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Henderson, Elsie Marian [1880-1967. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Sculptor]


Elsie Marian Henderson [also known as Baroness de Coudenhove] was born in Eastbo… subscribers only


1. Elsie Henderson. London: Sally Hunter Fine Art, 2001

2. Elsie Henderson: wild life. London: Sally Hunter Fine Art, 1999

3. Elsie Henderson (1880-1967) and Orovida Pissarro (1893-1968). London : Parkin Gallery 1985

4. Catalogue of Elsie Henderson (Baronne de Coudenhove). London: Storran Gallery, 1935

5. Catalogue of the exhibitions: (1) Drawings, lithographs and sculptures of wild animals by Elsie M. Henderson; (2) Paintings of country life by Frederic Whiting; (3) Paintings and water-colours by Paul Nash. London : Ernest Brown & Phillips 1924

6. Oils, drawings, sculpture, lithographs by Elsie Henderson. London: Redfern Gallery, 1929

7. Gray, Sara. The dictionary of British women artists. Cambridge, England: The Lutterworth Press, 2009 pp.134-135 [ISBN: 978 0 7188 3084 7]

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