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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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Wilcox, Joy [-. UK. Fabric Designer]
Wilcox, Malcolm [-. UK. Fabric Designer]
Edinburgh Weavers [1928-1963. UK. Fabric/Carpet Manufacturers]
Modern Textiles [1926-1939. UK. Fabric/Wallpaper Shop and Workshop]
Penberthy, F. [-. UK. Fan Designer/Maker]
Trevelyan, Audrey [-. UK. Fan/Lace Designer]
Montague, Renée [-. USA. Fashion Accessories Designer]
Ridings, Sybil [-. USA. Fashion Accessories Designer]
Fedorová, Silvia [1945-. Slovakia. Fashion Accessories/Hat Designer/Fibre Artist]
Rothholz, Stephen [1949-. UK. Fashion Accessories/Jewellery Designer]
Patou, Jean [1880-1936. France. Fashion Design]
Agnès B (Troublé, Agnès) [1941-. France. Fashion Designer]
Alaïa, Azzedine [1940-2017. Tunisia/France. Fashion Designer]
Armani, Giorgio [1934-. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Baday, Lida [1957-. Canada. Fashion Designer]
Balenciaga, Cristóbal [1895-1972. Spain. Fashion Designer]
Balmain, Pierre [1914-1982. France. Fashion Designer]
Barrie, Scott [1946-1993. USA. Fashion Designer]
Bates, John [1935-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Beene, Geoffrey [1927-2004. USA. Fashion Designer]
Bellamy, Muriel [-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Biagiotti, Laura [1943-2017. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Blass, Bill [1922-2002. USA. Fashion Designer]
Bohan, Marc [1926-. France. Fashion Designer]
Burrows, Stephen [1943-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Cacharel, Jean [1932-. France. Fashion Designer]
Chanel, Coco (Chanel, Gabrielle Bonheur) [1883-1971. France. Fashion Designer]
Connolly, Sybil [1921-1998. Ireland. Fashion Designer]
Costelloe, Paul [1945-. Ireland/UK. Fashion Designer]
Courrèges, André [1923-. France. Fashion Designer]
Coveri, Enrico [1952-1990. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Cranach, Wanda von [-. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Dagworthy, Wendy [1950-. UK. Fashion Designer]
de Givenchy, Hubert [1927-. France. Fashion Designer]
de la Renta, Oscar [1932-2014. Dominican Republic/USA. Fashion Designer]
De Luca, Jean-Claude [1948-. France. Fashion Designer]
Dell’Olio, Louis [1948-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Dessès, Jean [1904-1970. Greece/France. Fashion Designer]
Dior, Christian [1905-1957. France. Fashion Designer]
Ellis, Perry [1940-1986. USA. Fashion Designer]
Ferré, Gianfranco [1944-2007. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Folmar, Wilson [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Fratini, Gina [1931-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Galanos, James [1924-2016. USA. Fashion Designer]
Gernreich, Rudi [1922-1985. USA. Fashion Designer]
Gibb, Bill [1943-1988. UK. Fashion Designer]
Grès, Madame [1903-1993. France. Fashion Designer]
Halston (Frowick, Roy Halston) [1932-1990. USA. Fashion Designer]
Hardwick, Cathy [1933-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Hartnell, Norman [1901-1979. UK. Fashion Designer]
Hipp, Catherine [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Hoyt, Peggy [1893-1937. USA. Fashion Designer]
Joop, Wolfgang [1944-. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Kamali, Norma [1945-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Karan, Donna [1948-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Kenzo (Takada, Kenzo) [1939-. Japan/France. Fashion Designer]
Khanh, Emmanuelle [1937-2017. France. Fashion Designer]
Klein, Anne [1923-1974. USA. Fashion Designer]
Klein, Calvin [1942-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Lagerfeld, Karl [1938-. Germany (Fed.Rep.)/France. Fashion Designer]
Lapidus, Ted [1929-2008. France. Fashion Designer]
Lauren, Ralph [1939-. USA. Fashion Designer]
McFadden, Mary [1938-. USA. Fashion Designer]
McQueen, Alexander [1969-2010. UK. Fashion Designer]
Metzger, Marie [-. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Missoni, Ottavio (Tai) [1921-. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Missoni, Rosita [1931-. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Montana, Claude [1949-. France. Fashion Designer]
Monteil, Germaine [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Mori, Hanae [1926-. Japan. Fashion Designer]
Muir, Jean [1928-1995. UK. Fashion Designer]
Muthesius, Anna [1870-1961. Germany. Fashion Designer]
Norell, Norman [1900-1972. USA. Fashion Designer]
Oldham, Todd [1961-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Poiret, Paul [1879-1944. France. Fashion Designer]
Potter, Clare [1904-1999. USA. Fashion Designer]
Pucci, Emilio [1914-1992. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Quant, Mary [1934-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Rabanne, Paco [1934-. France. Fashion Designer]
Reiterer, Oswald [-. Austria. Fashion Designer]
Rosencrans, Eva [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Rothansl, Rosalia [1870-1945. Austria. Fashion Designer]
Russell, Peter [-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Rykiel, Sonia [1930-2016. France. Fashion Designer]
Saint Laurent, Yves [1936-2008. France. Fashion Designer]
Sant’Angelo, Giorgio [1933-1989. Italy/USA. Fashion Designer]
Sardiño, Adolfo F. [1933-. Cuba/USA. Fashion Designer]
Schiaparelli, Elsa [1890-1973. Italy/France. Fashion Designer]
Shamask, Ronaldus [1945-. Netherlands/USA. Fashion Designer]
Simpson, Adele [1908-1993. USA. Fashion Designer]
Soprani, Luciano [1946-1999. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Steininger, Fridl (Loos, Fridl) [1905-2000. Austria/Argentina. Fashion Designer]
Stiebel, Victor [1907-1976. South Africa/UK. Fashion Designer]
Thomass, Chantal [1947-. France. Fashion Designer]
Trigère, Pauline [1912-2002. France/USA. Fashion Designer]
Ungaro, Emanuel [1933-. France. Fashion Designer]
Valentino (Garavani, Valentino) [1932-. Italy. Fashion Designer]
van den Akker, Koos [1939-2015. Netherlands/USA. Fashion Designer]
Van Noten, Dries [1958-. Belgium. Fashion Designer]
Versace, Gianni [1946-1997. Italy. Fashion Designer]
Vilm, Patricia [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Vionnet, Madeleine [1876-1975. France. Fashion Designer]
Vivienne [-. USA. Fashion Designer]
Yamamoto, Kansai [1944-. Japan. Fashion Designer]
Yamamoto, Yohji [1943-. Japan. Fashion Designer]
Simmons, Berthe Stern [-. USA. Fashion Designer/Dressmaker]
Turner, Jessie Franklin [-. USA. Fashion Designer/Dressmaker]
Albini, Walter [1941-1983. Italy. Fashion Designer/Illustrator]
Fromenti, Marcel [-. France. Fashion Designer/Illustrator]
Geiger, Katja [1920-. Sweden. Fashion Designer/Illustrator]
Noé, Grete von (Noé, Margrete von) [1894-. Austria. Fashion Designer/Illustrator]
Mandelli, Mariuccia [1925-2015. Italy. Fashion Designer/Manufacturer]
Mainbocher (Bocher, Main Rousseau) [1890-1976. USA. Fashion Designer/Painter/Graphic Artist]
Mugler, Thierry [1948-. France. Fashion Designer/Photographer]
Fiorucci, Elio [1935-2015. Italy. Fashion Designer/Retailer]
Sander, Jil [1943-. Germany. Fashion Designer/Retailer]
da Conceição, Maria 'São' [-. Portugal/USA. Fashion Designer/Wearable Artist]
Balenciaga [1937-. France. Fashion House]
Philippe et Gaston [1922-1937. France. Fashion House]
Blossac, Bernard [-. France. Fashion Illustrator]
Bodwell, Margot [-. Canada. Fashion Illustrator]
Bouët-Willaumez, René 'Willaumez' [1900-1979. France. Fashion Illustrator]
David, Marie-Blanche [-. France. Fashion Illustrator]
David, Marie-Rose [-. France. Fashion Illustrator]
Frank, Greta [-. USA. Fashion Illustrator]
Gruau, René (Zavagli-Ricciardelli delle Camminate, Count Renato) [1909-2004. Italy/France. Fashion Illustrator]
Harold [-. UK. Fashion Illustrator]
Karsavina [-. France. Fashion Illustrator]
Moral [-. France. Fashion Illustrator]
Nevanas, Beryl [-. UK. Fashion Illustrator]
Palma Mezzopreti, Maria [1892-1926. Italy. Fashion Illustrator/Caricaturist]
Ascough, Bessie Mabel [1884-1931. UK. Fashion Illustrator/Hat Designer]
Mourgue, Pierre [-. France. Fashion Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Garland, Madge [1898-1990. UK. Fashion Journalist/Writer/Teacher]
Art Goût Beauté [1920-1936. France. Fashion Magazine]
Blumenfeld, Erwin [1897-1969. Germany/Netherlands/France/USA. Fashion Photographer]
Millen, Meriel [-. UK. Fashion/Badge/Costume Designer]
Jaeger [1884-. UK. Fashion/Clothing Company]
Adrian (Greenburgh, Gilbert Adrian) [1903-1959. USA. Fashion/Film Costume Designer]
Lancetti, Pino [1932-2007. Italy. Fashion/Film Costume Designer]
Piri, Markku [1955-. Finland. Fashion/Footwear/Furnishing Fabrics/Textile Designer]
Cardin, Pierre [1922-. France. Fashion/Furniture Designer]
Gaultier, Jean-Paul [1952-. France. Fashion/Furniture Designer]
Castelbajac, Jean-Charles de [1949-. France/Austria. Fashion/Furniture/Rug Designer]
Stepanova, Varvara Fyedorovna [1894-1958. Russia/USSR. Fashion/Graphic/Theatre Designer]
Rosenstein, Nettie [-1980. USA. Fashion/Jewellery Designer]
Voris of Hollywood [-. USA. Fashion/Leathercraft Designer]
Horst, Horst P. [1906-1999. Germany/USA. Fashion/Portrait Photographer]
Berger, Fritzi [1894-1968. Austria. Fashion/Postcard Designer]
Criscuolo, George ‘Mr Cris’ [-. UK. Fashion/Poster Designer]
Bikkembergs, Dirk [1959-. Belgium. Fashion/Shoe Designer]
Miyake, Issey [1938-. Japan/France. Fashion/Textile Designer]
Rhodes, Zandra [1940-. UK. Fashion/Textile Designer]
Marimekko [1951-. Finland. Fashion/Textile Manufacturing/Retail Firm]
Balla, Giacomo [1871-1958. Italy. Fashion/Textile/Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Zels, Marianne [1876-. Austria. Fashion/Textile/Graphic Designer]
Mooring, Mark [-. USA. Fashion/Theatre Costume Designer]
Fortuny, Mariano (Fortuny y Madrazo, Mariano) [1871-1949. Spain. Fashion/Theatre Designer/Painter]
Goldsmith, Layne [-. USA. Feltmaker/Textile Artist]
Agano, Machiko [1953-. Japan. Fibre Artist]
Allen, Doris [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Bentovim, Yael [-. Israel/USA. Fibre Artist]
Bohnenkamp, Leslie (les) [1943-1997. USA. Fibre Artist]
de Amaral, Olga [1932-. Colombia/USA. Fibre Artist]
Drumm, Lisa (Plavcan, Lisa) [1936-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Fife, Lin [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Fink, Shirley [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Glueckman, Joan [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Hamatani, Akio [1947-. Japan. Fibre Artist]
Heimovics, Marilyn Miller [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Hessing, Mona [1933-2001. Australia. Fibre Artist]
Horiuchi, Toshiko [1940-. Japan. Fibre Artist]
Iwata, Kiyomi [1941-. Japan/USA. Fibre Artist]
Jacobi, Ritzi [1941-. Romania/Germany. Fibre Artist]
Jakobow, Janina [-. Poland/Canada. Fibre Artist]
Kaminski, Vera [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Kaufman, Deborah [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Klein, Jody W. [1931-1999. USA. Fibre Artist]
Knauss, Lewis [1947-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Knodel, Gerhardt [1940-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Kobayashi, Naomi [1941-. Japan. Fibre Artist]
Kraft, Grace [1946-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Kuemmerlein, Janet [1932-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Lackey, Jane [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Lindner, Natalie [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Luchessa, Gayle [1931-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Lykins, Kathy [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Moore, Beatrice [1950-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Moss, Debbe [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Munsters, Carla [1939-. Netherlands. Fibre Artist]
Nemes, Maria [1935-. Hungary. Fibre Artist]
Nottingham, Walter G. [1930-2012. USA. Fibre Artist]
Olszewski, Michael [1950-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Percival, Sandra [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Platus, Sylvia [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Pollack, Junco Sato [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Shaw-Sutton, Carol [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Toogood, Wendy [1947-. UK/Canada. Fibre Artist]
Traber, Lucy [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Utterback, Connie [1947-. USA. Fibre Artist]
van Eyk, Ria [1938-. Netherlands. Fibre Artist]
Watson, Susan [-. Canada. Fibre Artist]
Ziemba, Wanda [-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Cochran, Gretchen Stevens [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker]
Laky, Gyöngy [1944-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker]
Trentham, Gary [1939-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker]
Von Kleeck-Beard, Caroline [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker]
Sterrenburg, Joan [1941-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker/Papermaker]
Lyman, Susan [1949-. USA. Fibre Artist/Basketmaker/Sculptor]
Park, Betty [-1990. USA. Fibre Artist/Critic]
Lancaster, Lois [1932-. USA. Fibre Artist/Feltmaker]
Toale, Bernard [1947-. USA. Fibre Artist/Gallery Owner]
Daniels, Audrey [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Jewellery Designer]
Boardman, Jeanne [1924-. USA. Fibre Artist/Painter]
Polgár, Csaba [1942-2016. Hungary. Fibre Artist/Painter]
Stamsta, Jean [1936-. USA. Fibre Artist/Painter]
Pixley, Anne Flaten [1932-. USA. Fibre Artist/Painter/Papermaker]
Boussard, Dana [1944-. USA. Fibre Artist/Painter/Sculptor]
Kasten, Barbara [1936-. USA. Fibre Artist/Photographer]
Herman, Nancy [1939-. USA. Fibre Artist/Quilter]
James, Michael [1949-. USA. Fibre Artist/Quilter/Painter]
Balle, Grete [1926-. Denmark. Fibre Artist/Rug Designer/Painter]
Bergner, Lanny [1952-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Gould, Mary [1923-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Kirkland, Larry [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Livingstone, Joan [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Sage, Priscilla [1936-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Shawcroft, Barbara [1930-. UK/USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Stalnaker, Budd [1937-2006. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Tokushige, Emiko [1939-. Japan. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Wilson, Anne [1949-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor]
Glashausser, Suellen [1945-2000. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor/Educator]
Lawrence, Jaye [1939-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor/Jewellery Designer]
Rivers, Victoria Z. [1948-. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor/Painter]
Muñoz, Aurelia [1926-2011. Spain. Fibre Artist/Sculptor/Tapestry Designer]
Elliott, Lillian [1930-1994. USA. Fibre Artist/Sculptor/Weaver/Basketmaker]
Gentille, Terry A. [1945-1987. USA. Fibre Artist/Surface Designer]
Dey, Kris [1949-. USA. Fibre Artist/Tapestry Designer]
Keister, Ann Baddeley [1947-. USA. Fibre Artist/Tapestry Designer/Weaver/Quilter]
Tawney, Lenore [1925-2007. USA. Fibre Artist/Tapestry/Textile Designer/Weaver]
Kobayashi, Masakazu [1944-2004. Japan. Fibre Artist/Textile Designer]
Westphal, Katherine [1919-. USA. Fibre Artist/Textile Designer/Basketmaker]
Westfall, Carol [1938-. USA. Fibre Artist/Textile Designer/Embroiderer/Weaver]
Szilvitzky, Margit [1931-. Hungary. Fibre Artist/Textile Designer/Painter]
Burgess, Anna Kang [1930-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Fazio, Linda [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Kubota, Shigeo [1947-. Japan. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Mordy, Ruth Bright [1949-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Oppenheimer, Edmund [1947-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Rieke, Gail [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Yates, Whynona [1926-. Canada. Fibre Artist/Weaver]
Fraser, Janny [1943-. Netherlands/Canada. Fibre Artist/Weaver/Ceramist]
Chicago, Judy [1939-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver/Ceramist/Textile Designer/Painter]
Sauer, Dick [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Weaver/Painter]
Geneslaw, Ruth [-. USA. Fibre Artist/Wood Carver]
O’Banion, Nance (Nancy) [1949-. USA. Fibre/Assemblage/Book Artist/Papermaker]
Wells, Nancy [-. USA. Fibre/Batik Artist/Printmaker]
Colby, Sas [1939-. USA. Fibre/Book Artist/Photographer]
Sisson, Karyl [1948-. USA. Fibre/Graphic Artist/Sculptor/Basketmaker]
Hammer, Joanne [1947-. USA. Fibre/Mosaic Artist/Painter]
Michaels-Paque, Joan (Paque, Joan Michaels) [1937-. USA. Fibre/Multimedia Artist/Painter/Sculptor]
Al-Hilali, Neda (Alhilali, Neda) [1938-. Czechoslovakia/USA. Fibre/Paper Artist/Painter]
Van Derpool, Karen [1946-. USA. Fibre/Papermaker/Weaver]
Schloss, Arlene [-. USA. Fibre/Performance/Video Artist]
Gulyas, Kati [1945-. Hungary. Fibre/Textile Artist]
Onagi, Yoichi [1931-. Japan. Fibre/Textile Artist]
Uravitch, Andrea [1949-. USA. Fibre/Textile Artist]
Seelig, Warren [1946-. USA. Fibre/Textile Artist/Sculptor]
Treumann, Babette [1950-. Netherlands. Fibre/Textile Artist/Tapestry Designer]
Steiner, Joan [1943-. USA. Fibre/Wearable Artist/Illustrator]
Akamine, Estelle [1954-. USA. Fibre/Wearable Artist/Quilter]
Brute, Lady Barbara  [-. Canada. Fictional character created by Canadian performance artist Kate Craig (1947-2002) in 1970]
Studio Favalli [-. Italy. Film Advertising Agency/Design Studio]
Day, Richard [1896-1972. USA. Film Art Director/Designer]
Kirk, Mark-Lee [1895-1969. USA. Film Art Director/Designer]
Carré, Ben [1883-1978. France/USA. Film Art Director/Designer/Painter]
Carrick, Edward [1905-1978. France/USA. Film Art Director/Designer/Wood Engraver/Illustrator/Painter]
Basevi, James [1890-1962. UK/USA. Film Art Director/Special Effects Designer]
Head, Edith [1897-1981. USA. Film Costume Designer]
Stassner, Joe [1887-1965. Germany/UK/USA. Film Costume Designer]
Cuny, Alain [1908-1994. France. Film Costume/Set/Poster Designer]
Box, John [1920-2005. UK. Film Designer]
Ferguson, Perry [1901-1963. USA. Film Designer]
Grot, Anton [1903-1993. Poland/USA. Film Designer]
Smith, Jack Martin [1911-1993. USA. Film Designer]
D’Eaubonne, Jean [1903-1970. France. Film Designer/Painter]
Hennesy, Dale [1926-1981. USA. Film Designer/Painter]
Leven, Boris [1908-1986. USA. Film Designer/Painter]
Korda, Alexander [1893-1956. Hungary/UK. Film Director]
Eisenstein, Sergei Mikhailovich [1898-1948. USSR. Film Director/Designer/Painter]
Bennett, Herbert William Compton [1900-1974. UK. Film Director/Poster Designer]
Elton, Arthur [1906-1973. UK. Film Director/Producer]
Grierson, John [1898-1972. UK. Film Director/Producer]
Legg, Stuart [1910-1988. UK. Film Director/Producer]
Wright, Basil [1907-1987. UK. Film Director/Producer]
Blakeston, Oswell (Hasslacher, Henry Joseph) [1907-1985. UK. Film Maker/Writer]
Cinéastes Associés [-. France. Film Production Company]
Adam, Ken (Adam, Klaus) [1921-2016. Germany/UK. Film Production Designer]
Sylbert, Richard [1928-2002. USA. Film Production Designer]
Wheeler, Lyle [1905-1990. USA. Film Production Designer]
Archer, Ernie [1910-1910. UK. Film Production Designer/Art Director]
Masters, Anthony (Tony) [1919-1990. UK. Film Production Designer/Art Director]
Boyle, Robert [1910-2010. USA. Film Set Designer]
Korda, Vincent [1897-1979. . Film Set Designer/Painter]
Bellan, Ferdinand [1907-1976. Austria/Germany/UK. Film Set/Poster Designer/Art Director/Painter]
Tavoularis, Dean  [1932-. USA. Film Set/Production Designer]
Whitlock, Albert J. [1915-1999. UK/USA. Film Set/Special Effects Designer]
Yu, Garson [1961-. USA. Film Titles Designer]
Pintoff, Ernest [1931-2002. USA. Film/Television Animator/Director/Producer/Illustrator]
Lucas, Keith Stephen [1924-2012. UK. Film/Television Designer/Painter]
Fraker, William A. (Bill) [1923-. USA. Film/Television Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Photographer]
Roth, Ann [1931-. USA. Film/Theatre Costume Designer]
Zeffirelli, Franco [1923-. Italy. Film/Theatre Set Designer/Director]
Lourié, Eugene [1903-1991. Russia/USA. Film/Theatre Set/Costume Designer]
Anstey, Edgar [1907-1987. UK. Filmmaker]
Cavalcanti, Alberto [1897-1982. Brazil/France/UK. Filmmaker]
Flaherty, Robert J. [1884-1951. USA. Filmmaker]
Flasherty, Frances Hubbard (Flaherty, F.H.) [1883-1972. USA. Filmmaker]
Grierson, Marion [1907-1998. UK. Filmmaker]
Hammid, Alexander [1907-2004. Austria/USA. Filmmaker]
Shaw, Alexander (Alex) [1910-1996. UK. Filmmaker]
Spice, Evelyn (Cherry, Evelyn) [1906-1990. Canada. Filmmaker]
Taylor, John E. [1914-1992. UK. Filmmaker]
Thompson, Francis [1908-2003. USA. Filmmaker]
Watt, Harry [1906-1987. UK. Filmmaker]
Ray, Satyajit (Roy, Satyajit) [1921-1992. India. Filmmaker/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Downs, Allen [-. USA. Filmmaker/Painter]
Van Dyke, Willard [1906-1986. USA. Filmmaker/Photographer]
Hutchinson, Charles Lawrence [1854-1924. USA. Financier/Trustee/Philanthropoist]
Toppelius, Waldemar [1858-1930. Germany. Finland]
Brown, G. [-. UK. Firepace Designer/Manufacturer]
Mark Feetham & Co. [1885-. UK. Fireplace and Hearth Furnishers]
Barker, C.J. [-. UK. Fireplace Designer]
Bucci, Dominigo [-. Argentina. Fireplace Designer]
Davies, W.H. [-. UK. Fireplace Designer]
Howard, C.A. [-. UK. Fireplace Designer]
Jensen, Marlo [-. . Fireplace Designer]
McClymont, Douglas [-. . Fireplace Designer]
Richter, F.C. [-. UK. Fireplace Designer]
Sparkes, Malcolm [-. UK. Fireplace Designer]
Van Straten, S. [-. Belgium. Fireplace Designer]
Chamberlain King & Jones [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturer]
Colonial Fireplace Company [-. USA. Fireplace Manufacturer]
J. Massey & Son [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturer]
Jacobson & Co. (Jacobson Mantel & Ornament Co.) [-. USA. Fireplace Manufacturer]
Joshua W. Taylor Ltd. [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturer]
Teale Fireplace Co. [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturer]
G. & A. Brown Ltd. [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturer/Plasterers]
Adshead & Smellie [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
Barnard, Bishop & Barnard [1826-1991. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
Heaped Fire Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
Nautilus Fire Company Ltd. [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
Steel & Garland [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
R. H. & J. Pearson Ltd. [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers/Ironmongers]
H.C. Cleaver Ltd. [-. UK. Fireplace/Furniture Manufacturer]
W.N. Froy & Co. Ltd. (W.N. Froy & Sons Ltd.) [-. UK. Fireplace/Stove Manufacturer]
John Orr & Sons [-. UK. Firm of Interior Decorators]
The Crafts [1905-. UK. Firm of Interior Decorators/Cabinetmakers]
W. & A. Clow [1891-. UK. Firm of Wood Carvers]
Spry, Constance [1886-1960. UK. Flower Arrangement Designer]
Bruck, Franziska [1866-1942. Germany. Flower Arranger]
Haines, Robert [-. Australia. Flower Arranger]
Macdonald, Vera [-. UK. Flower Arranger]
H.J. Heinz [1869-. USA. Food Manufacturer]
Fluevog, John [1948-. Canada. Footwear Designer]
Fox, Peter [1933-. Canada. Footwear Designer]
Bowen, Gaza [1944-2005. USA. Footwear Designer/Wearable Artist/Sculptor]
Salvatore Ferragamo S.P.A. [1928-. Italy. Footwear/Fashion Accessories Company]
Bettmann, Otto Ludwig [1903-1998. Germany/USA. Founder of the Bettmann Archive]
Rothschild, Henry W. [1913-. Germany/UK. Founder of the Primavera Craft Gallery/Shop]
Whiteley, William [1831-1907. UK. Founder of the William Whiteley department store chain]
Phillips, Theodore Leonard [-1898. USA. Founder of ‘Brush and Pencil’ magazine]
Arthur Rubenstein [-. Austria. Foundry]
The Well Fire Co. Ltd. (Well Fire & Foundry Co. Ltd.) [-. UK. Foundry/Fireplace Manufacturer]
A.A. Hébrard et Cie [-1937. France. Foundry/Glassworks]
Nieuwenhuis, Theo [1866-1951. Netherlands. Fourniture/Textile/Interior Designer/Metalworker]
Chini, Galileo [1873-1956. Italy. Fresco Painter/Ceramist/Poster/Textile Designer]
Hausleiter, Leo [1889-. Germany. Furnace Company Owner/Ceramic Fire Designer]
Walberswick Peasant Pottery Company [-. UK. Furnirure/Ceramics Importers/Retailers]
Arthur H. Lee & Sons Ltd. (A.H. Lee & Sons Ltd.) [1888-1970. UK. Furnishing Fabrics Manufacturers]
George Parnall & Co. [-. UK. Furnishing Firm]
Peter Pepper Products [1952-. USA. Furnishings Manufacturer]
Prag Rudniker Werkstätte [-. Austria. Furnishings Workshop/Manufacturer]
Ducrot-Basile (Officine Ducrot) [1899-1940. Italy. Furnite Manufacturer]
Faulkner, H. [-. UK. Furniture]
Heritage, Dorothy [-. UK. Furniture]
Jablow, Evelyn [-1997. USA. Furniture]
Johnson Furniture Co. [-1983. USA. Furniture]
Morson, C.R. [-. USA. Furniture]
Munckton, D.W. [-. UK. Furniture]
Jaffe, Sara [-. USA. Furniture /Interior Designer]
Moubray, Rowan & Hicks [1878-1892. Australia. Furniture and Furnishing wholesale manufacturing and Retail Firm]
Conrath’s (Conrath) [-. UK. Furniture and Upholstery Retail Firm]
Druce & Co. [-. UK. Furniture and Upholstery Retail Firm]
Morant & Co.(Morant, Boyd & Blanford) [-. UK. Furniture and Upholstery Retail Firm]
G-Plan [1953-. UK. Furniture Brand Name]
Audsley, Ian [-. UK. Furniture Desgner]
Charles Pollack Associates [1958-. USA. Furniture Design Firm]
Ed Second Design Associates [-. USA. Furniture Design Firm]
Haidan Associates [-. Italy. Furniture Design Firm]
OMK Design [1966-. UK. Furniture Design Firm]
Société Matégot [-. France. Furniture Design Firm]
Braakman & Dekker [-. Netherlands. Furniture Design Partnership]
Gauthier-Poinsignon & Cie (Camille Gauthier & Paul Poinsignon) [-. France. Furniture Design Partnership]
Jones & Erwin [-. USA. Furniture Design Partnership]
Morrison-Bush Associates [1950-1953. Canada. Furniture Design Partnership]
Morrison/Hannah [-. USA. Furniture Design Partnership]
Plumet & Selmersheim [-. France. Furniture Design Partnership]
Ronald Harford & Henry Long [-. UK. Furniture Design Partnership]
Salmon-Hamilton Design Consultants [1969-1972. Canada. Furniture Design Partnership]
Cannell/England [-. USA. Furniture Design Studio]
Carreiro/Sklaroff Design Associates [-. USA. Furniture Design Studio]
Forest Wilson Associates [1947-. USA. Furniture Design Studio]
Hans Krieks Associates [-. USA. Furniture Design Studio]
Story Design Group [-. UK. Furniture Design Studio]
Thomas Lamb & Associates [1968-. Canada. Furniture Design Studio]
Design Innovator [1969-. Sweden. Furniture Design Studio/Manufacturers/Retailers]
Bird Iles Ltd. [1928-1962. UK. Furniture Design/Interior Decorating Firm]
Wor-De-Klee Inc. [1943-. USA. Furniture Design/Manufacturing Collaborative]
Perpetua Furniture Ltd. [1952-1954. Canada. Furniture Design/Manufacturing Company]
Dick Stambaugh, Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Design/Manufacturing Firm]
Maurice Martiné Designs [-. USA. Furniture Design/Manufacturing Firm]
Van Keppel-Green [-. USA. Furniture Design/Manufacturing Firm]
Colby Design, Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Design/Manufacturing Studio]
Aa, Bert van der [1968-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Abbate, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Abplanalp, Otto [-. Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Abraham, Janine [1929-2005. France. Furniture Designer]
Addison, Charles [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Adkinson, Joe [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Adolfson, Karl-Axel [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Ajello, Salvatore [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Albinson, Donald (Don) [1915-2008. USA. Furniture Designer]
Alix, Charlotte [1897-1987. France. Furniture Designer]
Alschner, Felix [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Amaducci, U. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Ambruster, William [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Andersen, Erik [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Andersen, Mogens [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Andrus, William C. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Arbo, Chr. [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Arneodo, Eugenio [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Arthur, F.B. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Aspen, William Valentyne [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Asscher, S. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Atti, Gildo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Audley, Reginald [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Augusztiny, Arpad [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Baccetti, Marcello Andrea [1850-1903. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Baker, Richard E., Jr. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Balint, Ferenc (Balint, Francis) [-. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Ballegeer, Jean-Pierre [-. Belgium. Furniture Designer]
Ballin, Leopold [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Baly, Edward [1903-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Bandixen, Edlef [1927-. Germany/Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Barber, James [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Barbero, P. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Barker, Guy [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Barnsley, Edward [1900-1987. UK. Furniture Designer]
Bartlett, David [1940-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Bartolucci, Edgar [1920-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Bartos, Harold [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Beard, William L. [1908-1984. USA. Furniture Designer]
Behringer, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Benham, Mollie [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Beranger, Denys [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Berge, Marc [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Bernheimer, Ludwig [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Berry, Herbert [1919-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Berthier, Roger [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Bétaille, Jean [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Beucher, Paul [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Birnbaum, David [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Bjornstjerna, Mikael [1935-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Bloch, John [-. . Furniture Designer]
Bloch, Mary [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Blochwitz, F. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Blondel [-. Belgium. Furniture Designer]
Boman, Marianne [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Borg, Elis [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Borgeaud, Albert [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Bossen, O.R. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Boulanger, Henri [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Boutard, André [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Braakman, Cees [1917-1995. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Brandt, John [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Branzi, Nicoletta [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Brewster, L.G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Brigham, Louise [1875-1956. USA. Furniture Designer]
Brooks, Charles Van Wyck [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Brown, E. Arthur [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Brüning, Horst [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Brussel, E.J. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Bry, Paul [-. Germany/France/USA. Furniture Designer]
Bryan, D. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Buck, Erik [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Buckstaff, Marcia [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Buetow, Kurt James [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Buhk, Peter [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Bullock, Earle C. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Bülow-Hübe, Sigrun [1913-1994. Sweden/Canada. Furniture Designer]
Burgasser, Joan [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Burrows, Frederic (Frederick) [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Bush, Robin [1921-1982. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Butler, John H. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Butler, Lewis [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Buzzitta, Giacomo J. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Caillette, René Jean [1919-2004. France. Furniture Designer]
Caldwell, John [1937-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Cancellor, Leyton [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cantin, Pierre [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Cantle, B.J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Caplan, Montague A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Carozza, Victor [1940-2007. Argentina. Furniture Designer]
Carreiro, Joseph [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Carter, Roland [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Carter, Ronald (Ron) [1926-2013. UK. Furniture Designer]
Casalis, F. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Castle, Wendell [1932-2018. USA. Furniture Designer]
Catalano, Umberto [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Cattle, Christopher [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Chadwick, Donald (Don) T. [1936-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Charpentier, Marcel [1888-1966. France. Furniture Designer]
Chippindale, Frank [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Chomentowska, Maria [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Chometowska, Maria [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Chorley, Kenneth (Ken), Jr. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Ciancimino, George [-. Italy/USA. Furniture Designer]
Cipriani, R. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Clark, F.G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Clavarino, Amedeo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Clayton, Walter Tom [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Clinch, Edwin L. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Coblence, Maurice [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Coghlan, Richard [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cohen, Fred [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Colby, Donald B. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Colombo, Joe [1930-1971. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Conietti, E. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Cordemeyer, André R. [1924-1998. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Cornell, Walter James [1915-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cosani, T. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Courths, F. [-. Germany. Furniture designer]
Crampton, J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Croix-Marie, Paul [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Crossley, Douglas [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cruickshank, Robin [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Cutler, Herbert J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
D'Amato, G. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
D'Amico, C. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
D'Honte, Grete [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Dagley, Frances [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Daniel, Pierre [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Davies, Stanley W. [1894-1978. UK. Furniture Designer]
Dawn, Michael [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
De Giosa, S. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
De Napoli, Giuseppe [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
de Polo, Lydia [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
de Vries, Coen [1918-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Deacon, Tom [1956-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Dean, Peter S. [1951-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Deflandre [-. France. Furniture Designer]
DeFuccio, Robert (Bob) [1936-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Delmonte, Enrico [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
DeRespinis, Louis (De Respinis) [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Diamond, Leslie [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Diano, D.U. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Dickinson, Peter [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Dieckmann, Erich [1896-1944. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Digiacomo, V. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Dixon, W.M. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Dobler, Ernst [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Dodd, John Paul [1954-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Donavan, Robert [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Donnini, A. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Dosi, L. [-. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Dröscher, Hans [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Dumas, Paul A. [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Dumas-Barbedienne, Paul A. [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Dunn, G.E. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Dupre, André (Dupres, André) [-. France/USA. Furniture Designer]
Dupré-Lafon, Paul [1900-1971. France. Furniture Designer]
Eberle, Günther [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Ekselius, Jan [1946-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Ekselius, Karl-Erik (Karl Erik) [1914-1998. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Ekström, Yngve [1913-1988. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
El, Hans [-. . Furniture Designer]
Eldon, Jim [1943-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Ellekjaer, Sven [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Elnegaard, Poul [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Enge, Mathias [-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Engström, Sven [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Enström, Nils [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Epstein, Jacob (2) [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Erickson, Robert [1947-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Evans, Bill [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Evertsen, Kenneth [-. . Furniture Designer]
Eves, A. John (A.J.) [1913-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Fagnen, Léon [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Fairweather, G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Faragó, Odön [1869-1935. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Farina, Italo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Farmer, Ernest [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Fear, Jeffrey [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Featherston, Grant [1922-1995. Australia. Furniture Designer]
Featherston, Mary [1943-. Australia. Furniture Designer]
Ferrario, Francesco [1875-1946. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Ferry, Walter H. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Finn, Arthur L. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Fischer, Leo J. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Fix, Robert [1877-1935. Austria-Hungary/Austria. Furniture Designer]
Fleischauer, Ludwig [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Forchiassin, Virgilio [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Foss, David [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Fowler, David [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Franke, Edward H. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Franz, C. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Franz, Karl [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Fraysse, Jean [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Freedgood, Martin [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Frewing, Nicholas J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Frey, Walter [-. Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Froemel, A. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Frömmel, C. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Gaiani, E. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Galef, Richard [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Gallina, Giuseppe [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Gauberti, Jean-Paul [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Gauthier, Camille [1870-1963. France. Furniture Designer]
Gautier, Francis [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Geer, William [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Geroefi, R. [-. Belgium. Furniture Designer]
Gibbard, Roland [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Gibbs, Thomas D. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Gidding, Johannes (Gidding,Jan) [1859-1914. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Godefroy, G. [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Goetz, Georges [1910-2001. France. Furniture Designer]
Goldman, Morris [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Graf, Josef [-. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Graham, J.A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Grant, Angus C. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Grant, Jonathan [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Grant, Kjell [1929-. UK/Australia. Furniture Designer]
Green, Colin [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Greenwood, Arthur [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Grierson, Martin [1932-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Gróf, József (Joseph, Josef) [-. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Grossman, Joel [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Guariche, Pierre [1926-1995. France. Furniture Designer]
Guenot, Albert [1894-1993. France. Furniture Designer]
Guhl, Emil [-. Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Guys, R. [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Haapalainen, Johannes [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Haapalainen, Voitto [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Hagen, Johan [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Häggstrom, Pian [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Hahn, H. [-. . Furniture Designer]
Hakala, Pentti [1949-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Hamilton, Hugh [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Hannah, Bruce R. [1941-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Hansen, Soren [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Harber, B.F. [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Harcourt, Geoffrey [1935-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Harford, Ronald W. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Harris, William (2) [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Harrison, Willis S. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Hauner, Carlo [1927-1997. Brazil. Furniture Designer]
Haward, Arthur [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Haworth, James [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Hayward, Peter [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Heady, W.J. (Heady, W.H.) [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Heal, Ambrose [1872-1959. UK. Furniture Designer]
Heal, Christopher [1911-1985. UK. Furniture Designer]
Heaslet, Douglas [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Hecht, Hugo [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Heering, G.J. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Henderson, James [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Herbert, John Joseph [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Hermann, Jacob [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Hérold, Louis-Maurice-Alphonse [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Herresgell, Moritz [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Hicks, James [1886-1936. Ireland. Furniture Designer]
Hickson, Kenric [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Hill, Osborne [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Hinn, William [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Hinz, D. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Hirai, Tom [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Hodgson, Elsie [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Holdaway, Bernard [1934-2009. UK. Furniture Designer]
Holtkamp, Ewald [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Hovmand-Olsen, Arne [1919-1989. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Huldt, Johan [1942-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Hully, John Parkinson (J.P.) [1882-1942. UK. Furniture Designer]
Hussey, H.R. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Hvidt, Flemming [1944-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Hvidt, Peter [1916-1986. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Hybsch, Enzo [1932-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Hyde, H.J.W. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Ilton, Arie [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Isaacs, Kenneth (Ken) [1927-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Jackson, Lorin [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Jackson, William [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Jade [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Jalk, Grete [1920-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Janke, Bjorn [-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Jansen, Arnold H. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Jaraczewska, J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Jensen, Böje (Jensen, Bøje) [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Jensen, Helge Vestergaard [1917-1987. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Jensen, Henning [1924-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Jensen, Sören [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Jerry, Joseph [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Johann, Eric [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
John, Robert [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Johnson, Denis E. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Johnson, J.F. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Johnson, Jerry [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Johnson, Morgan [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Johnson. T. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Jones, Charles Hollis [1945-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Jørgensen, Erik Ole (Erik-Ole) [1925-2002. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Kagan, Vladimir [1927-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Kaiser, Robert [1925-. USA/Canada. Furniture Designer]
Kann, Henry R. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Kapel, John A. [1922-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Kärnhagen, John [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Kay, Al [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Keal, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Keith, Howard B. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Kempkes, H., Jr. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Khoroche, V. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Kjær, Jacob (Kjaer, Jacob) [1896-1957. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Klepper, Arthur A. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Klepper, Irina A. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Klug, Ubald [1932-. Switzerland/France. Furniture Designer]
Kluwer, E. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Knag, Christopher [1855-1942. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Koller, Reinhold [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Kosak, Kerry [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Kowalska, D. [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Kramer, Gideon [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Kramer, H. [-. Austria-Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Kroll, Hammond [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Kuhlmann, J. [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Kukkapuro, Yrjö [1933-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Kuti, B, Fehár [-. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Kuyper. W. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Kyostila, Einari [1892-1981. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Lainati, Mede [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Landault, Roger [1919-1983. France. Furniture Designer]
Landrum, Darrell [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Langer, Olgierd [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Lappalainen, Ilmari [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Larimore, Jack [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Larsen, A.O. [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Larsen, Ejnar (Ejner) [1917-1986. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Latimer, Clive [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lawrence, J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lay, Yan [-. . Furniture Designer]
Lazovich, Miloyko [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Le Coeur, Joseph  [1860-. France. Furniture Designer]
Leach, E.C. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Leconte, Pierre [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Legrand, Roger [1925-. France. Furniture Designer]
Leleu, Jules-Émile [1883-1961. France. Furniture Designer]
Leleu, Marcel [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Lemesre, Eric [-. Belgium. Furniture Designer]
Lengyel, M. [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Leonard, James W. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lewak, John [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lewin, Bernard [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lewis, A.M. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lieber, Bert [1932-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Lieto, Olavi [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Lightfoot, Karl [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Liljeström, Renata [1923-1998. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Lindau, Börge [1932-1999. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Lindfors, A.L. [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Lischtwau, L. [-. Russia. Furniture Designer]
Loebenstein, Alphons [1888-. Germany/UK. Furniture Designer]
Loeser, Tom (Thomas) [1956-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Lohmeyer, Hartmut [1923-2000. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Long, Brian [-. . Furniture Designer]
Long, Henry E. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Long, Ronald E. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lord, S.A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Lucchini, A. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Luescher, Walter [-. Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Lundholm, C.A.V. [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Lupi, Francesco [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Lutze, Willy [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Mabon, Robert [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
MacDougall, Stewart [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Macey, Frances [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
MacGregor, Norman Fox [1908-1989. USA. Furniture Designer]
Madsen, Aksel Bender (Bender Madsen, Aksel) [1916-2000. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Maijo, Veli [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Main, Laura [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Maloof, Sam [1916-2009. USA. Furniture Designer]
Manbeck, Loren [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Mango, Roberto [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Markley, Margery [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Marsh, Thomas [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Maruyama, Wendy [1952-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Mascagni, Gaetano [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Masi, Gian Franco [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Mathies, Ronald [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Mattia, Alphonse [1947-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Maxwell, Donald (Furniture Designer) [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
McAvoy, Kelvin [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
McCobb, Paul [1917-1969. USA. Furniture Designer]
McKie, Judy Kensley [1944-. USA. Furniture Designer]
McKinley, Donald Lloyd [1932-1998. USA/Canada. Furniture Designer]
Meier, Heinz [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Meiling, Eila [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Melville, Peter [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Meroni, Italo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Mertriederand, Sutro [-. . Furniture Designer]
Michael, G. [-. . Furniture Designer]
Michelotti, M. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Mills, W.S. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Minihane, E.J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Mol, H.W. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Molander, Hans-Harald [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Moratti, Carlo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Morck-Schultz, Marita [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Morrison, Andrew Ivar [1939-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Mortier, Michel [1925-. France. Furniture Designer]
Mouchley, Joseph [-. Israel. Furniture Designer]
Mulhauser, George [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Müller, J.W. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Müller, Theophil [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Muntendam, Jan Albertsz [1882-1938. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Muntendem, Jan Albertsz [1882-1938. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Mura, Carlo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Murai, Reiko [-. . Furniture Designer]
Murray, Frank S. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Myer, Ewart [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Myre, Ragnar [-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Myrstrand, Gunnar [1925-1997. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Mølgård-Nielsen, Orla (Molgaard-Nielsen, Orla) [1907-1993. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Møller-Jensen, J. [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Nance, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Nance, Robin [1907-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Nardini, Aldino [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Nevanlinna, Lea [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Nickel, Robert [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Nicosia, Carmelo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Nilsson, Alf [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Noble, A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Noble, Doreen [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Norberg, Karl [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Nowack, Georges Ernest [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Nowak, Georges [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Nugent, Walter [1913-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Nyström, Hjalmar [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Ohlsson, Folke [1919-2002. Sweden/USA. Furniture Designer]
Olsen, Hans [1919-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Olsen, Kurt [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Olson, Lars [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Oppenheim, Sigmund [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Opsvik, Peter [1939-. Norway. Furniture Designer]
Orde, Joan [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Oreglia, Mario [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Osgood, Jere [1936-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Osolsobe, R. [-. Czechoslovakia. Furniture Designer]
Ossian, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Ostberg, Erik [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Östberg, Olof [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Ovchinnikof, J. [-. Russia. Furniture Designer]
Oxer, L.R.G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Pajamies, Esko [1931-1990. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Pålsson, Folke [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Paolucci, Giuseppe [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Parigi, Marcello [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Parker, George F. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Parker, H.G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Parker, Stanley [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Parullo, G. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Peabody, Lawrence [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Pearson, Max [1933-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Pedersen, George [-. . Furniture Designer]
Peippo, Rauni [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Peni, C. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Perino, Giulio [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Peritti, Jean Carlo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Peter, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Peters, T. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Petersen, Karl [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Petersen, Palle [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Pettit, Don [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Pfeiffer, B. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Pinto, Edward H. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Pira, Olof [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Piretti, Giancarlo (Gian Carlo) [1940-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Pite, Edward [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Podestà, Giovanni [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Poinsignon, Paul [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Polvara, Giulio [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Pons, Geneviève [1924-. France. Furniture Designer]
Porter C. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Potheau, Constantin [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Poulsen, K. Stoner [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Poulsen, K. Stonor [-2010. Denmark/Canada. Furniture Designer]
Poulsen, Kai Stonor [-2010. Denmark/Canada. Furniture Designer]
Pousset [-. France. Furniture Designer]
Pré, Maurice [1907-1988. France. Furniture Designer]
Prenio, Cuarto [-. Spain. Furniture Designer]
Pringle, J. Connell [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Quinet, Jacques [1918-1992. France. Furniture Designer]
Rasch, Chr. [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Reason, Laurence A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Reni, G. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Reynier, O. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Reynolds, Arthur B. [1903-1960. UK. Furniture Designer]
Reynolds, Courtenay [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Richter, Ian [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Riemer, Hans [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Rimoldi, Andrea [-. Germany/Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Rinaldi, Gastone [1920-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Rinaldi, Mario [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Roberts, Alex [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Robertson, T.R.L. (Tom) [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Robinson, A.E. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Roche, Serge [1898-1988. France. Furniture Designer]
Rosén, David [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Rossi, Valentino G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Roth, Alice [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Rothenstein, Guy [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Rotherham, T. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Rowland, David [1924-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Ruda, Bengt [1918-1999. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Russell, Gordon [1892-1980. UK. Furniture Designer]
Russell, W.H. [1907-1973. UK. Furniture Designer]
Ruth, Theo [1915-1971. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Rutili, Renzo R. [1901-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Ruyter, Theodor [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Saiger, Herbert [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Sale, Roger C. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Salerno, Joseph [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Sallamaa, Stig [-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Salmon, Philip [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Samson, Jeremy [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Sandström, Yngvar [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Saunders, William (Saunders, B.W.) [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Scarsini, G. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Schaale, Gustav [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Schindele, Dorothy [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Scholl, Alfonso [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Schotz, Cherna [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Schroder, Karl [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Schultz, Otto [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Schultz, Richard [1926-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Schwartz, Harold [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Scolari, Carla [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Sekulski, Ron [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Sellick, F. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Sheraton, Thomas [1771-1806. UK. Furniture Designer]
Shinjo, Akira [-. Japan. Furniture Designer]
Shoji, Akane [-. . Furniture Designer]
Silipo, Giovanni [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Simpson, Hubert [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Skarb, Julius [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Smith, Arthur [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Smith, Cornelius V. [1847-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Smith, John {Furniture Designer} [1948-. UK/Australia. Furniture Designer]
Snohr, H. Edward [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Somerson, Rosanne [1954-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Spence, Edmond [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Speyer, Catherine [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Spinney, Edwin [1844-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Spitz, Sigmund [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Staaf, Sven [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Stanley, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Stark, Gordon [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Stark, John (J.D.W.) [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Steele-Terry, Kibrel [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Steffanone, Gino [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Stein, Sara [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Stephens, William (Bill) [1932-2007. USA. Furniture Designer]
Stiff, A.J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Stoll, Charles [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Stricker, Daisy [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Stringer, Evan [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Strinning, Nessen [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Strudley, Donald B. [-. Canada. Furniture Designer]
Stumpf, William (Bill) [1936-2006. USA. Furniture Designer]
Styne, A.F. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Sullivan, William H. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Summers, Gerald Marcus [1899-1967. UK. Furniture Designer]
Surje, V. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Svendsen, Frithjof [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Svensson, Alf [1923-1992. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Szozurek, Z. [-. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Tabraham, J.H. [-. South Africa. Furniture Designer]
Tacke, William H.P. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Taimi, Maija [1904-1987. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Tanner, George S. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Taskinen, Ahti [1937-. Finland. Furniture Designer]
Taylor, Frank Horace [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Taylor, Louise [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Testi, T.M. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Theisen, Josef [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Thern, Richard [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Thompson, Richard [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Thygesen, Axel [1927-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Tiffany, Robert [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Timms, William H. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Tompkins, H.S. [-. South Africa. Furniture Designer]
Torvits, Erling [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Tourre, Steve [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Treleaven. A.E. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Tropsch, S. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Troughton, Richard [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Trunecek, C. [-. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Turville, Alan [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Tuttle, Paul [1918-2002. USA. Furniture Designer]
Umanoff, Arthur [-1985. USA. Furniture Designer]
Urban, W. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Vale, John D. [1928-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Vallardi, A. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
van Grunsven, Peter  [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
van Megen, Max L. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Van Praet, Frans [1937-. Belgium. Furniture Designer]
van Sliedregt, Dirk [1920-2010. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
van Vliet, J. [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Verroken, André [1939-. Belgium. Furniture Designer]
Veszely, Wilhelm [-. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Vinecky, F. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Vollmer, Hans [1879-1946. Austria. Furniture Designer]
Volther, Poul M. [1923-2001. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
von Gustedt, Hanno [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
von Münchow, Marianne [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
von Paleske, Christa [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Votteler, Arno [1929-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Furniture Designer]
Waals, Peter van der [1870-1937. Netherlands/UK. Furniture Designer]
Wachsman, Judith [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Waldheim, John B. [1918-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Walter, E. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Walton, Don [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Warner, H. Hambidge [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Webster, Burnett [1902-1992. Jamaica. Furniture Designer]
Weed, Walker [1918-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wegener, Gustav [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Wegner, Hans J. [1914-2007. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Weij, Adriaan Frederik van der (Wey, A.F. van der) [1885-1969. Netherlands. Furniture Designer]
Weinstock, David [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wells, Percy A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Wenzelburger, George G. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Westin, Inge [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Westin, Marianne [-. Sweden. Furniture Designer]
Whitaker, Hal [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Whitelaw, Roger [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Whitton, Frank [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Wiegandt, Ed. [-. Hungary. Furniture Designer]
Wild, Werner [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Wilkes, Ray [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Williams, Wes [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wilson, James A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Windeleff, Aage [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Winter, Carter [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wirz, Walter [-. Switzerland. Furniture Designer]
Wisner, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Witt, Valentin [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Wittkower, Margot H. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Witty, James C. [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wolkowski, Wladyslaw [1902-1986. Poland. Furniture Designer]
Woodman, W. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Woods, Dave [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wormley, Edward J. [1907-1995. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wrighton, Charles [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Wrigley, Rick [1955-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wydman, Emil [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Wylie, Samuel [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Yabsley, Percy [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Yellen, John [-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Young, Dennis [1917-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Zapf, Otto [1931-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Furniture Designer]
Zimmatore, G. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Zucca, Edward (Ed) [1946-. USA. Furniture Designer]
Zucchi. Paolo [-. Italy. Furniture Designer]
Østergaard, Steen [1935-. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Østervig, Kurt [1912-1986. Denmark. Furniture Designer]
Vaughan, Henry [-. UK. Furniture Designer/ Manufacturer]
van den Bosch, Jac. [1868-1948. Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Applied Artist]
Baumgarten, Paul G.R. [1900-1984. Germany. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Benouville, Léon [1860-1903. France. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Brendel, Erich [1898-1987. Germany. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Donahue, James (Jim) [1918-1997. Canada. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Gautier, Gustave [1911-1980. France. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Grauw, Ed. de [-. Belgium. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Klint, Kaare [1888-1954. Denmark. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Koch, Mogens [1898-1988. Denmark. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Le Corbusier (Jeanneret, Charles-Édouard) [1887-1965. Switzerland/France. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Mogensen, Børge [1914-1972. Denmark. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Nakashima, George K. [1905-1990. USA. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Petrasch, Alfred [1857-. Germany. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Schwabe, Godfrey Albert Edward (G.A.E.) [1877-1945. UK. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Stickley, Gustav [1857-1942. USA. Furniture Designer/Architect]
Palmer-Jones, William John (Jones, William John Palmer) [1887-1974. UK. Furniture Designer/Architect/Painter]
Wyburd, Leonard F. [1865-1958. UK. Furniture Designer/Architect/Painter]
Fränkel, György (Almár, György) [1895-1974. Hungary. Furniture Designer/Architect/Painter/Graphic Artist]
Coray, Hans [1906-1991. Switzerland. Furniture Designer/Artist]
Aram, Zeev [1931-. UK. Furniture Designer/Buyer/Promoter/Retailer]
Boulle, André-Charles [1642-1732. France. Furniture Designer/Cabinetmaker]
Toomers, Frederick [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Cabinetmaker]
Roericht, Hans [1932-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Furniture Designer/Ceramist]
Boilot, Edouard [-. France. Furniture Designer/Ceramist/Decorative Artist]
Oeckler, Valentin (Öckler, Valentin) [1854-1940. Germany. Furniture Designer/Ceramist/Decorative Artist]
Stein, Wilhelm [-. Germany. Furniture Designer/Ceramist/Embroiderer]
Shire, Peter [1947-. USA. Furniture Designer/Ceramist/Glass Artist/Sculptor]
Nardini, Didimo [1891-1953. Italy. Furniture Designer/Ceramist/Painter]
Bradstreet, John Scott [1845-1914. USA. Furniture Designer/Craftsperson]
Beketoff, V. [-. Russia. Furniture Designer/Decorative Artist]
Bergner, Otto [-. Germany. Furniture Designer/Decorative Artist]
Lippmann, Héber [-. France. Furniture Designer/Decorative Artist]
Borie, John [1869-1925. USA/UK. Furniture Designer/Decorative Artist/Architect]
Hamm, Henri [1871-1961. France. Furniture Designer/Decorative Artist/Sculptor]
Guillemard, Marcel [1886-1932. France. Furniture Designer/Decorator]
Rawlence, Frederick A. [1862-1945. UK. Furniture Designer/Embroiderer/Painter]
Blount, Ethel (Hine, Ethel) [1864-1943. UK. Furniture Designer/Enbroiderer]
Mourgue, Pascal [1943-. France. Furniture Designer/Glass Artist]
Pirelli-Amigoni, P. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Graphic Artist]
Cohen, Henri [-. Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Illustrator]
Alnaes, Tormod [1921-2003. Norway. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Avril, Jean-Louis [1935-. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Frank, Rudolf [1898-1974. Germany. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Kimbel, Wilhelm [1868-1965. Germany. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Ottelin, Olof [1917-1971. Finland. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Paatela, Eero [-. Finland. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Sigmund, Marian [1902-1993. Poland. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect]
Varjoranta, Kimmo [1947-. Finland. Furniture Designer/Interior architect]
Hufschmid, Gustave-Adolphe [1890-1974. Switzerland. Furniture Designer/Interior Architect/Painter]
Bouchet, Léon-Émile [1880-1940. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Claude-Salvy, Marie-Madeleine [1900-. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
de La Godelinais, Renan [1908-1986. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Durussel, Bernard [-. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Englinger, Gabriel [1898-1983. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Gill, Christopher [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Howard, G. Stanley [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Old, Maxime [1910-1991. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Oliver, Elsie (Oliver, Mrs Frank) [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Pascaud, Jean [1903-1996. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Porteneuve, Alfred [1896-1949. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Printz, Eugène [1889-1948. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Ramsay [-. France. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Robinson, Charlotte [-1901. UK. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Morton, William Scott [1840-1903. UK. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator/Etcher/Architect]
Sémey, Jacobus Fernandus Adolphus (Sémeij, Jacobus Fernandus Adolphus) [1891-1973. Belgium/Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator/Painter/Textile Artist/Weaver]
Mengshoel, Hans Christian [1946-. Norway. Furniture Designer/Inventor]
Propst, Robert (Bob) L. [1921-2000. USA. Furniture Designer/Inventor]
Adams, Peter Michael [1946-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Armijo, Federico [1946-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Beeken, Bruce [1953-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Behm, Hans [-. Canada. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Bennett, Garry Knox [1934-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Caldwell, Steven [1948-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Chinn, Michael S. [1950-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Curtis, Timothy P. [1947-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Davoll, W. Harry E. [1876-1963. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Deacon, C.W. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Diaz, Allen [1945-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Dunnigan, John [1950-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Erpelding, Curtis [1950-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Everdell, John [1948-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Falwell, Bobby [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Glenzer, Jacobo [-. Argentina. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Gol, Yoel [-. Palestine/Israel/USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Hammersley, William [1950-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Hopkins, Jack [1920-2006. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Hunter, Lawrence B. [1931-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Ingham, Robert [1938-. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Jackson, A.D. [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Jackson, Daniel [1938-1995. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Juul-Hansen, Knud [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Koga, Richard [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Kopf, Robert [1943-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Krenov, James [1920-2009. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Krimper, Schulim [1893-1971. Romania/Australia. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Lacagnina, Thomas (Tommy, Tom) [1938-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Maloof, Slimen [1949-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
March, Robert [1950-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Marcoux, John [1922-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Marks, Craig [1955-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Mayers, Laurence [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
McClelland, Isaac [1805-1887. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Metz, Robin Stewart [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Paul, Stewart [1951-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Peter, Hans [-. Austria. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Rising, Martha [1954-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Ryerson, Mitch [1955-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Sampson, A.W. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Schreitl, Karl [-. Austria. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Schuette, Leroy [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Schultz, Robert [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Sharpe, Eric [1888-1966. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Siegel, Alan [1938-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Smith, Hamilton T. [1883-1961. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Soulek, Jacob [-. Austria. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Stayman, Wendy [1946-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Stem, Seth [1947-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Turkel, Alice [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Wells, Percy A. [1867-1956. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Whitley, Robert [1924-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker]
Kagan, Richard [1945-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Gallery Owner/Photographer]
Wickham, Michael [1909-1995. UK. Furniture Designer/Maker/Painter/Photographer]
Coffey, Michael [1928-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Friedman, Alan [1944-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Robin, Stephen [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Russum, Jean [1918-1986. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Trotman, Robert (Bob) [1947-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Madsen, Kristina [1955-. USA. Furniture Designer/Maker/Woodworker]
Ercolani, Lucian Randolph (L.R.) [1888-1976. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Finlator, Ian [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Gibbs, Herbert E. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Giunchi, G. [-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Glickstein, N. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Green, Taylor [1914-1991. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Henry, John Sollie (J.S.) [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
John Pollock [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Kamm, Henry Robert [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Kasparian, George [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Makowski, Michael [-. Southern Rhodesia/South Africa. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Martiné, Maurice [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Morrison, Earle A. [1923-. Canada. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Mosler, Julius, Jun. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Murray, John  [1923-. Canada. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Peach, Harry Hardy (H.H.) [1874-1936. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Pössenbacher, Heinrich [1877-1959. Germany. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Reimann, Theodor [-. Germany. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Rye, Ralph K. [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Salterini, John B. [-1952. Italy/USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Schmidt, Karl (Schmidt-Hellerau, Karl) [1873-1948. Germany. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Schmitt, Ludwig [1849-1906. Austria. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Stambaugh, Dick [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Sølvsten, Harbo [-. Denmark. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Valabrega, Vittorio [1861-1952. Italy. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Van Keppel, Hendrik [1914-1987. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Vorster, D.S. [-. South Africa. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer]
Cadovius, Poul [1911-2011. Denmark. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer/Architect]
Pritchard, J.C. (Jack) [1899-1992. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer/Founder of Isokon]
Eide, Palmer [1906-1991. USA. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer/Painter/Sculptor]
Conran, Terence [1931-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer/Retailer]
Plunkett, William [1928-. UK. Furniture Designer/Manufacturer/Sculptor/Painter]
Kopf, Silas [1949-. USA. Furniture Designer/Marquetry Artist]
Ellens, Harm [1871-1939. Netherlands. Furniture Designer/Metalsmith]
Fletcher, Benjamin (B.J.) [1868-1951. UK. Furniture Designer/Metalsmith]
Green, A. Romney [1872-1945. UK. Furniture Designer/Metalsmith]
Belville, Eugène [1863-1931. France. Furniture Designer/Metalsmith/Graphic Artist/Painter/Illustrator]
Wallhead, R.C. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Metalworker]
Gallerey, Mathieu [-. France. Furniture Designer/Metalworker/Interior Decorator]
Hurwitz, Michael [1955-. USA. Furniture Designer/Mosaic Artist]
Limpus, Robert [1913-1955. USA. Furniture Designer/Muralist]
Carollo, Luigi [-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Painter]
de Tonnancour, Jacques [1917-2005. Canada. Furniture Designer/Painter]
Galante, Nicola [1883-1969. Italy. Furniture Designer/Painter]
Maclaren, Denham [1903-1989. UK. Furniture Designer/Painter]
Pizio, Oreste [1879-1938. Italy. Furniture Designer/Painter]
Gianotti, Giovan Battista [1873-1926. Italy. Furniture Designer/Painter/Interior Designer]
Sansegundo, Carlos [1930-2010. Spain. Furniture Designer/Painter/Sculptor]
Bovis, Marcel [1904-1997. France. Furniture Designer/Photographer/Illustrator]
Pollack, Charles [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Printmaker]
Acton, Hugh [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Bernaux, Emile [1883-1997. France. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Brooks, Jonathan (Jon) [1944-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Brustolon, Andrea [1662-1732. . Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Cometti, Giacomo [1863-1938. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Esherick, Wharton [1887-1970. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Fortune, Michael C. [1951-. Canada. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Franceschinì, Ernesto [-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Gaiani, Egisto [1832-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Gianakos, Stylianos [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Judd, Donald [1928-1994. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Kellar, Jeff [1949-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Main, Terence [1954-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Meadmore, Clement [1929-2005. Australia/USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Nutt, Craig [1950-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Sabo, Irving [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
Weinberg, Frederic (Frederick) [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Sculptor]
De Sanctis, Fabio [1931-. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor/Architect]
Fabbri, Agenore [1911-1988. Italy. Furniture Designer/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Noll, Alexandre [1890-1970. France. Furniture Designer/Sculptor/Woodcarver]
Skawonius, Sven Erik (Skavonius, Sven Erik) [1908-1981. Sweden. Furniture Designer/Theatre Costume Designer Glass Artist/Painter]
Howell, Marie [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Weaver]
Fourdinois, Henri-Auguste [1830-1907. France. Furniture Designer/Wood Carver/Painter/Decorative Artist/Sculptor]
Borgersen, Johan (John) [1863-1930. Norway. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Frullini, Luigi [1839-1897. Italy. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Fry, Henry L. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Hilliam, Julia [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Jefferson, Marie [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Rydingsvärd, Karl von [1863-1941. USA. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Simpson, Arthur W. [1857-1922. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Thompson, Robert ‘Mouseman’ [1876-1955. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver]
Pye, David [1914-1993. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcarver/Woodturner]
De Grey, Mabel [1855-. UK. Furniture Designer/Woodcraft Designer]
Bjorkman, Donald C. [-. USA. Furniture Designer/Woodturner]
Ebner, David N. [1945-. USA. Furniture Designer/Woodturner]
Prestini, James L. [1908-1993. USA. Furniture Designer/Woodturner/Industrial Designer]
Cescinsky, Herbert [1875-. UK. Furniture Designer/Writer]
Gribble, Ernest R. [-. UK. Furniture Designer/Writer on Furniture]
Bakos, István (Stefan, Stephen) [-. Hungary. Furniture DesignerBakos, István (Stefan, Stephen)]
Travers, Linda [-. UK. Furniture Desugner]
Fochler, Albert [-. Germany. Furniture Maker]
Garbe, G., Jnr. [-. UK. Furniture Maker]
Gardiner, Edward G.H. [1880-1958. UK. Furniture Maker]
Walker, W.T. [-. UK. Furniture Maker]
Lock, H.A. [-. UK. Furniture Maker/Metalworker]
John Scalia Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacture]
Julius Mosler, Hofkorbwarenfabrik [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacture]
A. Croce e C. [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
A. H. Notman & Company [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
A. Hainke GmbH [1948-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
A. Reason & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
A. Younger Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
A.I.M. [-. Argentina. Furniture Manufacturer]
Adams s.r.l. [-. Argentina. Furniture Manufacturer]
AERMO  [-. Switzerland. Furniture Manufacturer]
Aktiebolaget G.A. Berg [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturer]
Anton Bembé [1825-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Arthur Foley (Arthur Foley & Sons) [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Axel I. Sørensen [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturer]
B&B Italia [1966-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Beissbarth & Hoffmann [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Bernini [1904-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Betty Joel Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Boman [1871-1969. Finland. Furniture Manufacturer]
Bowman Bros. Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Brown Jordan (Brown-Jordan) [1945-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Buoyant Upholstery Co. Ltd. [1909-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Carl Müller & Co. [1885-1968. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Carl Sasse KG [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Conran & Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Conran Furniture [1953-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Cutler & Girard [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
D. Meredew Ltd. [-1969. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Damon & Bertaux [-. France. Furniture Manufacturer]
Dancer & Hearne [-1970. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
David Joel Ltd. [1938-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Ditta Ricotti  [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Ducrot, Vittorio [1867-1942. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
E. Gomme Ltd. [1898-1987. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
E. Khan & Co. (Tecta Division) Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
E. Vérot [-. France. Furniture Manufacturer]
Elmdon & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Elsa Booth Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Ernest Race Ltd. [1945-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Everest (Long Eaton) Ltd. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
F.A. Schütz [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
F.B. Arthur Modern Interiors [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
F.C. Nielsen [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fabry Associates [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Federico Martinotti & C. [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Feinman, Martin [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Firma Domus [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fisher Gillis & Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
France & Daverkosen (France & Søn) [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fratelli Clementi [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fratelli Giovanni & Alessandro Felice [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fratelli Valabrega [1884-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Fred W. Howarth [1901-1915. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Furniture Industries Ltd. [1920-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
G.W. Evans Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Galfetti & figli [1870-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Gavina [1960-1968. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Gavina, Dino [1922-2007. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Georg Machauf [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
George Clark (Bristol) Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Gordon Russell Ltd. [1926-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Grand Rapids Bookcase & Chair Co. [1911-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Greaves & Thomas Ltd. [1905-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Guy Rogers Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
H. Castle & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Hampton & Sons [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Haward & Sons [-1920. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Heywood-Wakefield Co. [1897-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Hiorth & Östlyngen [-. Norway. Furniture Manufacturer]
Höffler, Ltd. (Höfler Ltd.) [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Horatio Myer & Co. Ltd. [1876-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Howard & Sons [1820-1947. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Hyresgästermas Möbelaffär [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturer]
Imperial Furniture Manufacturing Company [1910-. Canada. Furniture Manufacturer]
J.B. Hillen [-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
J.H. Hunt & Co. (Yatton) Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
J.S. Henry & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Jacobs & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
John Broadwood & Sons [1728-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
John Hough [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
John Mascheroni Furniture Company  [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
John P. White (J.P. White) [1896-1960. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
John Widdicomb Furniture Co. [1897-2002. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Julius & Josef Herrmann [-. Austria. Furniture Manufacturer]
K. Caspar & Kostka [-. Austria. Furniture Manufacturer]
Källemo Möbelfabrik AB (Källemo AB) [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturer]
Kandya Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Keller & Reiner [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Kempkes' Meubelfabrieken, NV [-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Knoll [1938-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Knoll, Hans G. [1914-1955. Germany/USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Kohlbecker & Sohn [1890-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Le Grest & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Ljungs Industrier AB [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturer]
Ludwig Alter Hofmöbelfabrik, Darmstadt. [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Ludwig Schmitt [1841-. Austria. Furniture Manufacturer]
Luxury Upholstery Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
M. Ballin, Hofmöbelfabrik [1863-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
McKay Co. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Meinzolt, Carl [1861-1928. Germany/Australia. Furniture Manufacturer]
Möbelfabrik Gebrüder Rohrer [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Möbelfabrik Wilhelm Renz [1882-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Modum Trevarefabrikk (Buskerud Trevare AS) [1947-. Norway. Furniture Manufacturer]
Mueller Furniture Co. [1927-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Newburgh Metal Manufacturing Corporation [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
North Shore Ferneries [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
P.B. Cow & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Palatial Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Paul Mac Alister Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
R.S. Stevens Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Ramos [-. France. Furniture Manufacturer]
Raphaël [-. France. Furniture Manufacturer]
Risboro' Furniture Ltd. [1920-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Robin Bush Associates [1953-. Canada. Furniture Manufacturer]
Robinson & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Rohrmöbelfabrik W. Jenny AG [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Rüping & Fritz [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Scavarda [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Schneider & Hanau [1899-1931. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Scottish Furniture Manufacturers Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Selig of Leominster (Selig Manufacturing Company) [1931-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Shapland & Petter Ltd. [1854-1999. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Snyder Bros. Upholstery Company/James C. Snyder (Snyder's) [1885-. Canada. Furniture Manufacturer]
Sopenkorpi OY [1945-. Finland. Furniture Manufacturer]
Stabilimento Giunchi (Ditta Giunchi) [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Stabilimento M. Testa (Mobilificio Testa) [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Statton Furniture Co. [1926-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Stow/Davis [1880-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Stroucken [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Stuttgarter Möbelfabrik Georg Schöttle [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Taylor & Whitfield [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Tecno [1954-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer]
Theodor Reimann [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Tomlinson Furniture Company (Tomlinson of High Point) [1900-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
United Crafts [1898-1915. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Utrechtsche Machinale Stoel- en Meubel-fabriek [1908-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Vergnères Fils [-. France. Furniture Manufacturer]
Voltz & Wittmer  [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
W. Dittmars Möbelfabrik [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
W.H. Rocke & Co. [1876-. Australia. Furniture Manufacturer]
W.J. Mars & Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Wagemans & Van Tuinen (Artifort) [1890-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Weiman Co. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
Werkgenossenschaft Wohnhilfe [1945-. Switzerland. Furniture Manufacturer]
White, John P. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Whytock & Reid [1807-2004. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Wörrlein Werkstätten [-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer]
Kofoed, Niels M. [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturer/Designer]
Stene, John M. [1914-2008. Norway/Canada. Furniture Manufacturer/Designer]
Woodard, Joseph [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer/Designer]
Woodard, Lyman [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer/Designer]
Richter, Charles Augustus [1867-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer/Designer/Painter/Interior Decorator]
W.K. Cowan & Co. [1894-. USA. Furniture Manufacturer/Hollowware Importer]
F.A. Schütz (Schütz Werkstätten für Möbelkunst und Innenarchitektur) [1841-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturer/Interior Decorators]
Spicciani (Franco Spicciani) [1875-1958. Italy. Furniture Manufacturer/Interior Decorators]
Portois & Fix [1881-. Austria-Hungary/Austria. Furniture Manufacturer/Interior Design Firm]
Danske Møbler [1962-. New Zealand. Furniture Manufacturer/Retailer]
Gösta Westerberg Möbel (Gösta Westerberg AB) [1942-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturer/Retailer]
Thomas Manchip & Sons [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer/Retailer/Upholsterers]
A. Damon & Colin (Maison Krieger A. Damon & Colin) [-. France. Furniture Manufacturers]
A. Mackay & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
A.H. McIntosh & Co. Ltd. (E.S.A. McIntosh) [1869-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
A.J. Iversen [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Advance Design Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Amodec (American Modern Decoration) [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Andrew Thomson & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Antocks Lairn [1963-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Apelli & Varesio [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturers]
Asko [1918-. Finland. Furniture Manufacturers]
B. Cohen & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Baker Furniture Inc. [1893-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Bath Artcraft Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Benjamin North & Sons [1851-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Bernhard & Hayes Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Brew & Claris [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Brünner Möbelhalle [-. Austria. Furniture Manufacturers]
Carlsson & Reicke [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturers]
Cellerino [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturers]
Charak Furniture Company [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Christensen & Larsen [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Compactom Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Corvilla Furniture Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Cox & Co. [1929-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Crossley & Brown [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Cummings & Engbert Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
D. Bianco & Sons [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
D.S. Vorster & Co. (Pty) Ltd. [-. South Africa. Furniture Manufacturers]
Dawn Workshops [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
De Genneper Molen [1899-1982. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturers]
Do/More Chair Company [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Dunbar Furniture Manufacturing Company (Dunbar Furniture Inc.) [1919-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Dutto-Fossano [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturers]
Easiwork Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Estey Manufacturing Co. [-1939. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Ferd. Lundquist & Co. [1864-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturers]
Frederick & Harland Schofield Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Frederick Parker & Sons Ltd. (Parker Knoll Ltd.) [1869-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Frederick Tibbenham Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Fritz Hansen [1872-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Functional Furniture Manufacturers [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Gemla Fabrikers [1861-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturers]
Gill & Reigate Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Ginza-kensetsu Co. [-. Japan. Furniture Manufacturers]
Gouffé [-. France. Furniture Manufacturers]
Grand Rapids Chair Co. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Grosfeld House Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Gunn & Son Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Gustav Bahus [-. Norway. Furniture Manufacturers]
H. Morris & Co. Ltd. (Morris Furniture Group) [1904-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
H.K. Furniture Ltd. [1933-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Hall & Dixon Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Harbo Sølvsten [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Harvey Probber Inc. [1945-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Herman Miller Furniture Company [1905-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Hille [1906-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Isokon Furniture Co. [1931-1939. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Jacob & Josef Kohn (J. & J. Kohn) [1849-. Moravia/Austria. Furniture Manufacturers]
Jannace & Kovacs [-. Italy. Furniture Manufacturers]
John McGregor & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Joscelyne's of Johannesburg (Joscelynes Ltd.) [-. South Africa. Furniture Manufacturers]
Kean & Scott Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
KOL [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Kroehler Manufacturing Co. [1902-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Laho Art Works [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Lucas of London Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
M. Bartos Inc. (Bartos Company) [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Majorelle Frères [1893-1956. France. Furniture Manufacturers]
Makers of Simple Furniture [-1940. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Martens et Daab (Martens & Daab) [-. Poland. Furniture Manufacturers]
Maurice Adams Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Modernage Furniture Co. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Ny Form [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Oropallo & Dyer [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
P.E. Gane Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Packet Furniture Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Pascoe Industries Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Pel Ltd. (Practical Equipment Ltd.) [1931-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Peltier, Misserey et Cie [-. France. Furniture Manufacturers]
Pérol Frères [-. France. Furniture Manufacturers]
Phoenix Book Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Practical Furniture Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Renovart Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Röhsska Konstslöjdmusett [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturers]
Rud. Rasmussens Snedkerier [1869-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Sewell & Sewell [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Société Industrielle d'Art (S.I.A.) [-. France. Furniture Manufacturers]
Stark Bros. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Stuhl- und Tischfabrik Friedrich Schäfer [1882-. Germany. Furniture Manufacturers]
Søborg Mobelfabrik [1890-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Søren Willadsens Mobelfabrik (Søren Willadsen) [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Thomas Glenister Ltd. (Glenister & Son) [1839-1990. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Thomas Justice & Son Ltd. [1872-2003. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Thonet [1819-. Germany/Austria. Furniture Manufacturers]
Vazah Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
Vermont Tubbs [1840-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers]
W.T. Nicholls Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
William Birch Ltd. (W. Birch Ltd.) [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
With Nielsen [-. Denmark. Furniture Manufacturers]
Wright & Mansfield [1860-1886. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Artek-Pascoe Inc. [-. USA. Furniture Manufacturers/Distributors]
Blyth & Sons [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Importers of Bed Feathers and Horse Hair]
Graham & Biddle [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Interior Decorators]
Hartigan Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Interior Decorators]
Marsh Jones & Cribb [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Interior Decorators]
Maple & Co. [1841-1997. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Retail Firm]
Kimbel & Friedrichsen [1897-1931. Germany. Furniture Manufacturers/Retailers]
Thomas Simpson & Sons (Thos. Simpson & Sons) [1798-1957. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Retailers]
Wallach Brothers (Wallach Bros.) [-. Australia. Furniture Manufacturers/Retailers]
Oetzmann & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Retailers/Interior Decorators]
D. Blyth Adamson & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Upholsteres]
John Finch & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Upholsteres]
Chorlton & Dugdale [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Upholsters/Ironmongers]
W. Walker & Sons [1848-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Wholesalers/House Furnishers]
Svenska Mobelfabrikerna [-. Sweden. Furniture Manufacturing Co-operative]
H. & J. Cooper [-. UK. Furniture Manurfacturer/Interior Decorators]
Spojené U.P. závody [-. Czechoslovakia. Furniture Mnufacturers]
Gillow & Co. (Gillows)  [1730-1897. UK. Furniture Retail/Decorating Firm]
Bartholomew & Fletcher [-. UK. Furniture Retail/Manufacturing Firm]
Dunn, Geoffrey [1909-1998. UK. Furniture Retailer/Manufacturer/Designer]
Miss Helen Woollan’s [1902-. UK. Furniture Retailers]
Misses Woollan (Misses Woollan's) [-. UK. Furniture Retailers]
Wohnbedarf AG [1931-. Switzerland. Furniture Retailers/Manufacturers]
Lady Kinloch’s Painted Furniture Industry [-. UK. Furniture Workshop]
Les Ateliers Modernes [1912-. France. Furniture Workshop]
Sigmund Deutsch & Co. [-. Moravia. Furniture Workshop]
Soulek Werkstätte [-. Austria. Furniture Workshop]
Stabilimento G. Podestà [-. Italy. Furniture Workshop]
Werkstätten für Deutschen Hausrat Theophil Müller, Dresden [1902-. Germany. Furniture Workshop]
Dresdener Werkstätten für Handwerkskunst, Schmidt und Engelbrecht (Dresdener Werkstätten für Handwerkskunst, Schmidt und Müller), Dresden [1898-1907. Germany. Furniture Workshop/Manufacturer]
Thaden, Herbert Von (H.V.) [-. USA. Furniture/Aircraft Designer/Manufacturer/Inventor]
Kleinhempel, Gertrud [1875-1948. Germany. Furniture/Bookplate Designer/Ceramist/Glass Artist/Metalworker]
Charles Hindley & Sons [1817-1917. UK. Furniture/Carpet Manufacturer/Upholsterers/Decorators]
Bec, Léon Henri [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Bec, Paul [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Flandrin, Edm. [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Foley, Edwin [-1912. UK/Australia. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Legeas [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Legeas, Gaston [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Léothand, Louis Henri [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Wetton, Edith [-. UK. Furniture/Decorative Designer]
Bouché, Louis Charles [-. France. Furniture/Decorative Designer/Ceramist]
Howell, James A. [-. USA. Furniture/Designer]
Dessau, Kaj [1897-1987. Denmark. Furniture/Designer/Retailer/Weaver]
Guille, Frank [1926-1997. UK. Furniture/Display Designer]
Newton, Derek [-. UK. Furniture/Exhibition/Display Designer]
Jonklaas, Terry [1919-. Ceylon/Sri Lanka. Furniture/Exhibition/Display Designer/Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Percival, Michael [-. UK. Furniture/Exhibition/Display/Interior Designer]
Hornby, Richard Brian [1923-. UK. Furniture/Exhibition/Interior Designer]
Cameron, Donald [-. USA. Furniture/Fabrics/Lighting Designer]
Ruggeri, Cinzia [1945-. Italy. Furniture/Fashion Designer/Glass Artist/Metalsmith]
Haus und Garten [1925-. Austria. Furniture/Furnishing Manufacturers]
Plan Ltd. [1932-1936. UK. Furniture/Furnishing Producer/Retailer]
T.B. & W. Cockayne [1829-1972. UK. Furniture/Furnishing Retail/Manufacturing Firm/Interior Decorators]
BO [1925-. Denmark. Furniture/Furnishing Store]
Goodyers [-. UK. Furniture/Furnishings Manufacturer]
R.W. Weekes [-. UK. Furniture/Furnishings Retailer/Manufacturers]
Press, Fred [-. USA. Furniture/Glass Designer]
Taylor, Ernest Archibald (E.A.) [1874-1951. UK. Furniture/Glass/Interior Designer/Etcher/Painter]
Wirkkala, Tapio [1915-1985. Finland. Furniture/Glass/Jewellery Designer/Sculptor/Ceramist/Painter]
Beytagh, Dennis [1924-. UK/New Zealand. Furniture/Graphic Designer]
Harder, Johannes [-. Germany. Furniture/Graphic Designer]
Pankok, Bernhard [1872-1943. Germany. Furniture/Graphic Designer]
Siegel, Gustav [1880-1970. Austria. Furniture/Graphic Designer]
Thomson, Dawson [-. UK. Furniture/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Trojanowski, Edward (Édouard) [1873-1930. Poland. Furniture/Graphic Designer/Painter]
Moser, Koloman (Kolo) [1868-1918. Austria. Furniture/Graphic/Theatre Designer]
H. Pander en Zonen (H. Pander & Zonen) [1863-1985. Netherlands. Furniture/Housewares Manufacturers]
Burdick, Bruce [-. USA. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Castiglioni, Pier Giacomo (Piergiacomo) [1913-1968. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Danko, Peter [1949-. USA. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Day, Robin [1915-2010. UK. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
De Pas, Gionatan (Jonathan) [1932-1991. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Doblin, Jay [1920-1989. USA. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Dranger, Jan [1941-2016. Sweden. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
D’Urbino, Donato [1935-. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Fleischmann, Horst [-. Germany. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Gautier-Delaye, Pierre [1923-2006. France. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Kramer, Friso [1922-. Netherlands. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Kuypers, Jan [1925-1997. Netherlands/Canada. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Lindekrantz, Bo [1932-. Sweden. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Lomazzi, Paolo [1936-. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Molla, Charles P. [-. USA. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Papst, Walter [1924-2008. Germany. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Pollock, Charles [1930-. USA. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Rohde, Gilbert [1894-1944. USA. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Thygesen, Rud [1932-. Denmark. Furniture/Industrial Designer]
Aalto, Alvar [1898-1976. Finland. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Castiglioni, Achille [1918-2002. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Chareau, Pierre [1883-1950. France. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Favre, Sergio [-. Italy. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Panton, Verner [1926-1998. Denmark/Switzerland. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Becker, Robert (Bob) Benham [-. USA. Furniture/Industrial Designer/Sculptor]
Harper, Irving [1916-. USA. Furniture/Industrial/Graphic Designer/Sculptor]
Aarnio, Eero [1932-. Finland. Furniture/Industrial/Interior Designer]
Diffrient, Niels [1928-2013. USA. Furniture/Industrial/Interior Designer]
Murdoch, Peter [1940-. UK. Furniture/Industrial/Interior Designer]
Nurmesniemi, Antti [1927-2003. Finland. Furniture/Industrial/Interior Designer]
Aroldi, Danilo [1925-1988. Italy. Furniture/Industrial/Lighting Designer]
Castiglioni, Piero [1944-. Italy. Furniture/Industrial/Lighting Designer]
Stenros, Pirkko [1928-. Finland. Furniture/Interior Architect]
Baugniet, Marcel-Louis [1896-1995. Belgium. Furniture/Interior Decorator/Painter]
Arundell Clarke Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Design Firm]
Le Coeur & Bigaux [-. France. Furniture/Interior Design Partnership]
Allen, Davis [1916-1999. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Althaus, Thomas [1957-. Germany. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Aschermann, Gladys (G.G.) [-1948. Canada/USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Axelsson, Åke [1932-. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Berg, Gustav Axel (G.A.) [1891-1971. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Booth, Elsa [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Brunott, J. [1889-1951. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Champion, Maurice [1899-1062. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Chauchet-Guilleré, Charlotte [1878-1964. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Clarke, J. Arundell [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Döhler, P. [-. Germany. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Dumond, Jacques [1906-1988. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Fabre, Auguste-Victor [-. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Gaspard, M. [-. Belgium. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Grant, Angus [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Guillon, Jacques S. [1922-. France/Canada. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Gullberg, Bengt-Johan [1919-. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Jallot, Léon [1874-1967. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Killick, Jack [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Kindt-Larsen, Tove [1906-1994. Denmark. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Köhler, Margareta (Koehler, Margareta) [-. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Krieks, Hans [-. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Lange, Gerd [1931-. Germany (Fed.Rep.). Furniture/Interior Designer]
Lanux, Eyre de [1894-1996. USA/France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Larsson, Axel [1898-1975. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Lehmann, Monica [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Mathsson, Bruno [1907-1988. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Nándor, Kató [-. Hungary. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Natanson, Bolette [-. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Nuyten, Harry [-. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Park, Helen [-. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Penaat, Willem [1875-1957. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Penaat, Willem [1875-1957. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Perriand, Charlotte [1903-1999. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Pfister, Charles [1939-1990. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Quarti, Eugenio [1867-1929. Italy. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Relling, Adolf [1913-2006. Norway. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Rowley, Laurence A.J. [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Sinoto, Nori [-. Japan/USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Skarloff, William [-. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Sluyterman, Theodorus Karel Lodewijk [1863-1931. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Spanjaard, Frits [1889-1978. Netherlands. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Sture, Alf [1915-2000. Norway. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Trägårdh, Björn [1908-1998. Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Turbil, Francis [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
van der Velde, Albert [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Van der Woerd, Bart [-. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Vibert, Jacques [-. France. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Walters, Nigel Vincent [1922-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Whalen, Alyne [-. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Wieser, Ulrich [-. Switzerland. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Zakas, Spiros [-. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Zoëga, Thórdis [1955-. Iceland. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Becchi, Alessandro [1946-1998. Italy. Furniture/Interior Designer/Architect]
Godwin, E.W. (Edward William) [1833-1886. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer/Architect]
Kuramata, Shiro [1934-1991. Japan. Furniture/Interior Designer/Architect]
Loos, Adolf [1870-1933. Austria. Furniture/Interior Designer/Architect]
Pesce, Gaetano [1939-. Italy/USA. Furniture/Interior Designer/Architect/Glass Artist]
Legrain, Pierre Émile [1889-1929. France. Furniture/Interior Designer/Bookbinder/Illustrator]
Sparre, Louis [1863-1964. Finland/Sweden. Furniture/Interior Designer/Ceramist]
Gianetti, Fiorentino [1870-. Italy. Furniture/Interior Designer/Decorative Artist]
Krasnik, Antoinette (Antonija) [1874-1956. Croatia/Austria-Hungary. Furniture/Interior Designer/Decorative Designer/Sculptor/Painter/Glass Artist]
Bradshaw, John Henry (J.H.) [1888-. UK/South Africa. Furniture/Interior Designer/Etcher]
Martin, Etienne-Henri [1905-1997. France. Furniture/Interior Designer/Metalworker/Decorative Artist]
Crichton, John [1917-1993. New Zealand. Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter]
Logan, George [1866-1939. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter]
Plantier, Marc du [1901-1975. France/USA. Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter]
Jourdain, Francis [1876-1958. France. Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter/Graphic Artist]
Maynard, Alister [1903-1976. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer/Painter/Writer]
Kalmar, Stephen (Steven) [1909-1989. Australia. Furniture/Interior Designer/Sculptor]
Luss, Gerald [1926-. USA. Furniture/Interior Designer/Sculptor]
Brunn, Peter [1928-. Germany/UK. Furniture/Interior/Display Designer]
Mari, Enzo [1932-. Italy. Furniture/Interior/Glass Designer/Ceramist]
Arias Van Lierde, Alberto [1946-. Argentina. Furniture/Interior/Graphic Designer]
Vanderbyl, Michael [1947-. USA. Furniture/Interior/Graphic Designer]
MacAlister, Paul Ritter [1901-1990. USA. Furniture/Interior/Industrial Designer]
Paulin, Pierre [1927-2009. France. Furniture/Interior/Industrial Designer]
Putman, Andrée [1925-2013. France. Furniture/Interior/Industrial Designer]
Umeda, Masanori [1941-. Japan. Furniture/Interior/Industrial Designer]
Starck, Philippe [1949-. France. Furniture/Interior/Industrial Designer/Architect]
Baughman, Milo [1923-2003. USA. Furniture/Interior/Lighting Designer]
Miller, Francis T. [-. USA. Furniture/Interior/Lighting Designer]
Malmsten, Carl [1888-1972. Sweden. Furniture/Interior/Textile Designer]
Engø, Bjørn [1920-1981. Norway. Furniture/Interior/Textile Designer/Enameller]
Bernstein, Joseph [-. USA. Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Ditzel, Jørgen [1931-1961. Denmark. Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Ditzel, Nanna [1923-2005. Denmark. Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Douy-Pascault, Jules [-. France. Furniture/Jewellery Designer]
Bertoia, Harry [1915-1978. USA. Furniture/Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith/Sculptor]
Methorst, Hendrik [1896-1969. Netherlands. Furniture/Jewellery Designer/Metalworker]
Tsao Designs Inc. [1968-. USA. Furniture/Lighting Design Firm]
Atelier Ltda [1941-. Argentina. Furniture/Lighting Design/Manufacturing Firm]
Agnoli, Tito [1931-2012. Italy. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Casati, Cesare [1936-. Italy. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Díaz Magro, Tomás [1941-. Spain. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Heritage, Robert [1927-. UK. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Kawakami, Motomi [1940-. Japan. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Larson, Leslie [1925-. USA. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Lawenda, Harry [-. USA. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Madeleine, Francis [-. France. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Olafsson, Jon [-. Iceland. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Sundstedt, Per [-. Sweden. Furniture/Lighting Designer]
Heikkilä, Simo [1943-. Finland. Furniture/Lighting Designer/Ceramist]
Chièsa, Pietro [1876-1959. Switzerland/Italy. Furniture/Lighting Designer/Glass Artist]
Majorelle, Louis [1859-1926. France. Furniture/Lighting Designer/Glass Artist]
Tempestini, Maurizio [1908-1960. Italy. Furniture/Lighting Designer/Glass Artist]
Lúthersson, Pétur B. [1936-. Iceland. Furniture/Lighting Designer/Interior Architect]
FontanaArte (Fontana Arte) [1932-. Italy. Furniture/Lighting Manufacturer]
Pugh Brothers Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture/Lighting Manufacturers]
W.H. Gispen [1916-1934. Netherlands. Furniture/Lighting Manufacturers]
Parzinger Originals Inc. [1939-. USA. Furniture/Lighting Manufacturing/Retail Firm]
Cibic, Aldo [1955-. Italy. Furniture/Lighting/Interior Designer]
Jakobsson, Hans-Agne [1919-2009. Sweden. Furniture/Lighting/Interior Designer]
Hucker, Thomas (Thom) [1955-. USA. Furniture/Lighting/Interior Designer/Sculptor]
William Bailey & Son (W. Bailey & Son) [1856-. UK. Furniture/Looking Glass Manufacturer]
Waring & Gillow [1897-. UK. Furniture/Manufacturers Retailers]
Waring (Warings) [1835-1897. UK. Furniture/Manufacturers Retailers]
Van Koert, John O. [1912-1998. USA. Furniture/Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Pola Hoffmann Inc. [-. USA. Furniture/Metalware Design Studio]
John Th. Uiterwyk & Co. [1893-. Netherlands. Furniture/Metalware Workshop]
Ellis, Harvey [1852-1904. USA. Furniture/Poster Designer/ Architect/Painter/Sculptor]
Borrione, Mario [1903-1984. Italy. Furniture/Poster Designer/Painter]
Bonta, George [-. Hungary. Furniture/Shop Window Designer]
Mitchell, J. Edgar [1865-1922. UK. Furniture/Stained Glass Designer/Muralist/Painter/Illustrator]
Cox & Son [1838-1921. UK. Furniture/Stained Glass Manufacturer]
Cox & Sons [1838-1921. UK. Furniture/Stained Glass Manufacturer]
Heaton, John Aldam [1828-1897. UK. Furniture/Stained Glass/Textile/Wallpaper Designer/Manufacturer]
Rohlfs, Charles [1853-1936. USA. Furniture/Stove Designer]
Matégot, Mathieu [1910-2001. Hungary/France. Furniture/Tapestry Designer/Painter]
Veranneman, Emiel (Emile) [1924-2003. Belgium. Furniture/Tapestry Designer/Painter]
Beaumont, Jean [1895-1978. France. Furniture/Tapestry/Textile Designer/Decorative Artist]
Andrada, José de [-. Brazil/France. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Gaillard, Eugène [1862-1933. France. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Hörlin-Holmqvist, Kerstin [1925-1997. Sweden. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Kreuzer, Hermann [1879-. Germany. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Race, Ernest [1913-1964. UK. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Risom, Jens [1916-. Denmark/USA. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Robertson, M. Clark [1955-. USA. Furniture/Textile Designer]
Svensson, Inez [1932-2005. Sweden. Furniture/Textile Designer/Ceramist]
Munthe, Gerhard [1849-1929. Norway. Furniture/Textile Designer/Ceramist/Metalsmith]
Dufrêne, Maurice [1876-1955. France. Furniture/Textile Designer/Ceramist/Silversmith/Glass Artist]
Littell, Ross [1924-2000. USA. Furniture/Textile Designer/Graphic Artist]
Hergesell, Anton [1883-. Austria. Furniture/Textile Designer/Interor Decorator]
Dreyfuss, Hugo [-. USA. Furniture/Textile Designer/Manufacturer]
Jackson, Dakota [1949-. USA. Furniture/Textile Designer/Manufacturer]
Probber, Harvey [1922-2003. USA. Furniture/Textile Designer/Manufacturer]
Niemeyer, Adelbert [1867-1932. Germany. Furniture/Textile Designer/Metalworker/Painter]
Kagan-Dreyfuss Inc. [-1960. USA. Furniture/Textile Manufacturer]
Sowden, George James [1942-. UK/Italy. Furniture/Textile/Industrial Designer]
Joel, Betty [1896-1985. UK. Furniture/Textile/Interior Designer]
Mourgue, Olivier [1939-. France. Furniture/Textile/Interior Designer]
Laverne, Erwine [1909-2003. USA. Furniture/Textile/Interior Designer/Manufacturer]
Laverne, Estelle [1915-1997. USA. Furniture/Textile/Interior Designer/Manufacturer]
Knoll, Florence (Knoll Bassett, Florence) [1917-. USA. Furniture/Textile/Interior Designer/Manufacturer/Architect]
Unger, Else [1873-. Austria. Furniture/Textile/Jewellery Designer]
Bennett, Ward [1917-2003. USA. Furniture/Textile/Jewellery Designer/Architect]
Brangwyn, Frank [1867-1956. UK. Furniture/Textile/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Groult, André [1884-1966. France. Furniture/Textile/Wallpaper/Graphic Designer]
Anderson, Edgar [1922-2015. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Anderson, Joyce [1923-2014. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Briggs, John [1911-1954. UK. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Economaki, John [1951-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Frid, Tage [1915-2004. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Lampard, Kenneth D. [1926-. UK. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
McCarthy, Rory [1948-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Noyes, William [1862-1928. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Perkins, H.J. [-. UK. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Röstlinger, Allan [-. Sweden. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Valenza, Daniel Loomis [1934-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
McNaughton, John [1943-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer/Maker/Sculptor]
Cederquist, John [1946-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer/Sculptor]
Eckert, Tom [1942-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer/Sculptor]
Keyser, William A., Jr. [1936-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer/Sculptor]
Schuette, Lee [1951-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer/Sculptor]
McAlevey, John [-. USA. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer/Woodturner]