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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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Poret, Alissa Ivanovna [1902-1984. USSR. Illlustrator]
Puttick, Laura G. [-. UK. Illumination Artist/Decorative Designer]
Chard, Minnie E. [1882-1963. UK. Illuminator]
Goodwin, Edith Chester [1879-1969. UK. Illuminator]
Gulliver, Hilda Grace [1902-1971. UK. Illuminator]
Hake, Freda E. [-. UK. Illuminator]
Hinkley, Helen Elizabeth [1891-1962. UK. Illuminator]
Holmes, Beatrix [1892-. UK. Illuminator]
Knight, Winifred [-. UK. Illuminator]
Milne, Ella Gordon [-. UK. Illuminator]
Moseley, Doris Haywood [1895-1953. UK. Illuminator]
O’Rourke, Alice M. [-. Ireland. Illuminator]
Partridge, Lilian M. [-. UK. Illuminator]
Prince, Doris M. [-. UK. Illuminator]
Rennell, Phoebe [1883-1972. UK. Illuminator]
Underwood, Edith Margaret [1864-1932. UK. Illuminator]
Vaughan, Edith [-. UK. Illuminator/Bookbinder]
Base, Irene Esther Muriel [1897-1982. UK. Illuminator/Calligrapher]
West, Cicely [1897-1977. UK. Illuminator/Calligrapher]
Simms, Jane Emmeline [1892-. Ireland. Illuminator/Decorative Artist]
Budd, Barbara Nellie [1895-1949. UK. Illuminator/Embroiderer]
Bartels, Margaret [1887-1932. UK. Illuminator/Graphic Artist/Painter]
Bowerley, Marta Caroline [1880-1945. UK. Illuminator/Illustrator]
Offer, Ethel M. [1876-1945. UK. Illuminator/Illustrator]
Kingsford, Joan Beeby [1883-1974. UK. Illuminator/Illustrator/Painter/Theatre Costume Designer]
Gaskin, Joscelyne Verney [1903-1993. UK. Illuminator/Letterer]
Hicks, Lotte Braxton [-. UK. Illuminator/Lettering Artist]
Hicks, Lottie Braxton [1886-1955. UK. Illuminator/Lettering Artist]
Francis, Margery [-. UK. Illuminator/Painter]
Luker, Florence Helen [1874-1966. UK. Illuminator/Painter]
Warden, Doris Grace [1887-1963. UK. Illuminator/Wood Engraver/Painter]
Abrahams, Dora [1909-. USA. Illustrator]
Ainslie, Kathleen Newton [1858-1936. UK. Illustrator]
Allen, Olive (Biller, Olive) [1879-1957. UK/Canada. Illustrator]
Ambler, Louise [-. UK. Illustrator]
Anglim, Helen [-. USA. Illustrator]
Attwell, Mabel Lucie [1879-1964. UK. Illustrator]
Bach, Peggie [-. USA. Illustrator]
Barnes, Eileen [1876-1956. Ireland. Illustrator]
Barrett, Angela [1955-. UK. Illustrator]
Batherman, Muriel [-. USA. Illustrator]
Beales, Joan [1926-. UK. Illustrator]
Beetles, Peggy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Beevor, Joyce [-. UK. Illustrator]
Beskow, Elsa [1874-1953. Sweden. Illustrator]
Betts, Anna Whelan [1873-1973. USA. Illustrator]
Bezout, Yvonne [-. France. Illustrator]
Birnstingl, Ursula [-. UK. Illustrator]
Blake, Edith (Osborne, Edith) [1845-1926. Ireland. Illustrator]
Bodenheim, Nelly [1874-1951. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Bowman, Joyce [-. UK. Illustrator]
Brader, Betty [1923-1986. USA. Illustrator]
Brooks, Valerie [-. UK. Illustrator]
Buckmaster, Ann [1924-. UK. Illustrator]
Butement, Joyce [1907-1998. UK. Illustrator]
Cameron, I.M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Caspari, Gertrud [1873-1948. Germany. Illustrator]
Catt, Irene J. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Chapman, Dorothy M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Clark, Emma Chichester [1955-. UK/Ireland. Illustrator]
Clarry, Siriol [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cobb, Rebecca Anne [1982-. UK. Illustrator]
Cooke, M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Corrigan, Barbara [-. USA. Illustrator]
Costa, Nicoletta [1953-. Italy. Illustrator]
Craigie, Dorothy M, [1908-. UK. Illustrator]
Cramer, Marie (Cramer, Rie) [1887-1977. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Crowe, Jocelyn [1906-1963. UK. Illustrator]
Dauber, Liz [-. USA. Illustrator]
Drevenstedt, Amy [-. USA. Illustrator]
Eastman, Ruth [-. USA. Illustrator]
Einzig, Susan [1922-2009. UK. Illustrator]
Ettinger, Suzanne [-. UK. Illustrator]
Fanelli, Sara [1969-. Italy/UK. Illustrator]
Farmiloe, Edith [1870-1921. UK. Illustrator]
Finckh, Marianne (Finckh-Haelssig, Marianne) [-. Germany. Illustrator]
Forberg, Ati [1925-. Germany/USA. Illustrator]
Forster-Knight, Mary [1901-1989. UK. Illustrator]
Fox, Lilla Margaret [1914-1974. UK. Illustrator]
Foxley, Constance [1862-1943. UK. Illustrator]
Fraser, Betty [-. USA. Illustrator]
Garden, E. Miriam [1876-1953. UK. Illustrator]
Gardiner, Marian [1860-. UK. Illustrator]
Geddes, Jean [-. UK. Illustrator]
Gehr, Mary [-1997. USA. Illustrator]
Gell, Kathleen [1913-1997. UK. Illustrator]
Goodrich, Joan [-. USA. Illustrator]
Gray, Lois B. [-. USA. Illustrator]
Grete, Anne [-. Denmark. Illustrator]
Hafner, Marilyn [1925-. USA. Illustrator]
Hall, Amanda [1956-. UK. Illustrator]
Hall, Deborah Ann [-. USA. Illustrator]
Hallowell, Elisabeth Moore (Saunders, Elizabeth Moore Hallowell) [-. USA. Illustrator]
Hallward, Ella F.G. [1867-1948. UK. Illustrator]
Halsey, Gertrude [-. UK. Illustrator]
Haman, Eva [-. UK. Illustrator]
Harbour, Jennie [1893-1980. UK. Illustrator]
Harding, Charlotte [1873-1951. USA. Illustrator]
Härlin-Höflich, Laura [1875-1964. Germany. Illustrator]
Harris, Margaret [-. USA. Illustrator]
Harris, Muriel [-. UK. Illustrator]
Harrison, Florence Susan [1877-1955. UK. Illustrator]
Harzdorf, Susanne [1896-?. Germany. Illustrator]
Hawkins, I. [1906-1979. UK. Illustrator]
Hawkins, Irene Beatrice [1906-1979. UK. Illustrator]
Henriquez, Elsa [-. France. Illustrator]
Hewitt, Nellie [-. UK. Illustrator]
Hilton, Agnes Aubrey [1878-1942. UK. Illustrator]
Hocknell, Doris [-. UK. Illustrator]
Holden, Edith B. [1871-1968. UK. Illustrator]
Holden, Evelyn [1877-1968. UK. Illustrator]
Holden, Violet M. [1873-1958. UK. Illustrator]
Holland, Catherine [-. Ireland. Illustrator]
Hughers, Shirley [1927-. UK. Illustrator]
Hull, Cathy [1946-. USA. Illustrator]
Jampel, Judith [1944-. UK/USA. Illustrator]
Jaques, Faith [1923-1997. UK. Illustrator]
John, Diana [1915-2014. UK. Illustrator]
Johnson, Jane [1951-. UK. Illustrator]
Jones, Annie Weaver [-. USA. Illustrator]
Jones, Betty [-. USA. Illustrator]
Jones, May Bethell (Bethell-Jones, May) [1904-2002. UK. Illustrator]
Jordan, Joan [-. Denmark/UK. Illustrator]
Kiddell-Monroe, Joan [1908-1972. UK. Illustrator]
Kuijper van Harpen, Adriana  [1870-1947. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Le Mair, Henriëtte Willebeek [1889-1966. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Le Roy, Edith A. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Levetus, Celia [1874-1936. UK. Illustrator]
Light, Kate [-. UK. Illustrator]
Lucas, Isobel [1904-1992. UK. Illustrator]
Mährlen, Auguste [1880-1929. Germany. Illustrator]
Malman, Christina [1912-1959. USA. Illustrator]
Manley, Agnes P. [1867-1931. UK. Illustrator]
Masterman, Dodie [1918-2009. UK. Illustrator]
McMein, Neysa [1888-1949. USA. Illustrator]
Melisse [-. USA. Illustrator]
Mensching, Erika [-. Switzerland. Illustrator]
Merkling, Erica Perl [-. Austria/USA. Illustrator]
Miller, Marian [-. USA. Illustrator]
Morton-Sale, Isobel [1904-1992. UK. Illustrator]
Neal, Meg [-. USA. Illustrator]
Nosworthy, Florence Pearl England [1872-1936. USA. Illustrator]
Olfers, Marie von [1826-1924. Prussia/Germany. Illustrator]
Olivier, Jettie [1918-2003. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Outhwaïte, Ida Rentoul (Outhwaite, Ida Sherbourne ) [1888-1960. Australia. Illustrator]
Papworth, Veronica [1913-1992. UK. Illustrator]
Patterson, Lucile (Marsh, Lucile Patterson) [1890-1978. USA. Illustrator]
Payne, Dorothy M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Peachey, Daisy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Pearl, Susie [-. USA. Illustrator]
Perry, Sheila [-. UK. Illustrator]
Pertchik, Harriet [1925-1988. USA. Illustrator]
Pinkney, Jane [1948-. UK. Illustrator]
Potter, Margaret [1916-1997. UK. Illustrator]
Preston, Chloë (Zoë, Beatrice) [1887-1969. UK. Illustrator]
Provensen, Alice [1918-. USA. Illustrator]
Pyke, Elizabeth [-. UK. Illustrator]
Ratcliffe, Rosemary [-. UK. Illustrator]
Röling, Marte [1939-. Netherlands. Illustrator]
Roth, Adele [-. USA. Illustrator]
Roth-Streiff, Lili [-. Switzerland. Illustrator]
Rowles, Lilian May Bevis [1893-1953. UK. Illustrator]
Rudland, Florence M. [1873-1903. UK. Illustrator]
Rutland, Florence M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Sader, Lillian [-. UK. Illustrator]
Sandheim, May Catherine [1877-1909. UK. Illustrator]
Schlegel, Norah [1879-1963. UK. Illustrator]
Schwemmle-Tobler, Gisela [-. Germany. Illustrator]
Seary, Ruth [-. UK. Illustrator]
Shaw, Judy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Shepard, Mary [1909-2000. UK. Illustrator]

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