ReView was the third of the databases to be launched by Art History Research net. It was created in response to the growing demand for journals to be made available fully searchable online. Initially only three titles were digitized - the British journal The Studio (1893-1923); the French journal Art et Décoration (1897-1910); and the German journal Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration. We have since added over 100 more titles and many more journals will soon be available. The majority of the journals included in ReView have not been digitized before or not as comprehensively digitized.


With ReView with have broadened the scope of Art History Research net. In addition to design and the applied arts, ReView covers architecture, fine art, art and literature, illustration, cartoons and caricature, and illustration.


As with Design Abstracts Retrospective, we are compiling biographical and historical data on all the names discussed or illustrated in the journals digitized for ReView. These are added to Arts + Architecture ProFiles which is linked to ReView.


The profiles also contain supplementary bibliographies and numerous Internet links, many of which are archived.


To ensure the full retrieval of data when making searches, the OCR text of the journals digitized is thoroughly checked for accuracy. The OCR text is also displayed on the open screen enabling text to be copied into translation services. This also means that corrections we have made to inaccuracies in the original text, e.g., misspelling of artists names can be seen and will be picked up in a search.


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