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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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Maar, Dora [1909-1997. France. Photographer]
Måås-Fjetterström, Märta [1873-1941. Sweden. Textile Designer]
Macaire, Odette [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Macauley, Ellen [-. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Macbeth, Ann [1875-1948. UK. Embroiderer/Textile Designer]
MacCallum, Barbara [1942-. USA. Quilter/Fibre Artist]
MacCarthy, Eileen B. [-. UK. Painter]
MacCarthy, Emily [-. Ireland. Metalworker/Jewellery Designer]
MacChesney, Clara J. Taggert (McChesney, Clara Taggert) [1861-1928. USA. Painter]
MacChesney, Clara Taggart [1860-1928. . Painter]
Maccitti-Lind, Francesca [-. Finland. Ceramist]
MacColl, Elizabeth Mathieson [1863-1951. UK. Bookbinder]
Maccone, Elena [-. Italy. Sculptor]
MacCormack, Katharine [1892-1975. Ireland. Graphic Designer/Embroiderer /Decorative Artist/Wesver]
MacCormack, Katherine [1892-1975. Ireland. Graphic Designer/Embroiderer /Decorative Artist/Weaver]
MacCormack, Kathleen [1892-1975. Ireland. Graphic Designer/Embroiderer /Decorative Artist/Wesver]
MacDermott, Beatrice  [-. UK. Muralist/Illustrator]
MacDonald, Annie [-1924. UK. Bookbinder]
MacDonald, Elizabeth [-. USA. Ceramist/Tile Designer]
Macdonald, Frances (Macdonald-MacNair, Frances) [1874-1921. UK. Metalsmith/Silversmith/Goldsmith/Jewellery Designer]
MacDonald, Jerry [-. USA. Weaver]
Macdonald, Lucy Winifred [1872-1951. UK. Painter]
MacDonald, Margaret (Casson, Margaret MacDonald) [1913-1999. UK. Architect/Glass/Interior Designer/Ceramist/Photographer]
MacDonald, Margaret (Casson, Margaret MacDonald) [1913-1999. UK. Architect/Glass/Interior Designer/Ceramist/Photographer]
Macdonald, Margaret (Mackintosh, Margaret Macdonald) [1865-1933. UK. Metalsmith/Embroiderer/Graphic Designer/Painter]
MacDonald, V.M. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Mace, Flora C. [1949-. USA. Glass Artist]
Macey, F.M. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
MacGaw, Wendy [1955-. USA. Metalsmith/Sculptor]
MacGibbon, R.R. [-. UK. Lacemaker]
MacGoun, Hannah Clarke Preston [1864-1913. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Macgoun, Janet Ann Stuart [1857-1933. UK. Decorative Designer]
MacGregor, Helen [-. UK. Photographer]
MacGregor, Margaret [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Machova, Jarmila [1923-. Czechoslovakia/USA. Weaver/Textile Artist]
MacIntyre, Martha Y. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
MacIver, Loren [1909-1998. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Mack, Mary Hamilton (Hamilton-Mack, Mary) [1903-1984. UK/Australia. Painter/Woodcut Artist]
MacKay, Marion [-. UK. Textile Designer]
MacKenzie, Alixandra (Alix) [1922-1962. USA. Ceramist]
MacKenzie, Helen Margaret [1881-1966. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Mackenzie, John Drew [1861-1918. UK. Painter/Metalworker/Illustrator]
Mackenzie, Lucy E. B. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Mackey, Barbara  [-. USA. Weaver]
Mackie, May [1890-. UK. Embroiderer]
Mackinnon, Sine [1901-1996. Ireland. Painter]
MacLaren, Dora [1884-. UK. Wood Engraver/Illustrator/Poster Designer/Woodcut Artist]
MacLaurin, Jessie [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Maclès, Angèle [-. France. Painter/Graphic Artist]
MacNeil, Carol Brooks [1871-1947. USA. Sculptor]
MacNeil, Linda [1954-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Glass Artist]
MacNicol, Annie P. [-. UK. Ceramist]
MacNicol, Bessie [1869-1904. UK. Painter]
Macomber, Eva M. [1851-1927. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer/Painter]
Macomber, Mary Lizzie [1861-1961. USA. Painter]
MacPherson, Louisa E. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Macpherson. Elizabeth Forbes (Bruce, Betty) [1883-1965. UK. Embroiderer]
Macqueron, Alice [1903-. France. Decorative Artist/Jewellery Designer]
Macrae, C.A.L. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Macrory, Ethel M. [-. Irland. Pyrographic Artist/Decorative Designer ]
MacVeagh, Marjorie (McVeagh, Marjorie) [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Máday, Grete [-. Hungary. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Maddock, Winifred (Ryle, Winifred) [1897-1987. UK. Architect]
Madrelle, Laurence [1946-. France. Graphic Designer]
Madsen, Kristina [1955-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Woodworker]
Maeda, Katsuyo [-. Japan. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Maetzel-Johannsen, Dorothea  [1886-1930. Germany. Painter]
Magennis, Beverly [-. Canada/USA. Ceramist]
Maggs, Florence E. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Maguire, Helena Jane [1860-1909. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Mahl, Claire (Moore, Claire) [1910-1988. USA. Lithographer/Painter]
Mahler, Marianne (Marian) [1911-1983. Austria/UK. Illustrator/Wallpaper/Textile Designer/Graphic Designer]
Mahomed, Janet [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Mahoney, Dorothy [1902-1984. UK. Calligrapher]
Mahood, Marguerite (Ma) [1901-1989. Australia. Illustrator/Printmaker/Cartoonist/Ceramist/Painter]
Mährlen, Auguste [1880-1929. Germany. Illustrator]
Main, Laura [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Mair, Christine [-. USA. Weaver]
Mairet, Ethel (Partridge, Ethel/Coomaraswamy, Ethel) [1872-1952. UK. Weaver]
Maist, Elizabeth G.  [-. USA. Bookbinder]
Maitland, Bessie [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Maitland, Bessie F. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Maitland, Madge [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Majeska, Madame [-. USA. Interior Designer]
Makovsky, E. [-. Finland. Decorative Designer]
Malarcher, Patricia [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Malclès, Angèle [-. France. Illustrator/Textile Designer]
Malcolm, Jessie Pescod [-. UK. Painter/Graphic/Decorative Artist]
Malino, Emily [1925-2007. USA. Interior Designer]
Mallász, Gitta [1907-1992. Austria/Hungary/France. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Mallinson, Nina [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Mallorie, Margaret E.M. (Trinder, Margaret E.M.) [1881-1974. UK. Painter]
Mallory, Ruth Leigh [1892-1942. UK. Ceramist/Embroiderer]
Malman, Christina [-. USA. Illustrator]
Malten, Charlotte [1912-1988. USA. Ceramist]
Maltwood, Katherine (Katharine) Emma [1878-1961. UK/Canada. Sculptor/Graphic Artist]
Mandelli, Mariuccia [1925-2015. Italy. Fashion Designer/Manufacturer]
Mandelman, Beatrice [1912-1998. USA. Lithographer/Painter]
Manderfield, Ellen [1916-1999. USA. Industrial Designer]
Mangin, M. [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Mangin, Marc [-. France. Embroiderer]
Manhart, Marcia [-. USA. Ceramist]
Manheim, Julia [1949-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Sculptor]
Manley, Agnes P. [1867-1931. UK. Illustrator]
Manley, Edna [1900-1987. UK/Jamaica. Sculptor/Woodcarver]
Manley, Marion I. [1893-1984. USA. Architect]
Mann, Catherine M. [-. UK. Poster Designers]
Mann, Cathleen [1896-1959. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Mann, Kathleen (Crawford, Kathleen [1908-2000. UK. Embroiderer]
Manners, Erna [1899-1956. Australia/UK. Ceramist/Woodcut Artist]
Manners, Violet (Duchess of Rutland; Marchioness of Grandby) [1856-1937. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Pencil Artist]
Mannes-Abbott, Sheila [1939-2014. UK. Painter]
Maratta, Hardesty Gillmore [1864-1924. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Marc, Fanny [1858-1937. France. Sculptor]
Marcard-Cucuel, Clara Lotte von [-1955. Germany/USA. Painter]
March, Eleanor S. [1871-1967. UK. Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Marckwald, Dorothy [-. USA. Interior Designer]
Marcotte, Marie-Antonette [1869-1929. France. Painter]
Marcus, Natalie S. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Marescaux, Kathleen (Dennis, Kathleen) [1868-1944. Ireland. Painter]
Maresova, Alice [-. Czechoslovakia. Glass Artist]
Margaret, Julia Margaret [1815-1879. UK. Photographer]
Margill, Anita [-. USA. Sculptor]
Margold, Ella [1886-1961. Austria/Germany. Graphic/Textile Designer]
Margrill, Anita [-. USA. Architect/Sculptor]
Maria (Martins, Maria) [1894-1973. Brazil. Sculptor]
Marillier, Beatrice (Betty) [1898-2000. UK. Weaver]
Mark, Amy [-. UK. Embroiderer/Decorative Designer]
Mark, Phyllis [1921-2004. USA. Sculptor]
Markarian, Janet [1953-. USA. Sculptor/Fibre Artist]
Markey, Barbara R. [-. USA. Weaver]
Markham, Maureen [-. USA. Mosaic Artist]
Markley, Margery [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Marks, Margarete (Grete) [1899-1990. Germany/UK. Ceramist/Painter]
Marks, Roberta [1936-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor/Painter]
Markus, Lili (Márkus, Lily) [-. Hungary/UK. Ceramist]
Marlor, Dorothea [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Marr, Sophie [1847-1901. UK. Painter]
Marrot, Paule [1902-1987. France. Textile Designer]
Mars, Ethel [1876-1956. USA. Painter/Printmaker]
Marsden, Stella [-. UK. Artist]
Marsh, Ginny [1945-. USA. Ceramist]
Marsh, Tom [1934-1991. USA. Ceramist]
Marshall, E.J. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Marshall, Helen Ray [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Marshall, M. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Marshall, Marian [1947-. Canada. Interior Designer]
Marshall, Mark Villars [-1912. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Marsovszky, Elemer [-. Hungary. Photographer]
Marston, Freda [1895-1949. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Martelli, Marie [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Martenson, B. [-. Sweden. Embroiderer]
Martin, Agnes Fulton [1904-1972. UK. Painter]
Martin, Annie [-. France. Ceramist]
Martin, Beatrix [1876-1964. UK. Painter]
Martin, C.E. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Martin, Dorothy [-. UK. Textile/Wallpaper Designer]
Martin, Dorothy [-. UK. Embroiderer/Painter/Etcher/Ceramist/Illuminator/Illustrator]
Martin, Edna [1908-2003. Sweden. Textile Designer]
Martin, Ethel (Fridlander, Mrs. E.D.) [1873-1969. UK. Painter/Lacemaker]
Martin, Ethel Selina [1876-1961. UK. Jewellery Designer/Painter]
Martin, Ingeborg [-. Denmark. Textile Designer]
Martin, Nancy Skreko [-. USA. Ceramist]
Martin, Reba [-. USA. Stencil Artist]
Martin-Sabon, Nathalie [1855-1931. France. Decorative Designer]
Martindale, Veronica [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Martineau, Edith [1842-1909. UK. Painter]
Martineau, Sarah Madeleine [1872-1972. UK. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith]
Martinez, María (Povéka, María) [1887-1980. USA. Ceramist]
Marton, Beryl [-. USA. Artist]
Martyn, Ethel King [1863-1946. UK. Textile Designer/Decorative Painter/Etcher]
Maruyama, Wendy [1952-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Marve, Eugenia Diane [-. USA. Ceramist]
Marx, Enid [1902-1998. UK. Textile/Wallpaper/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Wood Engraver/Ceramist]
Marx, Nicki [1943-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Textile Aretist]
Marx-Diestelmann, Lizzi (Diestelmann, Lizzi) [-. Germany. Textile/Book Designer/Decorative Artist]
Maryon, Louisa Edith C. [1872-1924. UK. Sculptor]
Masako, Ogura [-. Japan. Ivory Carver]
Mason, Hilda Frances [1879-1955. UK. Architect/Painter]
Mason, Josephine [1872-1952. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Mason, Mary [1842-. UK. Painter]
Mason, Mary Stuard Townsend [1886-1964. USA. Painter]
Massaro, Karen [1944-. Denmark/USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Massey, Gertrude (Seth, Gertrude) [1868-1957. UK. Painter]
Massey, Sylvia [-. USA. Sculptor]
Masterman, Dodie [1918-2009. UK. Illustrator]
Masterson, Jennifer Lind (Lind, Jenny) [-. USA. Ceramist/Illustrator]
Masur, Roberta [-. USA. Metalsmith]
Mateldi, Brunetta [1904-1988. Italy. Painter/Illustrator]
Mathers, Maud A. [1890-1921. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Mathews, Lucia [1870-1955. USA. Painter/Muralist/Decorative Artist]
Mathieu, Monique [-. France. Bookbinder]
Mathioly, Christiane (Sister Marie-Christine de la Trinité) [1920-. France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Matlock, Ann [1944-. USA. Weaver/Tapestry Designer]
Matsukata, Miyé [1922-1981. Japan/USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Matsumoto, Mihoko [-. Japan. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Matt, Annemarie von [1905-1967. Switzerland. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Mattera, Joanne [1948-. USA. Papermaker/Painter]
Matthaei, Leni (Leoni) [-. Germany. Textile Designer/Lacemaker/Painter/Embroiderer]
Matthaei, Leoni [-. Germany. Embtoiderer]
Matthews, Anna Lou (Matthews, Loo) [1882-1962. USA. Sculptor]
Matthews, Dora [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Matthews, Julia Beatrice (Ivimey, Julia Beatrice) [1863-1948. UK. Painter]
Matthews, Kazuko [1934-. USA. Ceramist]
Matthews, Winifred [-1896. UK. Painter]
Mattson, Thyra [-. Sweden. Textile Artist]
Matz, Louise [-. Germany. Jewellery Designer]
Maude, Alice C. (Stewart, Alice C.) [1879-1967. UK. Sculptor/Etcher/Painter/Illustrator]
Maugham, Syrie [1879-1955. UK. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Maule, Annie E. [-. UK. Weaver/Embroiderer]
Maury, Cornelia Field [1866-1942. USA. Painter]
Mauser, Lynn Mauser-Bain, Lynn) [-. USA/Canada. Textile/Installation Artist/Printmaker]
Mautner von Markhof, Editha (Moser, Ditha) [1883-1969. Austria. Graphic Designer/Photographer]
Mautner von Markhof, Magda [1881-1944. Austria. Graphic Artist/Interior Designer]
Mavrina, Tatjana [1902-1996. USSR. Illustrator/Book/Poster/Tapestry Designer]
Maw, Gertrude S. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Maw, Zöe Theodora [1909-1988. UK. Architect]
Max, Ella [1897-. Austria. Ceramist]
Maxfield, Winifred F. [-. UK. Metalworker/Sculptor]
Maxwell, Gertrude F.M. [-. UK. Calligrapher]
May, Anna [1894-1984. Germany. Poster/Textile/Wallpaper Designer]
May, Elaine [-. UK. Painter/Textile Designer]
May, Henrietta Mabel [1877-1971. Canada. Painter]
May, Winifred [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Maybach [-. Germany. Textile Designer]
Maycock, Jill [1945-. UK/Canada. Textile Artist]
Mayer, Agnes E. [-. USA. Painter]
Mayer, Eleanor [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Mayer, Florence Katherine [1883-1937. UK. Painter]
Mayer, Gladys [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Mayer, Olive [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Mayo, Daphne [1895-1982. Australia. Sculptor]
Mayo, Eileen [1906-1994. UK/Australia/New Zealand. Painter/Poster/Tapestry/Postage Stamp Designer/Illustrator/Wood Engraver/Muralist]
McAllister, Elaine [-. USA. Window Display Designer]
McBean, Isabel [-. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
McCabe, Rena [-. USA. Textile Artist/Weaver]
McCabe, Rosallen [-. Ireland. Embroiderer]
McCarthy, Judy [-. USA. Weaver/Fibre Artist]
McCarty, Peg [-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Ceramist]
McClelland, Elspeth Douglas [1879-1920. UK. Architect/Furniture/Interior Designer]
McCloy, Eveline (McCloy, A.E.) [1873-1955. Ireland. Bookbinder/Decorative Artist]
McCoy, Katherine [1945-. USA. Industrial/Graphic Designer]
McCrea, Johnann [1881-1955. UK. Embroiderer]
McCreery, M. [-. USA. Ceramist]
McCrossan, Mary [1863-1934. UK. Painter]
McCullough, Alice G. [-. Canada/USA. Bookbinder]
McDaniel, Claribel [1914-2008. USA. Tapestry Designer/Textile Artist/Weaver]
McDermott, Edith K. [-. Ireland. Ceramist/Woodcarver]
McDermott, Mary Ellen [1900-. USA. Enameller]
McDowall, Mary [1880-1951. UK. Painter/Woodcut Artist]
McElwee, Bessie [1877-1952. UK. Metalworker]
McEvoy, Mary [1870-1941. UK. Painter]
McGavin, Edith J. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
McGuinness, Norah [1901-1980. Ireland. Metalworker/Enameller/Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Theatre Designer]
McIlroy, Marjorie (Wildenhain, Marjorie McIlroy) [-1967. USA. Jewellery Designer]
McKay, Elizabeth [-. UK. Embroiderer]
McKee, Eva Kathleen [1890-1955. UK. Decorative Painter/Embroiderer/Jewellery Designer/Metalworker/Woodworker]
McKenzie, Alison [1907-1982. UK. Poster Designer/Wood Engraver]
McKenzie, Helen Margaret [1885-1966. UK. Painter/Textile Designer]
McKenzie, Winifred [1905-2001. UK. Wood Engraver]
McKie, Helen Madeleine [1899-1957. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
McKie, Judy Kensley [1944-. USA. Furniture Designer]
McLane, M. Jean [1878-1964. USA. Painter]
McLeish, Annie [1877-1919. UK. Decorative Artist/Illustrator]
McLeish, Minnie [1876-1957. UK. Graphic/Textile/Jewellery Designer/Ceramist/Illustrator]
McLellan, Sadie [1914-2007. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
McManus, Blanche [1870-1935. USA. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
McMein, Neysa [1888-1949. USA. Illustrator]
McMillan, Emily D. [-. USA. Painter]
McMorran, Tina [-. USA. Textile Designer/Weaver]
McMurray, Eliza [-. UK. Embroiderer]
McMurtry-Young, Belle [-. USA. Bookbinder]
McNaught, Elsie [1886-1987. UK. Painter/Muralist/Wood Engraver]
McNaught, Jennie [-. UK. Embroiderer]
McNeile, Mary [-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
McNicoll, Helen Galloway [1879-1915. Canada. Painter]
McPherson, Margaret Rose (Preston, Margaret Rose) [1875-1963. Australia. Painter]
McVay, Harue Oyama [1928-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
McVey, Leza S. [1907-1984. USA. Ceramist/Weaver]
McVicker, Julia [1906-1990. USA. Weaver/Ceramist/Textile Designer]
Mead, Josephine (Jo) [-2000. USA. Interior Designer/Sculptor]
Mead, Marion Grace [-. UK. Woodcarver/Painter]
Mead, Mildred [-. USA. Photographer]
Meadow [-. USA. Sculptor/Painter/Jewellery Designer/Prntmaker]
Meanley, Deanne [-. UK. Glass Designer]
Mears, Helen Farnsworth [1872-1916. USA. Sculptor]
Meats, Muriel [1904-1991. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Medd, Mary Beaumont (Crowley, Mary Beaumont) [1907-2005. UK. Architect]
Medel, Rebecca [1947-. USA. Tapestry Designer/Fibre Artist]
Mediz-Pelikan, Emilie [1861-1908. Austria/Germany. Painter]
Medlin, Pru (La Motte, Pru) [1928-. Australia. Textile Designer/Decorative Artist]
Mednick, Sol [1916-1970. USA. Photographer]
Meeker, Nancee [1951-. USA. Ceramist]
Meeson, Dora (Meeson-Coates, Dora) [1869-1955. Australia/UK. Painter]
Meggs, Evelyn E. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Meier-Michel, Johanna (Meier, Johanna) [1876-1930. Austria. Ceramist]
Melcaková-Juneková, Veruna [1945-. Czechoslovakia/Slovakia. Graphic/Textile Designer/Illustrator]
Meli, Salvatore [1929-. Italy. Ceramist]
Mellen, Catherine [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Menage, Bessie Marble [1877-. USA. Interior Designer/Painter]
Menalda, Elisabeth (Liesbeth, Lieske) [1895-1997. Netherlands. Graphic Designer/Bookbinder]
Mendel, Hortense [-1960. USA. Art Director]
Mendez, Jenny [-. USA. Ceramist]
Mensching, Erika [-. Switzerland. Illustrator]
Mercer, Eleanor Louise [-1899. UK. Sculptor/Metalworker]
Mercer, Ursula [1923-. UK. Architect]
Meredith, Dorothy L. [1906-1986. USA. Weaver]
Merfield, Bertha Elizabeth [-1921. Australia. Painter/Muralist]
Mergentime, Marguerita [1894-1941. USA. Textile Designer/Ceramist]
Merker, Wilhelmine [-. Austria. Poster Designer]
Merkling, Erica Perl [-. Austria/USA. Illustrator]
Merritt, Anna Massey Lea [1844-1930. USA/UK. Painter]
Mersfelder, Lou [-. USA. Painter]
Merton, Dorothy B. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Mesdag van Houten, Sientje [1834-1909. Netherlands. Painter]
Meserole, Harriet [-. USA. Illustrator/Textile Designer]
Metcalf, Tom [-. UK/USA. Jewellery Designer]
Metcalfe, Marguerite [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Methfessel, Elvira Amelia [1870-1949. USA. Painter]
Metsovaara, Marjatta [1927-2014. Finland/Belgium. Textile/Fashion Designer]
Metzger, Marie [-. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Meugens, Harriett Sibyl [1876-1942. UK. Painter]
Meunier, Suzanne [1888-1979. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Meyer, Erna V. [-. Germany. Photographer]
Meyer, Grethe [1918-2008. Denmark. Architect/Furniture/Industrial Designer/Ceramist]
Meyer, Idy [-. Switzerland. Textile Designer]
Meyer, Jean [1924-. UK/Israel. Ceramist]
Meyer, Jenny [1866-1927. Denmark. Painter/Ceramist]
Meyer, Martha [-. Germany. Embroiderer]
Meyer, Ursula [1915-2003. Germany/USA. Ceramist/Sculptor/Photographer]
Mezey, Irmgard [1926-. USA. Ceramist]
Michaels-Paque, Joan (Paque, Joan Michaels) [1937-. USA. Fibre/Multimedia Artist/Painter/Sculptor]
Michel-Koch, Herta [1881-1960. Germany. Textile/Poster Designer/Commercial Artist]
Michelson, Birgit [-. Sweden. Textile Designer]
Michener, Sally [1935-. USA/Canada. Ceramist]
Midanik, Dorothy [-. Canada. Ceramist]
Midderigh-Bokhorst, Bernhardina [1880-1972. Netherlands. Illustrator/Lithographer/Graphic Artist/Painter]
Middlemore, M.E. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Middleton, Julia C. [-. UK. Silversmith/Decorative Designer]
Middleton-Sandford, Betty [-. UK. Textile Designer/Illustrator]
Mihaly, Lili [-. Hungary. Painter]
Miho, Tomoko [1933-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Miklaszewski, Gwidon [1912-1999. Poland. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Animator]
Milde, Gertrude [-. Germany. Decorative Designer]
Mileham, Mary Livock [1874-1939. UK. Painter]
Milesi, Juliette [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Millen, Meriel [-. UK. Fashion/Badge/Costume Designer]
Millen, Muriel [-. UK. Costume Designer]
Miller, Catherine [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Miller, Dorothy [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Miller, Hestor [-. . Painter]
Miller, Josephine Haswell [1890-1975. UK. Painter/Decorative Artist/Etcher]
Miller, Kate Reno [1870-1929. USA. Painter]
Miller, Lea [-. USA. Rug Designer]
Miller, Lea Van P. [1898-1979. USA. Weaver/Rug Designer]
Miller, Lee [1907-1977. USA/UK. Photographer]
Miller, Marcelline [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Miller, Marian [-. USA. Illustrator]
Miller, Mary [-. USA. Interior Designer]
Milles, Ruth [1873-1941. Sweden. Sculptor]
Millett, Lucy Constance Marian [1863-1963. UK. Painter]
Mills, Ernestine [1871-1959. UK. Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Mills, Jacqueline [1927-1995. UK. Painter/Ceramist]
Mills, Joan Saxon [1904-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Mills, Kathleen M. [-. UK. Embroiderer/Textile Artist]
Milne, Ella Gordon [-. UK. Illuminator]
Milne, Jean [-. UK. Metalworker/Decorative Plasterer/Sculptor]
Milner, Lilian [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Milner, Mildred [-. UK. Silversmith]
Milner-Wright, Kate [-. USA. Painter]
Milnes, Florence [-. UK. Metalworker]
Milroy, Eleanor Catherine Wallace (”Kitty”) [1886-1966. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Mina, Jacqueline (Jackie) [1942-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Minisci, Brenda [1939-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Minkowitz, Norma [1937-. USA. Basketmaker/Fibre/Wearable Artist/Textile Designer/Sculptor]
Minor, Barbara [-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Matalsmith]
Minter, Muriel Herne [1897-1983. UK. Painter/Etcher/Stained Glass Designer]
Mirkovszky, Gizella (Greguss, Gizella) [1862-1955. Hungary. Textile Artist/Lacemaker]
Mirkowsky, Gisela (Geza) [-. Hungary. Textile Designer/Painter]
Mishima, Kimiyo [1932-. Japan. Painter/Ceramist/Sculptor]
Miss Johnston-Mrs. Hewitt [-1917. USA. Photographic Partnership]
Missoni, Rosita [1931-. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Mitchell, Clodagh [-. UK. Ceramist]
Mitchell, E. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Mitchell, Helen [-. USA. Ceramist]
Mitchell, Ina D. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Mitchell, M. Patricia [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Mitchell, Maggie Richardson [1883-1953. UK. Sculptor]
Mitchell, Marion [1903-1994. UK/USA. Wood Engraver]
Mitchell-Smith, Mary [-. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Mitzlaff, Hanna [-. Germany. Graphic Artist/Poster Designer]
Miyata, Masako [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Miyawaki, Aiko [1929-. Japan. Jewellery Designer/Sculptor/Painter]
Moberley, Ida [-. UK. Book Designer]
Mochrie, Elsie [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Moder, Else [-. Austria. Embroiderer]
Modigliani, Anna Olga [1873-1968. Italy. Painter/Ceramist]
Moeckel, Else [-. Germany. Ceramist]
Moeri, Babette [-. Switzerland/UK. Interior Decorator/Antique Dealer]
Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl [1905-1971. Germany/USA. Art Critic/Historian]
Mold, Winifred [1894-. UK. Textile Designer]
Molesworth, Mollie [1907-1935. India/UK. Painter]
Molinaro, Louise [1953-. USA. Ceramist]
Moll, Pauline [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Moll, Therese [1934-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Mollenhauer, Marie Thérèse [1909-1999. France. Ceramist]
Möller, Grete [1915-2000. Denmark/Sweden. Ceramist]
Möller, Muriel [-. UK. Woodcarver/Painter]
Möller-Coburg, Clara (Ehmcke, Clara) [1869-1918. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Moncey, Thérèse [-. France. Bookbinder]
Monk, Kathleen D. [-. UK. Rug Designer]
Mönkemeyer-Corty, Dore (Corty-Mönkemeyer, Dore) [1890-1973. Germany. Poster Designer]
Monson-Baumgart, Isolde [1935-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Montadre, Christiana [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Montague, Renée [-. USA. Fashion Accessories Designer]
Montefiore, A. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Monteil, Germaine [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Montereau, Germaine  [1892-1959. France. Weaver/Embroiderer/Rug Designer]
Montgomery, Margaret [-. USA. Enameller]
Montigny, Jeanne (Jenny) [1875-1937. Belgium. Painter]
Moody, Fannie [1861-1948. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Moonelis, Judy [1953-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Moore, A.A. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Moore, Annie May [1881-1931. Australia. Photographer/Painter]
Moore, Beatrice [1950-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Moore, Esther M. [1857-. UK. Sculptor]
Moore, Hellyn R. [1937-. USA. Metalsmith]
Moore, Lou Wall [-1924. USA. Sculptor]
Moore, Madeleine [-. UK. Lacemaker]
Moore, Marjorie [1944-. USA. Painter/Assemblage Artist]
Moore, Minnie Louise (Moore, Mina) [1882-1957. Australia. Photographer]
Moore, Mona [1917-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Moore, Patricia (Pattie) [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Moore, Phoebe [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Moore, Riette Sturge [1907-1995. UK. Textile/Theatre Costume Designer]
Moorman, Theo [1907-1990. UK. Weaver]
Morais, Jane Kelly [-. USA. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Moran, Mary Nimmo [1842-1899. USA. Painter/Etcher]
Moray, T. Dawson [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Morck-Schultz, Marita [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Mordy, Ruth Bright [1949-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Morford, B.N. [-. UK. Weaver]
Morford, Beatrice N. [-. UK. Weaver]
Morgan, Dorothy Carey (Carey-Morgan, Dorothy] [1886-1982. UK. Painter/Engraver/Sculptor/Illustrator]
Morgan, Jacqui [1941-2013. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Morgan, Lucy [1889-1981. USA. Weaver/Founder and Director of Penland School of Crafts]
Morgan, Milly [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Morgan, Nancy [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Morgenthaler, Sascha (Sasha) [1893-1975. Switzerland. Doll/Mannequin Designer/Maker]
Mori, Hanae [1926-. Japan. Fashion Designer]
Mori, Irene [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Morice, Charlotte [-. France. Batik Artist/Decorative Designer]
Morisot, Berthe [1841-1895. France. Painter]
Morisset, Blanche [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Morisset, Henriette [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Morla, Jennifer [1955-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Morley, Julia [-. UK. Metalsmith]
Morley, Lilias H. [-. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Morohan, Mary [-. Ireland. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Morris, Dorothy [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Morris, Geraldine [1881-1946. UK. Illustrator/Engraver/Jewellery Designer]
Morris, Jane Alice (Jenny) [1861-1935. UK. Embroiderer]
Morris, Marion [-. UK. Ceramist]
Morris, May [1862-1938. UK. Embroiderer/Wallpaper/Jewellery/Textile Designer]
Morris, Mildred [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Morris, Nelly [-. UK. Painter]
Morris, Winifred [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Morrison, Marjorie [1900-1992. UK. Painter]
Morrison, Nina [-1904. UK. Painter]
Morrison, Norah [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Morrison, Susan [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Morse, Alice Cordelia [1863-1961. USA. Stained Glass/Book Cover/Poster Designer]
Morse, Marcia [1944-. USA. Tapestry Designer/Fibre Artist/Papermaker]
Morse, Mary Enid [1887-1962. UK. Painter]
Morstadt, Anna [1874-1946. Austria-Hungary. Painter]
Mort, Eirene [1879-1977. Australia. Illustrator/Etcher]
Mortlock, Ethel [1853-. UK. Painter]
Morton, Elzie D. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Morton-Sale, Isobel [1904-1992. UK. Illustrator]
Moscheles, Margaret [1854-1924. UK. Painter]
Moseley, Cynthia [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Moseley, Doris Haywood [1895-1953. UK. Illuminator]
Moseley, Edna [-. UK. Architect]
Mosely, Edna [1899-1954. UK. Architect/Interior Designer]
Moses, Grandma (Moses, Anna Mary) [1860-1961. USA. Painter]
Moss, Debbe [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Moss, Mary M. [-. Ireland. Embroiderer]
Moss, Molly [-. UK. Painter]
Mosseller, Lillian Mills [1897-1992. USA. Rug Designer/Maker/Painter]
Mothersole, Jessie [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Muralist/ Mosaic Artist/Painter]
Motley, Joan [-. UK. Ceramist]
Moty, Eleanor [1945-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith]
Moty, Joyce [-. USA. Ceramist]
Moule, Marion [-. USA. Ceramist]
Mouroux, Anie [1887-1978. France. Sculptor/Medal Designer]
Moxon, Doris [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Moxter, Elsa [-. UK. Graphic Artist]
Moy, Rebecca [-. USA. Ceramist]
Moyano de Muñiz, Lucrecia [1902-1998. Argentina. Rug Designer/Glass Artist]
Muchnic, Suzanne [-. USA. Mixed Media Artist/Art Critic]
Mück, Melanie [-. Austria. Textile Designer/Embroiderer]
Mühlen, Wanda von zur (Mühlen-Gmelin, Wanda von zur) [1886-1962. Germany. Painter/Wallpaper Designer]
Mukhina, Vera [1889-1953. Russia/USSR. Sculptor/Glass Artist]
Mulcahy, Kathleen [1950-. USA. Glass Artist/Sculptor]
Müller, Erika [1927-. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Müller-Hellwig, Alen (Müller, Alen) [1901-1993. Germany. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Müller-Heydenreich, Martha [1882-. Germany. Painter]
Müller-Kaempff, Else (Müller-Kaempf, Else) [1869-1940. Germany. Painter]
Müller-Kaempff, Paul (Müller-Kaempf, Paul) [1861-1941. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Müller-Knatz, Aenni (Anna) [-. Germany. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Mullock, Dorothy [-. UK. Woodcraft Designer]
Munch-Petersen, Lisbeth (Lisbet) [1909-1997. Denmark. Ceramist]
Munk, Melanie [-. Austria. Painter]
Munn, Edith M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Muñoz, Aurelia [1926-2011. Spain. Fibre Artist/Sculptor/Tapestry Designer]
Munro, Helen (Turner, Helen Munro) [1901-1977. UK. Illustrator/Glass Designer/Engraver]
Munsters, Carla [1939-. Netherlands. Fibre Artist]
Muntz, Elizabeth (Betty) [1894-1977. Canada/UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Muona, Toini [1904-1987. Finland. Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Mura, Charlotte [-. UK. Painter]
Murchison, Ruth [1887-1962. USA. Painter]
Murelius, Marie [-. USA. Weaver]
Murphy, Edith J. [-. Ireland. Woodcarver]
Murray, Lottie [-. UK. Painter]
Murray, Rene [-. USA. Ceramist]
Musker, Doris [-. UK. Architect]
Muspratt, Aimée [1871-1962. UK. Painter]
Musser, Tharon [1925-2009. USA. Theatre Lighting Designer]
Mustakallio-Suominen, Kaija [1916-. Finland. Textile Designer]
Muthesius, Anna [1870-1961. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Mutter, Antonie [1892-1984. Austria. Ceramist]
Myers, Hannah [-. UK. Painter/Woodcut Artist]
Myers, Jan [1950-. USA. Quilter]
Myers, Jean [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Myerscough, Morag [1963-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Møller, Inger Eleonora [1886-1979. Denmark. Silversmith]
Møller-Jensen, Sigrid [1875-1968. Denmark. Painter]
Mørch, Ibi Trier [1910-. Denmark. Architect/Industrial Designer/Silversmith]