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If you haven't used AHR net before it would be worth quickly acquainting yourself with its five databases by clicking on About


General tips for searching AHR net


You search AHR net in much the same as you would search Google or eBay.

  • You can use quotation marks to find an "exact phrase". Thus, if you want to find articles on the Arts and Crafts movement type "Arts and Crafts". This will find entries that specifically mention that term
  • AHR net automatically adds AND between terms. Thus, if you want to trace references to refrigerators designed by Raymond Loewy for Coldspot type Raymond Loewy refrigerator Coldspot. The string of terms can be any length
  • AHR net also includes a 'wild card' feature. This means that if you add an asterisk at the end of a term such as streamlin* it will find you streamline, streamlined, streamliner, and streamlining.


The AHR net Control Bar


You can use the Control Bar to switch between databases. For example, to find all the records on Birmingham in the databases, click Search, type Birmingham, and then click on the find button (or press the return key on your keyboard). AHR net will then find all the records for 'New York'. You can then click each of the tabs to find all the records containing New York in each of the databases.


Advanced Search


Using the Advanced Search screen you can narrow down your searches. For example if you want to trace profiles of female Italian furniture designers go to the Advanced Search screen of Arts+Architecture ProFiles and clear any existing search terms, click the Female only box, type Italy in the Country box, type furniture in the Subject Area box, and then click on the find button (or press the return key on your keyboard).


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For technical support please contact: info@arts-search.com



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