Theo [1883-1931. Netherlands. Architect/Painter/Graphic Designer]
Van Dongen, Kees [1877-1968. Netherlands/France. Painter/Poster Designer/Ceramist]
van Eyk, Ria [1938-. Netherlands. Fibre Artist]
van Gogh, Vincent [1853-1890. Netherlands. Painter]
van Grunsven, Peter  [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Van Hall, Francis [-. Netherlands/Denmark/USA. Weaver]
Van Hove, Bart [1850-1914. Netherlands. Sculptor]
van Krimpen, Jan [1892-1958. Netherlands. Typographer/Calligrapher/Book Designer]
Van Lent [-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
van Leyden, Ernst [1892-1969. Netherlands/USA. Painter/Muralist]
van Loo, Bert [1946-. Netherlands. Glass Artist/Sculptor]
van Loon, Johan [1934-. Netherlands. Ceramist/Textile Designer/Glass Artist]
van Lotringen, Walter [1951-. Netherlands. Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Calligrapher]
van Megen, Max L. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
van Nisius, Johannes [1885-1945. Netherlands. Art Director]
van Pelt, Bas [1900-1945. Netherlands. Interior/Furniture Designer]
van Ravesteyn, Sybold [1889-1983. Netherlands. Architect]
van Rees, Ecoline (Etie) [1890-1973. Netherlands. Ceramist]
Van Reesema & Nierstraz [-. Netherlands. Textile Design Partnership]
van Roemburg, Kees [1914-2002. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Van Rossem, Ru (Van Rossum, Ru) [1924-2007. Netherlands. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
van Schijndel, Mart A.A. [1943-1999. Netherlands. Architect/Industrial/Interior/Lighting Designer]
van Sliedregt, Dirk [1920-2010. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Van Tijen. Willem [1894-1974. Netherlands. Architect]
van Toorn, Jan [1932-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
van Veen, Barend [1912-. Netherlands. Architect]
van Vliet, J. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
van Westrenen, A.J.C. [-. Netherlands. Industrial Designer]
van ‘s-Gravesande, Carel Nicolaas Storm [1841-1924. Netherlands. Painter]
VanderLans, Rudy [1955-. Netherlands/USA. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Vanderveen, Loet [1921-. Netherlands/USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Vecht, Nicolaas van de [1886-1941. Netherlands. Painter/Poster/Textile Designer/Muralist/Illustrator]
Vecht-de Wijn, Cornelia Margaretha van de [1893-1979. Netherlands. Tapestry Designer]
Velde, G.E. van de (Hulsbosch-van de Velde, G.E.) [-. Netherlands. Ceramist]
Velde, Henri van de [1896-1969. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator/Lithographer/Poster Designer]
Veldheer, Jacobus Gerardus [1866-1954. Netherlands. Etcher/Lithographer/Graphic Artist]
Velsen, Cornelius (Cor) van  [1921-2010. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Velsen, Cornelius (Cor) van [1921-2010. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Velthuijs, Max [1923-2005. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Verheul, C. [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Verheul, Jan (Verheul Dzn., Johannes) [1860-1948. Netherlands. Architect/Painter]
Verhoeven, Jan [1870-1941. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Verhorst, Andreas Jacobus (Verhorst, André, J.) [1889-1977. Netherlands. Stained Glass Designer/Painter/Medallist]
Vermÿs, J.A. [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Verschuuren, Charles [1891-1955. Netherlands/USA. Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Animator]
Verspronck, Johannes Cornelisz (Jan) [-1662. Netherlands. Painter]
Veth, Jan [1864-1925. Netherlands. Painter]
Visser, J.A. [-. Netherlands. Rug Designer]
Visser, L. [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Visser, Leo [1880-1950. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Visser, Tjipke Tebbes [1876-1955. Netherlands. Sculptor/Ceramist/Graphic Designer/Painter/Woodcut Artist/Woodcarver]
Vlaanderen, André [1881-1955. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Voet, Elias, Jr. [1868-1940. Netherlands. Silversmith]
Voeten, Emilius Petrus Marinus (Voetem, Emile) [1898-1961. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Vorm Vijf [1974-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Studio]
Vos, Charles [1888-1954. Netherlands. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Vos, Thomas Andreas (Theo) [1887-1948. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Vossen, Andreas Theodorus van der [1893-1963. Netherlands. Painter/Sculptor/Collagist/Illustrator/Painter/Woodcut Artist/Typographer]
Vriend, H. [-. Netherlands. Architect]
Vries, Daan de [1895-1959. Netherlands. Goldsmith/Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Lithographer/Painter/Etcher]
W.H. Gispen [1916-1934. Netherlands. Furniture/Lighting Manufacturers]
W.J. Stokvis [1865-1969. Netherlands. Metalworks]
Waals, Peter van der [1870-1937. Netherlands/UK. Furniture Designer]
Wagemans & Van Tuinen (Artifort) [1890-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Wagemans, Willem Leonard (Wim) [1906-1993. Netherlands. Painter/Stained Glass/Graphic Designer/Sculptor]
Walcheren, Petrus Marinus van [1876-1949. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer]
Walter, Jan [1898-1963. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Warners, Filip Anne [1888-1952. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Wattjes, Jannes Gerhardus (Wattjes, J.G.) [1879-1944. Netherlands. Architect]
Wegerif, Ahazuerus Hendrikus (A.H.) [1888-1963. Netherlands. Architect]
Wegerif, Christiaan (Chris) [1859-1920. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Wegerif-Gravestein, Agathe [1867-1944. Netherlands. Decorative/Furniture Designer/Painter/Batik Artist]
Weidema, Fedde [1915-2000. Netherlands. Illustrator/Poster Designer/Painter]
Weihs, Bertram A. Th. [1919-1958. Netherlands. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Mosaic Artist]
Weij, Adriaan Frederik van der (Wey, A.F. van der) [1885-1969. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Weiland, Johannes [1856-1909. Netherlands. Painter]
Weissenbruch, Johannes Hendrik (Jan) [1824-1903. Netherlands. Painter/Engraver]
Weissenbruch, Willem [1864-1941. Netherlands. Painter]
Welie, Antoon van [1866-1956. Netherlands. Painter]
Wenckebach, Ludwig Willem Reijmert [1860-1937. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer/Graphic Artist]
Wenckebach, Oswald [1895-1962. Netherlands. Wood Engraver/Sculptor/Painter/Medallist]
Werkman, Hendrik Nicolaas (H.N.) [1882-1945. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Typographer/Painter]
Werlemann. E.G. [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Wernars, Gerard [1924-2003. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Typographer]
Westermann, Gerard [1880-1971. Netherlands. Painter]
Weverij De Ploeg [1923-. Netherlands. Weaving Cooperative]
Wichard, Frits [1907-1976. Netherlands. Textile Designer/Painter]
Wichman, Erich (Wichmann, Erich) [1890-1929. Netherlands. Painter/Sculptor/Silversmith/Graphic Artist]
Wiegman, Piet [1885-1963. Netherlands. Painter/Sculptor/Printmaker/Ceramist/Illustrator/Lithographer/Woodcut Artist]
Wienecke, Johannes Cornelis (J.C.) [1872-1945. Netherlands. Medallist]
Wierink, Bernard Willem (Ben) [1886-1939. Netherlands. Cartoonist/Painter/Jewellery/Toy Designer/Lithographer/Sculptor]
Wiggers, Dirk [1866-1933. Netherlands. Painter]
Wijdeveld, Hendrikus Theodorus [1885-1987. Netherlands. Architect/Graphic/Theatre Designer]
Wijk, Charles van (Wyk, Charles van [1875-1917. Netherlands. Painter]
Wijnberg, Nicolaas (Nico) [1918-2006. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster/Theatre Designer/Illustrator/Ceramist/Mosaic Artist]
Wijnman, Wim (Wynman, Wim) [1887-1984. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Wijsmuller, Jan Hillebrand [1855-1925. Netherlands. Painter]
Wild Plakken [1977-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Studio]
Wilmink, Machiel [1894-1963. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Wils, Jan [1891-1972. Netherlands. Architect]
Winkel, Willem Antonius van der [1887-1932. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Winkelman, H.J. [1872-1947. Netherlands. Industrial/Glass Artist/Lighting/Furniture Designer]
Wissing, Benno [1923-. Netherlands/USA. Graphic Designer]
Wittenberg, Jan Hendrik Willem  [1886-1963. Netherlands. Graphic Artist/Painter]
Wolbers, Hans [1965-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Wolbers, Johannes [1858-1932. Netherlands. Architect/Painter]
Wolf, Rudolf (Rudi) [1919-1989. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Wolff Schoemaker, Charles Prosper (Schoemaker, C.P.) [1882-1949. Netherlands/Indonesia. Architect/Sculptor]
Wolff, Cor de [1889-1963. Netherlands. Painter/Batik Artist/Etcher]
Wortmann, Johannes Hendrik Philip [1872-1898. Netherlands. Sculptor]
Woudhuysen, Lewis [1912-1985. Netherlands/UK. Graphic Designer]
Wouw, Anton van [1862-1945. Netherlands/South Africa. Sculptor]
Ysselstein, M. van (IJsselstein, M.van) [-. Netherlands. Lace Designer]
Zaalberg, Meindert [1907-1989. Netherlands. Ceramist]
Zeegen, Christine van [1890-1973. Netherlands. Textile Artist]
Zijl, Lambertus [1866-1947. Netherlands. Sculptor/Decorative Artist/Medallist/Ceramist/Woodcarver]
Zilverfabriek Voorschoten [1904-. Netherlands. Silversmiths]
Zon, Jacob Abraham (Jacques) [1872-1932. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer/Printmaker]
Zwart, Piet [1885-1977. Netherlands. Graphic/Furniture/Glass/Interior Designer/Typographer/Photographer]
Zwerver, Dolf [1932-2010. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Zwiers, Lambertus [1871-1953. Netherlands. Architect/Painter/Decorative Artist]
Zwollo, Frans [1872-1945. Netherlands. Metalsmith]
Zyl, Lambertus [1866-1947. Netherlands. Sculptor]
‘t Binnenhuis [1900-1936. Netherlands. Design/Craft Co-operative]
Baanders, Herman Ambrosius Jan [1876-1953. Netrherlands. Architect/Batik Artist]
Alexander, Grant [1950-. New Zealand. Poster Designer]
Apple, Billy (Bates, Barrie) [1935-. New Zealand/USA. Conceptual/Neon Artist/Sculptor]
Armstrong, Edward William [1896-1992. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Arndt, Mina [1885-1926. New Zealand. Painter/Etcher]
Arthur, Eric Ross [1898-1982. New Zealand/UK/Canada. Architect]
Atkins & Bacon [1910-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Baillie, John [1868-1926. New Zealand/UK. Painter]
Ballantyne, Robert Anderson [1866-1936. New Zealand. Architect]
Beere & Greenish [-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Beere, Wynford Ormsby [1873-1964. New Zealand. Architect]
Berry, James [1906-1979. New Zealand. Graphic/Medal/Postage Stamp Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Bestall, Leo Delabere [1895-1959. New Zealand. Architect/Textile Designer]
Boswell, James [1906-1971. New Zealand/UK. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Boyce, Raymond [1928-. New Zealand. Theatre/Interior/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Bradley, G.W. [-. New Zealand. Interior Decorator/Painter]
Brenkley, Jane [1882-1973. New Zealand. Painter/Woodcarver]
Brown, Gordon H. [1931-. New Zealand. Poster Designer/Photographer]
Burnside, John Arthur (J.A.) [1856-1920. New Zealand. Architect]
Bustin, Debra [1957-. New Zealand. Sculptor/Jewellery/Theatre/Poster Designer]
Castle, Len [1924-2011. New Zealand. Ceramist]
Cazneaux, Harold Pierce [1878-1953. New Zealand/Australia. Photographer]
Chaplin, Sidney George [1905-1990. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Chapman-Taylor, James Walter [1878-1958. New Zealand. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Checkley, George [1893-1960. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Chester, Garth [1915-1968. New Zealand. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Chilwell & Trevithick [1914-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Clarkson & Ballantyne [1899-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Clarkson, William Albert Paxton [-1918. New Zealand. Architect]
Collins, Albert [1883-1951. New Zealand/Australia. Painter/Linocut Artist]
Connell, Amyas [1901-1980. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Coventry, Frederick Halford [1905-1997. New Zealand/UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Cowan, Roy [1918-2006. New Zealand. Ceramist/Illustrator/Printmaker]
Crichton, John [1917-1993. New Zealand. Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter]
Danske Møbler [1962-. New Zealand. Furniture Manufacturer/Retailer]
Dawson, Muriel [1897-1974. New Zealand/UK. Painter/Illustrator]
de Thier, Bret [1945-. New Zealand. Graphic/Poster/Interior Designer/Photographer]
Densem, John [1942-1989. New Zealand. Glass Artist/Composer]
Donner, Tibor [1907-1993. New Zealand. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Dutch, Ted [1928-2008. New Zealand. Ceramist/Printmaker]
Fairburn, Arthur Rex Dugard (A.R.D.) [1904-1957. New Zealand. Textile Designer]
Finey, George Edmond [1895-1987. New Zealand/Australia. Painter/Sculptor/Cartoonist]
Firth, Reginald Clifton [1904-1980. New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Photographer]
Gardner, Maria Louisa (Gardner, Briar) [1879-1968. New Zealand. Ceramist]
Gaze, Harold [1884-1962. New Zealand/Australia/USA. Illustrator]
Gillespie, John [1936-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Green, Percy Gordon (Green, Perce) [1889-1972. New Zealand/Australia. Letterer/Printer/Typographer]
Greenish, Frank Edgar [1887-1962. New Zealand. Architect]
Grimsdale, Murray [1943-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Sculptor/Ceramist/Illustrator]
Gulliver, Thomas Ralph de Vere (Tom) [1891-1933. New Zealand. Woodcut Artist]
Hailstone, Max [1942-1997. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Hatcher, Don [1936-. New Zealand. Poster/Graphic Designer]
Haythornthwaite, Bill [1913-2009. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Haythornthwaite, Peter [1944-. New Zealand. Industrial/Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Higgs, Avis [1918-. New Zealand. Textile Designer/Painter]
Hill, Mabel [1872-1956. New Zealand. Painter]
Hingston, Earl [1938-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Hodgkins, Frances Mary [1869-1947. New Zealand/UK. Painter/Textile Designer]
Houlker, William [1880-. New Zealand. Architect]
Howard, Edward Page [-1928. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Hughes, Eleanor Mary [1882-1959. New Zealand/UK. Painter]
Hurst Seager & Macleod [-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Hutton, John [1906-1978. New Zealand/UK. Muralist/Paper Sculptor/Glass Engraver/Painter]
Jackson, Gifford [1922-. New Zealand/USA. Industrial Designer]
Jameson, Cecil Stuart [1884-1973. New Zealand/UK. Painter]
Jenks, Bill [1933-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Jones, Gerald Edgar [1880-1963. New Zealand. Architect/Photographer/Furniture]
Jones, Olive [1893-1982. New Zealand. Ceramist]
Keith, Hamish [1936-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Art Critic]
Kelly, Cecil Fletcher [1879-1954. New Zealand. Painter]
Kelly, Felix [1914-1994. New Zealand/UK. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist/Theatre Set Designer/Cartoonist]
Kelly, Felix Runcie [1914-1994. New Zealand/UK. Painter/Printmaker/Theatre Set Designer/Muralist]
Kent, Dave [1946-2013. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
King, Marcus [1891-1984. New Zealand. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Lee-Johnson, Eric Albert [1908-1993. New Zealand. Painter/Photographer/Illustrator]
Lipanovic, Linwood [1915-2003. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Lissaman, Elizabeth [1901-1991. New Zealand. Ceramist]
Lovell-Smith, Edgar [1875-1950. New Zealand. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Low, David [1891-1963. New Zealand/UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Lye, Len [1901-1980. New Zealand. Artist/Filmmaker/Photographer/Sculptor]
Macky, Eric Spencer [1880-1958. New Zealand/USA. Painter]
Mallitte, Howard [1910-1978. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Massey, Horace Lovell [1895-1978. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Mauger, Stan [1910-1978. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
McDonald, James Ingram [1865-1935. New Zealand. Painter/Sculptor/Photographer/Filmmaker]
McIntyre, Peter [1910-1995. New Zealand. Painter]
McIntyre, Peter (1862-1932) [1862-1932. New Zealand. Painter/Poster Designer/Lithographer/Cartoonist]
McIntyre, Raymond Francis [1879-1933. New Zealand. Painter]
Meikle, Hamish [1966-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Messenger, Arthur Herbert (A.H.) [1877-1962. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Minson, Stewart [1904-2006. New Zealand. Architect]
Missen, Lindsay [1946-. New Zealand. Graphic/Jewellery Designer]
Mitchell, Leonard Cornwall [1901-1971. New Zealand. Poster/Postage Stamp Designer/Painter]
Morgan, Alfred Percy [1893-1953. New Zealand. Architect/UK]
Murray, Keith [1892-1981. New Zealand/UK. Architect/Ceramist/Glass Designer/Silversmith]
Natusch, Stanley [1889-. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Newland, William [1919-1998. New Zealand/UK. Ceramist]
Nicholls, Reg [1933-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Nicoll, Archibald Frank [1886-1953. New Zealand. Painter/Etcher]
O’Dea, Albert James [1916-1986. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
O’Rorke, Brian [1901-1974. New Zealand/UK. Architect/Interior Designer]
Parker, John [1947-. New Zealand. Ceramist/Theatre Set/Exhibition/Costume Designer]
Perrin, Patricia [1921-1988. New Zealand. Ceramist]
Peter, Juliet [1915-2010. New Zealand. Ceramist/Painter/Printmaker/Illustrator]
Porter, Frederick James [1883-1944. New Zealand/UK. Painter]
Ramage, Donald (Don) [1923-2009. New Zealand. Graphic/Theatre/Textile Designer/Painter/Ceramist]
Rancich, Jovan [1888-1942. New Zealand. Ceramist]
Reeve, Alan [1910-1962. New Zealand/USA. Caricaturist]
Rigby Mullan (Rigby-Mullan) [1949-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Ritchie, Ross [1941-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Roband, Peter [1960-. New Zealand. Graphic Designer]
Robertson, Max [-. New Zealand. Lampshade Designer/Maker]
Roundhill, Bernard [1911-2005. New Zealand. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Rountree, Harry [1878-1950. New Zealand/UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Scales, Helen Flora Victoria [1887-1985. New Zealand. Painter/Etcher]
Scott, James Fraser [1877-1932. New Zealand/UK. Painter]
Seager, Samuel Hurst [1855-1933. New Zealand. Architect]
Sedgwick, Frederick M. [-1922. New Zealand. Painter]
Sleigh, Alison (Shepherd, Alison) [1898-1972. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Spence-Sales, Harold [1907-2004. New Zealand/UK/Canada. Architect/Town Planner]
Taylor, E. Mervin [1906-1964. New Zealand. Wood Engraver/Illustrator/Printmaker]
Thompson, Arthur [1915-1997. New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Thompson, Ernest Heber [1891-1971. New Zealand/UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Thompson, Sydney Lough [1877-1973. New Zealand. Painter]
Tippett, Warren [1941-1994. New Zealand/Australia. Ceramist]
Tripe, Anthony Charles [1907-1953. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Uren, Reginald Harold [1906-1988. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Wakelin, Roland [1887-1971. New Zealand/Australia. Painter]
Ward, Basil [1902-1976. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Warner, Alfred Edward (Warner, E) [1879-1968. New Zealand. Etcher/Printmaker]
West, Ernst Vilhelm [1885-1961. New Zealand. Architect]
White, J. H. [1896-1970. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
White, James Hodge [1896-1970. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Wilson, Edmund Richardson [1871-1941. New Zealand. Architect]
David-West, Haig [1946-. Nigeria. Graphic Designer]
Kwali, Ladi [-1985. Nigeria. Ceramist]
Aas, Ulf [-. Norway. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Agathon [-. Norway. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Alfsen, Finn [-. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Alnaes, Tormod [1921-2003. Norway. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Amundsen, Roald [-. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Andersen, Hans [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Andersen, Hendrik Christian (Anderson, Hendrik Christian) [1872-1940. Norway/USA. Sculptor/Painter]
Anisdahl, Leif Frimann [1937-. Norway. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Arnesen, Borghild [1872-1950. Norway. Metalworker/Decorative Designer]
Atelier Eidem [1932-. Norway. Graphic Design Studio/Advertising Agency]
Benjamin, Louis [-. Norway. Glass Designer/Ceramist]
Bergens Annonse Byra [-. Norway. Advertising Agency/Graphic Design Studio]
Berggren, Johs. [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Berle, Reidar Johan [1917-1997. Norway. Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Painter/Muralist]
Biong, Kristian [1870-1959. Norway. Architect]
Biorn, Emil [1864-1935. Norway/USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Blakstad & Munthe-Kaas [1922-. Norway. Architectural/Furniture Design Partnership]
Blakstad, Gudolf [1893-1985. Norway. Architect]
Bloch, Andreas [1860-1917. Norway. Painter/Illustrator/Costume Designer]
Bongard, Hermann [1921-1998. Norway. Graphic/Interior/Industrial Designer/Illustrator/Typographer/Muralist]
Borgersen, Johan (John) [1863-1930. Norway. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Brochmann, Birgitte [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Bryn, Alf B. [-. Norway. Architect]
Bull, Henrik [1864-1953. Norway. Architect]
Christensen, Carl Tørris  [1937-. Norway. Graphic/Exhibition/Packaging Designer/Calligrapher/Photographer]
Christensen, Jan Sverre [-. Norway. Industrial Designer/Mechanical engineer]
Christiansen, E. Jl.(Jul.) [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Dahl, Birger [1916-1998. Norway. Interior Architect]
Dahl, Kjell [-. Norway. Packaging Designer]
Damsleth, Harald [1906-1971. Norway. Graphic/Poster/Postcard Designer/Illustrator]
David-Andersen (David Andersen) [1876-. Norway. Goldsmiths/Silversmiths/Jewellery Manufacturer/Retail Firm]
Davidsen, Trygve M. [1895-1978. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Dysthe, Sven Ivar [1931-. Norway. Industrial/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Eckhoff, Tias [1926-2016. Norway. Metalsmith/Cutlery Designer]
Egner, Thorbjørn [1912-1990. Norway. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Eidem, Paul Lorck [-. Norway. Graphic Designer/Photographer]
Ekspressreklame [-. Norway. Advertising Agency]
Elvestad, Gudmund Jon [1932-2006. Norway/USA. Goldsmith/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Enge, Mathias [-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Engø, Bjørn [1920-1981. Norway. Furniture/Interior/Textile Designer/Enameller]
Eriksen, Sigurd Alf [1899-1991. Norway. Jewellery Designer/Silversmith/Painter]
Fabritius & Sønner [1844-. Norway. Printing Firm]
Fabritius Reklamebyrå (Fabritius Reklamebyraa) [-. Norway. Advertising Agency/Design Studio]
Faye-Hansen, Eugenie [1871-1960. Norway. Textile Designer]
Fehn, Sverre [1924-2009. Norway. Architect]
Fjerdingstad, Christian (Fjerdingstadt, Christian) [1891-1968. Norway/France. Silversmith]
Frantze, Fredrik [-. Norway. Illustrator]
Frenger, Per [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Greve, Ulrikke [1868-1951. Norway. Textile/Tapestry Designer/Weaver]
Groth, Jan [1938-. Norway/Denmark. Tapestry Designer]
Gulbransson, Olaf [1873-1958. Norway/Germany. Caricaturist]
Gumælius & Reklames Annonsebryå [1933-. Norway. Advertising Agency]
Gustav Bahus [-. Norway. Furniture Manufacturers]
Hadelands Glasverk [1762-. Norway. Glassworks]
Hansen, Frida (Frieda) [1855-1931. Norway. Tapestry Designer/Embroiderer]
Hansen, Ragnar [1945-. Norway/Australia. Silversmith]
Harald Thaulows Reklamebyrå [-. Norway. Advertising Agency]
Haug, Oenulf [-. Norway. Packaging Designer]
Havrevold, Finn [1905-1988. Norway. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Havstad, Gunnar [1901-1973. Norway. Metalsmith/Pewtersmith]
Heggelund, Georg Andreas [1860-1916. Norway. Sculptor]
Henriksen, Bård [1928-. Norway. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Heroldens Annoncebureau [-. Norway. Advertising Agency]
Hetland, Audun [1920-1998. Norway. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Lithographer/Muralist/Sculptor]
Heyerdahl, Hans [1857-1913. Norway. Painter]
Hiorth & Östlyngen [-. Norway. Furniture Manufacturer]
Holmboe, Thorolf [1866-1935. Norway. Painter/Ceramist/Decorative Designer/Illustrator]
Holmsen, Jens [-. Norway/Sweden. Graphic Designer]
Holtskog, Reidar [1947-. Norway. Typographer/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Hugo-Sörensen, Inger [-. Norway. Textile Designer]
Huszár, Bert [-. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Høydahl Ohme (Høydahl-Ohme) [1930-. Norway. Advertising Agency]
Imsland, Henry [-. Norway. Cartoonist/Caricaturist/Illustrator]
Iversen [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
J. Tostrup [1832-. Norway. Metalware Manufacturers]
Jacobsen, Jacob (Jac) [1901-1996. Norway. Industrialist/Inventor/Lighting Designer]
Janke, Bjorn [-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Johansson, Willy [1921-1993. Norway. Glass Artist]
Johnson, Kaare Espolin [1907-1994. Norway. Illustrator/Painter/Lithographer]
Jordan, Harald [1875-1955. Norway. Etcher]
Jutrem, Arne Jon [1929-2005. Norway. Glass Artist/Painter]
Knag, Christopher [1855-1942. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Knudtzon, Annelise [1914-. Norway. Textile Designer]
Koch, Ullrich [1958-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Komassar, Anne-Marie [-. Norway. Textile Artist]
Korsmo, Arne [1900-1968. Norway. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Kovsmo, Arne [-. Norway. Interior Designer]
Kristiansen, Guttorm (Gagnes, Guttorm) [1906-1964. Norway. Silversmith]
Kristoffersen, Kjell [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Kroken, Carl [-. Norway. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Krøyer, Peder Severin [1851-1909. Norway/Denmark. Painter/Sculptor]
Lange, Olaf [1875-1965. Norway. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Larsen, Bjørn A. [1926-. Norway. Industrial/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Lasson, Alexandra (’Madame Frits Thaulow’) [1862-1955. Norway/France. Leathercraft Designer]
Lein, Grete [-. Norway. Weaver]
Lie, Emil [1897-1976. Norway. Sculptor]
Lie, Jonas [1880-1940. Norway/USA. Painter/Textile Designer]
Lie-Jorgensen, Thorbjørn [1900-1961. Norway. Silversmith]
Lie-Jørgensen, Thorbjørn [1900-1961. Norway. Silversmith/Painter]
Lökeland, Bjarne [-. Norway. Illustrator]
Lund, Henrik [1879-1935. Norway. Painter/Lithographer]
Lund, Henrik Louis [1879-1935. Norway. Painter]
Lundbey, Alf [1870-1961. Norway. Painter]
Løkke, Marie [1877-1948. Norway/USA. Painter]
Løkke, Marie Mathieson [1877-1948. Norway/USA. Painter]
Matheson, Fredrik [-. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Woodcut Artist]
Mauritz-Hansen, Ivar [1897-1972. Norway. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Mengshoel, Hans Christian [1946-. Norway. Furniture Designer/Inventor]
Meyer, Terje [1942-. Norway. Industrial Designer]
Michaelsen, M. Ottar [-. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Mitter, Per [-. Norway. Poster Designer]
Mittet, Per [-. Norway. Poster Designer]
Modum Trevarefabrikk (Buskerud Trevare AS) [1947-. Norway. Furniture Manufacturer]
Moe, Louis [1857-1945. Norway/Denmark. Painter/Illustrator/Etcher]
Monsen, Randi [1910-1997. Norway. Illustrator]
Moseid, Torvald [1917-2000. Norway. Tapestry/Glass Designer/Embroiderer/Textile Artist/Ceramist]
Moum, Gunnar [-. Norway. Illustrator]
Munch, Edvard [1863-1944. Norway. Painter]
Munthe, Gerhard [1849-1929. Norway. Furniture/Textile Designer/Ceramist/Metalsmith]
Munthe, Holm Hansen [1848-1898. Norway. Architect]
Munthe-Kaas, Herman [1890-1970. Norway. Architect]
Myre, Ragnar [-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Myres Reklambyrå [-. Norway. Advertising Agency]
Møller, Bjarne [1923-. Norway. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Nathanielsen, Bertha [1869-1914. Norway/Denmark. Painter/Ceramist]
Nilsen, Rolf [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Norum, Karl Martin [1852-1911. Norway. Architect]
Oestböll, Björne [-. Norway. Poster Designer]
Omvik, Mons [-. Norway. Pewtersmith]
Opsvik, Peter [1939-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Örbeck, Arvid [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Östböll, Gunnar [-. Norway. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Peters, Wilhelm [1851-1935. Norway. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Peters, Wilhelm Otto [1851-1935. Norway. Painter/Illustrator]
Petterson, Thorleif [-. Norway/USA. Industrial Designer]
Ploen, Eric [-. Norway. Ceramist]
Porsgrunds Porselænsfabrik (Porsgrund) [1885-. Norway. Porcelain Manufacturers]
Poulsson, Espan [-. Norway. Interior Designer]
Poulsson, Magnus [1881-1958. Norway. Architect]
Prydkunst [-. Norway. Lighting Manufacturers]
Prytz Kittelsen, Grete (Prytz Korsmo, Grete) [1917-. Norway. Metalsmith/Enameller/Jewellery Designer]
Prytz, Jacob [1886-1962. Norway. Metalworker/Goldsmith]
Rastad og Relling [1943-. Norway. Design Studio]
Rastad, Rolf [1916-1995. Norway. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Relling, Adolf [1913-2006. Norway. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Remlov, Arne [1914-1998. Norway. Glass Artist/Interior Designer]
Rittun, Thorstein [1929-. Norway. Painter/Ceramist/Graphic Artist]
Rudi-Iversen, Ingeborg (Iversen, Ingeborg Rudi) [-. Norway. Textile/Tapestry Designer/Painter]
Sadolin, Mana (von Hausen, Mana) [1898-1993. Norway/Denmark. Painter/Batik Artist]
Sandnes, Eystein (Oysten) [1924-2006. Norway. Industrial Designer/Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Scheel, Lilli [-. Norway. Ceramist]
Schjaerven, Henry [-. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Sinding, Stephan  [1846-1922. Norway/Denmark/France. Sculptor]
Skaug, Svein [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Skauge, Alfred [-. Norway. Illustrator]
Skredsvig, Christian [1854-1924. Norway. Painter]
Smith-Hald, Frithjof [1846-1903. Norway. Painter]
Sorby, Harry [1905-1988. Norway. Silversmith]
Sörensen, Oskar [-. Norway. Metalsmith]
Spange, Knut [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Stene, John M. [1914-2008. Norway/Canada. Furniture Manufacturer/Designer]
Studio Moderne [-. Norway. Advertising Agency]
Sture, Alf [1915-2000. Norway. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Svendsen, Svend Rasmussen [1864-1945. Norway/USA. Painter]
Tegnerringen [1933-. Norway. Advertising Club]
Thau Reklamebyra [-. Norway. Graphic/Packaging Design Studio]
Thaulow, Fritz (Frits) [1847-1906. Norway/France. Painter]
Theodor Olsen (Gullsmed Theodors Olsen eftf) [1868-. Norway. Silversmiths]
Thorsund, J. [-. Norway. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Throndsen, Ivar [1853-1932. Norway. Medalist]
Tidemand, Nicolai [1888-1975. Norway/Denmark. Painter/Ceramist]
Torgersen, Otto [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Ulrichsen, B.B. [-. Norway. Architect]
Vigeland, George [1869-1943. Norway. Sculptor/Madallist]
Vigeland, Tone [1938-. Norway. Jewellery Designer/Sculptor]
Werenskiold, Erik [1855-1938. Norway. Painter/Illustrator]
Westbye, Johannes Thorwaldson [1883-1959. Norway. Architect]
Wilkens, August [-. Norway. Rug Designer]
Willums, Olaf [1886-1967. Norway. Painter/Graphic Artist/Engraver]
Windingstad, Helga [-. Norway. Textile Designer]
Winge, Sigurd [1909-1970. Norway. Painter/Muralist/Sculptor/Graphic Artist]
Ødegård, Anne Marie (A.M.) [1929-. Norway. Ceramist]
Beham, Sebald [1500-1550. Nuremberg. Painter/Printmaker]
Vischer, Peter, the Elder [-1529. Nuremberg. Sculptor]
Wechter, Georg, I [1526-1586. Nuremberg. Engraver/Painter/Silversmith/Goldsmith]


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