AHR net originated as a single database Design Abstracts Retrospective which was conceived as a retrospective version, or or “prequel” to our database Design and Applied Arts Index [now issued by ProQuest]. Design and Applied Arts Index originated in 1987 and Design Abstracts Retrospective covers journals not included in Design and Applied Arts Index, i.e. from 1900 to 1986.


Design Abstracts Retrospective


Design Abstracts Retrospective covers much the same subject fields as Design and Applied Arts Index, e.g. architecture, furniture design, textile design, graphic arts and design illustration, ceramics, glass, interior design, theatre design, metalwork, jewellery, etc. It contains abstracts of all the articles and an index of all the images in the journals covered.


Arts + Architecture ProFiles


Soon after launching Design Abstracts Retrospective, we decided to compile biographical and historical data on all the architects, designers, craftspeople, firms, studios, workshops, guilds, and organisations whose work is discussed or illustrated in Design Abstracts Retrospective for which we created a second database, Profiles [now called Arts + Architecture ProFILES]. All the biographical/historical data is contained in this database which is linked to Design Abstracts Retrospective.




With the growing demand for journals to be made available fully searchable online we decided to launch a third database ;ReView. Initially only three titles were available; the British journal The Studio (1893-1923); the French journal Art et Décoration (1897-1910); and the German journal Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration. We have since added over 100 more titles and many more journals will soon be available on ReView.


As with Design Abstracts Retrospective, we are compiling biographical and historical data on all the names discussed or illustrated in the journals digitized for ReView. These are also added to Arts + Architecture ProFiles which is linked to ReView. We are also adding supplementary bibliographies and Internet links to the profiles. Arts + Architecture ProFiles currently contains over 100,000 Internet links, many of which are archived.


Research Sources


In 2017 we launched a new feature - Art History Research net Research Sources. These databases contain a wealth of digitized material on a specific topic. So far two databases are available:


Research Sources: 1. British and Irish Architecture and Decorative and Applied Arts 1850s to the 1930s.


This is an ongoing project to digitize every book, exhibition catalogue, pamphlet and conference paper, as well as much of the journal literature published in Britain and Ireland during the late nineteenth century and early years of the twentieth century. This project is well on the way to being completed.


Research Sources 2: THE POSTER


This contains extensive research data on the history of the Poster, including a 5,000 entry A Bibliographical and Online Survey of the History of the Poster, which is available as a downloadable PDF; an International Directory of Poster Collections; and digitizations of virtually every book, exhibition catalogue and journal on the Poster published between the 1890s and the early 1920s.


As with Design Abstracts Retrospective and ReView, biographical and historical data on all the names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the publications digitized for Research Sources 1 and 2 are entered into Arts + Architecture ProFILES, which now contains nearly 45,000 entries.


We are currently collecting literature for a third AHR net Research Sources database. This will be on International Exhibitions and World's Fairs 1851-1939


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