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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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C. & J.G. Potter [1839-2003. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
C. Cardinale (Carlos Cardinale) [-. Brazil. Lithographic Firm]
C. Hugo Pott (Pott) [1904-. Germany. Metalsmiths/Metalware Manufacturer]
C. Naumann's Druckerei [-. Germany. Printing Firm]
C. Olesen [1892-. Denmark. Manufacturer of Furnishing Fabrics]
C. Pub [-. Belgium. Design Studio]
C. Vernon & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C. William Moss Associates [-. USA. Design Studio]
C.A. Weiland [-. Switzerland. Advertising Agency]
C.E. Mallows & Grocock [1898-. UK. Architectural Firm]
C.E. Waltman & Associates (Waltman Associates, Waltman Design) [1925-. USA. Industrial/Interior Design Studio]
C.F. Higham Ltd. (Charles F. Higham Ltd.) [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C.G. Hallbergs Guldsmeds [1860-. Sweden. Silversmiths/Jewellers]
C.H. & N.A. Rew [1904-. UK. Architectural Firm]
C.H. Gee & Co.Ltd. [-. UK. Printer]
C.J. Lytle Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C.R. and H.W. Crickmay & Sons [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
C.R. Casson Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C.T. Bowie, Fisher & Co. [1850-. UK. Interior Decorators/Painters]
Caasmann, Albert [1886-1968. Germany. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Cabaniss, Henry (Hank) [-. USA. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Cabat, Ernest (’Erni’) [1914-1994. USA. Graphic Designer/Sculptor/Ceramist/Painter]
Cabat, Rose [1914-2015. USA. Ceramist]
Cabianca, Vincenzo [1827-1902. Italy. Painter]
Cabiati, Ottavio [1889-1956. Italy. Architect]
Cabin Crafts Inc. [1932-. USA. Carpet/Furnishing Fabrics Manufacturers]
Cabot, Petra [1907-2006. USA. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Cacharel, Jean [1932-. France. Fashion Designer]
Cachemaille-Day, Nugent Francis [1896-1976. UK. Architect]
Cachia, G. [-. Malta. Sculptor/Architect]
Cachoud, François Charles [1866-1943. France. Painter]
Cacicedo, Jean Williams [1948-. USA. Textile/Wearable Artist]
Cackett, James Thorburn [1860-1928. UK. Architect]
Cadbury-Brown, H.T. [1913-2009. UK. Architect]
Cadby, Carine [-. UK. Photographer]
Cadel, Eugène [1865-1940. France. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Cadell, Francis Campbell Boileau [1883-1937. UK. Painter]
Cadenhead, James [1858-1927. UK. Painter]
Cadiou, Henri [1906-1992. France. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Cadness, Henry [1854-1926. UK. Textile Designer/Illuminator/Painter]
Cadness, Mildred [1890-1982. UK. Enameller]
Cadogan, Francis [-. UK. Painter]
Cadoret, Michel [1912-1985. France. Textile/Tapestry Designer/Painter/Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Muralist]
Cadorin, Ettore [1876-1952. USA. Sculptor]
Cadorìn, Guido [1892-1978. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cadorin, Vincenzo [1854-1925. Italy. Decorative Artist/Furniture Designer]
Cadot [-. France. Textile Firm]
Cadovius, Poul [1911-2011. Denmark. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer/Architect]
Cadwalader-Guild, Emma (Emma Cadwallader-Guild) [1843-. UK. Sculptor/Medalist]
Cadwallader, Brooke [-. USA. Printed Textile Designer]
Caffaro Rore, Mario [1910-2001. Italy. Poster Designer]
Caffieri, Jacques [1678-1755. France. Sculptor/Metalworker]
Caffieri, Jean-Jacques [1725-1792. France. Sculptor]
Caffyn, William Henry (W.H.) [1870-1958. UK. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Caflisch, Max [1916-2004. Switzerland. Typographer]
Caggiofatto, Ivo [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Cagli, Corrado [1910-1976. Italy. Painter/Theatre Set Designer/Muralist]
Cagnoni, Amerino [1855-1923. Italy. Painter]
Cahana, Naomi [-. Israel. Ceramist]
Cahard, André [1868-1925. France. Illustrator/Painter/Engraver]
Cahén, Oscar [1915-1956. Canada. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Painter/Muralist]
Caillaud, Louis [1894-1963. France. Photographer/Illustrator]
Caille, Pierre [1911-1996. Belgium. Ceramist/Painter]
Caillette, René Jean [1919-2004. France. Furniture Designer]
Cain, B.R. [-. UK. Silversmith]
Cain, Charles William [1893-1962. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Cain, Charlotte [1942-. USA. Textile Artist/Painter]
Cain, Georges-Jules-Auguste [1856-1919. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Cairati, Gerolamo [1860-1948. Italy. Painter]
Caird, Marjorie Rorie [-. UK. Painter]
Cairnes Maltby Associates [-. UK. Design Studio]
Cairns, James Davidson [1866-1947. UK. Architect]
Cal Art & Associates [-. USA. Design Studio]
Calabresi, Aldo [1930-2004. Italy. Graphic/Industrial Designer/Typographer]
Calabretti, N. [-. Italy. Sculptor/Metalworker]
Calame, Georges [1930-1999. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Calamida, Umberto [1896-1964. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Calandra, Davide [1856-1915. Italy. Sculptor/Medallist]
Calandra, Edoardo [1852-1911. Italy. Painter]
Calcagnadoro, Antonio [1876-1935. Italy. Painter]
Caldanzano, Luigi Emilio [1880-1928. Italy. Poster Designer]
Caldecott, Randolph [1846-1886. UK. Illustrator]
Calder, Alexander [1898-1976. USA. Sculptor/Painter]
Calder, Alexander Stirling [1870-1945. USA. Sculptor]
Calder, Ralph Milne [1884-1976. USA. Architect/Painter/Interior Decorator]
Calderini, Marco [1850-1941. Italy. Painter]
Calderon, Philip Hermogenes [1833-1898. UK. Painter]
Caldwell, Bill [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Caldwell, Eleanor June [-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Weaver]
Caldwell, John [1937-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Caldwell, Steven [1948-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Caley, T.E. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Calhoun, Larry [1937-. USA. Ceramist/Painter]
Cali, François [-. France. Writer/Graphic Artist]
Califano, John Edmund [1862-1946. Italy/USA. Painter]
Caliga, Isaac Henry [1857-1934. USA. Painter]
Calkin, Lance [1859-1936. UK. Painter]
Calkins & Holden [1902-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Calkins & Holden Carlock McClinton & Smith [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Calkins, Deborah H. [-. USA. Art Director]
Calkins, Earnest Elmo [1868-1964. USA. Advertising Executive/Woodcarver]
Calland, Eustace [1865-1959. UK. Photographer]
Callaway, James T. [1938-1990. USA. Advertising Executive]
Callear, Agnes [-. Ireland. Embroiderer]
Callebaut, Ernest (Callebout, Ernest) [1887-1952. Belgium. Painter/Sculptor/Engraver/Etcher]
Callegaris, A. [-. Italy. Painter]
Calleja, Estaban [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Calligan, Edwin [-. UK. Display/Poster/Packaging Designer/Muralist]
Callot, Jacques [1592-1635. France. Printmaker/Painter]
Callow, Leonard [-. UK. Exhibition/Display Designer]
Callow, William [1812-1908. UK. Painter/Engraver]
Callwood, R.H. [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Calm, Lotte (Calm-Wierink, Charlotte Alice) [1897-. Bohemia/Austria. Jewelley Designer/Graphic artist]
Calman, Mel [1931-1994. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Calmettes, Pierre Paul [1873-1943. France. Painter]
Calonius, Lars [-1995. Finland/USA. Animator]
Calori, Guido [1885-1960. Italy. Sculptor/Architect/Painter]
Calsina, Ramón [1901-1992. Spain. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Calthrop, Dion Clayton [1878-1937. UK. Illustrator/Theathre Designer]
Calvert, Arthur Richard [-. UK. Architect]
Calvert, Edith [1864-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Calvert, Edward [1799-1883. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Wood Engraver]
Calvert, Margaret [1936-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Calvin Woo Design (CWA Inc.) [1972-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Calzavara, L. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Calzi, A. [1873-1919. Italy. Ceramist/Painter/Graphic/Furniture Designer/Metalworker]
Calzi, Achille [1873-1919. Italy. Ceramist/Painter/Graphic/Furniture Designer/Metalworker]
Camarda, Francesco [1886-1962. Italy. Painter]
Cambellotti, Duilio [1876-1960. Italy. Poster/Stained Glass Designer]
Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, Camberwell, London [1898-. UK. Art, Craft and Design College]
Camblin, Leslie [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cambon, Glauco [1875-1930. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cambridge Seven Associates [1962-. USA. Architecture/Design Firm]
Camden Associates [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Camelli, Illemo [1876-1939. Italy. Painter/Illustrator]
Cameron, A. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Cameron, Arthur [1875-1939. UK. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cameron, Beatrice [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Cameron, Charles [1745-1812. UK/Russia. Architect]
Cameron, David Young [1865-1945. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Cameron, Donald [-. USA. Furniture/Fabrics/Lighting Designer]
Cameron, Edgar S. [1862-1944. USA. Painter]
Cameron, Henry Herschel Hay [1852-1911. UK. Photographer]
Cameron, I.M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cameron, John J.A. [1909-. UK. Photographer]
Cameron, Julia Margaret [1815-1879. UK. Photographer]
Cameron, Katharine (Kate) [1874-1965. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Cameron, Marie Gélon [1872-1949. France/USA. Painter]
Cameron, Mary [1865-1921. UK. Painter]
Cameron, Robert Macfarlane [1860-1920. UK. Architect]
Cami, Aziz [1950-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Camiassa, A [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Camille Naudot et Cie (Camille Naudot Fils et Cie) [1893-. France. Porcelain Workshop]
Camisasca, Antonio [-. Italy. Architect]
Camm, Florence [1874-1960. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Metalworker/Decorative Artist/Cartoonist]
Cammissar, Auguste (August) [1873-1962. Germany. Painter/Graphic/Stained Glass Designer]
Campagne, Michele [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Campagnola, Giulio [-. . Painter/Engraver]
Campagnoli, Adalberto [1905-1983. Italy. Poster Designer]
Campana, D.M. [1871-. USA. Ceramist/Writer on Art]
Campanale, B. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer/Sculptor]
Campbell & Christmas [1903-. UK. Wallpaper/Stained Glass Manufacturer]
Campbell & Hislop [1908-1924. UK. Architectural Firm]
Campbell Douglas & Morrison [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Campbell Douglas & Paterson [1903-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Campbell Fabrics Ltd. [-. UK. Textile Manufacturers]
Campbell, Alexander Lorne [1871-1944. UK. Architect]
Campbell, B. Elvey [-. UK/USA. Woodcarver]
Campbell, Beatrice [-. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Campbell, Blendon Reed [1872-1969. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist]
Campbell, Charles [-1896. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Decorative Artist]
Campbell, Colen (Campbell, Colen, of Boghole and Urchany) [1676-1729. UK. Architect]
Campbell, David R. [1907-1963. USA. Architect/Crafts Administrator]
Campbell, Edward Morton [1858-1911. USA. Painter/Sculptor]
Campbell, Ethel [-. UK. Leathercraft Designer]
Campbell, Frances Soule [1860-. USA. Painter]
Campbell, Frederick A. [1851-1930. UK/Australia. Etcher/Painter]
Campbell, Heyworth [1886-1953. USA. Art Director/Painter]
Campbell, Joan [-. UK. Illustrator]
Campbell, John [-. USA. Architect]
Campbell, John A. (J.A.) [1878-1947. UK/Germany. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Campbell, John Archibald [1859-1909. UK. Architect]
Campbell, John F. [1885-1966. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Campbell, John Patrick [1883-1962. Ireland/USA. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Caricaturist]
Campbell, Joseph (MacCathmhaoil, Seosamh) [1879-1944. Ireland. Graphic Artist]
Campbell, Keith [1947-. Canada. Ceramist]
Campbell, Madeline Caroline Frances Eden (Wyndham, Mrs. Percy) [-1920. UK. Enameller]
Campbell, Nora Jean [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Campbell, Norah Molly [1888-1971. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Campbell, R J. [-. USA. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Campbell, Robert J. [-. USA. Painter]
Campbell, Sarah [1946-. UK. Textile Designer]
Campbell, Smith & Co.  [1873-. UK. Stained Glass/Interior Decoration Firm]
Campbell, Stuart [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Campbell, William H. [1915-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Curator]
Campbell-Ewald [1911-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Campbell-Grant [-. UK. Interior Decorating Firm]
Campbell-Jones, Owen [1894-. UK. Architect]
Campbell-Jones, William (Jones, William Campbell) [1862-1951. UK. Architect]
Campeggi, Silvano (”Nano”) [1923-. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Campestrini, Alcide Davide [1863-1940. Italy. Painter]
Campi, Antonia [1921-. Italy. Industrial/Furniture Designer/Ceramist]
Campi, Maria [-. Italy. Ceramist]
Campi, Serafino [1905-1992. Italy. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Campidoglio, Livio [-. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Campigli, Massimo [1885-1971. Italy. Painter/Muralist]
Campion, Charlotte [-. UK. Woodcraft Designer]
Campos, Beatriz [1915-. Portugal. Ceramist]
Campriani, Alceste [1848-1933. Italy. Painter]
Camps i Junyent, Gaspar [1874-1942. Spain. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Camuccini, Vincenzo [1771-1844. Papal States. Painter]
Camus, Jean Marie [-. France. Sculptor]
Camwell, Alice Mabel [-. UK. Goldsmith/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Canadian Advertising Agency Ltd. [1908-1974. Canada. Advertising Agency]
Canal Workshop [-. UK. Craft Workshop]
Canaletto [1697-1768. Republic of Venice. Painter/Etcher]
Canaparo, Gary [-. USA. Ceramist]
Canape, Georges [1864-1940. France. Bookbinder]
Canaval, Rudolf [1894-1970. Austria. Textile Designer/Painter]
Cancellor, Leyton [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cancian, Sante [1902-1947. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Canciani, Alfonso [1863-1955. Italy. Sculptor]
Candela, Félix [1910-1997. Spain/Mexico/USA. Architect/Structural Engineer]
Candida, Giovanni [-. Kingdom of Naples. Medallist]
Candy & Co. Ltd. [1875-1998. UK. Tiles Manufacturers/Pottery]
Cane, Percy S. [-. UK. Garden Designer]
Canepa, A. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Canessa, Gastone [1920-1975. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Canestrelli, Antonio [-. Italy. Architect/Architectural Historian]
Canetti Inc. [1982-. . Manufacturers/Producers/Retailers of Style Conscious Gadgets and Novelty Objects]
Canevari, Angelo [1901-1955. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Canevari, Silvio [1893-1931. Italy. Sculptor/Painter]
Cannan, Bill [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Cannata, George [-. USA. Painter/Animator]
Canneel, Eugène [1882-1962. Belgium. Sculptor]
Canneel, Jules-Marie [1881-1953. Belgium. Painter/Caricaturist]
Canneel, Marcel [1894-1953. Belgium. Painter]
Cannell/England [-. USA. Furniture Design Studio]
Canney, Michael Richard Ladd [1923-1999. UK. Painter/Collagist]
Canni, Antonio (Cannj, Antonio) [1895-1980. Italy. Painter]
Cannicci, Niccolò [1846-1906. Italy. Painter]
Cannicci, Nicolò [1846-1906. Italy. Painter]
Cannis, Johannes [1895-1977. Germany. Graphic Designer/Photomontage Artist]
Cannj, Antonio [1895-1980. Italy. Painter/Lithograspher]
Cannon, Robert [1909-1964. USA. Animator/Filmmaker/Director/Producer]
Canny, A. [-. Italy. Painter]
Canon [1933-. Japan. Manufacturer of Information/ Communication/Photographic/Office/Medical/Audio Equipment]
Canonica, Pietro [1869-1959. Italy. Sculptor/Painter]
Canonico, Adelaide [-. Italy. Painter]
Canova, Antonio [1757-1822. Republic of Venice. Sculptor]
Canta, Agnes [1888-1964. Netherlands. Poster Designer/Painter/Lithographer]
Cantagalli [1494-. Italy. Ceramics Factory]
Cantin, Pierre [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Cantini, Piero [1897-1983. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer/Engraver]
Cantinotti, Innocente [1877-1940. Italy. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Cantle, B.J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Canton, Susan Ruth [1849-1932. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Cantoni, Enrico (Henry) [-1923. Italy/UK. Sculptor]
Cantos, Clemente [1893-1955. Spain. Sculptor]
Cantré, Jozef [1890-1957. Belgium. Sculptor]
Cantrill, J. [-. UK. Painter]
Cao, Adolfo [1870-1916. Italy. Painter]
Cao, Fang [1956-. China. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Caparn, Harold ap Rhys [1864-1945. USA. Landscape Architect]
Capelari, Friedrich [1884-1950. Austria. Painter/Woodblock Artist]
Capellano, Antonio [1780-1840. Italy. Sculptor]
Capey, Reco [1895-1961. UK. Ceramist/Textile/Industrial Designer/Painter/Poster Designer]
Capitani, Alfredo [1895-1985. Italy. Poster Designer]
Caplan, Carol [-. USA. Ceramist]
Caplan, David [1910-. UK. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Caplan, Jerry [1922-2004. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Caplan, Montague A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Capon, Eugène [-. France. Metalworker/Decorative Designer]
Capon, Georges [1890-1980. France. Metalworker/Illustrator/Decorative Artist/Painter]
Capone, Gaetano [1845-1920. Italy/USA. Painter]
Capozza, F. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Cappadona, Anthony [-. USA. Art Director]
Cappadonia, Giuseppe [1888-1978. Italy. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Cappellan, A. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Cappellato, Sandro [1926-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cappelli, Agostino [-. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Cappelli, G. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Cappelli, Osvaldo [1896-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cappellin & Co. [1925-. Italy. Glass Manufacturers]
Cappellin-Venini & C. [1921-1925. Italy. Glass Manufacturers]
Capper, Stewart Henbest [1859-1925. UK. Architect]
Cappiello, Leonetto [1875-1942. Italy/France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Cappon, Thomas Martin [1863-1939. UK. Architect]
Capps, Sarah [-. USA. Metalsmith]
Capranesi, Giovanni [1852-1921. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Caprile, Vincenzo [1856-1936. Italy. Painter]
Captain Graphics [-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Capuano, Ernesto [-. Italy. Illustrator]
Caputo, Ulisse [1872-1948. Italy. Painter/Illustrator]
Capuzzo, Enrico [-. Italy. Lighting/Glass Designer]
Capuzzo, Mario  [1902-1978. Italy. Poster Designer]
Capwell, Josephine Edwards [1863-1951. USA. Painter]
Capy, Marcel [-. France. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Painter]
Cara, Ugo [1908-2004. Italy. Sculptor/Interior Decorator]
Carabin, François-Rupert [1862-1932. France. Sculptor/Medallist/Furniture Designer/Photographer]
Carabott, Frederick Vincent [1924-. Greece. Graphic Designer]
Caracciolo, Luigi [1890-. Italy. Painter]
Caran d’Ache (Poiré, Emmanuel) [1858-1909. France. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Carani, P. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Carau, Marguerite [1928-. Switzerland. Weaver/Textile Artist]
Caraway, James (Jim) [-. USA. Illustrator]
Carballo, Aída [1916-1985. Argentina. Ceramist/Painter]
Carballo, Haydée [-. Argentina. Ceramist]
Carbone, F. [-. Italy. Architect/Sculptor]
Carbone, Kenneth (Ken) [1951-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Carbonell, Guidette [1910-2008. France. Ceramist/Tapestry Designer/Painter/Engraver]
Carboni, Erberto [1899-1984. Italy. Graphic/Exhibition/Poster Designer/Architect]
Carbonneau, Jean Baptiste Charles [1815-1871. France. Engraver/Illustrator]
Carcano, Filippo [1840-1940. Italy. Painter]
Cardeilhac [1804-1951. France. Silversmiths]
Carden, Robert Walter [-. UK. Architect]
Carder, Arthur Alfred [1878-1953. UK. Architect]
Carder, Frederick [1863-1963. USA. Glass Artist]
Carder, George J. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Cardew, Michael [1901-1983. UK. Ceramist]
Cardin, Pierre [1922-. France. Fashion/Furniture Designer]
Cardinalli, Wayne [-. Canada. Ceramist]
Cardinaux, Emil [1877-1936. Switzerland. Graphic/Poster/Stained Glass Designer/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Cardoe, Thomas [-. UK. Glass Artist]
Cardon, Jacques-Armand [-. France. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Engraver/Lithographer]
Cardona y Tio, Juan (Cardona i Tio, Joan) [1877-1958. Spain. Painter/Caricaturist/Illustrator]
Cardoso, Alberto [1918-. Portugal. Graphic Designer]
Cardozo Kindersley, Lida (Lopes Cardozo, Lida) [1954-. Netherlands/UK. Letter Artist/Designer/Glass Engraver/Sculptor/Typographer/Muralist/Stonecutter]
Careless, Stockford [1898-. UK. Architect]
Careless, William Edward (Carless, William Edward) [1881-1949. UK. Architect]
Carelli, Gabriele Mariano Nicolai [-1900. Italy. Painter]
Carena, Felice [1879-1966. Italy. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Caresme, Jacques-Philippe [1734-1796. France. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator]
Caretti, A. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Caretto & Forster [-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Caretto, Gustave [1883-1959. USA. Architect]
Carew, Bertha [1878-1956. USA. Painter]
Carew, Kate (Williams, Mary) [1869-1961. USA/UK. Caricaturist]
Carewe, Sylvia [1906-1981. USA. Tapestry Designer/Painter]
Carey, J. Sheldon [1911-1999. USA. Ceramist]
Carfrae, John Alexander [1868-1947. UK. Architect]
Carhartt, Elaine [1951-. USA. Sculptor/Ceramist/Muralist/Printmaker]
Carigiet, Alois [1902-1985. Switzerland. Graphic Artist/Theatre Designer]
Carini, Edward F. [-. USA. Illustrator]
Carioti, Frank [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Cariss, Henry T. (Cariss, Hugh T.) [1850-1903. USA. Painter]
Carl Geyling's Erben [1841-. Austria. Stained Glass Workshop]
Carl Goldberg [1881-. Austria-Hungary. Glassworks]
Carl M. Cohr Sølvvarefabriker [1860-. Denmark. Silversmiths]
Carl Meltzer & Co. [1822-1945. Bohemia/Czechoslovakia. Glassworks]
Carl Müller & Co. [1885-1968. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Carl Otto Associates [-. USA. Industrial Design Studio]
Carl Poellath (Poellath GmbH & Co. KG) [1778-. Germany. Medal/Coin/Plaque/Badge Manufacturers]
Carl Regehr Design [1959-1983. USA. Design Studio]
Carl Sasse KG [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Carl Weishaupt [1802-. Germany. Silversmiths]
Carl Yurdin Industrial Design [1976-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Carl-Rosa, Mario Cornilleau Raoul [1855-1913. France. Painter]
Carlandi, Onorato [1848-1939. Italy. Painter]
Carle, Alfred [-. Belgium. Painter]
Carle, Eric [1929-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Carle, G. [-. Belgium. Interior Designer]
Carlègle (Egli, Charles Émile) [1877-1937. Switzerland/France. Paiunter/Illustrator]
Carleschi, Franco [-. Italy. Sculptor/Painter/Graphic Artist]
Carlesi, Mario [1890-1968. Italy. Sculptor]
Carleton, Clifford [1867-1946. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Carletti, Rainero [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Carli, Auguste Henri [1868-1930. France. Sculptor]
Carli, D. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Carlier, Émile Joseph Nestor [1849-1927. France. Sculptor]
Carline, George Francis [1855-1920. UK. Painter]
Carline, Richard Cotton [1896-1980. UK. Painter]
Carline, Sydney William [1888-1929. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Medallist]
Carling, A. [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Carlisle & Clegg [-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Carlisle, John [1850-. UK. Joiner/Cabinetmaker]
Carlisle, Mary Helen [1869-1925. USA. Painter]
Carlman, G.F. [-. Sweden. Metalsmith/Decorative Designer]
Carlonia, Armando [-. . Graphic Designer]
Carlopez, Pezu [-. . Artist]
Carlos I, King of Portugal [1863-1908. Portugal. Painter]
Carlos Ramirez & Albert H. Woods Inc. [-. USA. Graphic/Exhibition Design Firm]
Carlos-Lefebvre, Charles [1853-1938. France. Painter]
Carlsen, Soren Emil [1853-1932. Denmark/USA. Painter]
Carlson, Cynthia [1942-. USA. Painter]
Carlson, Lloyd [-. USA. Artist]
Carlson, William [1950-. USA. Glass Artist/Sculptor]
Carlsson & Reicke [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturers]
Carlström, Gustaf [1896-1964. Sweden. Painter/Muralist]
Carlton Artists [-. UK. Graphic Design Studio]
Carlton Publicity Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Carlton Studio [1902-. UK. Design Studio]
Carlu, Jean [1900-1997. France. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Carlucci Raverta, Maria [-1918. Italy. Director of L’Artista Moderno]
Carlucci, Rocco [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Painter/Typographer]
Carlyle, Florence [1864-1923. Canada. Painter]
Carman, Nancy [1950-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Carmassi, Enrico [1897-1975. Italy. Sculptor]
Carmen, William [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Carmi, Eugenio [1920-2016. Italy. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Carmichael, Franklin H. (Frank) [1890-1945. Canada. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Carmichael, John Wilson (Carmichael, James Wilson) [1799-1868. UK. Painter]
Carmichael, Stewart [1867-1950. UK. Painter/Architect/Engraver/Decorator]
Carminati, Antonio [1859-1908. Italy. Sculptor]
Carnase, Tom [1939-. USA. Typographer/Calligrapher]
Carne, Archibald [-. UK. Artist]
Carnegie Institute of Technology (Carnegie Mellon University), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [1900-. USA. College/University]
Caro-Delvaille, Henry [1876-1928. France. Painter]
Carocci, Eva [-. Italy. Stone Artist]
Caröe. William Douglas (W.D.) [1857-1938. UK. Architect]
Carole Stupell Ltd. [1931-. USA. Manufacturers/Retailers of Decorative Tableware/Glassware/Ceramics]
Caroli, Arnaldo [1892-. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Carollo, Luigi [-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Painter]
Carollo, P [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Carolus-Duran [1837-1917. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Caron, Alexandre Auguste [1857-1932. France. Sculptor]
Carot, Henri [1850-1919. France. Stained Glass Designer]
Carotti, Bice [-. Italy. Stained Glass Designer]
Carozza, Victor [1940-2007. Argentina. Furniture Designer]
Carozzi, Giuseppe [1864-1938. Italy. Painter]
Carpaccio, Vittore [-. Republic of Venice. Painter]
Carpanetto, Giovanni Battista [1863-1928. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Carpay, Frank [1917-1985. Netherlands/New Zealand. Ceramist/Textile Designer]
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste [1827-1875. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Carpenter & Blair [-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Carpenter, Alfred [1865-1944. UK. Tapestry/Wallpaper/Textile Designer/Decorative Artist]
Carpenter, Arthur (Art) Espenet [1920-2006. USA. Woodcraft/Furniture Designer/Maker]
Carpenter, Brent [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Carpenter, Ed [1946-. USA. Glass Artist/Stained Glass Designer/Sculptor]
Carpenter, James [1948-. USA. Stained Glass Designer/Glass Artist/Sculptor/Architect/Lighting Artist]
Carpenter, James Edwin Ruthven, Jnr. [1867-1932. USA. Architect]
Carpenter, John [-. UK. Photographer]
Carpenter, Miles [1889-1985. USA. Wood Carver]
Carpenter, Richard Cromwell [1812-1855. UK. Architect]
Carpenter, Richard Herbert [1841-1893. UK. Architect]
Carpenter, Shirley Lege [1939-2001. USA. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Carpenter, W. Alfred [-. UK. Painter]
Carpentier, Madeleine [1865-1949. France. Painter]
Carpet Manufacturing Co. Ltd. [1890-1990. UK. Carpet Manufacturing Company]
Carpini, Joseph [-. USA. Illustrator/Art Directot]
Carpmael, Cecilia [1876-1947. UK. Painter]
Carqueville, William L. [1871-1946. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Carr, Alwyn Charles Ellison [1872-1940. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Carr, Geraldine [-. UK. Enameller/Sculptor]
Carr, Hamzah [-. UK. Painter]
Carr, James [-1821. UK. Architect]
Carr, John [1772-1832. UK. Illustrator]
Carr, John E.C. [1869-. UK. Metalworker/Stained Glass/Furniture Designer Designer/Decorative Artist]
Carr, K.J. [-. UK. Paper/Display Sculptor]
Carr, Leslie [1885-1948. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Carr, M. Ella [-. UK. Lacemaker]
Carr, Michael [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Carr, Norman S. [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Carr, Richard Storer [1863-1918. UK. Architect]
Carracci, Agostino [1857-1602. Papal States. Painter/Printmaker]
Carracci, Annibale [1560-1609. Papal States. Painter/Engraver]
Carradan Associates [1946-. USA. Architecture/Design Firm]
Carrano, Jesus [-. Spain. Architect]
Carrara, Arthur A. [1914-1995. USA. Architect]
Carré, Alain [1945-. France. Packaging/Industrial Designer]
Carré, Ben [1883-1978. France/USA. Film Art Director/Designer/Painter]
Carré, Gerda [1872-. Germany. Sculptor/Painter]
Carré, Jean Louise (Hadaway, Mrs W.S.) [1865-1939. Canada/UK. Jewellery Designer]
Carré, Raoul [1868-1933. France. Painter]
Carreiro, Joseph [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Carreiro/Sklaroff Design Associates [-. USA. Furniture Design Studio]
Carrera, Giovanni Battista (Carrera, G.B.) [1862-1939. Italy. Architect]
Carrère & Hastings [1884-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Carrere & Hastings & Eustace Bird [1906-1916. Canada. Architectural Firm]
Carrère, John Merven [1858-1911. USA. Architect]
Carrero, G.B. [-. Italy. Architect]
Carrick, Alexander [1882-1966. UK. Sculptor]
Carrick, Alexander (Alex) [1882-1966. UK. Sculptor]
Carrick, Edward [1905-1978. France/USA. Film Art Director/Designer/Wood Engraver/Illustrator/Painter]
Carrièr-Belleuse, Louis Robert [1848-1913. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Carrier-Belleuse, Louis-Robert [1848-1913. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Carrier-Belleuse, Pierre [1851-1933. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Carrière, Ernest [1858-1908. France. Sculptor/Painter/Enameller/Ceramist/Decorative Designer]
Carrière, Eugène [1849-1906. France. Painter/Poster Designer]
Carrière, John Merven [1858-1911. USA. Architect]
Carrière, Léon [-. France. Ceramics Decorator/Modeller]
Carrière, Lucy [-. France. Painter]
Carriès, Jean Joseph Marie [1855-1894. France. Sculptor/Ceramist/Painter]
Carrillo, Antonio [-. Spain. Lighting Designer]
Carrington, Leonora [1917-2011. UK/Mexico. Painter]
Carroli, L. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Carroll, John [1892-1959. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Carroll, Robert [1904-. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Carron Company [1759-. UK. Ironwork Manufacturer]
Carrubba, Luigi  [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Carruthers, Frank James Chambers [-. UK. Architect]
Carruthers, James [1872-1952. UK. Architect]
Carruthers, Roy [1938-2013. South Africa/UK/USA. Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Carse, A. Duncan [1875-1938. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Decorative Designer]
Carson & Ludin [-. USA. Architectural Partnership]
Carson Lundin & Shaw [1957-. USA. Architecture/Interior Design/Space Planning Firm]
Carson, David [1955-. USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Carson, Fraser [1955-. Australia. Graphic Designer/Animator]
Carson, Jane [1879-1942. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Carson-Roberts Co. (Carson Roberts Inc.) [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Carstairs, J.L. [-. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Carstanjen, Mikael [-. USA. Ceramist/Photographer]
Carswell, J. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Carte-Anto, Antoine (Carte Anto, Antoine) [1886-1954. Belgium. Painter/Poster/Stained Glass Designer]
Carter & Co. [1901-. UK. Pottery]
Carter & Co., Poole [1873-1964. UK. Tile Manufacturers]
Carter Stabler & Adams (Poole Pottery) [1921-. UK. Pottery]
Carter, Alexander Scott [1878-1968. UK/Canada. Architect]
Carter, B.A. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Carter, Clarence Holbrook [1904-2000. USA. Painter/Muralist/Illustrator]
Carter, David Broadfoot [1880-1940. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Carter, Elizabeth Ellin [-. UK. Leathercraft Designer]
Carter, Frank Thomas [1853-1934. UK. Painter]
Carter, Frederick [1883-1967. UK. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator]
Carter, George Christopher [-1907. UK. Architect]
Carter, Huntly [1862-1942. UK. Art/Theatre Critic]
Carter, James (Architect) [-. UK. Architect]
Carter, John A. [1924-. USA. Architect]
Carter, John Coates [1859-1927. UK. Architect]
Carter, Matthew [1937-. UK/USA. Typographer]
Carter, Norman St. Clair [1875-1963. Australia. Painter]
Carter, R. David [1927-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Carter, Roland [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Carter, Ronald (Ron) [1926-2013. UK. Furniture Designer]
Carter, Sidney [1880-1956. Canada. Photographer]
Carter, Sydney [1874-1945. UK/South Africa. Painter/Illustrator]
Carter, W.M. [-. UK. Architect]
Carter, Will [1912-2001. UK. Private Press Publisher/Typographer/Lettercutter]
Cartidge, E. [-. UK. Scraperboard Artist/Illustrator]
Cartier [1847-. France/UK/USA. Jewellers/Luxury Goods Company]
Cartlidge Levene Design [1987-. UK. Design Consultancy]
Cartlidge, Ian [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cartmel, Alice [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Cartwright, Roy [1937-. USA. Ceramist]
Cartwright, Virginia [1943-. USA. Ceramist]
Carubelli, D. [-. Italy. Lighting Designer]
Carugati, Eraldo [1921-. Italy/USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Carus-Wilson, Charles Denny [1886-. UK. Architect]
Caruso, Bruno [1927-. Italy. Painter/Graphic Artist/Theatre Designer]
Caruso, Nino [1928-2017. Italy. Ceramist]
Carutti, Augusto [1875-1956. Italy. Painter]
Carver, Chris [-. USA. Industrial/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Carvill, George B. [-. UK. Architect]
Cary, Evelyn Rumsey [1855-1924. USA. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cary, George [1859-1945. USA. Architect]
Carzou, Jean [1907-2000. France. Painter/Illustrator/Theatre Designer]
Casagrande, Albert [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Casale, Torquato [-. Brazil. Sculptor]
Casali, T. [-. Brazil. Sculptor]
Casalis, F. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Casaltoli, Carlo [1865-1903. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Casanova y Estorach, Antonio Salvador [1847-1896. Spain. Painter]
Casanova, Achille [1861-1948. . Decorative Designer/Painter/Ceramist]
Casanova, Adolfo Fernández [1844-1915. Spain. Architect]
Casanova, Carlo [1871-1950. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Casanova, Francesco Giuseppe [1727-1803. UK/France. Painter /Engraver/Tapestry Designer]
Casanovas i Roy, Enric [1882-1948. Spain. Sculptor]
Casarini, Pino [1897-1972. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Casas i Carbó, Ramon [1866-1932. Spain. Painter/Poster Designer]
Casati, Cesare [1936-. Italy. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Cascella, Andrea [1919-1990. Italy. Sculptor/Ceramist/Painter]
Cascella, Basilio [1860-1950. Italy. Painter/Ceramist/Poster Designer]
Cascella, Michele [1892-1989. Italy. Painter/Ceramist]
Cascella, Pietro [1921-2008. Italy. Sculptor/Painter/Ceramist]
Cascèlla, Tommaso [1890-1968. Italy. Ceramist/Painter]
Casciaro, Giuseppe [1863-1941. Italy. Painter]
Case, Gian [-. Italy. Exhibition Designer]
Casella, Ella [1858-1946. UK. Sculptor/Illustrator/Medallist]
Casella, Nelia [1859-1950. UK. Sculptor/Ceramist/Illustrator/Medallist/Enameller]
Caselli, Crescentino [1849-1932. Italy. Architect]
Caselli-Rigotti [-. Italy. Architectural Firm]
Caser, Ettore [1880-1944. Italy/USA. Painter/Etcher]
Casey, Edward Pearce [1864-1940. USA. Architect]
Casey, Jacqueline S. [1927-1992. USA. Graphic Designer]
Cash, John [1862-1926. UK. Architect]
Cash, Sydney [1941-. USA. Glass Artist/Painter/Sculptor/Jewellery Designer]
Cashen, Terrence [-. USA. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Cashmore, Frank Harry (F.H.) [-. UK. Lighting Designer]
Casilear, John William [1811-1893. USA. Painter/Engraver]
Casolaro, Giuseppe [1901-. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Casorati, Felice [1883-1963. Italy. Painter/Sculptor/Printmaker/Poster Designer]
Caspari, Gertrud [1873-1948. Germany. Illustrator]
Caspari, Walter [1869-1913. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Book Designer]
Casparius, Hans [1900-1986. Germany. Photographer/Film Maker]
Caspel, Johann Georg van [1870-1928. Netherlands. Painter/Poster Designer/Architect]
Cass, A.J. [-. UK. Paper Sculptor]
Cass, Barbara [1921-1992. Germany/UK. Ceramist]
Cassa, Paolo [1888-1983. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cassandre, A.M. [1901-1968. France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Typographer]
Cassano, Giuseppe [1825-1905. Italy. Sculptor]
Cassar, Girolamo [-. Kingdom of Sicily. Architect/Engineer]
Cassatt, Mary [1844-1926. USA. Painter]
Cassetti, Luigi [1921-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cassidy, John [1860-1939. Ireland. Sculptor]
Cassiers, Hendrick (Henri) [1858-1944. Belgium. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cassioli, Giuseppe [1865-1942. Italy. Painter/Sculptor]
Casson, Alfred Joseph [1898-1992. Canada. Painter/Poster Designer]
Casson, Hugh Maxwell [1910-1999. UK. Architect/Interior/Exhibition Designer/Painter]
Casson, Michael (Mick) [1925-2003. UK. Ceramist]
Castagné, Albino dal [1877-1961. Italy. Sculptor/Medalist]
Castagnedi, Riccardo (”Ricas”) [1912-1999. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Castaigne, André [1861-1929. France. Engraver/Painter]
Castan, Gustave [1823-1892. Switzerland. Painter]
Castanis, Muriel [1926-2006. USA. Sculptor]
Castelbajac, Jean-Charles de [1949-. France/Austria. Fashion/Furniture/Rug Designer]
Castellaneta, Enrico [1864-1953. Italy. Painter]
Castellani, Arrigo [1920-2004. Italy. Art Director]
Castellano Studio [-. Italy. Graphic Design Studio]
Castellano, Mimmo [1932-2015. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Castelli Ferrieri, Anna [1918-2006. Italy. Architect/Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Castelli, V. [-. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Castelli, Valerio [-. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Castelo, E.N. [-. Spain. Poster Designer]
Castelucho, Claudio [1870-1927. Spain. Painter]
Castex, Louis [1868-1954. France. Sculptor]
Castiglioni, Achille [1918-2002. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Castiglioni, Georgina [1943-. Italy. Industrial/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Castiglioni, Giannino [1884-1971. Italy. Medallist/Sculptor]
Castiglioni, Livio [1911-1979. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo (Piergiacomo) [1913-1968. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Castiglioni, Piero [1944-. Italy. Furniture/Industrial/Lighting Designer]
Castiglioni, Romolo [1926-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Castings, Arthur [1853-1913. UK. Architect]
Castle & Warren [1908-1918. UK. Architectural Firm]
Castle, Constance [-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Castle, John B. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Castle, Len [1924-2011. New Zealand. Ceramist]
Castle, Sydney Ernest [1883-1955. UK. Architect/Illustrator/Writer]
Castle, Tony [1891-1971. UK. Poster Designer]
Castle, Wendell [1932-2018. USA. Furniture Designer]
Castleton China [1939-1970. USA. Ceramics Manufacturers]
Castro, A. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Castro, Dicken [1923-2016. Colombia. Graphic Designer/Architect/Art Historian/Photpgrapher/Painter]
Casucci, F. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Caswall-Smith, Lizzie (Smith, Lizzie Caswall) [1870-1958. UK. Photographer]
Catalano, Umberto [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Cataldi, Amleto [1882-1930. Italy. Sculptor]
Cataldo, John [-. USA. Woodturner]
Catani, Ugo [1861-. Italy. Painter]
Cates, Arthur [1829-1901. UK. Architect]
Catlow, Walter Albert [-1918. UK. Architect]
Cato, Ken [1946-. Australia. Graphic Designer]
Cato, Robert (Bob) [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Catt, Irene J. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cattaneo, E. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Cattaneo, Maria Michis [1833-1901. Italy. Painter]
Catterall, Kate [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Cattermole, Charles [1832-1900. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Cattermole, Lance [1898-1992. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Catterson-Smith, Robert Sidney [1853-1938. UK. Painter/Silversmith/Illustrator]
Catti, Aldo [-. . Poster Designer]
Cattle, Christopher [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Caty, Charles [1868-1947. Belgium. Painter/Poster Designer]
Caucannier, Jean Denis Antoine (Caucunier, Jean Denis Antoine) [-. France. Painter]
Cauchie, Paul [1875-1952. Belgium. Architect/Graphic Designer]
Caudill Rowlett Scott (CRS) [1946-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Caudle, Nancy [-. Canada. Art Director/Illustrator]
Causé, Emile [1867-. Switzerland. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Cauvy, Léon [1874-1933. France. Painter/Engraver/Decorative Artist]
Cauwelaert, Emil Jan van [1860-1907. Belgium. Painter]
Cavacchioli, Luigi [1856-1936. Italy. Sculptor/Painter]
Cavaccioli, L. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Cavadini, Alfredo [1905-. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cavaglieri, Mario [1887-1969. Italy. Painter]
Cavaglieri, Mario Oddone [1887-1969. Italy. Italy]
Cavagnaro, Milton [1913-1993. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Cavaillès, Jean Jules Louis [1901-1977. France. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cavalcanti, Alberto [1897-1982. Brazil/France/UK. Filmmaker]
Cavalcanti, Moema [1942-. Brazil. Graphic/Book Designer]
Cavaleri, Lodovico [1867-1942. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cavalieri, Luigi Lodovico [1867-1942. Italy. Painter]
Cavallaro, Vincent [1912-1985. USA. Painter/Muralist/Sculptor]
Cavallero, Stephane [-. . Poster Designer]
Cavazzoni, Augusto [-. Italy. Architect]
Cave, Aylwin Osborn [1875-1935. UK. Architect]
Cave, Walter Frederick  [1863-1939. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Cavell, Martin [-. UK. Interior Designer]
Caverhill, H.J. [-. Canada. Illustrator]
Cavi, Romeo [1862-1908. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cavitt-Shaw Potters [-. USA. Ceramics Manufacturers]
Cavos, Albert Katarinovich (Kavos, Albert Katarinovich) [1800-1863. Russia. Architect]
Caw, James Lewis [1864-1950. UK. Art Historian]
Cawley, James C. [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Cawthorne, S. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Cawthra, Hermon [1886-. UK. Sculptor]
Caxton Club [1895-. USA. Bibliographic Society/Arts Club]
Cay, Alexander M. [1887-1971. Austria/Switzerland. Illustrator/Caricaturist/Painter]
Cayette, Henrique [1957-. Portugal. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Cayotte, François-Léon [1875-1946. France. Architect]
Cayron, Jules [1868-1940. France. Painter]
Cazals, Frédéric-Auguste [1865-1941. France. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Cazin, Berthe [1872-1971. France. Ceramist/Embroiderer]
Cazin, Jean-Charles [1841-1901. France. Painter]
Cazin, Jean-Marie Michel [1869-1917. France. Engraver/Medallist/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Cazin, Marie [1840-1924. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Cazneaux, Harold Pierce [1878-1953. New Zealand/Australia. Photographer]
CBR Associates [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
CCA Design Lab [-. USA. Design Studio]
CDC/Boston [-. USA. Design Studio]
Ceccarelli, Ezio [1865-1927. Italy. Sculptor]
Cecchetti, Gaetano [-. Italy. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Cecchi, Eda [-. Italy. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Cecere, Ada Rasario [1894-1971. USA. Glass Artist/Painter/Muralist]
Cecere, Gaetano [1894-1985. USA. Ceramist]
Cecero, P. [-. Italy. Painter]
Ceci, Vincent [1937-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Cecil & Presbrey [1939-1954. USA. Advertising Agency]
Cecil & Presbury Inc. [-. USA. Design Studio]
Cecil D. Notley Advertising (C.D. Notley Advertising) [1932-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Cecil, Mary Rothes Margaret (Cecil, Lady Wiliam) [1857-1919. UK. Painter]
Cederquist, John [1946-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer/Sculptor]
Cedric Chivers [1878-2010. UK. Bookbinders]
Cefai, I. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Celada, Gastone [1912-. Italy. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Celentano, Bernardo [1835-1863. Italy. Painter]
Cella, E. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Cellerino [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturers]
Celli & Tognon [1963-. Italy. Architectural Firm]
Cellini, Benvenuto [1500-1571. Republic of Florence. Sculptor/Goldsmith]
Cellini, Gaetano [1873-1937. Italy. Sculptor]
Celmanti, Nella [-. Italy. Painter]
Celotti, Vittorio [1866-1942. Italy. Sculptor]
Cena, Gabriele [1907-1993. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cenni, E. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Cenni, Quinto [1845-1917. Italy. Poster Designer/Lithographer/Engraver/Illustrator]
Censerie, Louis de la (Delacenserie, Louis) [1838-1909. Belgium. Architect]
Center for Advanced Research in Design [1964-. USA. Design Studio]
Center for Design Research & Development [1976-. Italy. Design Firm]
Center, Amelia H. [-. USA. Craftsperson]
Centofanti, A. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Central Institute of Art and Design [1939-1948. UK. Art/Design Organisation]
Central School of Arts and Crafts (Central School of Art and Design), London [1896-. UK. Art/Crafts/Design College]
Century Guild [1882-1888. UK. Arts and Crafts Association]
Cepea Fabrics Ltd. [-. UK. Textile Manufacturers]
Ceradini, Mario [1864-1940. Italy. Architect/Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Ceragioli, Giorgio [1861-1947. Italy. Sculptor/Painter/Decorative Designer]
Ceramica d'Arte Cannon-d'Agostino [1948-1968. Italy. Pottery]
Ceramiche Gambone [1950-. Italy. Pottery]
Ceramiche Zaccagnini (Ugo Zaccagni & Figli) [1905-. Italy. Pottery]
Ceramics Hawaii Ltd. [-. USA. Manufacturer/Supplier of Light Fixtures, Architectural Units/Art Ware]
Ceretti, Giorgio [1932-. Italy. Architect]
Cerini, Giuseppe Vittorio [1862-1935. Italy. Sculptor]
Cermák, Bohumír František Antonín (Czermak, Gottfried) [1882-1961. Austria-Hungary/Czechoslovakia. Architect/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Cerney, Robert [-. USA. Interior Designer]
Cerri, Emilio [-1947. Italy. Industrial Designer]
Cerri, Pierluigi [1939-. Italy. Architect/Graphic Designer]
Cerri, Primo [-. Italy. Architect]
Cerruti Beauduc, Felice (Cerruti Bauduc, Felice) [1818-1896. Italy. Painter]
Ceruti, Ugo [-. Italy. Decorative Artist/Furniture Designer]
Cerutti, Ezio [-. Italy. Architect]
Cervantes, A. [-. Mexico. Poster Designer]
Cervellati, Alessandro [1892-1974. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cerveto Riba, Antonio  [1876-1938. Spain. Painter]
Cervi, Guilio [1854-1893. Italy. Painter]
Cervi, R. [-. Italy. Graphic/Decorative Artist]
Cesariano, Cesare [-1543. . Painter/Architect]
Cescinsky, Herbert [1875-. UK. Furniture Designer/Writer]
Cesetti, Giuseppe [1902-1990. Italy. Painter]
Cesselon, Angelo [1922-1992. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cézanne, Paul [1839-1906. France. Painter]
Chabal, Gaston Charles (G.C.) [1882-1965. France. Architect]
Chabanian, Arsène [1864-1949. France. Painter]
Chabas, Maurice [1862-1947. France. Painter]
Chabas, Paul Émile [1869-1937. France. Painter]
Chabot, Aurore [1949-. USA. Ceramist]
Chadel, Jules [1870-1941. France. Painter]
Chadwick, A. Paxton [1903-1961. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Graphic Designer]
Chadwick, Donald (Don) T. [1936-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Chadwick, Ernest Albert [1876-1956. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Chadwick, Gordon [-. USA. Architect/Industrial Designer]
Chadwick, Hulme [1910-1977. UK. Architect/Industrial/Interior/Exhibition Designer]
Chadwick, Lynn [1914-2003. UK. Sculptor/Jewellery Designer]
Chadwick, Robert A. [1944-. USA. Craftsman in Bone]
Chadwick, S. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Chaffee, A.D. [-. USA. Photographer]
Chaffee, W. [-. USA. Art Director]
Chagall, Marc [1887-1985. Russia/France. Painter/Theatre/Stained Glass Designer]
Chahine, Edgar [1874-1947. Austria-Hungary/France. Painter/Engraver/Etcher/Illustrator]
Chaigneau, Jean-Ferdinand [1830-1906. France. Painter/Etcher]
Chaika, Vladimir [1955-. USSR. Graphic Designer]
Chailly, Alfred [-. France. Illustrator]
Chaiter, Edward [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Chaix & Johnson Associates [-. USA. Interior Design Firm]
Chalcraft, Henry T. [-. UK. Architect]
Chalkley, James [-. USA. Ceramist]
Challener, Frederick S. [1869-1959. Canada. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Chalmers, George Paul [1833-1878. UK. Painter]
Chalmers, Hector Louis [-1943. UK. Decorative Artist/Painter]
Chalmers, James [1858-1927. UK. Architect]
Chalmers, Peter Macgregor [1859-1922. UK. Architect]
Chalon, Alfred Edward [1780-1860. Switzerland/UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Chalon, Louis [1866-1916. France. Sculptor/Illustrator/Painter/Silnersmith]
Chamberlain King & Jones [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturer]
Chamberlain King and Jones [-. UK. Cabinetmakers/Decorators]
Chamberlain, Amy Roberts [1956-. USA. Glass Artist]
Chamberlain, Richard [-. UK. Garden Designer]
Chamberlain, Samuel [1895-1975. USA/France/UK. Etcher/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Chambers, Charles Edward [1883-1941. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Chambers, Evelyn F. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Chambers, Harold Coulson [1885-1971. USA. Architect]
Chambers, Jay K. [1866-1916. USA. Poster/Book Plate Designer/Illustrator]
Chambers, John [1869-1945. UK. Ceramist/Tile Designer/Painter]
Chambers, William [1722-1796. UK. Architect/Painter]
Chambry, Carlo [1945-. Italy. Architect]
Champcommunal, Joseph [-1916. France. Painter/Engraver]
Champeaux, Albert [1922-. France. Animator]
Champeil, Jean Baptiste Antoine [1866-1913. France. Sculptor]
Champion, E. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Champion, Georges [1889-1940. France. Interior Decorator/Furniture Designer]
Champion, Maurice [1899-1062. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Champney, James Wells [1843-1903. USA. Painter/Photographer]
Champneys, Amian Lister [1879-1951. UK. Architect]
Champneys, Basil [1842-1935. UK. Architect]
Champneys, Walpole [1879-1961. UK. Poster/Textile Designer]
Champs, Marcelle [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Chan, Kai [1940-. Hong Kong/Canada. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith/Sculptor/Fibre Artist]
Chan, William [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Chance Brothers Ltd. (Chance Bros. Ltd., Chance Glass) [1824-1981. UK. Glass Manufacturer]
Chance, Fred [1911-2007. USA. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Chance, Julie C. (Chance, Mrs W.) [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Chance, Miles [-. UK. Illustrator]
Chandler, James [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Chandler, Julia [-. UK. Ceramist]
Chandless, Edward [-. USA. Ceramist]
Chanel, Coco (Chanel, Gabrielle Bonheur) [1883-1971. France. Fashion Designer]
Chaney, G.J. [-. UK. Interior Designer]
Chaney, Ruth [1908-1973. USA. Woodcut Artist/Lithographer/Etcher/Painter]
Chang Filicori & Associates [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Chang, Daniel [-. UK/USA. Industrial Designer]
Chanler, Howard [-. USA. Art Director]
Chanley Studios [-. UK. Graphic Design Studio]
Channing Wallace Gilson Industrial Design [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Chant, Arthur Guy [1887-1959. UK. Architect]
Chant, G. [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Chant, George [-. UK. Cabinetmaker/Furniture Manufacturer/Interior Decorator]
Chanteau, Alphonse [1874-1958. France. Painter/Ceramist/Engraver]
Chanteau, Gabriel [1874-1955. France. Painter]
Chantry, Art [1954-. USA. Illustrator/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Chapchal, Jacques [1881-1948. Russia/France. Painter]
Chapel, H.K. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Chapel, Helen Kay [1861-1949. UK. Painter/Embroiderer/Decorative Artist]
Chapelain-Midy, Roger [1904-1992. France. Painter/Tapestry/Theatre Designer/Muralist/Illustrator]
Chapillon, Jean [-. France. Medallist/Goldsmith]
Chapin, James Ormsbee [1887-1975. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Chaplain, Jules Clément [1839-1909. France. Sculptor/Medallist/Lithographer]
Chaplet, Ernest [1835-1909. France. Ceramist]
Chaplin, A. Lawson [-. UK. Painter]
Chapman, Boris [-. USA. Ceramist]
Chapman, C. [-. UK. Painter]
Chapman, Carlton Theodore [1860-1925. USA. Painter]
Chapman, Charles Henry [1879-1972. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Chapman, Colin [1928-1982. UK. Automobile Designer/Manufacturer/Inventor]
Chapman, Dave [1909-1978. USA. Architect/Industrial Designer]
Chapman, Dorothy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Chapman, Frederick Trench [1887-1983. USA. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Chapman, G. Russell [-. UK. Secretary/General Secretary of the Advertising Association (1927-c1939)]
Chapman, George [1908-1993. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Graphic Designer]
Chapman, Jane [-. USA. Weaver]
Chapman, Kenneth George (K.G.) [1908-1993. UK. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Chapman, Marlon [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Chapman, Max [1911-1999. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Chapman, Nigel [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Chapman, Richard [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Chapman, Samuel Hudson [1857-1931. USA. Photographer]
Chapman, Stephen [-. UK. Painter]
Chapman, William [1879-1929. USA. Architect]
Chapman-Taylor, James Walter [1878-1958. New Zealand. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Chappel, Edouard (Edward) [1859-1946. Belgium/UK/France. Painter]
Chappel, Warren [1904-1991. USA. Typographer/Calligrapher/Illustrator]
Chappell, George Shepard [1877-1946. USA. Architect]
Chappell, Warren [1904-1991. USA. Typographer/Calligrapher/Illustrator/Book Designer]
Chappelle, Jerry [1939-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor/Muralist]
Chappelle, Kathy [-. USA. Ceramist]
Chappelow, H. [-. UK. Illustration]
Chapu, Henri [1833-1891. France. Sculptor]
Chapuis, Germaine Madeleine [-. France. Decorative Designer/Painter]
Charak Furniture Company [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Charal, Erich [-. Germany. Letterer]
Charbonnier, Pierre [1897-1978. France. Theatre/Film Set Designer/Painter]
Chard, A. Reynolds [-. UK. Architect]
Chard, Elsie [1891-. UK. Sculptor]
Chard, Thornton [-. USA. Architect]
Chardin, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon [1699-1779. France. Painter]
Chareau, Pierre [1883-1950. France. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Chareun, Raoul (”Primo Sinopico”) [1889-1949. Italy. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Chariot, Louis [1878-1951. France. Painter]
Charlat, Beulah [-. USA. Weaver]
Charlemont, Hugo [1850-1939. Austria. Painter]
Charlemont, Theodor (Théodore) [1859-1938. Austria. Sculptor]
Charles Barker & Sons Ltd. (Chas. Barker Ltd.) [1812-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Charles Biondo Design Associates [1960-. USA. Graphic Design/Packaging/Branding Consultancy]
Charles Biono Design Associates [-. USA. Design Studio]
Charles Butler Associates [1953-. USA. Industrial Design Studio]
Charles Clegg & Son [1882-. UK. Architectural firm]
Charles Daniel Frey Co. [1921-1959. USA. Advertising Agency]
Charles E. Jones & Associates [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Charles Forberg Associates (Charles Forberg & Associates) [-. USA. Design Firm]
Charles Heathcote & Sons [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Charles Hindley & Sons [1817-1917. UK. Furniture/Carpet Manufacturer/Upholsterers/Decorators]
Charles Knowles & Co. (C. Knowles & Co.) [1852-1913. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturers]
Charles L. Rumrill & Company (C.L. Rumrill) [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Charles Lightfoot [1890-. UK. Stained Glass Firm]
Charles Luckman & Associates [1958-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Charles Mathieu & Co. [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Charles P. Johnson Co. [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Charles Pollack Associates [1958-. USA. Furniture Design Firm]
Charles Pollock Associates [1958-. USA. Design Studio]
Charles R. Stuart [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Charles Smith & Son (Chas. Smith & Son) [1893-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Charles W. Hoyt Company [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Charles W. Robson Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Charles, David [-. UK. Photographer]
Charles, Ethel Mary [1871-1932. UK. Architect]
Charles, James [1851-1906. UK. Painter]
Charles, John [-. UK. Carpet Designer]
Charles, John Benjamin [1925-. Australia. Graphic Designer]
Charlewood, Henry Clement [1857-1943. UK. Architect]
Charlier, Emile [1862-1962. Belgium. Painter]
Charlier, Guillaume [1854-1925. Belgium. Sculptor]
Charlot, Jean [1898-1979. USA. Muralist/Painter/Illustrator]
Charlot, Louis [1878-1951. France. Painter]
Charlton, Edward William [1859-1935. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Charlton, Evan [1904-1984. UK. Painter]
Charlton, George James [1899-1979. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Charlton, John [1849-1917. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Charlton, Michael [-. UK. Painter]
Charlton, William Henry [1846-1918. UK. Painter]
Charmatz, Bill [1925-2005. USA. Illustrator]
Charmoy, José de [1879-1914. France. Sculptor]
Charol, Dorothea [1889-1963. Germany. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Charpentier, Alexandre [1856-1909. France. Sculptor/Medallist/Furniture Designer]
Charpentier, Félix Maurice [1858-1924. France. Sculptor]
Charpentier, Marcel [1888-1966. France. Furniture Designer]
Charpiot, Charles [1864-. USA. Poster Designer/Lithographer/Painter]
Charrière, Gérard [1935-. Switzerland/USA/Germany. Bookbinder/Painter]
Charrow, Fred [-. USA. Animator]
Charton, Robert [1881-1963. Germany. Architect]
Chartran, Théobald [1849-1907. France. Painter]
Charushin, Yevgeny (Evgeny) [1901-1965. USSR. Painter/Illustrator/Book/Theatre Set Designer]
Chas W. Hobson's Studio (C.W. Hobson Ltd.) [-. UK. Advertising Agency/Graphic Design Studio]
Chas. Knowles & Co. [1852-1913. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Chasak, Denis [-. USA. Ceramist]
Chase Brass & Copper Company [1876-. USA. Metalware Manufacturer]
Chase, Adelaide Cole [1868-1944. USA. Painter]
Chase, C.H. [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Chase, Cornelia [-. USA. Sculptor]
Chase, D.O. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Chase, David [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Chase, Emily [1868-. UK/USA. Painter]
Chase, J. Francis [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Chase, Joseph Cummings [1878-1965. USA. Painter]
Chase, L.C. [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Chase, Powell [1868-1956. UK. Painter]
Chase, Rebecca [1878-1965. USA. Painter]
Chase, William Arthur [1878-1944. UK. Painter]
Chase, William Chester [1865-1934. USA. Architect]
Chase, William Merritt [1849-1916. USA. Painter]
Chase-Riboud, Barbara [1939-. USA. Sculptor]
Chasek, Denis [-. USA. Ceramist]
Chasman, David [-. USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer]
Chasseresse, Diane (Creyke, Mrs Walter) [1844-1945. UK. Painter]
Chassériau, Théodore [1819-1856. France. Painter]
Chassman, David [-. USA. Art Director]
Chastain, Roger [-. USA. Lighting Designer]
Chastel, Roger [1897-1981. France. Painter/Tapestry/Theatre Designer/Illustrator/Muralist]
Chastenet de la Ferrière, André de [1879-1961. France. Sculptor]
Châteauneuf, Alexis de [1799-1853. Hamburg. Architect]
Chatinière, Antonin Marie [1828-. France. Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Chatman, Boris [-1965. USA. Ceramist/Painter]
Chatrousse, Émile François [1829-1896. France. Sculptor]
Chatt, Orville Keith (O.K.) [1924-2007. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Chatteris, Vere [1887-1983. UK. Painter]
Chatterton & Couch [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Chatterton, Frederick [1872-1934. UK. Architect]
Chatwin, Isabella Gertrude [1874-1931. UK. Decorative Artist]
Chatwin, Julius Alfred [1830-1907. UK. Architect]
Chatwin, Philip Boughton [1873-1964. UK. Architect]
Chauchet-Guilleré, Charlotte [1878-1964. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Chaudhary, Yeshwant [1930-2000. India. Graphic Designer]
Chaudhuri, Arya K. [-. India. Architect/Photographer/Painter]
Chaussé, W.L. [-. USA. Typographer]
Chaussepied, Charles Joseph  [1865-1930. France. Architect]
Chauvel, Marie-Blanche [1895-. France. Decorative Artist]
Chauvet, G. [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Chavannaz, B. [-. France. Poster Designer/Graphic Artist/Lithographer]
Chavaz, Albert [1907-1990. Switzerland. Painter/Poster Designer]
Chavennes, R.M. [-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Chaves [-. Spain. Poster Designer]
Chavez Morado, José [1909-2003. Mexico. Painter/Muralist/Theatre Designer]
Chaviezel, J.  [-. Switzerland. Graphic Artist]
Chayat, Maxwell M. [1909-1982. USA. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith]
Cheatham, Frank R. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Checa y Sanz, Ulpiano [1860-1916. Spain. Painter/Sculptor]
Checchi, Arturo [1886-1971. Italy. Painter]
Checkley, George [1893-1960. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Chedanne, Georges Paul [1861-1940. France. Architect]
Cheek, Malvina [1916-. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Cheese, Bernard [1925-2013. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cheeseman, Dorothy [-. UK. Textile Designer/Painter]
Cheeseman, Josephine (Cheesman, Josephine) [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cheesman, Kenneth [1900-1964. UK. Architect/Interior Designer]
Cheetham, Colin R. [1927-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Cheffetz, Asa [1896-1965. USA. Illustrator/Wood Engraver/Etcher]
Chekhlarov, Lyudmil [1938-. Bulgaria. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Chekhonin, Sergey Vasil’evich (Tchehonine, Sergey Vasil’evich) [1878-1936. Russia. Painter/Graphic Artist/Ceramist/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Theatre Set Designer]
Cheli, Guido [1885-1966. Italy. Sculptor]
Chell, John Arthur [1879-. UK. Painter/Metalworker/Poster Designer/Decorative Artist]
Chelminsky, Jan (Chelminski, Jan) [1851-1925. Russian Empire/Poland. Painter]
Chelmonski, Josef Marian (Chelmonsky Jozef Marian) [1849-1914. Poland. Painter]
Chelsea Keramic Art Works (Chelsea Pottery, Dedham Pottery) [1872-1943. USA. Pottery]
Chelsea Pottery [-. UK. Pottery]
Chen-yo, Yeh (Yeh Chen-yo) [-. China. Poster Designer/Painter]
Chenard-Huché, Georges [1864-1937. France. Painter]
Chenavard, Antoine Marie [1787-1883. France. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Chenel, P. [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Cheney, John [-. USA/Israel. Industrial Designer]
Cheney, Leopold Alfred (Leo) [1878-1928. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Cheney, Robert [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Chennevière, Jeannine [-. France. Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Cheremnykh, Mikhail Mikhajlovich [1890-1962. . ]
Chéret, Joseph [1838-1894. France. Sculptor]
Chéret, Jules [1836-1932. France. Poster Designer]
Chermayeff & Geismar [1960-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Chermayeff, Ivan [1932-2017. USA. Graphic Designer]
Chermayeff, Serge [1900-1996. UK/USA. Architect/Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Cherner, Norman [1920-1987. USA. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Cherry, Emma Richardson [1859-1954. USA. Painter]
Cherry, J.N. [-. USA. Art Director]
Cherubini, Carlo  [1897-1978. Italy. Painter]
Cheslak Design Associates [-. USA. Design Studio]
Cheslyn, A.R. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Chesnay, Denise [1923-. France. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Chesney, Mary Moulton [1872-. USA. Painter]
Chessa, Carlo [1855-1912. Italy. Painter/Engraver/Lithographer]
Chessa, Paolo [1922-. Italy. Architect/Interior/Exhibition Designer]
Chessman [-. USA. Art Director]
Chester, Garth [1915-1968. New Zealand. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Chester, George [1813-1897. UK. Painter]
Chesterton, Frank Sydney [1876-1916. UK. Architect]
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (G.K.) [1874-1936. UK. Illustrator]
Cheston, Charles Sydney [1882-1960. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Cheston, Evelyn Davy [1875-1929. UK. Painter]
Cheston, Horace [1850-1919. UK. Architect]
Chesworth, Frank [1867-1906. UK. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Chetwood-Aiken, Walter C. [1866-1899. UK. Painter]
Chevalier [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Chevalier, Ernest Jean [-1917. France. Painter]
Chevalier, Georges [1894-1987. France. Glass Artist/Painter]
Chevalier, Robert Magnus [1828-1911. UK. Painter]
Chevallier, Louise-Edmée [-. France. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Chevins, Hugh [1931-2003. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist]
Cheyne, Betti [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cheyney, John Vance [1848-1922. USA. Essayist/Librarian]
Cheyney, Leo [-. UK. Illustrator]
Chia-Pu, Chiang (Ta-lai, Chiang) [-. China. Painter]
Chiancone, Alberto [1904-1988. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Chiapasco, C. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Chiapasco, S. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Chiappelli, Aldo [1907-1972. Italy. Illustrator/Etcher/Engraver/Painter/Lithographer]
Chiapperini, Luigi [-. Italy. Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Chiappori, Lisa [-. Italy. Poster Designer/Decorative Artist]
Chiaradia, Enrico [1851-1901. Italy. Sculptor]
Chiaramonte, Gaetano [1872-1962. Italy. Painter/Sculptor]
Chiardola, S. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Chiattone, Mario [1891-1957. Italy. Architect/Graphic Artist/Painter]
Chiaudrero, Domenico [1913-. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Chicago Ceramic Art Association [1893-. USA. Ceramic Art Association]
Chicago, Judy [1939-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver/Ceramist/Textile Designer/Painter]
Chicco, Alfredo [1860-. Italy. Painter]
Chicharro y Agüera, Eduardo [1873-1949. Spain. Painter]
Chicherio, Romano [1933-1983. Switzerland. Graphic/Packaging/Window Display Designer/Photographer/Architect]
Chick, Richard [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Chiecchi, Federico [-. Italy. Sculptor/Mixed Media Artist]
Chiesa, Pierino [-. Italy. Stained Glass Designer]
Chièsa, Pietro [1876-1959. Switzerland/Italy. Furniture/Lighting Designer/Glass Artist]
Chiggio, Ennio [1938-. Italy. Architect/Furniture Designer/Painter]
Chigot, Eugène [1868-1923. France. Painter]
Chigot, Francis [1879-1960. France. Stained Glass Designer]
Chihuly, Dale [1941-. USA. Glass Artist]
Chikusen, Miura [1853-1915. Japan. Ceramist/Graphic Artist]
Chikuson, Tachika [1864-1922. Japan. Painter]
Chilberg, Nelson Guy [1875-1912. USA. Painter]
Child, Alfred Ernest (A.E.) [1875-1939. Ireland. Stained Glass Designer]
Child, Charles Edwin [1843-1911. UK. Architect]
Chilton, Margaret Isabel [1875-1963. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Chilvers, Sidney Robert [1884-1961. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Chilwell & Trevithick [1914-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Chilwell, Benjamin Charles [1879-1950. UK/New Zealand. Architect]
Ching-chao, Pien [-. China. Painter]
Chini & Co., San Lorenzo [-. Italy. Ceramics Manufacturer]
Chini, Galileo [1873-1956. Italy. Fresco Painter/Ceramist/Poster/Textile Designer]
Chinn, Michael S. [1950-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Chinnery, George [1774-1852. UK. Painter]
Chiodera & Tschudy [1878-1908. Switzerland. Architectural Firm]
Chiodera, Alfred [1850-1916. Switzerland. Architect]
Chiodo, Davis [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Chiokubun [-. Japan. Painter]
Chippendale, Thomas [1718-1779. UK. Cabinetmaker/Furniture Designer]
Chipperfield, Michael [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Chippindale, Frank [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Chirone, Percy [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Chislett, Mabel Clare [-. USA. Sculptor]
Chiswick Art Workers' Guild [-. UK. Craft Association]
Chitty, Anthony Merlott [1907-1976. UK. Architect]
Chloethiel Woodard Smith & Associated Architects [1963-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Chmielewski, Henryk (Papcio Chmiel) [1923-. Poland. Poster Designer/Comic Book Artist]
Chmielewski, Witold [1910-. Poland. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Cho, Young-Jae [1935-. Korea (South). Graphic Designer]
Choate, Chris [-. USA. Architect]
Chodowiecki, Daniel Nicolas [1726-1801. Prussia. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator/Enameller]
Choffard, Pierre Philippe [1730-1809. France. Engraver]
Choffard, Pierre-Philippe [1730-1809. France. Engraver]
Chokichi, Suzuki (Kako) [1848-1919. Japan. Sculptor/Metalworker]
Chomentowska, Maria [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Chometowska, Maria [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Chominski, Theadore V. [-. USA. Illustrator]
Choo, Chunghi [1938-. USA. Metalsmith/Fibre Artist]
Chopping, Richard [1917-2008. UK. Illustrator]
Chorley, Kenneth (Ken), Jr. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Chorlton & Dugdale [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Upholsters/Ironmongers]
Chorlton, H.C.D. [-. UK. Painter]
Chotenovsky, Zdenek [1929-1993. Czechoslovakia. Graphic/Stage/Packaging Designer/Illustrator]
Choubrac, Alfred [1853-1902. France. Poster Designer]
Choukhaïeff, Vassilï Ivanovitch (Suchaev, Vasilij Ivanovic ) [1887-1973. Russia/France. Painter]
Choupay, Edouard (Choupaye, Edouard) [-. France. Architect]
Chow, Fong [1923-2012. USA. Ceramist]
Chowne, Gerard [1875-1917. UK. Painter]
Choy, Katherine [1927-1958. USA. Ceramist]
Chrisson [-. Finland. Poster Designer]
Christ, Fritz [1866-1906. Germany. Sculptor]
Christen, Andreas [1936-2006. Switzerland. Industrial/Furniture Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Christen, Werner [1912-1983. Switzerland. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Christensen & Larsen [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Christensen, C.G. [-. Denmark/USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Christensen, Carl Tørris  [1937-. Norway. Graphic/Exhibition/Packaging Designer/Calligrapher/Photographer]
Christensen, Frank I. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Christensen, Hans [1924-1983. Denmark/USA. Metalsmith/Silversmith]
Christensen, Jan Sverre [-. Norway. Industrial Designer/Mechanical engineer]
Christensen, Ruth [1918-. Denmark. Textile Designer]
Christenson, Ann [-. USA. Ceramist]
Christesen, Vilhelm [1802-1899. Denmark. Silversmith/Goldsmith/Manufacturer of Silverware and Jewellery]
Christiansen, E. Jl.(Jul.) [-. Norway. Graphic Designer]
Christiansen, Hans [1866-1945. Germany/France. Silversmith/Textile/Graphic/Jewellery/Poster Designer/Painter/Architect/Glass Artist/Typographer]
Christiansen, Karl [1931-2007. USA. Ceramist]
Christianson, Rolf [-. Finland. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Christianson, Trace, Jr. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Christie, Fyffe William George [1918-1979. UK. Painter]
Christie, Henry Cheffins [1858-1909. UK. Sculptor]
Christie, James Elder [1847-1914. UK. Painter]
Christie, Keith [-. Canada. Art Director]
Christie, Robert [1870-1928. UK. Painter]
Christie, Robert [cabinetmaker\wood carver] [1831-1934. UK. Cabinetmaker/Woodcarver]
Christmas, F.G. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Christo (Javacheff, Christo Vladimirov) [1935-. Bulgaria/France. Artist]
Christofanetti, Helen [1915-1996. UK. Textile Designer/Sculptor]
Christoffersen, Frede [1919-1987. Denmark. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Christoffersen, Kurt [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Christofle et Cie (Orfèvrerie Christofle) [1830-. France. Manufacturers of Silver Plate]
Christophe, Franz [1875-1946. Austria/Germany. Illustrator/Poster Designer/Painter]
Christy, Howard Chandler [1873-1952. USA. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Chryssa (Mavromichali, Vardea) [1933-. Greece/USA. Sculptor]
Chu, Hoi Ling [-. Hong Kong/USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer]
Chuboff, David (Dave) P. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Chudant, Adolphe [1860-1929. France. Painter]
Chung, Patricia S. [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Chunn, Nancy [-. USA. Ceramist]
Church Crafts League [1899-. UK. Crafts Association]
Church, Frederick Stuart (F.S.) [1842-1923. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Etcher]
Church, M. [-. USA. Poster Designer]
Church, Margaret [-1978. UK. Architect]
Church, Sharon [1948-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Churcher, Walter G. [1859-1934. UK. Illustrator]
Churchill, Henry S. [1893-1962. USA. Architect]
Churchill, Lallah [-. UK. Sculptor]
Churchill, William Worcester [1858-1926. USA. Painter]
Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer [1874-1965. UK. Painter]
Chute, Walter M. [-. USA. Painter]
Chwalas Druck [1898-1978. Austria. Printing Firm]
Chwast, Seymour [1931-. USA. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Ciampi, John [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Ciancimino, George [-. Italy/USA. Furniture Designer]
Ciardi, Beppe [1875-1932. Italy. Painter]
Ciardi, Emma [1879-1933. Italy. Painter]
Ciardi, Guglielmo [1842-1917. Italy. Painter]
Ciardo, Vicenzo [1894-1970. Italy. Painter]
Cibic, Aldo [1955-. Italy. Furniture/Lighting/Interior Designer]
Cicansky, Victor [1935-. Canada. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Ciccone, Sam [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Cidón Navarro, Francisco de [1871-1943. Spain. Poster Designer]
Ciéslewicz, Roman [1930-1996. Poland/France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Collage Artist]
Cifariello, Filippo [1864-1936. Italy. Sculptor]
Cigheri, Aldo [1909-1985. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cigler, Václav [1929-. Czech Republic. Glass Artist]
Cignetti, Michelangelo [-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cihlár, Michal [1960-. Czechoslovakia. Graphic/Packaging Designer/Typographer/Illustrator]
Cima, Luigi [1860-1944. Italy. Painter]
Cimiotti, Gustave, Jr. [1875-1969. USA. Painter]
Cinamin, Gerald [1930-. USA/UK. Graphic/Book Designer]
Cinéastes Associés [-. France. Film Production Company]
Cinelli, Ezio [-. Italy. Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Cingria, Alexandre [1879-1945. Switzerland. Painter/Illustrator]
Ciolkowski, H.S. [-. France. Illustrator/Painter/Jewellery/Stained Glass Designer]
Ciouti, Enrico [1910-1991. Italy. Poster/Graphic Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Cippio, Anna [-. Austria. Embrioderer]
Cipriani Ciro [1892-1963. Italy. Painter]
Cipriani, Doug [1928-. UK. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Cipriani, Giovanni Battista [1727-1785. Florence/UK. Painter/Engraver]
Cipriani, R. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Ciravigny [-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Circle Craftworkers (Circle Craft Workers) [-. UK. Craft Association]
Circuit & Eddington [-. USA. Advertising/Design Firm]
Ciriello, Averardo [1918-2016. Italy. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Cirilli, Guido [1871-1954. Italy. Architect]
Ciro [-. Spain. Poster Designer]
Cisari, Giulio [1892-1979. Italy. Architect/Sculptor/Illustrator/PainterPoster Designer]
Ciseri, Antonio [1821-1891. Switzerland/Italy. Painter]
Cissarz, Johann Vincenz [1873-1942. Germany. Painter/Muralist/Embroiderer/Textile/Wallpaper/Linoleum Designer]
Cittato, Giulio [1936-1986. Italy/USA. Graphic Designer]
Citterio, Antonio [1950-. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
City Display Organisation [1938-. UK. Manufacturer of Exhibition and Display Stands and Equipment]
Ciuffi, Piero [1891-1956. Italy. Poster Designer]
Civiletti, Pasquale [1859-1952. Italy. Sculptor]
Cizek, Franz [1865-1946. Austria. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Cizek, Rudolf (Rudolph) [1867-. Austria. Jewellery Designer/Sculptpr]
Claes, Edouard Joseph Eugène [1880-1944. Belgium. Painter]
Claessens, Paul [1861-1909. Belgium. Bookbinder]
Claesson, Ester [1884-1931. Sweden. Garden Architect/Designer]
Claesson, Kås [-. Denmark. Industrial Designer]
Clague, Daisy [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Clairtone Sound Corporation [1958-1974. Canada. Manufacturer of Audio-Visual Equipment]
Clamp, Robert [-. UK. Architect]
Clancy, Elizabeth [-. USA. Art Director]
Clancy, Robert [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Clante, Henry [1912-1966. Denmark. Ceramist/Painter]
Clapham Lander & Mansford [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Clapham, Frederick Dare [1873-1914. UK. Architect]
Clapperton, Thomas John [1879-1962. UK. Sculptor]
Clappison, John [1937-. UK. Ceramist/Glass Designer]
Clar-Werbung [-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Design Studio]
Clara Wäver [-. Denmark. Textile Designer]
Clarà, Josep [1878-1958. Spain. Sculptor]
Clare, Etienne [1901-1975. Switzerland. Illustrator/Painter/Graphic Artist/Lithographer]
Clare, J.R. [-. UK. Decorative Painter]
Clarenbach, Max [1880-1952. Germany. Painter]
Clarion Guild of Handicraft [1901-. UK. Arts and Crafts Guild]
Claris, Marcello [1897-1949. Italy. Poster Designer]
Clark & Frey [1935-1945. USA. Architectural Firm]
Clark & Hutchinson [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Clark & Moscrop [1882-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Clark John (Clark, J.) [-. UK. Engraver]
Clark, A. William [-. USA. Ceramist]
Clark, Alec D. [-. UK. Architect]
Clark, Alfred Houghton [1868-1936. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Clark, Alson Skinner [1876-1949. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Decorative Designer]
Clark, Bruce [-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Clark, Catherine [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Clark, Christopher [1875-1942. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Clark, Dale [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Clark, Dorothy (Morang, Dorothy) [1906-1994. USA. Painter/Craftsperson/Museum Curator/Critic]
Clark, Edward Owen [-. UK. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Clark, Egbert Norman [1872-. USA. Illustrator]
Clark, Emma Chichester [1955-. UK/Ireland. Illustrator]
Clark, Ernest Ellis [1869-1932. UK. Painter]
Clark, F.G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Clark, Frederick [1854-1944. UK. Architect]
Clark, Harriett Candace (Rose) [1852-1942. USA. Photographer]
Clark, Howard [-. USA. Papermaker]
Clark, James [1858-1943. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Clark, James, Jr. [-. USA. Art Director]
Clark, Jean [1902-1999. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Clark, Jim [-. USA. Art Director]
Clark, John Cosmo [1897-1967. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Clark, John Porter [1905-1991. USA. Architect]
Clark, John Stewart [1883-1956. UK. Painter]
Clark, Jon F. [1947-. USA. Glass Artist]
Clark, Kathryn [-. USA. Papermaker/Painter]
Clark, Kenneth [-. UK. Metalsmith]
Clark, Kenneth Inman Carr (K.I.C.) [1922-2012. UK. Ceramist/Tile Designer]
Clark, Nobby [1921-2008. UK/New Zealand. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Artist]
Clark, Robert A. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Clark, Robert G. [-. UK. Silversmith]
Clark, Robert Lindsey [1864-1926. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Clark, Thomas [-. UK. Metalworker]
Clark, Walter [1848-1917. USA. Painter]
Clark, William Tierney [1783-1852. UK. Civil Engineer]
Clarke & Bell [1841-1904. UK. Architectural Firm]
Clarke Hall, Denis (Clarke-Hall, Denis) [1910-. UK. Architect]
Clarke Hall, Edna (Hall, Edna Clarke) [1879-1979. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Clarke, Caspar Purdon [1846-1911. UK/USA. Architect/Museum Director/Art Historian]
Clarke, Edward [1822-19161902. USA. Architect]
Clarke, Florence J.A. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Clarke, George Somers [1841-1926. UK. Architect]
Clarke, George Somers Leigh [-1882. UK. Architect]
Clarke, Gilmore David [1882-1982. USA. Civil Engineer/Landscape Architect]
Clarke, Harry [1889-1931. Ireland. Illustrator/Stained Glass Designer]
Clarke, Howard Chatfeild [1860-1917. UK. Architect]
Clarke, J. Arundell [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Clarke, J.A. [-. USA. Art Director]
Clarke, John [1852-1936. UK. Architect]
Clarke, John Daniel [1880-1947. UK. Architect]
Clarke, John Moulding [1889-. UK. Architect/Painter/Etcher]
Clarke, Kathleen [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Clarke, Lilley E.M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Clarke, Margaret [-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Silversmith/Sculptor]
Clarke, Margaret (Crilley, Margaret) [1884-1961. Ireland. Painter]
Clarke, Maurice [1875-. UK. Painter]
Clarke, Minnie Ellen [1857-1942. UK. Painter]
Clarke, Paul Montem [1915-1999. Canada/UK. Painter]
Clarke, Peter [-. UK. Photographer]
Clarke, René [1886-1969. USA. Art Director/Painter/Illustrator]
Clarke, Richard Edward [1878-1954. UK. Painter]
Clarke, Thomas Shields [1860-1920. USA. Painter/Sculptor/Illustrator]
Clarke, Walter R. [-. USA. Pyrographic Artist]
Clarke, William [1809-1889. UK. Architect]
Clarke, William Hanna [1882-1924. UK. Painter]
Clarkson [1867-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Clarkson & Ballantyne [1899-. New Zealand. Architectural Firm]
Clarkson, Frank Finley (Finlay) [-. UK. Metalworker/Silversmith]
Clarkson, George Henry [-. UK. Metalworker/Jewellery Designer]
Clarkson, John [-1918. UK. Architect]
Clarkson, Ralph Elmer [1861-1942. USA. Painter]
Clarkson, Samuel Flint [1840-1915. UK. Architect]
Clarkson, Tom P. [-. UK. Architect]
Clarkson, William [1851-. UK. Architect]
Clarkson, William Albert Paxton [-1918. New Zealand. Architect]
Clarry, Siriol [-. UK. Illustrator]
Clarus, Alice (Greinwald-Clarus, Alice) [1887-. Germany. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Clas, Alfred C. [1860-1942. USA. Architect/Sculptor]
Clason, Isak Gustaf [1856-1930. Sweden. Architect]
Claude [-1682. France. Painter/Engraver]
Claude (Lorrain, Claude) [-1682. France. Painter/Engraver]
Claude Gidman Design Associates [1967-. Canada. Industrial Design Studio]
Claude-Salvy, Marie-Madeleine [1900-. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Claudel, Camille [1864-1943. France. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Claudius, Wilhelm [1854-1942. Germany. Painter]
Claus, Emile [1849-1924. Belgium. Painter]
Claus, Wilhelm [1882-1914. Germany. Painter]
Claus-Speer [-. Germany. Ceramist]
Clausen, George [1852-1944. UK. Painter]
Clausen, Katharine Frances [1886-1936. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Clauss & Daub [-. USA. architectural firm]
Clauss, Alfred [1906-1998. Germany/USA. Architect]
Clauss, Berthold [1882-1969. Germany. Painter/Lithographer]
Clavarino, Amedeo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Clavé, Antoni [1913-2005. Spain. Painter/Theatre Designer/Illustrator]
Clavel & André [-. France. Poster Design Partnership]
Clavel, Marie Joseph Léon (IWill) [1850-1923. France. Painter]
Claxton, Kathleen M. [-. UK. Artist/Inn Sign Designer]
Claxton, William [1927-2008. USA. Photographer/Art Director]
Clay, John Cecil [1875-1930. USA. Illustrator]
Clayden, Marian [1937-2015. USA. Textile/Fashion Designer/Fibre/Wearable Artist]
Clays, Paul Jean [1819-1900. Belgium. Painter]
Clayton & Bell [1855-1993. UK. Stained Glass Workshop]
Clayton & Black [1883-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Clayton, Charles Edward [1853-1923. UK. Architect]
Clayton, Walter Tom [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cleaver, Thomas Reginald [1862-1954. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonis]
Clegg Fryers & Penman [1911-1913. UK. Architect]
Clegg, Ada [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Clegg, Charles [1828-1922. UK. Architect]
Clegg, Charles Theodore [1861-. UK. Architect]
Clegg, Christine [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cleghorn, John [-1880. UK. Engraver/Painter/Woodcarver]
Cleland, T.M. (Thomas Maitland) [1880-1964. USA. Graphic Designer/Typographer/Illustrator]
Clemens, Benjamin [1875-1957. UK. Sculptor]
Clement Dane Studio [-. UK. Design Studio]
Clement, Carl J., Jr. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Clement, Charles [-. USA. Muralist]
Clement, Theodore G. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Clemente, Origo [1855-1921. Italy. Sculptor/Painter]
Clements (Clement) [-. Netherlands. Poster Designer]
Clements, Collis [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Clements, Eric G. [1925-. UK. Silversmith/Industrial Designer]
Clements, Gabrielle de Veaux [1858-1948. USA. Painter/Etcher/Muralist]
Clements, P.D. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Clements, Rosalie [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Clements, Rosalie Thompson [1878-. USA. Painter]
Cleminshaw, Douglas [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Clendenning, Max [1924-. UK. Architect/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Clerget, Charles Ernest [1812-1870. France. Decorative Designer/Engraver]
Clerget, Jacques Jean [1808-1877. France. Architect]
Clerici, Fabrizio [1913-1993. Italy. Illustrator/Painter/Theatre Set Designer/Sculptor]
Clermont [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Clermont, François Pierre [1879-. France. Architect]
Cleveland, George [-. UK. Photographer]
Cliff, Thomas James [1873-. UK. Sculptor]
Clifford & Lunan [1909-1923. UK. Architectural Firm]
Clifford Bloxham & Partners [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Clifford Martin Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Clifford, Edward Charles [1858-1910. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Clifford, Harry Percy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Clifford, Henry Edward [1852-1932. UK. Architect]
Clifford, Henry Edward (H.E.) [1852-1932. UK. Architect/Painter]
Clifford, Maurice [1866-1926. UK. Painter]
Clifford, P. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Climent [-. Spain. Poster Designer]
Clinch, Edwin L. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cline, Mahlon A. [-. USA. Art Director]
Clinedinst, Benjamin West [1859-1931. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Clint, Alfred T. [1879-1936. Australia. Painter/Cartoonist/Illustrator/Theatre/Film Designer]
Clinton & Russell [1894-1926. USA. Architectural Firm]
Clinton, Charles William [1838-1910. USA. Architect]
Clinton, Gary [-. USA. Ceramist]
Clinton, Margery [1931-2005. UK. Ceramist/Painter]
Clipsham, Jacqueline [1936-. USA. Ceramist]
Clisbee, George [1895-1936. USA. Illustrator]
Clive, Dennis [1950-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Cloister Press, The [1921-. UK. Printing Firm]
Cloquet, Louis [1849-1920. Belgium. Architect]
Close, Helen [-. UK. Textile/Wallpaper Designer]
Closset, M. [-. Belgium. Embroiderer]
Closterman, John [1660-1711. Prince-Bishopric of Osnabrück/England. Painter]
Clouet, François [-1572. France. Painter]
Clough, A.H. [-. UK. Architect]
Cloux, Frank Louis Whitmarsh [1885-. UK. Architect]
Clouzot, Marianne [1908-. France. Illustrator/Painter/Ceramist/Fashion Designer/Lithographer]
Clover, Kathleen [-. USA. Textile Artist]
Clow, Alexander [1861-1946. UK. Woodcarver]
Clow, William [1851-1935. UK. Woodcarver]
Clowes, William [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cluse Ltd. [-. UK. Manufacturer of Ornamental Ironwork]
Clute, L. Beulah Mitchell [1873-. USA. Printmaker/Illustrator/Painter]
Clute, Walter Marshall [1870-1915. USA. Painter]
Clutterbuck, Julia Emily (Alsop, Julia Emily) [1871-1932. UK. Painter/Etcher/Mezzotint Engraver]
Clutton, Sarah [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cluysenaar, André [1872-1939. Belgium. Sculptor/Painter]
Clymer, John F. [1907-1989. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Clyne, Ronald [1925-2006. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Clynick [-. UK. Illustrator]
Coad, Richard [1825-1900. UK. Architect]
Coalbrookdale Iron Co. (Coalbrookdale Co.) [1709-1959. UK. Ironfoundry]
Coales & Johnson [1896-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Coales, George Harold [-. UK. Civil Engineer/Surveyor]
Coales, H. Reg. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Coales, Harold G. [-. UK. Surveyor/Civil Engineer]
Coates, Carolin [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Coates, George James [1869-1930. Australia/UK. Painter]
Coates, Ron [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Coates, Stephen  [1962-. UK. Art Director]
Coates, Wells [1895-1958. Canada/UK. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Cobay, Richard William [-. UK. Uphosterer/Cabinetmaker]
Cobb, Edmund Farley [1870-1942. UK. Architect]
Cobb, F. [-. UK. Silversmith]
Cobb, Rebecca Anne [1982-. UK. Illustrator]
Cobb, Victor Ernest [1876-1945. Australia. Painter/Illustrator/Printmaker]
Cobbaert, Jan [1909-1995. Belgium. Painter/Sculptor/Ceramist/Stained Glass Designer]
Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James (T.J.) [1840-1922. UK. Bookbinder/Printer]
Cobean, Sam [1917-1951. USA. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Cobelle, Charles [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cober, Alan E. [1935-1998. USA. Illustrator/Etcher]
Coblence, Maurice [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Coburn, Alvin Langdon [1882-1966. USA/UK. Photographer]
Cocco, Giuseppe Alberto [1879-1963. Italy. Painter]
Cochet, Marcel Pierre Auguste [1877-1939. France. Architect]
Cochran, Gretchen Stevens [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker]
Cochrane, Jessica M. (Cave, Mrs Walter) [1864-1934. UK. Painter]
Cochrane, John D. [-. UK. Glass Designer]
Cochrane, M. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cock, Stanley [1875-1929. UK. Poster/Postcard Designer/Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Cockayne, Evelyn L. [-. Australia. Graphic Designer]
Cocker, Edward [1631-1676. UK. Calligrapher]
Cocker, John [1883-1960. UK. Architect]
Cockerell, Catherine [1903-. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cockerell, Charles Robert [1788-1863. UK. Architect]
Cockerell, Douglas [1870-1945. UK. Bookbinder]
Cockerell, Frederick Pepys [1833-1878. UK. Architect]
Cockerell, Patience Scott [1878-1957. UK. Bookbinder]
Cockerell, Ralph Scott [-. UK. Architect]
Cockerell, Samuel Pepys [1753-1827. UK. Architect]
Cockerell, Sydney Morris [1906-1987. UK. Bookbinder]
Cockfield Brown & Co. [1928-. Canada. Advertising Agency]
Cockrane, William [-. USA. Metalsmith]
Cockrill, Ralph Scott [1879-1956. UK. Architect]
Coco Raynes Associates [1969-. USA. Design Studio]
CoConis, Ted C. [1927-. USA. Illustrator]
Cocteau, Jean [1889-1963. France. Writer/Film Maker/Graphic Artist/Ceramist/Stained Glass/Tapestry/Theatre Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Codde, Pieter Jacobsz [1599-1678. Dutch Republic. Painter]
Coderch, José Antonio [1913-1984. Spain. Architect]
Codina, Marie Thérése [-. Spain. Textile Artist]
Codner, Maurice Frederick [1888-1958. UK. Painter]
Codognato, Plinio [1878-1940. Italy. Illustrator/Painter/Cartoonist/Poster Designer]
Coe, Ernest F. [1866-1951. USA. Landscape Architect]
Coelli, Pietro (Piero) [1893-1980. Italy. Painter/Decorative Designer]
Coerper, Tony [-. Germany. Embroiderer]
Coffey, Alfred [1869-1950. Australia. Painter]
Coffey, George [1857-1916. Ireland. Bookbinder]
Coffey, Michael [1928-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Coffin, Clifford [1913-1972. USA. Photographer]
Coffin, Ernest [-1944. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer/Painter]
Coffin, Marian C. [1876-1957. USA. Landscape Architect]
Coffin, William Alexander [1855-1925. USA. Painter]
Cogger, Florence J. [1878-1939. UK. Painter]
Coggin, Katherine Maude [1875-1943. UK. Metalworker]
Coghlan, Richard [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cogle, Henry George [1875-1957. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Cognet, Henri [-. France. Sculptor/Decorative Designer]
Cogswell, William Gerald St. John [1870-. UK. Architect]
Cohen, A. Dorothy [1887-1960. UK. Painter]
Cohen, Ahza [1936-. USA. Textile Artist/Tapestry Designer]
Cohen, Fred [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cohen, Fréderika Sophia (Cohen, Fré) [1903-1943. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Calligrapher/Typographer/Woodcut Artist]
Cohen, Harold [1928-2016. UK/USA. Textile Designer/Painter]
Cohen, Henri [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Illustrator]
Cohen, Herbert [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Cohen, Isaac Michael [1884-1951. Australia. Painter]
Cohen, Jock [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Cohen, John [1932-. USA. Photographer]
Cohen, Katherine M. [1859-1914. USA. Sculptor]
Cohen, Michael [1936-. USA. Ceramist]
Cohen, Nancy [-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cohen, Nat [-. Israel. Packaging Designer]
Cohen, Victor N. [1910-1975. Switzerland. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Cohn, Abraham (Abe) [1925-2013. USA. Ceramist]
Cohn, Alfred A. [-. USA. Photographer]
Cohn, Erna [-. UK. Weaver]
Cohn, Michael [1949-. USA. Glass Artist]
Cohr, Einer [-. Denmark. Graphic Designer]
Coia [-. . Cartoonist]
Coindre, Victor [1816-1893. France. Engraver/Poster Designer]
Coiner, Charles T. [1898-1989. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director/Painter]
Coiny, Jacques-Joseph [1761-1809. France. Engraver]
Coker, Peter Godfrey [1926-2004. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Col, Ferdinando [-. Italy. Metalworker/Furniture Designer]
Colaço, Jorge [1868-1942. Portugal. Painter/Caricaturist/Ceramist]
Colarossi, Filippo [1841-1914. Italy/France. Sculptor/Educationalist]
Colasso, M. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Colato, Arduino [1880-1954. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Colbert, Betty [1925-2009. USA. Ceramist/Muralist]
Colbourne and Co. (Colbourne and Co.’s) [-. UK. Retailers of Furnishing Fabrics]
Colburn, Elanor Ruth Eaton Gump (Eaton, Eleanor) [1866-1939. USA. Painter]
Colby Design, Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Design/Manufacturing Studio]
Colby, Donald B. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Colby, Sas [1939-. USA. Fibre/Book Artist/Photographer]
Cole, Alphaeus Philemon (A.P.) [1876-1988. USA. Painter/Etcher/Engraver]
Cole, Arthur [-. UK. Painter]
Cole, Clarence [-. USA. Graphic/Packaging Designer/Painter]
Cole, David E. [1918-. UK. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Cole, Ernest [1890-. UK. Sculptor/Engraver]
Cole, Ethel Kathleen [1892-1976. UK. Painter/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Cole, Herbert [1867-1930. UK. Illustrator/Engraver/Bookplate/Poster Designer]
Cole, John B.P. [1923-. UK. Photographer]
Cole, John Kingswell [1860-1920. UK. Architect]
Cole, L. Averill [-. USA. Bookbinder]
Cole, Lillie E. [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cole, Rex Vicat [1870-1940. UK. Painter]
Cole, Thomas [1801-1848. USA. Painter]
Cole, Walter [-. USA. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Coleborn, Freda M. [1911-1965. UK. Glass Artist/Embroiderer/Painter]
Coleman, Elaine [1945-. USA. Ceramist]
Coleman, Enrico (Henry) [1846-1911. Italy. Painter]
Coleman, Glenn O. [1887-1932. USA. Painter/Lithographer]
Coleman, Robert [-. USA. Glass Artist]
Coleman, Stanley [-. UK. Illustrator]
Coleman, Tom [1945-. USA. Ceramist]
Coleman, W.R. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Coleman, William Stephen [1829-1904. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Colenbrander, Theodorus Christiaan Adriaan [1841-1930. Netherlands. Ceramist/Textile/Carpet Designer]
Coleridge, John Duke [1879-1934. UK. Architect]
Coleridge, Maud [1860-1911. UK. Painter]
Coles, Agnes E. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Coles, Frank Alleyn [1866-1926. UK. Architect]
Coles, Gerald Anthony [1929-2004. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Stained Glass Designer]
Coles, Ron [-. USA. Glass Artist]
Coles, Thelma [1952-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Colette (Denton, Colette) [1937-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Colgren, Monte [-. USA. Ceramist]
Colin Cheetham Design Partnership [1976-. UK. Industrial Design Studio]
Colin, Alexandre-Marie [1798-1875. France. Painter/Engraver]
Colin, Georges [1876-1917. France. Sculptor]
Colin, Gustave-Henri [1828-1910. France. Painter]
Colin, Jean [1912-1982. France. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Colin, Paul [1892-1985. France. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Colin, Paul Alfred [1838-1916. France. Painter/Engraver]
Collamarini, Edoardo [1863-1928. Italy. Architect]
Collard, Allan Ovenden (A.O.) [1861-1928. UK. Architect/Metalworker]
Collard, John [-. UK. Painter]
Collard, Thomas H. [1900-. USA. Art Director]
Collcutt, Bertie Hawkins [1883-1937. UK/Argentina. Architect]
Collcutt, Thomas Edward [1840-1924. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Collens, Charles [1873-1956. USA. Architect]
Collens, Karel (Charles) [1869-1901. Belgium. Painter/Illustrator]
Coller, Henry [1886-1958. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Collet, Henry Emmanuel [-. France. Decorative Designer]
Collett and Beadle [-. UK. Design Partnership]
Collett, George [-. UK. Interior/Exhibition/Exhibition Designer/Typographer]
Collett, Harry George (H.G.) [1899-1952. UK. Graphic Designer]
Collette, Joan [1889-1958. Netherlands. Painter/Graphic/Stained Glass Designer]
Colley, David [1940-. USA. Photographer/Typographer/Graphic Designer]
Collier & Davies [-1918. UK. Architectural Firm]
Collier Campbell [1979-. UK. Textile Design Partnership]
Collier, Ada Louise [1870-1948. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Collier, Bonnie [-. USA. Ceramist]
Collier, H. [-. UK. Inlay Craftsperson]
Collier, John [1850-1934. UK. Painter]
Collier, John Jr. [1913-1992. USA. Photographer]
Collier, Leonard Henry [1873-1962. UK. Architect]
Collier, Susan [1938-2011. UK. Textile Designer]
Collier, Thomas [1840-1891. UK. Painter]
Collin, Agnes [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Collin, André [1862-1930. Belgium. Painter]
Collin, André Jules [1875-1966. France. Architect]
Collin, Leni [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Collin, Louis Ernest [1841-1905. France. Architect]
Collin, Paul [-. France. Wood Engraver]
Collin, Raphaël [1850-1916. France. Painter]
Collingburn, John [-. UK. Photographer]
Collinge, James Walter [1883-1964. USA. Photographer]
Collings, Charles John [1848-1931. UK/Canada. Painter]
Collings, Dahl [1910-1988. Australia. Painter/Film-Maker/Graphic Designer]
Collings, Ernest Henry Roberts [1884-1932. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Collings, Geoffrey [1905-2000. Australia. Painter/Film-Maker/Graphic Designer]
Collings, Harry [1880-1960. UK. Architect]
Collingwood, Peter [1922-2008. UK. Textile Designer/Weaver]
Collingwood, William Gershom (W.G.) [1854-1932. UK. Painter]
Collino, Ignazio Secondo [1724-1793. . Ignazio Collino]
Collins & Co. [-. UK. Jewellery/Metalwork Manufacturer]
Collins Miller & Hutchings [-. USA. Printing Firm]
Collins, Albert [1883-1951. New Zealand/Australia. Painter/Linocut Artist]
Collins, Benjamin Franklin (Ben) [1895-1981. USA. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Collins, Bonita [-. Canada. Ceramist]
Collins, Edward R. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Collins, George Edward [1880-1967. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Collins, Gerald [-. USA. Glass Artist]
Collins, Henry W. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Collins, Henry William [1910-1994. UK. Graphic Designer/Painter/Muralist/Sculptor]
Collins, Jack [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Collins, Jeanette [1939-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Collins, Jesse [1898-. UK. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Collins, John F. [-. USA. Photographer]
Collins, Paul [-. UK. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Collins, Peter [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Collins, Roland [1918-2015. UK. Graphic Designer]
Collins, Roy Huse [1884-1949. USA. Illustrator]
Collins, Thom [-. USA. Ceramist]
Collins, Walter [1870-1933. USA. Painter]
Collins, William Wiehe [1862-1951. UK. Painter]
Collinson & Lock [1870-1897. UK. Cabinetmakers]
Collinson, Frank [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Collinson, James [1825-1881. UK. Painter]
Collister, Ken [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Colliva Gastone [-. Italy. Design Partnership]
Collura, Francesco [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Collura, John [-. USA. Illustrator]
Collver, Ethel Blanchard [1875-1955. USA. Painter]
Colman Prentis & Varley [1934-1974. UK. Advertising Agency]
Colmena [-. Spain. Poster Designer]
Colmo, Eugenio (”Golia”) [1885-1987. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter/Cartoonist/Caricaturist]
Colnaghi (P & D Colnaghi & Co.) [1760-. UK. Private Art Gallery]
Colombi, Plinio [1873-1951. Switzerland. Poster Designer/Painter/Engraver]
Colombini, Gino [1915-. Italy. Plastic Housewares Designer]
Colombo, A. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Colombo, Aldo [-. USA. Exhibition Designer]
Colombo, Joe [1930-1971. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Colonial Fireplace Company [-. USA. Fireplace Manufacturer]
Colonna, Edward [1862-1948. Germany/USA/France. Jewellery/Interior/Furniture Designer]
Colonna/Gilbert/Hatzer, Design [-. . Design Studio]
Colosso, Marco [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Colourcraft Company [-1920. UK. Decorative Arts Firm]
Colquhoun, Ithell [1906-1988. UK. Painter]
Colquhoun, Robert [1914-1962. UK. Painter/Theatre Designer/Printmaker]
Colson, Frank [1931-2015. USA. Metalsmith/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Coltellacci, Giulio [1916-1986. Italy. Theatre Set/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Colter, Mary Elizabeth Jane [1869-1958. USA. Architect/Craftsperson/Interior Designer]
Colthurst, William Bunter [1881-. UK. Architect]
Coltman, Ora [1858-1940. USA. Painter]
Colton, William Robert [1867-1921. UK. Sculptor]
Colvill, Helen [1856-1953. Ireland. Painter]
Colvin, Franklin [-. USA. Tapestry Designer/Weaver/Painter]
Colvis, Marguerite Julia [-. France. Embroiderer]
Colvis, Marie [1857-1912. France. Decorative Designer]
Colyer, A.A. [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Colyer, Chrissie [1861-1944. UK. Painter]
Coman, Charlotte Buell [1833-1924. USA. Painter]
Comart Associates [1952-1972. USA. Sales Promotion Agency]
Combaz, Gisbert (Ghisbert) [1869-1941. Belgium. Illustrator/Poster Designer/Sculptor]
Comelli, Dante [1880-1958. Italy. Painter]
Cometti, A. [-. France. Poster Designer]
Cometti, Giacomo [1863-1938. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Comfort, Arthur [1864-1935. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Cominetti, Gian Maria [1884-1961. Italy. Theatre Director]
Comins, Eben Farrington [1875-1949. USA. Painter]
Commart [-. Netherlands. Advertising Agency]
Commeline, M.K. [-. UK. Photographer]
Commercial Art (later Commercial Art and Industry, Art and Industry and Design for Industry) [1922-1959. UK. Design Journal]
Comolli, Ambrogio [1830-1913. Italy. Painter]
Comolli, Angelo [1863-1949. Italy. Painter]
Compactom Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Compagnie de I'Esthetique Industrielle (CEI-Raymond Loewy) [1952-. France. Design Studio]
Compagnie des Arts Français [1919-. France. Decorating Firm/Furniture Makers]
Compasso d'Oro [1954-. Italy. Design Award]
Comper, John Ninian [1864-1960. UK. Architect/Stained Glass/Furniture Designer]
Complojer, Rudolf [1905-1991. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Compton Advertising Inc. [-1982. USA. Advertising Agency]
Compton, Ben [-. USA. Wearable Artist/Fashion Designer]
Compton, Edward Theodore [1849-1921. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Compton, Robert [-. USA. Ceramist]
Comte, Adolf le [1850-1921. Netherlands. Painter]
Comte, Pierre M. [1927-. France. Graphic/Poster/Theatre Set Designer/Filmmaker/Kinetic Artist]
Conant, Lucy Scarborough [1867-1921. USA. Painter]
Concepcion, Juan [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Conconi, Luigi [1852-1917. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Condak, Cliff [1930-. USA. Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Condak, Henrietta [-. USA. Art Director/Illustrator]
Conder, Charles [1868-1909. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Fan Designer/Lithographer]
Conder, Jean [-. UK. Architect]
Conder, Josiah [1852-1920. UK. Architect]
Conder, Neville [1922-. UK. Architect/Industrial Designer/Illustrator]
Condorelli, Costantino [-. Italy. Architect]
Cone Fittings Ltd. [-. UK. Lighting Manufacturer]
Coney, John [1786-1833. UK. Engraver]
Confalonieri, Giulio [1926-2008. Italy. Graphic/Industrial Designer/Typgrapher]
Conietti, E. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Conkwright, P.J. [1905-1986. USA. Typographer/Book Designer]
Conley, Jay [-. USA. Illustrator]
Connard, Philip [1875-1958. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Connell Ward & Lucas [1927-1939. UK. Architectural Firm]
Connell's Advertising Service [-. Ireland. Advertising Agency]
Connell, Amyas [1901-1980. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Connell, Christine  [-. UK. Metalworker/Silversmith]
Connell, Julie [-. USA. Quilter/Weaver]
Connell, Will [1898-1961. USA. Graphic Designer/Photographer]
Connell, William [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Conneller, Will [-. USA. Photographer]
Connelly, Brian [1926-1962. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Connelly, Darill (Connolley, Darrill) [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Conner & Mitchell [1894-1902. UK. Architectural Firm]
Conner, James (Jim) M. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Conner, William Tait [1867-1931. UK/South Africa. Architect]
Connolly, Harold [1893-1973. UK. Illustrator]
Connolly, Sybil [1921-1998. Ireland. Fashion Designer]
Connor, Arthur Bentley [1880-1960. UK. Painter]
Connor, C.E.E. [-. UK. Ceramist/Woodcarver/Furniture Designer]
Connor, Charles [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Connor, Charles (Chas) E.E. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Connor, Jerome [1874-1943. Ireland/USA. Sculptor]
Connor, Joseph Thomas Vast [1874-1954. Australia. Painter]
Conny [-. Germany. Poster Designer]
Conor, William [1881-1968. Ireland/UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Conover, Claude [1907-1994. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Conrad, Freddy [-. Belgium. Poster Designer]
Conrad, Gyula [1877-1959. Austria-Hungary/Hungary. Painter/Graphic Artist/Etcher]
Conrad, Martin [-. Germany. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Conrad, Reine Adelaide [1871-. USA. Painter]
Conrad, Theodore [-1994. USA. Modelmaker]
Conrade, Alfred Charles [1863-1955. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Conran & Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Conran Design Group [1956-. UK/France. Design Consultancy]
Conran Furniture [1953-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Conran, Terence [1931-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer/Retailer]
Conrath’s (Conrath) [-. UK. Furniture and Upholstery Retail Firm]
Conrow, Ginny [-. USA. Ceramist]
Conroy, Edward J. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Constable, E. Rawson [-. UK. Embriderer]
Constable, John [1776-1937. UK. Painter]
Constant-Dufeux, Simon-Claude [1801-1871. France. Architect]
Constantine, Elizabeth [-. USA. Ceramist]
Constantinidis, Joanna [1927-2000. UK. Ceramist]
Consuegra, David [1939-2004. Colombia. Graphic Designer]
Consultants Ltd. [-. UK. Industrial Design Consultancy]
Container Corporation of America [1926-. USA. Packaging Company]
Conte, Claudio [1920-. Italy. Architect/Industrial Designer]
Conte, Dante Mose [1885-1919. Italy. Painter]
Conte, G. [-. Italy. Sculptor/Painter]
Contemporary Concepts, Inc. [-. USA. Design Studio]
Content, Dirk [-. USA. Art Director]
Contenti, Raul [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Conti, Giambattista [1878-1971. Italy. Artist/Poster Designer]
Conti, Oscar (Oski) [1914-1979. Chile. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Graphic/Film/Theatre Designer]
Conti, Tito [1842-1924. Italy. Painter]
Contini, Edgardo [1914-1990. Italy/USA. Architect]
Contratti, Luigi [1819-1867. UK. Sculptor]
Convel Designers Ltd. [-. UK. Design Consultancy]
Conway, Granville [-. UK. Interior Decorator]
Conway, John Severinus [1852-1925. USA. Sculptor/Painter]
Conz, Walter [1872-1947. Germany. Painter]
Coogan, Robert (Bob) [1952-. USA. Metalsmith]
Cook & Shanosky Associates [1967-. USA. Graphic Design Studio]
Cook, Alice May [1876-1960. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Cook, Allen Drew [-. USA. Photographer]
Cook, Charles Kingsley [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cook, Douglas Evan [-. UK. Display/Exhibition/Furniture/Packaging Designer]
Cook, Ethel Isabel [1871-1947. UK. Painter]
Cook, Eveline (Harvey, Eveline) [1910-. Australia. Lithographer/Graphic Designer]
Cook, George Frederick [1919-1982. UK. Ceramist]
Cook, Hilda V. [1888-. UK. Painter]
Cook, John A. [-. USA. Art Director]
Cook, John Thomas [1852-1904. UK. Painter/Decorative Designer/Metalworker]
Cook, Leslie B. [-. UK. Architect]
Cook, Lia [1942-. USA. Textile/Tapestry Designer/Weaver]
Cook, Margaret [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cook, Roger (Rajie) [1930-. USA. Graphic Designer/Photographer/Assemblage Artist]
Cook, Thomas A. [-. UK. Stained Glass/Jewellery Designer]
Cook, Tim R. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Cooke & Harrison [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Cooke, A.G. [-. UK. Photographer]
Cooke, Arthur Claude [1867-1951. UK. Painter]
Cooke, Betty [1924-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Cooke, Cromwell [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cooke, Edward William [1811-1880. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Cooke, F.C. [-. UK. Graphic Artist]
Cooke, Gilbert C. [1872-1944. UK. Metalworker/Decorative/Furniture Designer]
Cooke, Isaac [1846-1922. UK. Painter]
Cooke, Jerry [1922-2005. USA. Photographer]
Cooke, M.B. [-. UK. Architect]
Cooke, Percy Booker [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cooke, Robert [1943-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Cooke, Samuel Nathaniel [1882-1964. UK. Architect]
Cooke-Yarborough, E. [1921-. UK. Industrial Designer/Inventor]
Cooksey, Arthur William [1865-1922. UK. Architect]
Cooksey, May Louise Greville [1878-1943. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Coolahan, Kate [1929-. Australia/New Zealand. Graphic Designer/Painter/Printmaker/Sculptor/Fibre Artist]
Cooley, Thomas [1742-1784. UK. Architect]
Cooley, Victor [1888-1982. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Coolidge & Carlson [1903-1922. USA. Architectural Firm]
Coolidge, Charles Allerton [1858-1936. USA. Architect]
Coolidge, John T. [-. USA. Woodcarver]
Coombes, Charles W. [1879-. UK. Sculptor]
Coombs, Roy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cooper & Holt [-. UK. Cabinetmakers/Interior Decorators]
Cooper & Howell [-. UK. Architectural firm]
Cooper & Taylor [-1906. UK. Architectural Firm]
Cooper, Alexander [1609-1660. UK. Painter]
Cooper, Alfred Egerton [1883-1974. UK. Painter]
Cooper, Alice [1888-1937. USA. Sculptor]
Cooper, Austin [1890-1964. UK. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cooper, C.J. Harold [1862-1909. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Cooper, Colin Campbell [1856-1937. USA. Painter]
Cooper, Dan [1901-1965. USA. Textile/Interior/Furniture/Wallpaper Designer]
Cooper, Edwin [1874-1942. UK. Architect]
Cooper, Emma Lampert [1860-1920. USA. Painter]
Cooper, Emmanuel [1938-2012. UK. Ceramist]
Cooper, Francis Glanville (F.G.) [-. UK. Ceramist]
Cooper, Frank Berridge [1870-1936. UK. Architect]
Cooper, Frederick Goss (F.G.) [1883-1962. USA. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Cooper, Gerald [1898-1975. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Cooper, Gwen [-. USA. Papermaker]
Cooper, James Robert [1868-1947. UK. Sculptor/Modeller]
Cooper, John H. [-1901. UK. Architect]
Cooper, John Paul [1869-1933. UK. Metalsmith/Goldsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cooper, John Paul [1869-1933. UK. Architect/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Cooper, Kyle [1962-. USA. Graphic Designer/Film Title Sequence Designer]
Cooper, Lydia [1861-. UK. Painter]
Cooper, Michael Jean [-. USA. Woodcraft Designer/Sculptor]
Cooper, Muriel [1925-1994. USA. Graphic Designer/Educator]
Cooper, Oswald [1879-1940. USA. Typographer/Letterer]
Cooper, Richard T. [1884-1957. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cooper, Ronald Glanville [1910-. UK. Ceramist]
Cooper, Samuel [1609-1672. England. Painter]
Cooper, Susie [1902-1995. UK. Ceramist]
Cooper, Thomas [1847-1912. UK. Architect]
Cooper, Thomas Edwin [1874-1942. UK. Architect]
Cooper, Thomas Sidney [1803-1902. UK. Painter]
Cooper, W. H. [-. UK. Metalworker/Lighting Designer]
Cooper, W.F. [-. . Poster Designer]
Cooper, Waistel [1921-2003. UK. Ceramist/Painter]
Cooper, Winifred [1889-1983. UK. Painter]
Coover, Mary [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cope, Arthur Stockdale [1857-1940. UK. Painter]
Cope, Charles West [1811-1890. UK. Painter]
Cope, Grace [-. UK. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Cope, Sydney Keates [-. UK. Cermast]
Copeland, Arnold [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Copeland, Elizabeth Ethel [1866-1957. USA. Silversmith/Enameller/Jewellery Designer]
Copeland, John [1935-. UK/Australia. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Copeland, M. Baynon [-. USA. Painter]
Copenhagen Art Faïence Co., London [-. Denmark. Porcelain Factory]
Coper, Hans [1920-1981. UK. Ceramist]
Copestick, Ernest [1875-1963. UK. Graphic Artist/Metalworker]
Copestick, George Christopher [1863-. UK. Architect]
Copier, Andries Dirk [1901-1991. Netherlands. Glass/Mosaic Artist/Muralist]
Coplan, Eli [-. USA. Rug Manufacturer]
Copley, John [1875-1950. UK. Painter/Etcher/Lithographer]
Copley, John Singleton [1738-1815. USA. Painter]
Copley, Noma [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Copnall, Frank Thomas [1870-1949. UK. Painter]
Coppedè, Gino [1866-1927. Italy. Architect/Interior Designer/Scuptor]
Coppens, Omer [1864-1926. France/Belgium. Painter/Engraver]
Coppola, Norberto [1941-. Argentina. Graphic Designer]
Coppola, Silvio [1920-1985. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Graphic/Interior Designer]
Coquart, Georges-Ernest (Coquart, Ernest Georges) [1831-1902. France. Architect/Painter]
Coquelle, Victor Alfred [-. France. Decorative Artist]
Coquin, Jean [-. France. Graphic Designer]
Coray, Hans [1906-1991. Switzerland. Furniture Designer/Artist]
Corbella, Tito [1885-1966. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter/Illustrator/Postcard Artist]
Corbelletti, Raniero [-1988. Italy/USA. Architect]
Corbett, Alfred Edward [1873-1916. UK. Architect]
Corbett, Benjamin Cooper [1872-1945. USA. Architect]
Corbett, Mario [1901-1977. USA. Architect]
Corbett, Mario Francis [1901-1977. USA. Architect]
Corbould, Alfred Chantrey [1852-1920. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Printmaker]
Corchia Group [-. USA. Design Studio]
Corchia, Al, Jr. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Corcos, Lucille [1908-1973. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Corcos, Vittorio Matteo [1859-1933. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cordelova Co. [-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacture]
Cordemeyer, André R. [1924-1998. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Corder, A.H. [-. UK. Photographer]
Cordero di Montezemolo, G. [-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cordier, Eugen M. [1903-1974. Germany. Painter/Graphic/Poster/Interior Designer/Interior Architect/Mosaic Artist/Muralist]
Cordonnier, Alphonse Amédée [1848-1930. France. Sculptor/Painter]
Cordry, Donald [1907-1978. USA. Metalworker/Puppeteer/Ethnographer]
Corey, Bob [-. USA. Art Director]
Coria, Benjamin [-. Mexico/UK/France. Painter]
Corinaldesi, U. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Corinth, Lovis [1858-1925. Germany. Painter/Printmaker/Poster Designer]
Corlette, Hubert Christian [1869-1956. UK. Architect]
Corlin, Melvin [-. USA. Silversmith]
Cormier, Joseph J. Emmanuel (Descomps) [1869-1950. France. Sculptor/Jewellery Designer]
Cormon, Fernand [1845-1924. France. Painter]
Cornberg, Sol [1910-. USA. Television Set/Electronic Communication Systems Consultant]
Cornec, M. Le [-. France. Illustrator]
Cornelissen & Kruijsen [-. Netherlands. Graphic Design Partnership]
Cornelissen, Henk [-. Netherlands. Graphic Designer]
Cornelius Sampson & Associates [1945-. USA. Industrial Design Studio]
Cornelius, Philip [1934-2015. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Cornelius, R. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Cornell, Joseph [1903-1972. USA. Assemblage Artist/Filmmaker]
Cornell, Judy [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cornell, Walter James [1915-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cornille Frères [1875-. France. Manufacturers of upholstery silk and velvet]
Corning Glass Works [-. USA. Glass Manufacturers]
Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York [1951-. USA. Glass Museum]
Cornoyer, Paul [1864-1923. USA. Painter]
Cornwell, Dean [1892-1960. USA. Illustrator]
Cornwell, Ross E. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Cornwell, Royston [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Coromaldi, Umberto [1870-1948. Italy. Painter]
Corona, Giorgio [-. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Coronel, Raul A. [-. USA. Ceramist]
Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille [1796-1875. France. Painter/Printmaker/Etcher]
Corporate Design Consultants [-. USA. Design Studio]
Corporate Design Systems [-. USA. Design Studio]
Corradini, Giovanni [-. Italy. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Correa Muñoz, Rafael [1872-1959. Chile. Painter]
Correa, Federico [1924-. Spain. Architect/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Correggio [-1534. Duchy of Parma. Painter]
Correll, Leslie [-. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Corrigan, Barbara [-. USA. Illustrator]
Corroyer, Édouard Jules [1835-1904. France. Architect]
Corsaw, Roger [1913-2004. USA. Ceramist]
Corsaw, Wilma Baker [-. USA. Ceramist]
Corse, Henry [-. USA. Architect]
Corsi di Bosnasco, Giacinto [1829-1909. Italy. Painter]
Corsini & Wiskemann [-. Italy. Design Partnership]
Corsini, Fulvio [1874-1938. Italy. Sculptor]
Corsini, M. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer/Graphic Artist]
Cortese, Federico [1829-1913. Italy. Painter]
Cortex F. Enloe Inc. [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Corthine, Stanley [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Corva, Urbano [1901-1986. Italy. Poster Designer]
Corvaja, Salvatore [1872-1962. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Corvilla Furniture Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Corwin, Charles Abel [1857-1938. USA. Painter]
Cory, Ken [1943-1994. USA. Jewellery Designer]
Cosani, T. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Coscia, Dante [1912-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cosentino, Oronzo [1870-1922. Italy. Sculptor]
Cosgrove, Brian [1934-. UK. Television Graphic Designer/Animator]
Cosi, Giuseppe [1883-1965. Italy. Painter]
Cosimo, Piero di [1462-1522. Republic of Florence. Painter]
Cosini, Fulvio [1874-1938. Italy. Sculptor]
Cosl-Frey (Kosel Frey) [-. Austria. Graphic Design Studio]
Cosomati, Aldo [1895-1977. UK. Illustrator]
Cosomati, Ettore [1873-1960. Italy. Painter/Engraver]
Cossard, Adolphe [1870-1952. France. Poster Designer/Painter]
Cossins Peacock & Bewlay [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Cossins, Jethro Anstice [1830-1917. UK. Architect/Painter]
Cossmann, Alfred [1870-1951. Austria. Graphic Designer]
Cossmann, Hermann [1884-1966. Germany. Poster Designer]
Cossmann, Theodor [-1908. Germany. Interior Architect/Furniture Designer]
Costa, Giovanni [1826-1903. Italy. Painter]
Costa, Nicoletta [1953-. Italy. Illustrator]
Costantini, C. [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Costantini, Flavio [1926-2013. Italy. Illustrator/Theatre Set Designer/Painter]
Costantini, Giovanni [1872-1947. Italy. Painter/Poster Designer]
Costanzo, Vittorio [1861-1898. Italy. Painter]
Costeau, Georges [-. France. Painter]
Costelloe, Paul [1945-. Ireland/UK. Fashion Designer]
Coster, Howard [1885-1959. UK. Photographer/Painter]
Coster, Joan [-. UK. Photographer]
Coster, Johanna [1893-1960. Netherlands. Illustrator/Painter/Poster Designer/Ceramist]
Costigan, Philip [-. USA. Ceramics Decorator]
Cosway, Richard [1742-1821. UK. Painter]
Cotes, Joseph A. [-. Ireland. Graphic Designer]
Cotman, Frederic George [1850-1920. UK. Painter]
Cotman, John Sell [1782-1842. UK. Painter]
Cotman, Miles Edmund [1810-1858. UK. Painter]
Cotter, Jim [1944-. USA. Metalsmith/Sculptor/Jewellery Designer]
Cotterell Bros., Ltd.  [1844-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Cotterell, Arthur Naish [1885-1961. UK. Painter]
Cotterill, Reginald Thomas [1885-1966. UK. Sculptor]
Cottet, Charles [1863-1925. France. Painter]
Cotti, Edoardo [1871-1940. Italy. Sculptor/Painter/Graphic Artist/Typographer]
Cotti, Renato [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Cottier, Daniel [1837-1891. UK. Interior/Stained Glass Designer]
Cottier, S. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Cottingham, Robert [1935-. USA. Graphic Designer/Painter]
Cottino, E. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Cotton, Ernest W. [1877-1959. UK. Painter/Metalworker]
Cotton, Joan [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cotton, John Wesley [1868-1931. Canada/USA. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver]
Cotton, Peter [1918-1978. Canada. Interior/Furniture Designer]
Cotton, William Henry [1880-1958. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Cottoni [-. USA. Painter]
Cottrell, William L. [-. USA. Architect]
Coubillier, Friedrich [1869-1953. Germany. Sculptor]
Coubould, Richard [1757-1831. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Etcher]
Couch, William Edward [1877-1942. UK. Architect]
Couchman, Harold William [-. UK. Architect]
Coudrill, Francis [1914-1989. UK. Painter]
Coudyser, Jules [1867-1931. France. Interior/Textile Designer]
Coughlin, John Albert [1885-1943. USA. Illustrator]
Coughtry, Graham [1931-1999. Canada. Television Graphic Designer/Painter/Muralist/Sculptor/Illustrator]
Couillard, Roger [1910-1999. Canada. Poster Designer]
Coulling, F. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Coulon, Jean [1853-1923. France. Sculptor]
Coulson, Carl von [-. Germany. Painter]
Coulthard, C.H.A. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Council of Industrial Design (Design Council) [1944-. UK. Design Organisation]
Counts, Charles [1934-2000. USA. Ceramist/Writer/Quilter]
Counts, Rubynelle [-. USA. Ceramist/Quilter]
Couper, William [1853-1942. USA. Sculptor]
Courant, Cécile [-. France. Lacemaker]
Courbet, Gustave [1819-1877. France. Painter]
Cournichoux, M. [-. France. Poster Designer]
Cournoyer, Georget [1931-. Canada. Ceramist]
Courrèges, André [1923-. France. Fashion Designer]
Court, David [-. USA. Blacksmith]
Court, Emily G. [1880-1957. UK. Painter]
Courteix, Fernand [-. France. Embroiderer/Lace Designer]
Courtenay, Charles [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Courtens, Frans (Franz) [1854-1943. Belgium. Painter]
Courths, F. [-. Germany. Furniture designer]
Courtice, Roy [-. UK. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Courtney, H.G. [-. UK. Architect]
Courtois, Gustave [1852-1923. France. Painter]
Courtois-Suffit, Octave [1856-1902. France. Architect]
Courtos, Tom [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Courvoisier, Jules [1884-1936. Switzerland. Painter/Poster Designer]
Courvoisier, Jules-Ami [1884-1936. Switzerland. Painter/Engraver/Poster Designer/Lithographer]
Couse, Eanger Irving [1866-1936. USA. Painter]
Cousens, W.A.F. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Cousin & Ormiston [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Cousins Design (Morison Cousins Industrial Design, Morison S. Cousins + Associates) [1963-1969. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Cousins, Arthur [-. UK. Wood Carver]
Cousins, Michael [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Cousins, Morison S. [1934-2001. USA. Industrial Designer]
Cousins, Sydne [-. USA. Industrial Designer/Inventor/Manufacturer]
Cousland, Gilbert [-. UK. Photographer]
Coussens, A.F. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Coussens, Armand [1881-1935. France. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver]
Coutan, Jules [1848-1939. France. Sculptor]
Coutan-Montorgueil, Laure [1855-1915. France. Sculptor]
Coutant, P.E. [-. France. Architect]
Coutau, Hippolyte Gustave [1866-1946. Switzerland. Painter/Poster Designer]
Coutaud, Lucien [1904-1977. France. Painter/Theatre/Tapestry Designer/Illustrator/Muralist]
Coutts, Gordon [1868-1937. UK/Australia/USA. Painter]
Couture, Thomas [1815-1879. France. Painter]
Couturier, E. [1871-1903. France. Illustrator]
Couturier, Léon [1842-1935. France. Painter/Illustrator]
Couturier, Robert [1905-1998. France. Sculptor]
Couty, Edmé [1852-1931. France. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Covarrubias, Marta [1958-. Mexico. Graphic Designer]
Covarrubias, Miguel [1904-1957. Mexico. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Caricaturist/Muralist]
Covelli, Gaele [1872-1932. Italy. Painter]
Coventry, Frederick Halford [1905-1997. New Zealand/UK. Graphic Designer]
Coventry, Robert McGown [1855-1941. UK. Painter]
Coveri, Enrico [1952-1990. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Covey, Arthur Sinclair [1877-1960. USA. Painter/Muralist/Illustrator]
Covey, Laird [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Covington, Henry [-. USA. Watch Designer]
Covini, A. [-. Italy. Architect]
Cowan, Elizabeth Van Osdel [1863-1932. USA. Painter]
Cowan, Ralph [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Cowan, Roy [1918-2006. New Zealand. Ceramist/Illustrator/Printmaker]
Cowan, Theodora Esther [1868-1949. Australia. Sculptor]
Cowell, George H. Sydney [-. UK. Sculptor/Painter/Illustrator]
Cowell, George J. [1861-1933. UK. Sculptor]
Cowell, Judy [-. . Illustrator]
Cowes, Dudley S. [1895-1946. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Cowgill, Molly [1948-. USA. Ceramist]
Cowham, Hilda [1873-1964. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Etcher/Poster Designer]
Cowles, Christopher Alan (Cowles, Chris) [1942-. Australia. Graphic Designer]
Cowles, Fleur [-. USA/UK. Art Director/Painter]
Cowles, Geoffrey Clement [1894-1981. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Cowles, S. Cowper [-. UK. Metalworker]
Cowling, Clara [-1946. UK. Painter]
Cowlishaw, Alfred [-. UK. Architect]
Cowlishaw, Thomas [1806-1875. UK/Australia. Architect/Stonemason]
Cowlishaw, William Harrison [1869-1957. UK. Architect/Illuminator]
Cowper, Frank Cadogan [1877-1958. UK. Painter]
Cowper, Joan [1912-. UK. Ceramist]
Cowper, Max [1860-1911. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Cox & Co. [1929-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Cox & Silk [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Cox & Son [1838-1921. UK. Furniture/Stained Glass Manufacturer]
Cox & Sons [1838-1921. UK. Furniture/Stained Glass Manufacturer]
Cox Kjeldsen & Parker [-. USA. Advertising Agency]
Cox, Alfred [1868-1944. UK. Architect]
Cox, Arthur T. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cox, Christiana [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Cox, David [1783-1859. UK. Painter]
Cox, Dorothy [-. USA. Painter/Fashion Designer]
Cox, Dorothy M. (Lewis, Dorothy Llewellyn) [1882-1947. Ireland. Painter]
Cox, E.B. [-. Canada. Industrial Designer]
Cox, E.C.S. [-. Canada. Architect]
Cox, Elijah Albert (E.A.) [1876-1955. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Cox, George A. [-1921. UK. Architect]
Cox, George H. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Cox, George J. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Cox, Hebe [1909-1993. UK. Textile Designer/Carpet/Interior/Embroiderer]
Cox, J. Brevoort [-. USA. Poster Designer/Pyrographic Artist]
Cox, J. Halley [1910-1974. USA. Painter]
Cox, Kathleen [1904-1972. Ireland. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Cox, Kenyon [1856-1919. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist]
Cox, Louise [1865-1945. USA. Painter]
Cox, Mabel [-. UK. Metalworker/Furniture Designer/Embroiderer]
Cox, Paul William [1957-. France. Illustrator]
Cox, Roy Ormandy [1903-1976. Australia. Graphic Designer]
Cox, Sons, Buckley & Co. [1881-. UK. Monumental Sculptors/Art Metalworkers/Woodcarvers/Stained Glass Window Manufacturer]
Cox, Stanley W. [-. UK. Industrial/Trade Fair Stand Designer]
Cox, Trena Mary [1895-1977. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Coxhead & Coxhead [-. USA. Architectural Firm]
Coxhead, Almeric [1862-1928. UK/USA. Architect]
Coxhead, Ernest Albert [1863-1933. UK/USA. Architect]
Coxon, Raymond James [1896-1997. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Coye, Lee Brown [1907-1981. USA. Painter/Sculptor/Engraver/Illustrator]
Coykendall, Vernon R. [-. USA. Ceramist]
Coyle, Dean [-. USA. Art Director]
Cozens, Alexander [1717-1786. Russia/UK. Painter]
Cozens, John Robert [1752-1797. UK. Painter]
Crabtree, John [-. Canada. Graphic Designer]
Crabtree, Mary [-. UK. Painter]
Crabtree, William [1905-1991. UK. Architect]
Crace [1743-1899. UK. Painters and Decorators]
Crace, John Dibblee [1838-1919. UK. Architect/Interior Designer]
Craffonara, Aurelio [1875-1945. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Craft, Percy Robert [1856-1934. UK. Painter]
Craftsman Designers [-. USA. Design Studio]
Craftsman Industrial Designers [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Craftsman Workshops [1898-1915. USA. Craft Workshops]
Craftsmen Industrial Designers [-. USA. Industrial Design Studio]
Craig, Ailsa [1895-1967. UK. Ceramist/Illustrator]
Craig, Edith [1889-1947. UK. Costume Designer]
Craig, Edward Gordon [1872-1966. UK. Theatre Designer/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Craig, Frank [1874-1918. UK. Painter]
Craig, J. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Craig, James Osborne [1888-1922. UK/USA. Architect]
Craig, Morton [-. USA. Art Director]
Craig, Stirling [-. UK. Architect]
Craig, Thomas Bigelow [1849-1924. USA. Painter]
Craigen, R. Midwood [-. UK. Photographer]
Craigie, Dorothy M, [1908-. UK. Illustrator]
Craigie, E. [-. UK. Enameller]
Crain, Joyce [-. USA. Textile Designer/Fibre Artist]
Crali, Tullio [1910-2000. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cram Goodhue & Ferguson [1897-1913. USA. Architectural Firm]
Cram, Ralph Adams [1863-1942. USA. Architect]
Crämer & Petzschler [-. Germany. Retail Design Studio]
Cramer, Marie (Cramer, Rie) [1887-1977. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Cramer, Nancy Shaw [1944-. USA. Weaver/Rug/Interior Designer/Gallery Owner]
Crampton, J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cranach, Lucas, the Elder [-1553. Saxony. Painter]
Cranach, Wanda von [-. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan [1932-. USA. Art/Design School]
Crandall, Adelaide Blanchard [-. USA. Textile Designer]
Crandall, Doris [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Crandell, Bradshaw [1896-1966. USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Crane Company [1855-. USA. Manufacturers of Piping/Plumbling Equipment]
Crane, Alexander [1904-1953. USA. Rug Designer/Painter]
Crane, Bruce [1857-1937. USA. Painter]
Crane, C. Howard [1885-1959. UK. Architect]
Crane, Edward Andrew [1867-1935. UK. Architect]
Crane, John [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Crane, Lancelot [1880-1918. UK. Painter]
Crane, Lionel Francis [1876-1943. UK. Architect]
Crane, Mary Frances (Crane, Mrs Walter) [1846-1914. UK. Embroiderer]
Crane, Oliver [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Crane, Stanley William [1905-1973. USA. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Crane, Tim [-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Crane, Walter [1845-1915. UK. Textile/Wallpaper Designer/Illustrator/Ceramist]
Crane, William H. [1853-. USA. Painter/Poster Designer/Lithographer]
Cranfield, Sydney White [1870-1961. UK. Architect]
Cranney-Franceschi, Marie Anne [-. France. Sculptor]
Cranwill, Mia [1880-1972. Ireland. Jewellery Designer/Metalworker]
Crapper, Edith Bertha [1892-1979. UK. Painter]
Crapsey, Arthur H. [1919-1998. USA. Industrial Designer]
Craske, John [1881-1943. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Cratney, Edward [1882-1916. UK. Architect]
Craven, Joan [-. UK. Photographer]
Craven, Shirley [1934-. UK. Textile Designer]
Craver, Margret (Withers, Margret Craver) [1907-2010. USA. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Craw Freeman [1917-. USA. Graphic Designer/Typographer/Calligrapher/Photographer]
Craw, Freeman [1917-. USA. Graphic Designer/Typographer/Calligrapher]
Crawford's Reklame-Agentur [-. Germany. Advertising Agency]
Crawford, Alexander Hunter [1865-1945. UK. Architect]
Crawford, David William [-. UK. Architect]
Crawford, Earl Stetson [1877-1966. USA. Painter/Etcher]
Crawford, Elsie [1913-1999. USA. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Crawford, Harold A. [-. UK. Photographer]
Crawford, Ina [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Crawford, John [-1919. UK. Woodcarver]
Crawford, Susan Fletcher [1863-1919. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Crawford, William Smith [1878-1950. UK. Advertising Executive]
Crawhall, Joseph [1861-1913. UK. Painter]
Crawley, George Abraham [1864-1926. UK. Architect]
Crawley-Boevey, F.A. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Crealock, John Mansfield Strading [1871-1959. UK. Painter]
Crease, Pierre L. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Creative Communications Inc. [-. USA. Design Firm]
Creative Packaging [-. USA. Packaging Design Studio]
Creke, J.W.W. [-. UK. Metalsmith]
Cremer & Wolffenstein [1882-. Germany. Architectural Firm]
Cremer, Wilhelm [1854-1919. Germany. Architect]
Cremona, Tranquillo [1837-1878. Italy. Painter]
Cremonesi, Carmelo [1919-. Italy. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Crenier, Henri [1873-1948. France/USA. Sculptor]
Crepet, A.M. [-. Italy. Decorative Artist]
Crescenzi, Donald [-. USA. Industrial Designer/Inventor]
Crespel, Berthe Marie Henriette Dauchez [1874-1958. France. Painter]
Crespi, Enrico [1854-1929. Italy. Painter]
Crespi, Luigi Daniele [-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Crespi, Raffaella [1929-. Italy. Architect/Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Crespin & Hankar [-. Belgium. Decorative Art Partnership]
Crespin, Adolphe Louis Charles [1859-1944. Belgium. Painter/Poster/Theatre/Wallpaper Designer]
Cressey, Charles [1876-. UK. Architect]
Cressey, David [1916-. USA. Ceramist]
Cressini, Carlo [1864-1938. Italy. Painter]
Cresswell, Harry Bulkeley [1869-1960. UK. Architect]
Cresswell, Herbert Orborn [1860-1918. UK. Architect]
Cresswell, John James [1857-1944. UK. Architect]
Cresta Silks Ltd. [-. UK. Textile Manufacturers]
Creswell, Harry Bulkeley [1869-1960. UK. Architect]
Creswick, Benjamin [1853-1946. UK. Sculptor/Metalworker]
Creswick, Maude [-. UK. Graphic Artist]
Cret, Paul Philippe [1876-1945. France/USA. Architect/Interior Designer]
Creten, Georges [1887-1966. Belgium. Painter]
Cretté, Georges [1893-1969. France. Bookbinder]
Creux, René [1914-2002. Switzerland. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Engraver/Interior Decorator]
Creuz, Serge [1924-. Belgium. Graphic/Theatre Set Designer/Painter]
Creuzevault, Henri [1905-1971. France. Bookbinder]
Crevel, René [-. France. Painter/Glass Artist/Interior/Textile Designer/Ceramist]
Crewe, John [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Crichton Studios [-. UK. Advertising Agency/Design Studio]
Crichton, John [1917-1993. New Zealand. Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter]
Crickmay & Sons [1881-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Crickmay, Faith [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Crickmay, George Lay [1858-1921. UK. Architect]
Crickmay, George Rackstrow [1830-19211907. UK. Architect]
Crickmer, Courtenay Melville (C.M.) [1879-1971. UK. Architect]
Crinion, Jonathan [1953-. Canada. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Cripe, Gene H. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Crippa, Luigi [1924-. Italy. Poster Designer]
Crippa, Roberto [1921-1972. Italy. Painter/Sculptor/Multimedia Artist]
Crippen, Robert Bruce [-. USA. Art Director]
Criscuolo, George ‘Mr Cris’ [-. UK. Fashion/Poster Designer]
Crisp, Arthur [1881-1974. Canada/USA. Painter/Muralist/Poster Designer]
Crisp, James Alexander [1879-1962. Australia. Painter/Illustrator/Ceramist]
Crispell, Roger L. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Crissay, Marguerite [1874-1945. France. Painter/Sculptor]
Cristalerias Rigolleau (Rigolleau Crystal Works SA.) [1882-. Argentina. Glass Works]
Cristalleria Nason & Mortti [1923-. Italy. Glassware Manufacturers]
Cristallerie de Sèvres. [1725-1932. France. Glassworks]
Cristalleries de St. Louis [-. France. Glassworks]
Cristalleries du Val St-Lambert [1826-. Belgium. Glassworks]
Cristiani, Mario [-. Italy. Art Director]
Crittall, Francis Henry [1860-1935. UK. Manufacturer of Metal Framed Windows]
Crittall, Walter Francis (W.F.) [1887-1956. UK. Architect/Artist/Furniture Designer]
Crivelli, Carlo [-. Republic of Venice. Painter]
Crnobori, Karl A. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Croasdale & Son [-. UK. Interior Decorators]
Croatto, Bruno [1875-1948. Italy. Poster Designer/Painter]
Croce di San Clemente, Giuseppe [-. Italy. Sculptor]
Croce, Giuseppe [-. Italy. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Croce, Giuseppe (1853-1915) [1853-1915. Italy. Sculptor]
Crockart, James [1885-1974. UK/Canada. Poster Designer]
Crocket, Douglas G. [-1917. UK. Painter]
Crocket, Henry Edgar [1874-1926. UK. Painter]
Crockett, Geoffrey A. [-. UK. Architect]
Crockwell, Douglass [1904-1968. USA. Illustrator/Painter/Muralist]
Croft, Michael [1941-. USA. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith]
Crofts, Ernest [1847-1911. UK. Painter]
Crofts, Eva [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Crofts, Stella Rebecca [1898-1964. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Croghan, Edward [-. UK. Interior Designer]
Croissant, August [1870-1941. Germany. Painter]
Croisy, Aristide Onésime [1840-1899. France. Sculptor]
Croix-Marie, Paul [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Croke, Lewis Edmund [1875-. UK. Painter/Etcher/Lithographer]
Croll, George B. [-. USA. Art Director]
Cromarty, W.D.  [-. Canada. Architect]
Crome Pottery [1921-1927. UK. Pottery]
Crome, John [1768-1821. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Cromek, Thomas Hartley [1809-1873. UK. Painter]
Cromer Guild of Handicraft [-. UK. Craft Guild]
Cromey, Edward [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cromières, Huguette (Bucher-Cromières, Huguette) [1921-. France. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Crompton, William Edward Vernon [1867-1937. UK. Architect]
Cronbach, Robert M. [1908-2001. USA. Sculptore]
Crone, Paul [-. Germany. Letterer/Book Jacket Designer]
Cronyn, Melissa [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Crook, Thomas Mewburn [1869-1949. UK. Sculptor]
Crook, William [1848-1928. Ireland/UK. Photographer]
Crooke, John [1861-1935. UK. Painter]
Crooks, Gladys V. [-. USA. Ceramist]
Croom, Inez [-. USA. Interior Decorator]
Cropsey, Jasper Francis [1823-1900. USA. Painter]
Cros, Henri (Henry) [1840-1907. France. Painter/Sculptor/Glass Artist]
Crosbie, Robert Lloyd [1832-1894. UK. Bedstead Manufacturer]
Crosbie, William [1915-1999. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist/Theatre Set Designer]
Crosby, Bart [1943-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Crosby, Frederick Gordon [1885-1943. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Crosby, Theo [1925-1994. UK. Architect/Interior/Industrial/Exhibition Designer/Sculptor]
Crosby-Fletcher-Forbes [1967-1972. UK. Design Firm]
Crosley, William [-. UK. Engineer]
Crosnier, Louis-Charles-Jules [1843-1917. Switzerland. Painter]
Cross & Cross [1907-1942. USA. Architectural Firm]
Cross, A. Campbell [-. UK. Graphic Artist/Illustrator]
Cross, Alfred William Stephens [1858-1932. UK. Architect]
Cross, J. [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Cross, James [1934-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Cross, Kenneth Mervyn Baskerville [1890-1968. UK. Architect]
Cross, Marion M. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Cross, Mark [-. USA. Weaver]
Cross, Mellville [-. USA. Wallpaper Designer]
Cross, Peter [1951-. UK. Illustrator]
Cross-Courtenay Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Crossley & Brown [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Crossley, Douglas [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Crossley, Frederick Herbert (Crossley, Frank Herbert) [1868-1955. UK. Architect/Woodworker]
Crossley, P.H. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Crothall, Harry George [1865-1929. UK. Architect]
Crouch & Butler [1885-1902. UK. Architectural Firm]
Crouch, Butler & Savage [1902-2009. UK. Architectural Firm]
Crouch, Henry Arthur [1870-1955. Australia/UK. Architect]
Crouch, Joseph [1859-1936. UK. Architect]
Crous-Vidal, Enrico (Enric) [1908-1987. Spain/France. Painter/Typographer]
Crouse, Gloria E. [-. USA. Rug Designer/Weaver]
Crouwel, Joseph [1885-1962. Netherlands. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Crouwel, Wim [1928-. Netherlands. Graphic/Poster Designer/Typographer/Museum Director]
Crow, Nancy [1943-. USA. Quilter]
Crowan Pottery [1946-1962. UK. Pottery]
Crowder, Norman A. [1921-1998. USA. Industrial Designer/Inventor]
Crowdy, Wallace Lowe [1863-1915. UK. Art Critic]
Crowe, Jocelyn [1906-1963. UK. Illustrator]
Crowe, Joseph John [1883-. UK. Architect]
Crowell, Susan [-. USA. Ceramist]
Crowhall, G. [-. . Graphic Artist]
Crowley, Grace [1890-1979. Australia. Painter]
Crozier, Frank R. [1883-1948. Australia. Painter]
Crozier, George [1846-1914. UK. Painter]
Crozier, William, Jr. [-. USA. Silversmith]
Cruden, John [-1835. UK. Architect]
Cruickshank, Robin [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cruikshank, George [1792-1878. UK. Engraver/Illustrator]
Crumrine, James (Jim) [1925-1993. USA. Ceramist]
Crunden, John [-1835. UK. Architect]
Crunelle, Leonard [1872-1944. France/USA. Sculptor]
Crusius [-. Germany. Illustrator]
Crust, John [-. Australia. Architect]
Cruz Montt, Alberto [1879-1955. Chile. Architect]
Cruz Novillo, José [1936-. Spain. Graphic Designer]
Cruz-Diéz, Carlos [1923-. Venezuela/Spain/France. Graphic/Theatre Set Designer/Illustrator]
Cruze, Charles [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
CS/Coopstudio [1974-. Italy. Graphic Design Studio/Advertising Agency]
Csabai-Ékes, Lajos [1896-1944. Hungary. Illustrator/Poster Designer/Painter]
Csajka, István (Stephen) [1886-1975. Hungary. Metalworker]
Csemiczky, Tihamér [1904-1960. Hungary. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Csernus, Tibor [1927-2007. Hungary/France. Illustrator/Painter]
Csillag, Vera [1909-1997. Hungary. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Cube, Gustav von [1873-1931. Germany. Architect]
Cubitt, James [1836-1912. UK. Architect]
Cucchiari, G. [-. Italy. Graphic Artist]
Cuccio & Chieda Design Associates [-. USA. Industrial Design Firm]
Cucuel, Edward (Edouard) Alfred [1875-1954. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Cue, Howard [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cuendet, Bernard [-. Switzerland. Poster Designer]
Cuevas, José Luis [1933-. Mexico. Etcher/Engraver/Lithographer/Muralist]
Cuglierero, Angelo [1850-1903. Italy. Sculptor]
Cuit, George [1743-1818. UK. Painter]
Cuiti, Enrico [-. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Cuitt, George, the younger [1779-1854. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Culhane, Shamus [1908-1996. USA. Animator]
Cullen, Alexander (Alex) [1856-1911. UK. Architect]
Cullen, Gordon [1914-1994. UK. Architect/Illustrator/Exhibition Designer/Urban Theorist/Painter]
Cullen, Maurice Galbraith [1866-1934. Canada. Painter]
Culleré, Albert [1949-. Spain. Graphic Designer]
Culley, Gertrude [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Culmer, Henry Lavender Adolphus [1854-1914. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Culpan, Andrew [1878-. UK. Architect]
Culpin & Bowers [1918-1935. UK. Architectural Firm]
Culpin, Ewart Gladstone [1887-1943. UK. Architect/Urban Planner]
Cumbrae Stewart, Janet Agnes [1883-1860. Australia. Painter]
Cumming, Taras Talfourd [1882-1963. UK. Architect]
Cummings & Engbert Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Cummings Charles K. [-. USA. Architect]
Cummings, Donna [1945-. Canada. Interior Designer]
Cummings, Erskine Seaton [1867-1932. UK. Architect]
Cummings, Richard (Dick) [-. USA. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Cumpston, Charl [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Cunard [1838-. UK. Cruise Ship Company]
Cundall, Charles Ernest [1890-1971. UK. Ceramist/Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Cuneo, Cyrus Cincinatto [1879-1916. USA/UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Cuneo, Terence Tenison [1907-1996. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Cunette, Louis F. [-. USA. Illustrator]
Cuniberti, Nando [-. Italy. Graphic Designer]
Cuniberti, Pier (Pirro) Achille [1923-. Italy. Painter/Graphic Designer/Ceramist]
Cunningham & Walsh [1950-1987. USA. Advertising Agency]
Cunningham, Keith [1929-2014. Australia/UK. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Cunningham, N. [-. UK. Photographer]
Cunningham, Roger [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Cuny, Alain [1908-1994. France. Film Costume/Set/Poster Designer]
Cunynghame, Henry Hardinge Samuel [1848-1935. UK. Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Curchod, Ronald [1954-. Switzerland/France. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Curilla, Werner [1915-. Germany (Federal Republic). Graphic Designer]
Curjel & Moser [1887-1915. Germany. Architectural Firm]
Curjel, Robert [1859-1925. Switzerland/Germany. Architect]
Curl, Peter [1921-1959. UK. Graphic Designer/Lithographer/Wood Engraver]
Curlani, F. [-. Italy. Illustrator]
Curley, Jayme [-. USA. Ceramist]
Curling, Gladys E. Spencer [1892-1958. UK. Painter/Costume Designer]
Curnonsky (Sailland, Maurice Edmond) [1872-1956. France. Illustrator/Novelist/Gastronomist]
Curran, Charles Courtney [1861-1942. USA. Painter]
Current, Wayne A. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Currey, Walter F. [1861-1918. UK. Painter]
Currier, Anne [1950-. USA. Ceramist/Tile Designer/Sculptor]
Currier, Elizabeth [-. USA. Quilter]
Currier, Everett R. [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Currier, Joseph Frank [1843-1909. USA. Painter]
Curry, William (Bill) [-. USA. Lighting Designer]
Cursio, Edgardo [1881-1923. Italy. Painter]
Cursiter, Stanley [1887-1976. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Curte, Louis de [1817-1891. Belgium. Architect]
Curtis Moffat Ltd. [1925-. UK. Interior Design Studio]
Curtis, Dora [1873-1920. UK. Painter/Bookplate Designer/Illustrator]
Curtis, Edward S. [1868-1952. USA. Photographer]
Curtis, Kenneth L. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Curtis, Robert Emerson [1898-1996. Australia. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Curtis, Timothy P. [1947-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Curtis, W.S. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Curtis, William Fuller [1873-1938. USA. Painter/Woodcarver/Engraver/Illustrator]
Curtis, William M. [-. USA. Glass Designer]
Curtois, Ella Rose [1860-1944. UK. Sculptor]
Curtois, Mary Henrietta Dering [1854-1929. UK. Painter]
Curwen Press (Curwen Studio) [1863-. UK. Publishing/Printing Firm]
Curwen, Frances [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Curwen, John Flavel [1860-1932. UK. Architect]
Curwen, Robert [-. UK. Architect]
Cusack, Margaret [1945-. USA. Textile Designer/Illustrator/Embroiderer]
Cusden, Leonard [1898-1979. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Cushing & Nevell [1946-. USA. Design Studio]
Cushing, George W. [-. USA. Industrial De]
Cushing, Howard Gardiner [1869-1916. USA. Painter]
Cushing, Otho [1871-1942. USA. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Poster Designer]
Cushing, Val [1931-2013. USA. Ceramist]
Cussetti, Carlo [1866-1949. Italy. Poster Designer]
Cussino, Mario [1900-1990. Italy. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Cust, Lionel [1859-1929. UK. Art Historian/Museum Director/Journal Editor]
Cute, Virginia Wireman [-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cutler & Girard [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Cutler, Eleanor Pierce [-. USA. Ceramist]
Cutler, Herbert J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cutler, Merritt [1898-1987. USA. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Cutler, Thomas William [1842-1909. UK. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Cuttica, A. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Cutts, John Edward Knight (J.E.K.) [1847-1938. UK. Architect]
Cuvilliés, François de [1695-1768. Electorate of Bavaria. Architect/Engraver/Decorative Designer]
Cuvillon, Louis-Robert de [1848-1931. France. Painter]
Cuyp, Aelbert (Albert) [1620-1691. Dutch Republic. Painter]
Cuypers, Eduard [1859-1927. Netherlands. Architect/Engraver/Glass Artist/Illustrator]
Cuypers, Joseph (Cuijpers, Josephus) [1861-1949. Netherlands. Architect]
Cuypers, Pierre (Cuijpers, Petrus) [1827-1921. Netherlands. Architect]
Cuzner, Bernard [1877-1956. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cuzner, Ethel [-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Silversmith/Embroiderer]
Cuzner, Florence [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Cyan [1992-. Germany. Graphic Design Studio]
Cyliax, Walter [1899-1945. Germany/Switzerland/Austria. Graphic/Poster Designer/Typographer]
Cyrén, Gunnar [1931-. Sweden. Glass Artist/Designer/Silversmith]
Czajkowski, Józef [1872-1947. Poland. Architect/Painter/Textile Designer]
Czajkowsky, Joseph (Josef) [1872-1947. Poland. Painter/Architect/Interior/Furniture/Textile/Stained Glass Designer]
Czarnetski, Janet [-. USA. Graphic Designer]
Czarnowski, Stanislas de [1872-1919. Poland. Sculptor]
Czegka, Bertha [1880-. Austria. Caricaturist]
Czekierski, Józef (Josef) [1881-1906. Poland. Architect]
Czencz, János [1885-1960. Austria-Hungary/Hungary. Painter]
Czermak, Herbert [-. . Graphic Designer]
Czeschka, Carl (Karl) Otto [1878-1960. Austria. Jewellery/Graphic/Textile/Furniture/Interior Designer]
Czeschka, P. [-. Germany. Packaging Designer]
Czigány, Dezsö [1883-1937. Hungary. Painter]