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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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Ubac, Raoul [1910-1985. Belgium/France. Photographer/Lithographer/Painter/Sculptor]
Ubaghs, Jean C. [1852-1937. Belgium. Painter/Poster Designer]
Ubaldo Venezian, Ubaldo (Ziani, Vene) [1894-1958. Italy. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Ubbelohde, Hanna [1873-1947. Germany. Textile Designer/Graphic Artist]
Ubbelohde, Otto [1867-1922. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Etcher]
Überbacher, Heinrich (Ueberbacher, Hermann) [1852-1929. Austria. Sculptor]
Uccello, Paolo [-1475. Florence. Painter]
Uchatius, Marie von [1882-1958. Austria. Woodcut/Graphic Artist/Toy Designer]
Udsen, Bertel [1918-1992. Denmark. Architect]
Uebele, Andreas [1960-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Uechtritz-Steinkirch, Cuno von [1856-1908. Germany. Sculptor]
Ueda, Kenichi (Ken'ichi) [-. Japan. Poster Designer/Art Director]
Ueda, Sokyu [1896-1963. Japan. Calligrapher]
Ueki, Shigeru [-. Japan. Sculptor]
Uematsu, Kuniomi [1927-. Japan. Graphic/Textile Designer]
Ufer, Johannes Paul [1874-1958. Germany. Painter]
Ufer, Walter [1876-1936. USA. Painter]
Uffinger, Justin Maximo, Sr. [1871-1948. USA. Architect]
Uglow, Helena [1944-1986. UK. Ceramist/Textile Designer]
Ugo, Antonio [1870-1950. Italy. Sculptor]
Ugolino, G. [-. Italy. Decorative Designer]
Ugonìa, Giuseppe [1881-1944. Italy. Painter/Lithographer]
Uhde, Fritz von [1848-1911. Germany. Painter]
Uhland, Grete [-. Germany. Architect]
Uhlemeyer, Richard [1900-1954. Germany. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Uhlén, Harriet [-. Sweden. Weaver]
Uhlmann, Gottfried [-. Switzerland. Graphic Designer]
Uhlrich, Henri Louis Laurent [1861-. France. Ceramist]
Uhry, Edmond [-. France. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Uijhara, Tadao [-. Japan. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Uiterwaal, Stef [1889-1960. Netherlands. Sculptor/Painter/Glass Designer]
Uitz, Béla [1887-1927. Hungary. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Ujihara, Tadao [1914-?. Japan. Graphic Designer]
Ujváry, Ferenc [1898-. Hungary. Painter]
Ujváry, Ignácz [1860-1927. Hungary. Painter]
Ukil, Ranada Charan [1900-1970. India. Painter]
Uldall, Falle [-. Denmark. Industrial Designer]
Ule, Carl (Karl) [1858-. Germany. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Ulibarri, Ximena [1947-. Chile. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Ulitzuber [-. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Ullman, Charlotte M. [-. USA. Bookbinder]
Ullman, Martin [1900-1985. USA. Industrial/Packaging Designer]
Ullman, Paul [1877-1953. USA. Painter]
Ullmann, Ernst (Ernest) [1900-1975. Germany/South Africa. Sculptor/illustrator/Interior/Graphic/Exhibition Designer]
Ullmann, Gyula (Ullman, Gyula) [1872-1926. Hungary. Architect]
Ullrich, Robert H., Jr. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Ullstein Studio [-. Germany. Graphic Design Studio]
Ullyett, Roy [1914-2001. UK. Cartoonist]
Ulmann, Raoul André (Raoul-Ulmann) [1867-1932. France. Painter]
Ulmer, Hans [1907-?. Germany. Graphic Designer]
Ulmer, J. [-. Germany. Metalworker]
Ulreich, Eduard Buk [1889-1966. USA. Painter/Muralist]
Ulrich, Curt [-. Germany. Painter/Illustrator]
Ulrich, Gerhard [1903-1988. Germany. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Calligrapher/Painter]
Ulrich, Guglielmo [1904-1977. Italy. Architect/Furniture Designer/Painter]
Ulrichsen, Børre Bent [1895-1976. Norway. Architect]
Ulyanov, Niikolai (Nikolay) [1877-1949. Russia/USSR. Painter/Graphic Artist/Theatre Set Designer]
Umanoff, Arthur [-1985. USA. Furniture Designer]
Umbdenstock, Gustave [1866-1944. France. Architect]
Umbra [1979-. Canada. Houseware Manufacturer/Retailer]
Umbricht, Honoré-Louis [1860-1943. France. Painter]
Umeda, Masanori [1941-. Japan. Furniture/Interior/Industrial Designer]
Unbehaun, Hanna [1906-?. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer/Woodcut Artist]
Unceta, Marcinelino de [1835-1905. Spain. Illustrator/Painter/Cartoonist/Poster Designer]
Underdown & Duke [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Underdown, Alwyn [1897-1976. UK. Architect]
Underhill, Collingwoode Seymour (Underhill, Baron Collingwoode Seymour) [1892-1964. UK. Architect]
Underhill, R. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Underhill, William (Bill) [1933-. USA. Metalworker/Sculptor]
Underwood & Underwood [1881-. USA. Photographic Studio]
Underwood & Underwood Illustration Studios [-. USA. Advertising Illustration Studio]
Underwood Commercial Studios [-. UK. Photographic Studio]
Underwood, Clarence F. [1871-1929. USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Underwood, Edgar Sefton [1864-1954. UK. Architect]
Underwood, Edith Margaret [1864-1932. UK. Illuminator]
Underwood, George Claude Leon [1890-1975. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver/Lithographer/Sculptor]
Underwood, Weston [-. USA. Metalworker]
Undi, Mariska [1887-1959. Hungary. Interior/Tapestry Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Ungaro, Emanuel [1933-2019. France. Fashion Designer]
Unger, August [1869-1945. Germany. Painter/Glass Artist/Graphic/Stained Designer]
Unger, Else [1873-. Austria. Furniture/Textile/Jewellery Designer]
Unger, Gerard [1942-2018. Netherlands. Typographer]
Unger, Hans [1872-1936. Germany. Painter/Graphic/Poster Designer]
Unger, Hans (H.E.) [1915-1975. Germany/UK. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter/Mosaic Artist]
Unger, Hella [-. Austria. Sculptor/Medallist]
Unger, Stanley Samuel [1894-1985. UK. Spectacles/Eyewear Designer]
Unger, Steve [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Unger, William [1837-1932. Germany. Painter/Etcher]
Ungerer, Alfons [1884-1961. Germany. Metalsmith/Ceramist/Jewellery Designer]
Ungerer, Tomi [1931-2019. France/USA/Canada/Ireland. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Ungermann, Arne [1902-1981. Denmark. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Ungers, Oswald Mathias (O.M.) [1926-2007. Germany/USA. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Ungethüm, August [1864-1911. Austria. Interior Decorator/Furniture Designer]
Ungewitter, George Gottlob [1820-1864. Hesse. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Ungewitter, Harry [-. Sweden. Art Director/Graphic Designer]
Ungewitter, Hugo [1869-1947. Germany. Painter]
Unghváry, Sándor (Alex) [1883-1951. Hungary. Muralist/Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Unhold, Max [1885-1964. Germany. Painter/Printmaker/Illustrator]
Uniechowski, Antoni [1903-1976. Poland. Illustrator]
Unigraph [-. USA. Design Studio]
Unika Væv [-. Denmark/USA. Textile Manufacturer]
Unimark International [1965-1977. USA. Graphic Design/Marketing Firm]
Unimark International/Chicago [-. USA. Design Studio]
Union Advertising Agency [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Union des Artistes Modernes [1929-1958. France. Design Association]
Unit Five Design [1962-. UK. Design Studio]
Unit One [1933-1935. UK. Modernist Art Group]
United Crafts [1898-1915. USA. Furniture Manufacturer]
United Productions of America (UPA) [1943-. USA. Animation Studio]
United States Glass Company [1891-. USA. Glass Manufacturers]
Universal Limited Art Editions [1957-. USA. Private Press]
Universal Potteries [1934-. USA. Ceramics Manufacturer]
University of Reading, Reading [1896-. UK. University]
Unkai, Yonehara [1869-1925. Japan. Sculptor/Woodcarver]
Uno, Yasuyuki [1936-. Japan. Graphic Designer]
Unold, Max [1885-1964. Germany. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Unsman, Beatrice [-. UK. Ceramist]
Unsworth & Goulder [1920-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Unsworth & Triggs [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Unsworth, Gerald [1883-1946. UK. Architect]
Unsworth, Goulder & Bostock [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Unsworth, William Frederick [1851-1912. UK. Architect/Painter]
Unterseher, Chris [1943-. USA. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Untracht, Oppi [1922-2008. USA/Finland. Enameller/Jewellery Designer/Photographer/Goldsmith]
Unwin, Edward [1895-1936. UK. Architect]
Unwin, Frances Mabelle [1869-1956. UK. Painter]
Unwin, Francis Sydney [1885-1925. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Unwin, Leslie [1910-2002. UK. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Unwin, Raymond [1863-1940. UK. Architect/Town Planner]
Uotani, Natsuo [-. Japan. Graphic Designer]
Upcher, Cecil [1884-1972. UK. Architect]
Upchurch Pottery (Rainham Pottery, Rainham Potteries Ltd.) [1913-1975. UK. Pottery]
Updike, Daniel Berkeley [1860-1941. USA. Typographer/Printer]
Updike, Nancy [-. USA. Packaging Designer]
Updyke, Norma E. [-. USA. Graphic/Packaging Designer]
Uphill, Jessie Henrietta [1868-1956. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Upin, Munya Avigail [1953-. USA. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Upjohn & Conable [1908-1914. USA. Architectural Firm]
Uprka, Joza [1861-1940. Moravia/Czechoslovakia. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Upsala-Ekeby [1886-1980. Sweden. Ceramics Manufacturer]
Upton, Eileen [1902-. UK. Illustrator]
Upton, Florence K. [1873-1922. USA/UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Painter]
Upton, Molly [1953-1977. USA. Textile Artist/Quiltmaker]
Upton, W. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Uptton, Clive [1911-2006. UK. Commercial Artist/Illustrator/Painter/Cartoonist]
Uravitch, Andrea [1949-. USA. Fibre/Textile Artist]
Urbach, Josef [1889-1973. Germany. Painter]
Urban, Bruno [1851-1910. Germany. Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Urban, Dieter [1938-. Germany. Graphic Designer/Photographer]
Urban, Hermann [1866-1946. USA/Germany. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Urban, Irene [-. . Calligrapher]
Urban, Josef (Joseph) [1872-1933. Austria/USA. Architect/Interior/Graphic/Theatre Designer/Illustrator]
Urban, Paul [1901-?. Germany. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Urban, W. [-. Germany. Furniture Designer]
Urbani, Mario [1885-1961. Italy. Architect]
Urbaniec, Maciej [1925-2004. Poland. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Urbanski, Leon [1926-1998. Poland. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Ure, Thomas Hyslop [1863-1913. UK. Architect]
Urech, Rudolf (Rudolph) [1888-1951. Switzerland. Painter/Illustrator/Graphic/Poster Designer/Lithographer]
Uren, Frederick C. [1872-1939. UK. Architect/Civil Engineer/Surveyor]
Uren, Reginald Harold [1906-1988. New Zealand/UK. Architect]
Uri, Jan [1888-1979. Netherlands. Painter/Printmaker]
Uris, Leo J. [1898-1947. USA. Industrial/Furniture Designer]
Uroshevich, Miroslav [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Urquhart, Annie Mackenzie [1879-1928. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Urquhart, L.J. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Urquhart, Murray McNeel Caird [1880-1972. UK. Painter/Muralist/Illustrator]
Urquhart, Reginald Buchanan [1883-1959. UK. Architect]
Ursella, Enrico [1887-1955. Italy. Painter]
Urushibara, Yoshijiro [1888-1953. Japan. Printmaker/Painter/Woodcut Artist]
Ury, Lesser [1861-1931. Germany. Painter/Printmaker]
Usabal y Hernandez, Louis [1876-1937. Spain. Painter/Poster Designer/Ceramist]
Usher & Anthony [1880-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Usher, Arthur Frederick [1867-1932. UK. Architect]
Usher, G.E. (Usher, C.E.) [-. UK. Metalworker/Modeller]
Usher, John [1822-1904. UK. Architect]
Ussi, Stefano [1822-1901. Italy. Painter]
Ussing, Stephan [1868-1958. Denmark. Ceramist/Painter]
Utagawa, Kunimine [1861-1944. Japan. Painter/Woodblock Artist]
Utamaro [c.1753-1806. Japan. Printmaker/Painter]
Uth, Max [1863-1914. France. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Utility Scheme [Furniture and Fashion] [1941-1952. UK. Design Programme]
Utrechtsche Machinale Stoel- en Meubel-fabriek [1908-. Netherlands. Furniture Manufacturer]
Utrillo, Antoni [1867-1944. Spain. Illustrator/Lithographer/Painter/Poster Designer]
Utrillo, Maurice [1883-1955. France. Painter]
Utrillo, Miquel [1862-1934. Spain. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Utterback, Connie [1947-. USA. Fibre Artist]
Utzon, Jørn [1918-2008. Denmark. Architect]
Utzon-Frank, Einar [Frank, Einar) [1888-1955. Denmark. Sculptor]
Ux, Katherine [-. USA. Weaver]
Uxa, Guido [1896-. Austria. Textile/Interior Designer]
Uyeda, Manshu [-. Japan. Painter]
Uyeda, Tim M. [-. USA. Industrial Designer]
Uyeda-Naoji [-. Japan. Sculptor]
Uyemura, Ken [1924-2007. USA. Ceramist/Tapestry Designer/Weaver]
Uyino, Geiko [-. Japan. Wallpaper Designer]
Uytvanck, V.E. van [-. Netherlands. Textile Artist]
Uzanne, Octave [1851-1931. France. Art Critic/Publisher/Journalist]
Uzarski, Adolf [1885-1970. Germany. Illustrator/Painter]
Uziemblo, Henryk (von Uziemblo, Henryk) [1879-1949. Poland/Austria. Architect/Painter]