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Arts + Architecture ProFiles contains contains biographical data on nearly 45,000 artists, architects, designers, craftspeople, firms and studios. It mainly includes names whose work is discussed or illustrated in the AHR net databases ReView, Design Abstracts Retrospective and in Research Source 1 & Research Source 2


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a [1872-1923. UK. Painter/Tapestry Designer]
A. & J. Scott [-. UK. Painters and Decorators]
A. & J. Soutar [1912-. UK. Architectural Firm]
A. & R. McCulloch [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
A. & W. Reid (Alexander & William Reid) [-1893. UK. Architectural Firm]
A. Bartlett & H.F. Waring [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
A. E. Cogswell & Sons [-. UK. Architectural firm]
A. J. Wilkinson Ltd. [1881-1964. UK. Earthenware and Ironstone Manufacturer]
A. Mackay & Co. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
A. Marshall Mackenzie & Son [1902-1960. UK. Architectural Firm]
A. McInnes Gardner & Partners [1905-. UK. Architectural Firm]
A. Reason & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
A. Younger Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
A.C. Cossor Ltd. [1859-1961. UK. Electronics Manufacturer]
A.E. Gray & Co. [1907-1961. UK. Ceramics Decorating Firm]
A.E. Gray & Co. Ltd. (Gray’s Pottery) [1907-1961. UK. Pottery]
A.E. Johnson (Artists' Agents) Limited [-. UK. Artists’ Agents]
A.F. Scott & Sons [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
A.H. McIntosh & Co. Ltd. (E.S.A. McIntosh) [1869-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
A.J. Owen Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
A.N. Holden Advertising [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
A.R. Calvert & W.R. Gleave (Calvert & Gleave) [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
A.W. Loomes [-. UK. Stained Glass Manufacturer]
A.W. Wilson & H.J. Wilson [1910-. UK. Architectural Firm]
A.W.S. & K.M.B. Cross [1919-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Aar, Alice [-. UK. Painter]
Abbatt, Lindley [-. UK. Copywriter]
Abbatt, Marjorie (Cobb, Norah Marjorie) [1899-1991. UK. Toy Designer]
Abbatt, Paul [1899-1971. UK. Toy Designer]
Abbey Studio [-1964. UK. Stained Glass Studio]
Abbey, Frank [1869-1960. UK. Architect]
Abbott & Co. Ltd. [1860-. UK. Stained Glass/Church Furnishings Manufacturer]
Abbott, Albert Leigh [1890-1952. UK. Architect]
Abbott, Dora [-. UK. Sculptor]
Abbott, Ernest Henry [1859-1932. UK. Architect]
Abbott, Jessie [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Abbott, John White [1763-1851. UK. Painter]
Abbott, Leslie S. [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Abbott, Mary [-. UK. Weaver]
Abdo, Alexander [1865-1934. UK. Painter]
Abercrombie, Balfour [1879-1916. UK. Architect]
Abercrombie, Patrick [1879-1957. UK. Architect/Town Planner]
Aberdeen, David William Durieu [1913-1987. UK. Architect]
Aberigh-Mackay, Mary L. [-1952. UK. Painter]
Aberigh-Mackay, Mary Livingston (Aberigh-Mackay, Patty) [1874-1952. UK. Painter]
Ablett, Thomas Robert [1849-1945. UK. Painter/Educationalist]
Abraham, R. J. [-. UK. Painter]
Abraham, Sydney [-. UK. Art Director]
Abraham, Tony (A.S.) [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Acheson, Anne [1882-1962. UK. Sculptor]
Ackerman, Richard S. [-. UK. Art Director]
Ackermann, Arthur Gerald [1876-1960. UK. Painter]
Ackroyd, Samuel William [1893-1979. UK. Architect]
Acworth & Montagu [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Acworth, William [1880-1949. UK. Architect]
Acworth, Winifred Barbara [1895-1983. UK. Architect]
Adam, Alexander (1864-1947) [1864-1947. UK. Architect]
Adam, Alexander (1883-1961) [1883-1961. UK. Architect]
Adam, F.B. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Adam, James [1732-1794. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Adam, John [1721-1792. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Adam, Patrick William [1852-1929. UK. Painter]
Adam, Robert [1728-1792. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer/Interior Decorator]
Adam, Stephen [1848-1910. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Adam, Stephen Jnr. [1873-1960. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Adam, William [1689-1748. UK. Architect]
Adam, William (”Willie”) [1738-1820. UK. Architectural Developer]
Adams & Thompson [1922-1927. UK. Architectural/Town Planning Firm]
Adams Thompson & Fry [1927-1934. UK. Architectural/Town Planning Firm]
Adams, A.C.E. [-. UK. Graphic Designer/Art Director]
Adams, Arthur H. [-. UK. Woodcarver/Sculptor]
Adams, Bernard [1884-1965. UK. Painter]
Adams, Cecilia [1876-1954. UK. Painter/Decorative Artist/Jewellery Designer]
Adams, Charles V. [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Adams, Cole Alfred [1844-1909. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Adams, Frank [1871-1944. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Adams, Frederick (Fred) [-. UK. Art Director]
Adams, George A. (G.A.) [-. UK. Typographer/Illustrator/Packaging/Poster Designer]
Adams, H. Isabel [-. UK. Illustrator/Bookplate Designer]
Adams, Harry Percy [1865-1930. UK. Architect]
Adams, Harry William [1868-1947. UK. Painter]
Adams, Henry [1846-1935. UK. Architect/Structural Engineer]
Adams, Hervey Cadwallader [1903-1996. UK. Painter]
Adams, Holden & Pearson [1913-1940. UK. Architectural Firm]
Adams, John [1882-1953. UK. Ceramist]
Adams, Katharine [1862-1952. UK. Bookbinder]
Adams, Laurence Kingston [1886-1915. UK. Architect]
Adams, Lawrence Kingston [1886-1915. UK. Architect]
Adams, Luke [1838-1918. UK/Ceramist. Ceramist]
Adams, Maurice Bingham [1849-1933. UK. Architect]
Adams, Maurice S.R [1887-1933. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Adams, Norman Edward Albert [1927-2005. UK. Painter]
Adams, R.H. [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Adams, Robert [1917-1984. UK. Sculptor]
Adams, Thomas [1871-1940. UK. Architect/Town Planner]
Adams, Truda (Carter, Truda) [1890-1958. UK. Ceramist]
Adams, William Dacres [1864-1951. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Adams, William Naseby [1887-1952. UK. Architect]
Adams-Acton, John [1830-1910. UK. Sculptor]
Adams-Acton, Murray [1886-1971. UK. Architect/Painter/Writer]
Adamson, Gareth [1926-1982. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Adamson, Henrietta Violet [1877-1951. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Adamson, Lorna [1894-. UK. Sculptor/Painter/Illustrator]
Adamson, Margaret [-. UK. Ceramist]
Adamson, Penrhyn Stanley (Stanlaws, Penrhyn) [1877-1957. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Adamson, Sydney [1872-1958. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Adcock, Alfred C.E. [-. UK. Alabaster Carver]
Adcock, C.A. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Addams, Dianne [-. UK. Silversmith]
Addey, Joseph P. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Addison, Charles [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Adelman, Ivor [1918-1980. UK. Poster Designer/Painter]
Adeney, Bernard [1878-1966. UK. Painter/Textile Designer/Muralist]
Adie Bros. Ltd. [1879-1968. UK. Silversmiths]
Adie, Edith Helena [1865-1947. UK. Painter]
Adkin & Hill [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Adkin, Alexander George [1865-1949. UK. Architect]
Adkins, John Standen [1859-. UK. Architect/Mosaic Artist]
Adnams, Marion Elizabeth [1898-1985. UK. Painter]
Adshead & Ramsey [1911-1931. UK. Architectural Firm]
Adshead & Smellie [-. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
Adshead, Charles Thomas [1878-1955. UK. Architect]
Adshead, Kathleen Winnie [1891-1974. UK. Jewellery Designer/Painter]
Adshead, Mary [1904-1995. UK. Mural Painter/Illustrator]
Adshead, Ramsey & Abercrombie [1917-1920. UK. Architectural Firm]
Adshead, Stanley Davenport [1868-1946. UK. Architect]
Advertising Association [1926-. UK. Advertising Association]
Advertising Service Guild [-. UK. Alliance of Advertising Agencies]
Affleck, Andrrew F. [1869-1935. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Affleck, J. [1874-. UK. Poster Designer]
Agar, Eileen Forrester [1899-1991. UK. Artist]
Agas, Ralph [-1621. UK. Land Surveyor/Cartographer]
Agate, Charles Gustave [1878-1959. UK. Architect]
Agnew, Ethel [-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Agutter, Thomas Charles [1866-1940. UK. Architect]
Aher, H.C. [-. UK. Poster Desiogner]
Aherne, William de Lacy [1867-1945. UK. Architect]
Ahrends Burton & Koralek (ABK) [1961-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Aickman, William Arthur [1858-1941. UK. Architect]
Aiken, John Macdonald [1880-1961. UK. Painter/Etcher/Stained Glass Designer]
Aikman, William [1868-1959. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Ainger, E.S. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Ainslie, Wilfred [-1936. UK. Architect]
Ainsworth, Edgar [1905-1975. UK. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Ainsworth, John Cooper [1884-1961. UK. Architect]
Ainsworth, Philip [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Aird, Reginald James Mitchell [1890-1960. UK. Painter]
Airy, Anna [1882-1964. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Aish, Clifford Augustus [1878-1951. UK. Architect]
Aitchison, Craigie [1926-2009. UK. Painter/Printmaker]
Aitchison, George [1825-1910. UK. Architect]
Aitken, George Shaw [1836-1921. UK. Architect/Painter]
Aitken, Janet Macdonald [1873-1941. UK. Painter]
Aitken, John Ernest [1881-1957. UK. Painter]
Aiton & Scott [1930-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Aiton, Norah [1903-1988. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Alabaster, Annie [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Alabaster, M. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Alborozo, Gabriel [1972-. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Alcock, Barbara [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Aldam, J.W. [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Alder & Turrill [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Alder, John Samuel [1847-1919. UK. Architect]
Alderton, Harold G. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Aldhouse, E.R. [-. UK. Industrial/Display Designer]
Aldin, Cecil [1870-1935. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Artist]
Aldous & Oliver [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Aldous, Charles Fencott [1891-1963. UK. Architect]
Aldred, Louise [1910-1996. UK. Textile Designer/Muralist]
Aldridge, Alan [1938-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Aldridge, John [1905-1983. UK. Painter]
Aldridge, Peter S. [1947-. UK/USA. Glass Artist]
Aldridge, S.L. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Aldridge, Sydney F. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Aldwinckle, Eric [1909-1980. UK/Canada. Poster Designer/Typographer/Illustrator/Calligrapher/Muralist]
Alec-Tweedie, Ethel Brilliana (Tweedie, Ethel Brilliana) [1862-1940. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Photographer]
Alex Cullen, Lochhead & Brown [1908-1911. UK. Architectural Firm]
Alexander & Howell [-. UK. Cabintmakers/House Furnishers]
Alexander Morton & Co. [1867-. UK. Textile/Carpet Manufacturers]
Alexander, Andrew Gordon [1903-1989. UK. Architect]
Alexander, Catharine Whalley [1904-2004. UK. Poster Designer/Painter]
Alexander, Chloris Wendy Irene [1904-1980. UK. Textile Designer]
Alexander, Daniel Asher [1768-1846. UK. Architect/Engineer]
Alexander, Edwin [1870-1926. UK. Painter]
Alexander, George [1881-1942. UK. Sculptor]
Alexander, George Edward [1865-1931. UK. Painter]
Alexander, George Luard [1883-1917. UK. Architect]
Alexander, Herbert [1874-1946. UK. Painter]
Alexander, John [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Alexander, Philip F. [-. UK. Silversmith/Metalworker]
Alexander, S.E. [-. UK. Photographer]
Alexander, Theodore [-. UK. Architect/Interior Designer]
Alexander, William [1767-1816. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver]
Alfieri, Bernard (Alfieri, Bernard, Jnr.) [1902-1990. UK. Photographer]
Alford, Frank [1896-1962. UK. Painter]
Alfred Cox & Cooksey [-1900. UK. Architectural Firm]
Alfred Greig & Muirhead [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Alfred Pemberton & Co. (Alfred Pemberton Ltd.) [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Alfred Taylor & Sons [-. UK. Cabinetmaker/Interior Decorators]
Algerson, A.E.R [-. UK. Illustrator/Commercial Artist]
Alison, David [1882-1955. UK. Painter]
Alison, James Pearson [1862-1932. UK. Architect]
Alken, Henry Thomas [1785-1851. UK. Painter/Caricaturist/Illustrator]
Alkenric, Bert [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Allan Walton Textiles [1931-. UK. Textile Firm]
Allan, Alexander [1914-1972. UK. Painter]
Allan, Archibald Russell Watson [1878-1959. UK. Painter]
Allan, Cockshut & Co. [1812-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Allan, David Lindsay [1874-1961. UK. Architect]
Allan, George Alexander [1884-1958. UK. Architect]
Allan, H. [-. UK. Painter]
Allan, Hugh ‘Ugolin’ [1862-1909. UK. Painter/Ceramist]
Allan, John Alexander Ogg [1870-1955. UK. Architect]
Allan, Julian Phelps [1892-1996. UK. Sculptor]
Allan, Phyllis S. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Allan, Robert Weir [1851-1942. UK. Painter]
Allan, Ronald [1900-1966. UK. Painter]
Allan, Rosemary Elizabeth [1911-2009. UK. Painter]
Allardyce Palmer Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Allardyce, Henry William [1867-1953. UK. Architect]
Allchin, Margaret [-1934. UK. Embroiderer]
Allcock, Edward Thomas [1871-1958. UK. Architect]
Allderidge, Brian [1923-1995. UK. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Allen & Lashmar Ltd. [1934-. UK. Textile Design Studio]
Allen & Potter [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Allen & Thompson [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Allen, Alfred Maxwell [1904-1995. UK. Architect]
Allen, Barbara [-. UK. Theatre/Textile Designer]
Allen, Basil Elsden [1886-. UK. Metalworker/Illustrator]
Allen, C.H. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Allen, Charles A. [-. UK. Painter]
Allen, Charles John [1862-1956. UK. Sculptor/Woodcarver/Medallist]
Allen, Daphne Constance [1899-1985. UK. Illustrator/Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Allen, Edmund John Milner [1859-1912. UK. Architect]
Allen, Ernest Cecil Porter [1904-1999. UK. Architect]
Allen, Ernest Gladstone [1881-1964. UK. Architect]
Allen, Francis Henry [1875-1949. UK. Architect]
Allen, George Pemberton [1872-1956. UK. Architect]
Allen, George Warner [1916-1988. UK. Painter]
Allen, Harry [-. UK. Ceramist]
Allen, Harry Epworth [1894-1958. UK. Painter]
Allen, J. Romilly [1847-1907. UK. Art Historian]
Allen, James [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Allen, James Milner [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Allen, John Gordon [1885-1964. UK. Architect]
Allen, John Smetham [-. UK. Engraver/Engraver/Silhouette Artist]
Allen, John William [1861-1923. UK. Architect]
Allen, Joseph Stanley [1898-1997. UK. Architect]
Allen, K. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Allen, Kate [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Allen, Olive (Biller, Olive) [1879-1957. UK/Canada. Illustrator]
Allen, Percy King [1868-1944. UK. Architect]
Allen, Robert [-. UK. Ceramist]
Allen, Sydney [1877-1950. UK. Architect]
Allen, Theophilus [1846-1929. UK. Architect]
Allen, Theophilus Arthur [1868-1931. UK. Architect]
Allen, Thomas [1831-1915. UK. Ceramist]
Allen, Walter Godfrey [1891-1986. UK. Architect]
Allen, William Taprell [1850-1933. UK. Architect]
Allen-Bowden Ltd. [1945-. UK. Industrial Design Consultancy]
Aller Vale Pottery [1865-. UK. Pottery/P]
Allerton, Ernest Charles [1886-1950. UK. Architect]
Allfree, Geoffrey Stephen [1889-1918. UK. Painter]
Allfrey, Edward W. [-. UK. Architect]
Allied Industrial Designers (AID) [1959-. UK. Design Studio]
Allied International Designers [1968-. UK/Sweden. Design Consultancy]
Allingham, Helen [1848-1926. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Allinson, Adrian Paul [1890-1959. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Poster/Theatre Set Designer/Illustrator]
Allinson, Alfred P. [1890-1959. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Poster/Theatre Set Designer/Illustrator]
Allinson, Alfred Pulvermacher [1890-1959. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Poster/Theatre Set Designer/Illustrator]
Allison, Richard John [1869-1958. UK. Architect]
Alliston & Drew [1934-1939. UK. Architectural Firm]
Alliston, James Thomas [1908-2000. UK. Architect]
Allner, James [1884-1955. UK. Architect]
Allom, Charles Carrick [1865-1947. UK. Architect/Interior Designer]
Allom, Gilbert Fox [1873-1955. UK. Industrial/Lighting Designer]
Allom, Thomas [1804-1872. UK. Painter/Architect/Topographer]
Allport, Douglas [1865-1950. UK. Architect/Civil Engineer]
Allwood-Coppin, R.S. [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Alma-Tadema, Laura Theresa [1852-1909. UK. Painter]
Almond, William Douglas [1866-1916. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Alsop, John J. [1866-1954. UK. Painter]
Alten Products [-. UK. Manufacturer of Light Fittings]
Altman, Andrew [1962-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Amaral, Luciano [1906-1985. UK. Painter]
Ambler, Louis [1862-1946. UK. Architect]
Ambler, Louise [-. UK. Illustrator]
American Union of Decorative Artists and Craftsmen [1928-. UK. Art/Design Association]
Amoore, Beth [1863-1944. UK. Metalworker/Jewellery Designer/Enameller/Painter]
Amschewitz, John Henry [1882-1942. UK/South Africa. Muralist/Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Etcher]
Amstutz, André [1925-. UK. Graphic Designer/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Anaglypta Co. [-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Ancell, William James [1852-1913. UK. Architect]
Andersen, Daniel [-. UK. Ceramist]
Anderson & Anderson (J. Macvicar Anderson and H. L. Anderson) [1905-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Anderson, Alexander Ellis  [1865-1935. UK. Architect]
Anderson, Alexander Frederick Berenbruck [1888-1968. UK. Architect]
Anderson, Andrew Whitford [1859-1940. UK. Architect]
Anderson, Anne [1874-1952. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Anderson, Charles Peake [1889-1929. UK/Hong Kong. Architect]
Anderson, Colin [1904-1980. UK. Industrialist]
Anderson, Frederick William [1874-. UK. Architect]
Anderson, G.G. [-. UK. Painter]
Anderson, Henry Lennox [1875-1950. UK. Architect]
Anderson, Ian [1961-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Anderson, John [1872-1962. UK. Architect]
Anderson, John Macvicar [1835-1915. UK. Architect]
Anderson, John Stewart (J.S.) [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Anderson, Joseph [1832-1916. UK. Antiquary]
Anderson, Martin (”Cynicus”) [1854-1932. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Postcard Designer/Painter]
Anderson, Percy [1851-1928. UK. Painter/Poster/Theatre Set/Costume Designer]
Anderson, Robert L. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Anderson, Robert Rowand [1834-1921. UK. Architect]
Anderson, Stanley [1884-1966. UK. Painter/Engraver]
Anderson, Thomas Percival [1885-1936. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Anderson, W.W. [-. UK. Painter]
Anderson, William James [1863-1900. UK. Architect]
Anderton, Richard [1890-1942. UK. Architect]
Andreasson, Just [-. UK. Silversmith]
Andrew Thomson & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Andrew, Benjamin Claude [1876-1960. UK. Architect]
Andrew, David, Jnr. [-. UK. Architect]
Andrew, Harry [1889-1973. UK. Architect]
Andrews & Duke [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Andrews, Arthur Henry [1906-1966. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Stained Glass Designer]
Andrews, C. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Andrews, C.F. [-. UK. Weaver]
Andrews, Edith Lovell [1886-1980. UK. Embroiderer/Painter]
Andrews, Edward William [1841-1915. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Andrews, Ethel [-. UK. Ceramist]
Andrews, F. W. [-. UK. Architect]
Andrews, George Townsend [1804-1855. UK. Architect]
Andrews, Margaret Ethel [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Andrews, Sybil (Power, Andrew) [1898-1992. UK/Canada. Printmaker/Poster Designer/Linocut Artist/Painter]
Andrews, William Frederick [-. UK. Architect]
Angel, John [1881-1960. UK/USA. Sculptor]
Angell, Helen Cordelia [1847-1884. UK. Painter]
Angell, Maude [1871-1944. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Angell, Robert [1872-1952. UK. Architect]
Angell, Thomas Graveley [1880-1956. UK. Architect]
Anger [-. UK. Illustrator/Intarsia Artist]
Anger, F. [-. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Angrave Studio [-. UK. Commercial Art Studio]
Angrave, Bruce [1914-1983. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Poster Designer/Paper Sculptor]
Angrave, Charles [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Angus, Christine [-1920. UK. Embroiderer/Decorative Designer]
Angus, Peggy [1904-1993. UK. Painter/Tile/Wallpaper Designer]
Annan, James [-. UK. Architectural Plasterer/Modeller/Carver]
Annan, James Craig [1864-1946. UK. Photographer]
Annan, Robert [1869-1911. UK. Architect]
Annear, A.J. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Annesley Brownrigg & Hiscock [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Annesley, Mabel Marguerite [1881-1959. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Anns, Kenneth [1891-1962. UK. Architect/Painter]
Anscombe, Arthur Edward [1862-1941. UK. Architect]
Ansdell, Richard [1815-1885. UK. Painter]
Ansell, William Henry (W.H.) [1873-1959. UK. Architect/Etcher]
Anson, L.W. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Anson, Peter Frederick [1889-1975. UK. Artist/Writer]
Ansted, Alexander [-1948. UK. Etcher/Illustrator]
Anstey, Edgar [1907-1987. UK. Filmmaker]
Anstruther-Thomson, Clementina [1857-1921. UK. Decorative Designer/Art Theorist]
Anthony, Alfred Ernest [-1920. UK. Architect]
Anthony, Henry Mark [1817-1886. UK. Painter]
Antocks Lairn [1963-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Antrobus, Mary (Symonds, Mary) [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Appelbee, Horace Ridley [1861-1935. UK. Architect]
Appelbee, Leonard [1914-2000. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Wood Engraver]
Apperley, George Owen Wynne [1884-1960. UK. Painter]
Applebey, Wilfred Crawford [1889-. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Appleby, Barry Ernest [1909-1996. UK. Cartoonist]
Appleby, Brigitta [1926-2000. UK. Ceramist]
Appleby, E.L.A. [-. UK. Muralist]
Appleton, Alice Marion [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Appleton, Charles Sewell [1862-. UK. Architect]
Appleton, Herbert Duncan [1853-1936. UK. Architect]
Appleton, Honor Charlotte [1879-1951. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Appleton, Robert [1947-. UK/USA/Canada. Art Director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Appleyard & Quiggin [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Appleyard, Fred [1874-1963. UK. Painter/Metalsmith]
Appleyard, Henry Milnthorpe [1873-1941. UK. Architect]
Apsley, A.G. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Aram, Zeev [1931-. UK. Furniture Designer/Buyer/Promoter/Retailer]
Arbeid, Dan [1928-. UK. Ceramist]
Arber, William Henry [1849-1904. UK. Architect]
Archer & Hooper [1889-1895. UK. Architectural Firm]
Archer, Alice [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Archer, Caleb [1841-1923. UK. Architect]
Archer, Edward Percy [1880-1950. UK. Architect]
Archer, Ernie [1910-1910. UK. Film Production Designer/Art Director]
Archer, Frank Joseph [1912-1995. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Archer, Howard Dennes [1890-1967. UK/Kenya. Architect]
Archer, James [-1904. UK. Painter]
Archer, Katherine (Katharine) [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Archer, L. Bruce [1922-2005. UK. Industrial Designer/Design Engineer]
Archer, Lilian [-. UK. Painter/Textile Designer]
Archer, Thomas Searancke [1849-1891. UK. Architect]
Archer, Thomas, the younger [-1743. UK. Architect]
Archer-Betham, Arthur [1893-1971. UK. Architect]
Archibald Clay, Phyllis Muriel Cowan [1880-1947. UK. Sculptor]
Architects’ Co-Partnership (ACP) [1939-. UK. Architectural Co-operative]
Architectural Association, London [1847-. UK. Architectural Association/College]
Architectural Club [1922-. UK. Architectural Society]
Arcon [-. UK. Design Studio]
Ardagh, A. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Ardizzone, Edward [1900-1979. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Ardron & Dawson [1897-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Ardron, Arthur [1851-. UK. Architect]
Ardron, Dawson & Howell [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Aris, Ernest [1882-1963. UK. Illustrator/Lithographer/Painter]
Ark [1950-1976. UK. Journal of the Royal College of Art, London]
Arks Publicity [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Arlent-Edwards, Samuel [1861-1938. UK/USA. Mezzotint Engraver]
Arlett, Don [1937-. UK. Graphic Designer/Creative Director/Painter]
Armfield, Maxwell [1881-1972. UK. Illustrator/Theatre Designer/Painter/Decorative Artist]
Armfield, Stuart [1916-2000. UK. Painter]
Armitage, Edward [1817-1896. UK. Painter]
Armitage, Edward Liddall [1887-1967. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Armitage, George Faulkner [1849-1937. UK. Interior/Furniture Designer/Architect]
Armitage, Joseph [1880-1945. UK. Stonecarver/Woodcarver/Furniture Designer]
Armitage, Joshua Charles ‘Ionicus’ [1913-1998. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Painter]
Armitage, Muriel [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Armitage, William [1856-1941. UK. Painter]
Armour, George Denholm [1864-1949. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Painter]
Armstead, Henry Hugh [1828-1905. UK. Sculptor/Illustrator/Silversmith]
Armstrong & Knowles [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Armstrong & Wright [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Armstrong, Charles Francis [1850-1922. UK. Architect]
Armstrong, Charles Montague Cecil [1874-1959. UK. Architect]
Armstrong, Francis Abel William Taylor [1849-1920. UK. Painter]
Armstrong, John [1893-1973. UK. Painter/Theatre Designer/Muralist/Illustrator]
Armstrong, Mildred Jane [-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Illuminator]
Armstrong, Ronald [-. UK. Graphic/Packaging/Industrial Designer/Letter Artist]
Armstrong-Warden [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Arnald, George [1763-1841. UK. Painter]
Arnheim, Lucie [-. UK. Weaver]
Arnold, Ann [1936-2015. UK. Painter]
Arnold, Annie Russell [1867-. UK. Painter]
Arnold, E. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Arnold, Ernest Carrington [1868-1935. UK. Architect]
Arnold, Graham [1932-. UK. Painter]
Arnold, H.J. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Arnold, Harold (Harry) [1845-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Arnold, Hugh [1872-1915. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Illustrator]
Arnold, James [1909-1999. UK. Illustrator/Typographer]
Arnold, Mary [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Arnold, W.A. [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Arnot, Blanche Julianna Louisa [1856-1901. UK. Cameo Artist]
Arnott & Inch Morrison [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Arnott, James Alexander [1871-1950. UK. Architect]
Arrobus, Sydney [1901-1990. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Collagist]
Arscott, Amy E. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Art for Schools Association [1883-. UK. Educational Association]
Art Pavements and Decorations Ltd. [1869-. UK. Tile, Terrazzo and Mosaic Suppliers]
Art Tile & Painted Glass Company [-. UK. Art Tile and Painted Glass Manufacturer]
Art Tile, China, & Glass Painting Company [-. UK. Art Tile, China, and Glass Painting Company]
Art Workers Guild [1884-. UK. Design/Craft Association]
Arthur Blomfield & Sons (Sir A.W. Blomfield & Sons) [1890-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Arthur Body [1866-1933. UK. Architect]
Arthur Eaton & Son [-1940. UK. Architectural Firm]
Arthur Foley (Arthur Foley & Sons) [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Arthur H. Lee & Sons Ltd. (A.H. Lee & Sons Ltd.) [1888-1970. UK. Furnishing Fabrics Manufacturers]
Arthur J. Arrowsmith & Co. (A.J. Arrowsmith & Co.) [-. UK. Manufacturers of Decorative Woodwork for Walls and Flooring/Paperhangers/Gilders]
Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd. (Sandersons) [1860-. UK. Wallpaper/Textile Manufacturer]
Arthur Upton (London) Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Arthur, Anne Knox [1886-1949. UK. Embroiderer]
Arthur, Emily [1861-1908. UK. Metalworker]
Arthur, Henry [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Arthur, John Maurice [1877-1954. UK. Architect]
Artificers' Guild [1901-1942. UK. Metalware Manufacturer]
Artis, R. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Artist Partners Ltd. [1951-. UK. Artist’s Agency]
Artists' Guild [1889-. UK. Crafts Association]
Artists’ Society [1830-. UK. Art Society]
Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society (Society of Designer-Craftsmen) [1887-. UK. Design/Craft Organisation]
Arts League of Service [1919-. UK. Cultural Organisation]
Artz, Sally [1935-. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Arundell Clarke Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Design Firm]
Arundell Display Ltd. [-. UK. Retail Display Design Studio]
Arundell Display School of Decoration [-. UK. Retail Design School]
Ascough, Bessie Mabel [1884-1931. UK. Fashion Illustrator/Hat Designer]
Ash, Sidney [1884-1960. UK. Architect]
Ashbee, Charles Robert (C.R.) [1863-1942. UK. Architect/Silversmith/Furniture/Jewellery Designer/Illustrator]
Ashbee, Elizabeth Jenny Josephine [1841-1919. UK. Embroiderer]
Ashburner, Geoffrey [1920-. UK. Photographer]
Ashby Potters' Guild [1909-1922. UK. Pottery]
Ashenden, Edward James [1896-1985. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer/Model-Maker/Decorative Artist]
Ashendene Press [1895-1915. UK. Private Press]
Asher, Florence May [1888-1977. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Ashford, F.C. (Fred) [-. UK. Industrial/Engineering/Display/Packaging Designer]
Ashford, William Henry [1870-1937. UK. Architect]
Ashley, Alfred Parkinson [1884-. UK. Architect]
Ashley, Henry Victor [1872-1945. UK. Architect]
Ashley, Laura [1925-1985. UK. Textile Designer]
Ashley-Mountney Ltd. (Ashley Mountney Ltd.) [1953-. UK. Textile Design Firm]
Ashmore, Sybil M. [-. UK. Painter]
Ashstead Potters Ltd. [1923-1935. UK. Pottery]
Ashtead Potters Limited [1923-1935. UK. Pottery]
Ashton, Arthur [1882-1959. UK. Architect]
Ashton, Colin [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Ashton, Frank [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Ashton, George Rossi [1857-. UK/Australia. Painter/Illustrator]
Ashton, Julian Rossi [1851-1942. UK/Australia. Painter/Etcher]
Ashworth, Anne [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Ashworth, Bertram [1882-1966. UK. Architect]
Ashworth, Charles Herbert [1862-1926. UK/Ireland. Architect]
Ashworth, Gertrude [1896-1966. UK. Etcher/Painter]
Ashworth, Henry Ingham [1907-1991. UK/Ausralia. Architect]
Ashworth, Margaret [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Askew, Maurice [1921-. UK/New Zealand. Television Graphics Designer/Typographer/Painter]
Askew, William [-. UK. Ceramist]
Aslan, Naim Jacob [1910-. UK. Architect/Town Planner]
Aslett, W.W.G. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Aslin, Charles Herbert [1893-1959. UK. Architect]
Aspen, W. Valentine [-. UK. Wallpaper/Furniture Designer]
Aspen, William Valentyne [-. UK. Wallpaper/Furniture Designer]
Aspinwall, Frederick R. [-. UK. Typographer/Graphic Designer]
Asprey & Co. Ltd. (Asprey) [1781-. UK. Manufacturers of Jewellery/Watches/Clocks/Silver/Crystal/China/Leather Goods/Accessories]
Asquith, Brian [1930-2008. UK. Silversmith/Sculptor/Industrial Designer]
Assafrey, Alma [1888-1914. UK. Painter]
Association of Art Institutions [1943-. UK. Association of Art Institutions]
Astley, Evelyn Vere Georgiana [1878-1969. UK. Textile Designer]
Aston Webb & E. Ingress Bell [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Atkin-Berry, William Henry (Berry, William Henry) [1856-1932. UK. Architect/Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Atkins, A. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Atkins, Edward M. [1861-1942. UK. Painter/Decorative Artist/Wallpaper Designer]
Atkins, Hylda M. [1895-1968. UK. Painter/Etcher/Woodcut artist]
Atkins, Mary Elizabeth (Atkins, M. Elsie) [-. UK. Painter]
Atkinson & Co. [-. UK. Cabinetmakers/Furniture Eetailers/House Furnishers/Upholsters]
Atkinson, Anthony [1929-2014. UK. Painter]
Atkinson, Arthur Spence [1883-1971. UK. Architect]
Atkinson, Charles Gerald [1877-1955. UK. Painter]
Atkinson, Charley [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Atkinson, J.Z. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Atkinson, John Brenan [1865-1907. UK/China. Architect]
Atkinson, Lawrence [1873-1931. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Atkinson, R. Frank [1869-1923. UK. Architect]
Atkinson, Robert [1883-1952. UK. Architect/Painter]
Atkinson, Thomas Dinham [1864-1948. UK. Architect]
Atkinson, Thomas William Fello [1919-1982. UK. Architect]
Atkinson, W. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Atterbury & Tompkins (Grosvenor Atterbury & John Almy Tompkins) [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Atterbury, R.S. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Attlee, Thomas Simons [1880-1960. UK. Architect]
Attwell, Mabel Lucie [1879-1964. UK. Illustrator]
Atwell, Edward H. (E.H.) [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Atwood, Clare [1866-1962. UK. Painter]
Audley, Reginald [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Audsley, George Ashdown [1838-1925. UK/USA. Illustrator/Architect/Decorative Artist]
Audsley, Ian [-. UK. Furniture Desgner]
Audsley, William James [1833-1907. UK/USA. Architect]
Auld & Tilbury [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Auld, Ian [1926-2000. UK. Ceramist]
Aumonier, Eric [1899-1974. UK. Sculptor]
Aumonier, Frederic [-1913. UK. Wallpaper Designer/Manufacturer]
Aumonier, James [1832-1911. UK. Textile Designer/Painter]
Aumonier, Louisa (Louise) M. [1846-1901. UK. Painter/Wallpaper Designer]
Aumonier, Stacy [1877-1928. UK. Interior Decorator/Decorative Designer/Painter]
Aumonier, William [1839-1914. UK. Woodcarver/Sculptor]
Aumonier, William Whitworth [1896-1975. UK. Woodcarver]
Aumonier, William, Jnr. [1869-1943. UK. Woodcarver/Sculptor]
Austen, John [1886-1948. UK. Illustrator]
Austen, John Archibald [1886-1948. UK. Decorative Illustrator/Engraver]
Austen, Will [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Austen, Winifred Marie Louise [1876-1964. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Austen-Smith, Adeline Mary (Chilston, Lady Adeline) [-1929. UK. Tapestry Designer]
Austin & Paley [1895-1914. UK. Architectural Firm]
Austin Knights Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Austin, Frank [-. UK. Industrial/Furniture/Interior/Exhibition Designer]
Austin, Frederick George [1902-1990. UK. Etcher/Engraver/Printmaker/Painter]
Austin, Hilda Alice [1878-1972. UK. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Austin, Hubert James [1841-1915. UK. Architect]
Austin, Leslie Magnus [1896-1975. UK. Architect]
Austin, Robert Sargent [1895-1973. UK. Poster Designer/Painter/Etcher/Engraver]
Austin, Rupert Claude [1875-1953. UK. Architect/Wallpaper Designer]
Austin, Sidney A. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Austin, William [1721-1820. UK. Etcher/Printer/Caricaturist]
Auty, Josiah [1881-1949. UK. Architect]
Auty, Joslah [1881-1949. UK. Architect]
Ava Studio (Camera Advertising) [-. UK. Photographic Studio]
Avery, Ronald [-. UK. Exhibition/Furniture]
Aves, Owen [1881-. UK. Cartoonist]
Awdry, Margaret Jane [1854-1939. UK. Jewellery Designer/Metalsmith/Painter]
Axten, Herbert Joseph [1884-1969. UK. Architect]
Ayers, Eric [1921-2001. UK. Graphic Designer]
Ayers, George [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Ayling, Edward G. [-. UK. Architect]
Ayling, Robert Stephen [1862-1932. UK. Architect]
Aylmer, George R. [-. UK. Painter]
Ayres, Arthur James John [1902-1985. UK. Sculptor]
Ayres, George [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Ayres, Gillian [1930-. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Ayris, Herbert Evans [1876-1948. UK. Architect]
Ayrton, Maxwell [1874-1960. UK. Architect]
Ayrton, Michael [1921-1975. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Illustrator/Theatre Designer]
B. Cohen & Sons Ltd. [1848-1968. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
B. Cuzner & A. H. Jones [-. UK. Metalware Manufacturer]
B. Verity & Sons [-. UK. Lighting Firm]
B. Wardle & Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Textile Manufacturer]
Babb, John Staines [1838-1909. UK. Painter/Ceramist]
Babb, Stanley Nicholson [1874-1957. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Babbitt, Art [1907-1992. UK. Animator]
Babtie, Shaw & Morton [1906-2004. UK. Architectural/Civil Engineering Firm]
Baby Scooter Car Co. [-. UK. Manufacturer of Nursery Furniture]
Bache, C.W. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Backhouse, Gerald [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bacon, Bessie [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Bacon, Cecil Walter (C.W.) [1905-1992. UK. Illustrator/Artist]
Bacon, Francis [1909-1992. UK. Painter/Interior/Rug/Furniture Designer]
Bacon, Francis Plews [1852-1929. UK. Architect]
Bacon, Francis, Jr. [1882-1971. UK. Architect]
Bacon, Francis, Sr. [1842-1930. UK. Architect]
Bacon, Henry Lynch [-1948. UK. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Bacon, John [1740-1799. UK. Sculptor]
Bacon, John Henry Frederick [1865-1914. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Bacon, John [weaver] [-. UK. Weaver]
Bacon, Katharine P. [-. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Bacon, Percy Charles Haydon [1860-1935. UK. Sculptor/Stained Glass Designer]
Badcock, Paul [1887-1975. UK. Architect]
Badeley, Henry John Fanshawe (Badeley, J.F.) [1874-1951. UK. Etcher/Engraver/Bookplate Designer]
Baden-Powell, Robert [1857-1941. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Founder of the Boy Scout movement]
Badenoch, Henry Greig [1847-1917. UK. Architect]
Badenoch, Margaret J.D. [1861-1950. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Badger, Frederick Ernest George [1872-1949. UK. Architect]
Badham, Edward Leslie [1873-1944. UK. Painter]
Badmin, Stanley Roy (S.R.) [1906-1989. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Etcher]
Bagaría, Lluis [1882-1940. UK. Caricaturist]
Bagdatopoulos, William Spencer (Bagdatopolos, William Spencer) [1888-1965. UK/USA. Graphic Designer/Painter/Etcher]
Bagenal, Hope [1888-1979. UK. Architect/Architectural Theorist/Acoustics Consultant]
Baggaley, Ernest [1904-1987. UK. Ceramist]
Baggallay, Francis (Frank) Thomas [1855-1930. UK. Architect]
Bagge, Walter Thomas [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Bagley & Company [1871-1975. UK. Glass Manufacturer]
Baigent, Agnes E.M. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Bailey & Wood [1904-1914. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bailey, Albert [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bailey, Alfred Charles [1883-1948. UK. Painter]
Bailey, Basil [-. UK. Photographer]
Bailey, D. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bailey, Dennis [1931-. UK. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Bailey, Edward G. [1895-1966. UK. Architect]
Bailey, F.J. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bailey, Frederick Edward Fellows [1852-1931. UK. Architect]
Bailey, Gervase (Gervaise) [-1959. UK. Architect]
Bailey, Harold [1872-1930. UK. Architect]
Bailey, R. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Bailey, R.J. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bailey, Thomas Jerram [1844-1910. UK. Architect]
Bailey, Tom [-. UK. Animator]
Bailey, Wellesley Cosby Patrick [1874-1954. UK/South Africa. Architect/Painter]
Bailey, William George [-1926. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Decorative Artist]
Bailey, William Henry [1866-1933. UK/South Africa. Architect]
Bailey. H.F. [-. UK. Architect]
Baillie Scott & Beresford [1919-1941. UK. Architectural Firm]
Baillie Scott & Seton Morris [1895-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Baillie Scott, Mackay Hugh (M.H.) [1865-1945. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Baillie Scott, Mackay Hugh, Jnr. [1891-1943. UK. Architect/Civil Engineer]
Baillie, Charles Cameron [1901-1960. UK. Painter/Glass Artist/Interior Designer]
Baillie, William [1875-1951. UK. Architect]
Baily, Basil Edgar [1869-1942. UK. Architect]
Baily, John Samuel [1880-1939. UK. Metalsmith/Silversmith]
Bain, George [1881-1968. UK. Painter]
Baines, Frank [1877-1933. UK. Architect]
Baines, George [1852-1934. UK. Architect]
Baines, Harry [1910-1995. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Baird, James [-. UK. Interior Decorator/Sculptor/Modeller/Surface Designer]
Baird, Johnstone [1880-1935. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Baird, Nathaniel Hughes John [1865-1936. UK. Painter/Engraver]
Bairnsfather, Charles Bruce [1888-1959. UK. Cartoonist/Illustratrator]
Baker & May [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Baker, Ada A. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Baker, Albert John [1870-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Baker, Alfred Leslie John [1911-1983. UK. Cartoonist/Painter]
Baker, Alfred Rawlings [1865-1939. UK. Painter]
Baker, Annie [-. UK. Leatherworker]
Baker, Blanche [1844-1929. UK. Painter]
Baker, Charles [-. UK. Ceramist]
Baker, Charles Henry Collins [1880-1959. UK. Painter]
Baker, Charles W. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Baker, D. [-. UK. Architect]
Baker, Ethelwyn [1890-. UK. Sculptor/Painter/Model-Maker/Mannequin Designer]
Baker, F. W. C. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Baker, Geoffrey Alan [1881-1959. UK. Painter]
Baker, Gerald [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Baker, Harold [1860-1942. UK. Photographer]
Baker, Harold [Architect] [1890-. UK. Architect]
Baker, Henry George [1875-1962. UK. Architect]
Baker, Herbert [1862-1946. UK/South Africa. Architect]
Baker, Hilda L. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Baker, John L. [1922-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Baker, Martin [UK] [1942-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Baker, Melinda M. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Baker, Muriel J. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Baker, Oliver [1856-1939. UK. Silversmith/Painter/Etcher]
Baker, Percy Bryant [1881-1970. UK/USA. Sculptor]
Baker, Robert Peter [1886-1940. UK/USA. Sculptor]
Baker, Robert William [1909-1992. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Baker, Samuel Henry [1823-1909. UK. Painter]
Baker, Silvia [1893-1970. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Baker, Thomas (’Baker of Leamington’) [1809-1869. UK. Painter]
Baker, Thomas Henry [1852-1934. UK. Architect]
Baker, W. Charles [-. UK. Metalworker]
Bakewell, Robert [1682-1752. UK. Ironsmith/Blacksmith]
Bakewell, William [1839-1925. UK. Architect]
Balcock, Percy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Balding, Arthur J. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Baldock, W.C. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Baldry, Alfred Lys [1858-1939. UK. Art Critic/Painter]
Baldwin, Frederick William [1899-1980. UK. Painter]
Baldwin, Gordon [1932-. UK. Ceramist]
Baldwin, John Brake [1885-1915. UK. Painter]
Baldwin, Thomas [-1820. UK. Architect]
Baldwin, William Wallis [1851-1933. UK. Architect]
Baldwyn, Charles Henry Clifford [1859-1913. UK. Painter/Ceramics Decorator]
Bale, John Henry [1850-. UK. Ceramist/Tile Designer/Manufacturer]
Balfour & Turner [1885-1911. UK. Architectural Firm]
Balfour, Andrew [1863-1943. UK. Architect]
Balfour, Eustace James Anthony [1854-1911. UK. Architect]
Balfour, Maxwell [1874-1914. UK. Illustrator/Paiter]
Balfour, Nina M. [1876-1928. UK. Painter]
Balfour, Robert Shekleton [1869-1942. UK. Architect]
Balfour, Ronald [1896-1941. UK. Illustrator]
Ball, Alan [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Ball, Alwyn Lancaster [1884-1916. UK. Architect]
Ball, Fred Hammersley [1879-1939. UK. Painter/Poster/Lace Designer/Illustrator]
Ball, H.R. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Ball, Joseph Lancaster [1852-1933. UK. Architect]
Ball, Wilfred Williams [1853-1917. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Ball, Wilfrid Williams [1853-1917. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Ball, William Arthur Cessford [1892-1987. UK. Architect]
Ballam, Harry [-. UK. Advertising Creative Director]
Ballantine, James [1878-1940. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Ballantine, John [1874-1936. UK. Architect]
Ballard, E. [-. UK. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Balmer, Thomas Clinton [1879-. UK. Painter/Muralist/Illustrator]
Baly, Edward [1903-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Baly, Gladys M. [-. UK. Painter]
Bamford, Dennis [-1961. UK. Architect]
Bamford, Evan Lewis [1891-1951. UK. Poster Designer]
Banbery, Frederick Ernest [1913-1999. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Banbury, William [1871-. UK. Sculptor/Jewellery Designer]
Banister Fletcher & Sons [1893-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Banister, Barbara [-. UK. Metalworker/Jewellery Designer]
Banister, Frederick Jones [1855-1927. UK. Architect]
Bankart, Evelyn M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bankart, George P. [1866-1929. UK. Architect/Decorative Plasterer/Metalworker]
Banks, Clifford Saunders [1880-1940. UK. Architect]
Banks, Colin [1932-2002. UK. Typographer]
Banks, Jeremy (’Banx’) [1959-. UK. Cartoonist]
Banks, L.T. [-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Banks, Thomas [1735-1805. UK. Sculptor]
Banks, Thomas Lewis [1842-1920. UK. Architect]
Bannister, C.H. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bannister, Henry [-. UK. Calligrapher]
Banting, John [1902-1972. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Bantten, Ernest [-. UK. Ceramist]
Barbara [-. UK. Illustrator]
Barber, Charles Burton [1845-1894. UK. Painter]
Barber, E.B. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Barber, James [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Barber, William Swinden [1832-1908. UK. Architect]
Barbosa, Arthur E.T. [1908-1995. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Barclay & Son [-. UK. Lighting Manufacturers]
Barclay, David [1846-1917. UK. Architect]
Barclay, Hugh [1829-1892. UK. Architect]
Barclay, John Rankine [1884-1964. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Barclay, Rachel [1856-1932. UK. Painter/Decorative Designer]
Bardwell, William [1795-1890. UK. Architect/Sanitary Engineer]
Bare, Henry Bloomfield [1848-1912. UK. Architect]
Barefoot, Herbert John Leslie [1887-1958. UK. Architect/Painter]
Bareham, Harold C. (H.C.) [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Bark, Elsa M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Barkentin & Krall Ltd. [-. UK. Metalworkers/Goldsmiths/Silversmiths]
Barker Studios [1933-. UK. Textile Design Studio]
Barker, Anthony Raine [1880-1963. UK. Painter/Etcher/Lithographer/Wood Engraver/Illustrator]
Barker, C.J. [-. UK. Fireplace Designer]
Barker, Carol Minturn [1938-. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Barker, Clarissa [-. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Barker, E.M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Barker, Frances [-. UK. Architect]
Barker, George H. [-. UK. Interior Decorator]
Barker, Herbert Mayer [1877-1942. UK/Canada. Architect]
Barker, J. Granville [-. UK. Glass Artist]
Barker, John [1911-1959. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter/Illustrator]
Barker, John Rowland (’Kraber’) [1911-1959. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Barker, Kathleen R. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Barker, Margaret Dorothy [1907-2003. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Barker, Mary H. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Barker, May Heatherington [1857-1912. UK. Painter/Decorative Artist/Medallist]
Barker, Neville [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Barker, Raymond Turner [1872-1945. UK. Architect]
Barker, Theodore [1881-1917. UK. Decorative Artist]
Barker, Thomas [1767-1847. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Barks, Edward Ernest [1876-1951. UK. Architect]
Barlow, Albert Edward [1890-1978. UK. Tile Painter/Calligrapher]
Barlow, Edith Mary [-. UK. Painter]
Barlow, Florence Elizabeth [1855-1909. UK. Ceramist]
Barlow, Hannah Bolton [1851-1916. UK. Ceramic Painter/Sculptor]
Barlow, William Tillott [1865-1921. UK. Architect]
Barman, Christian [1898-1980. UK. Industrial Designer/Architect]
Barnard, Bishop & Barnard [1826-1991. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
Barnard, Bishop & Barnards [1826-1991. UK. Fireplace Manufacturers]
Barnard, Elinor Margaret [1871-1942. UK/USA. Painter]
Barnard, Emily [1840-1911. UK. Painter]
Barnard, Frederick [1846-1896. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Caricaturist]
Barnard, Harold Thomas Benjamin [1887-. UK. Architect]
Barnard, Harry [1863-1933. UK. Ceramist/Painter]
Barnard, Jane [-. UK. Textile Designer/Metalworker]
Barnard, Leonard William [1870-1951. UK. Architect]
Barnard, Margaret [1898-1992. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Barnard, Mary B. [1870-1946. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Barnard, S. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Barnden, Alec [-. UK. Illustrator]
Barnes & Burton [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Barnes, Archibald George [1887-1972. UK/Canada. Painter]
Barnes, B. Mary [-. UK. Lace Designer/Maker]
Barnes, Emily [-. UK. Lace Designer]
Barnes, Harry [1870-1935. UK. Architect]
Barnes, John [1913-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Barnes, John S. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Barnes, Robert [1840-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Barnes, Robert Slipper [-1905. UK. Woodcarver]
Barnes, Ruth Margaret [1884-1941. UK. Embroiderer/Painter]
Barnes, W. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Barnes-Graham, Wilhelmina (Barnes Graham, Wilhelmina) [1912-2004. UK. Painter]
Barnet, Belle [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Barnett, Percy William [1895-1933. UK. Architect]
Barnewall, V.M. de B. [1890-1962. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Barnewall, Violet Mary [1890-1962. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Barnicot, John Martin (J.M.) [1909-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Barnish, Frederick Jardine [1879-1950. UK. Architect]
Barnish, Leonard [1885-1975. UK. Architect]
Barnish, Silcock & Thearle [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Barnsley, Edward [1900-1987. UK. Furniture Designer]
Barnsley, Ernest [1863-1926. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Barnsley, Geoffrey Reynolds [1900-1959. UK. Architect]
Barnsley, Grace [1896-1975. UK. Ceramics Painter]
Barnsley, Sidney [1865-1926. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Barr, R. Steel [-. UK. Metalworker]
Barraclough, G. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Barraclough, Gladys [-. UK. Textile/Graphic/Poster Designer/Metalworker]
Barraclough, James P. [1890-1942. UK. Painter]
Barratt, Emma [-. UK. Tile Painter]
Barratt, Reginald R. [1861-1917. UK. Painter]
Barraud, Allan F. [1847-1912. UK. Etcher/Painter]
Barraud, Cyril H. [1877-1965. UK/Canada. Painter/Poster Designer/Etcher]
Barraud, Francis [1856-1924. UK. Painter]
Barraud, Henry [1811-1874. UK. Painter]
Barraud, R. [-. UK. Architect]
Barrett, Angela [1955-. UK. Illustrator]
Barrett, Arthur Cecil (A. C.) [1895-. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Barrett, F. C. W. [-1958. UK. Architect]
Barrett, Frederick Charles William [1887-1958. UK. Architect]
Barrett, Herbert Stanley [1876-1956. UK. Architect]
Barrett, Lionel Newman [1874-1960. UK. Architect]
Barrett, Oswald Charles (’Batt’) [1892-1945. UK. Illustrator]
Barribal, William H. [1873-1952. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Barrie, B.J. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Barrington (Designers) Ltd. (Barrington’s (Designers) Ltd.) [-. UK. Interior Design Studio]
Barrington, Emilie Isabel [1841-1933. UK. Painter]
Barrington, Mary A. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Barron & Larcher [1923-1940. UK. Textile Design Partnership]
Barron, Phyllis [1890-1964. UK. Textile Designer/Painter/Printmaker]
Barrow, Ernest Robert [1869-1948. UK. Architect]
Barrowcliff & Allcock [1899-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Barrowcliff, Arnold Montague [1891-1974. UK. Architect]
Barrowcliff, George Harry [1864-1924. UK. Architect]
Barrowclough & Sanders [-. UK. Stained Glass Firm]
Barry, Charles [1795-1860. UK. Architect]
Barry, Charles, Jnr. [1823-1900. UK. Architect]
Barry, Claude Francis [1883-1970. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Barry, Clifford [-. UK. Painter Designer]
Barry, Daphne [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Barry, David Joseph [-1946. UK. Architect]
Barry, Edward Middleton [1830-1880. UK. Architect]
Barry, Val (Fox, Valerie) [1937-. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Barry, William Ernest [1866-1924. UK. Architect]
Barsley, J. [1853-1923. UK. Architect]
Barsley, John [1853-1923. UK. Architect]
Barson, Derek [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Bartels, Margaret [1887-1932. UK. Illuminator/Graphic Artist/Painter]
Bartholomew & Fletcher [-. UK. Furniture Retail/Manufacturing Firm]
Bartleet, Sydney Francis [1862-1941. UK. Architect]
Bartlett, Arthur Edward [1867-1933. UK. Architect]
Bartlett, Charles William [1860-1940. UK. Painter/Printmaker]
Bartlett, David [1940-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Bartlett, M.B. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Bartlett, Maurice [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bartlett, Robert [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Bartlett, William Henry [1858-1932. UK. Painter]
Bartlett, William Henry (W.H.) [1809-1854. UK. Painter]
Barton & Boughton [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Barton, Emma (Barton, Mrs. G.A.) [1872-1938. UK. Photographer]
Barton, John Isaac [1863-1920. UK. Architect]
Bartosik, Carel [1942-. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Base, Irene Esther Muriel [1897-1982. UK. Illuminator/Calligrapher]
Basebe, Henry [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer/Painter]
Basevi, George [1794-1845. UK. Architect]
Basevi, James [1890-1962. UK/USA. Film Art Director/Special Effects Designer]
Bashkirtseff, Marie [1858-1884. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Basic Films Ltd. [-. UK. Documentary/Educational/Scientific/Animated Film Producers]
Basil, Angus (”Basil”) [1883-1956. UK. Photographer]
Baskett, Charles Edward [1845-1929. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Baskett, Charles Henry [1872-1953. UK. Etcher/Painter/Aquatintist]
Baskett, Florence M. [1868-1947. UK. Weaver]
Baskin, Leonard [1922-2000. UK. Sculptor/Painter/Illustrator]
Bassage, Brenda [-. UK. Television Designer]
Bassett, Charles Scott [1890-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bassett, Mary Ann [1853-1948. UK. Decorative Artist/Bookbinder]
Bassett-Gray Studio (Bassett Gray Studio) [1922-1935. UK. Design Consultancy]
Bassett-Lowke, Wenman Joseph [1877-1953. UK. Toy-Train Manufacturer/Design Patron]
Bassingthwaighte, Lewin [1928-1983. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Illustrator]
Baston, Thomas [-. UK. Engraver/Printmaker]
Batchelor, Bernard William Roland [1889-1990. UK/France. Painter]
Batchelor, Joy [1914-. UK. Animator]
Bate, H. Francis [1858-1950. UK. Painter]
Bateman & Bateman [1887-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bateman & Drury [1835-1848. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bateman, Arthur Benjamin [1883-1970. UK. Painter/Art Critic]
Bateman, Caroline Octavia [1839-1922. UK. Embroiderer/Decorative Designer]
Bateman, Charles Edward [1863-1947. UK. Architect]
Bateman, Henry Mayo (H.M.) [1887-1970. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Bateman, James [1893-1959. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Bateman, John Jones [1818-1903. UK. Architect]
Bateman, Maud [-. UK. Ceramist]
Bateman, Robert [1842-1922. UK. Painter/Architect/Horticultural Designer/Sculptor/Illustrator]
Bates, Cyril Francis [1890-1974. UK. Architect]
Bates, David [1840-1921. UK. Painter]
Bates, Denise [1928-2001. UK. Painter/Muralist/Embroiderer]
Bates, Edward [1882-. UK. Architect]
Bates, Harry [1850-1899. UK. Sculptor]
Bates, J.F.H. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Bates, James Samuel Hewitt (J.S.H.) [1862-1950. UK. Bookbinder]
Bates, John [1935-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Bates, Leo [1890-1988. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Bates, R.L. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bates, Trevor [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Bateson, Edith [1867-1938. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Sculptor/Painter]
Bath Artcraft Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Bath Cabinet Makers Company [1892-1959. UK. Cabinetmakers]
Bath Guild of Handicraft and Design [-. UK. Design and Craft Association]
Bath Pottery [1951-1962. UK. Pottery]
Bath School of Art , Bath [1852-. UK. Art School]
Bath, Fred [1847-1919. UK. Architect]
Bathurst, Charles J. [1884-1953. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Batley, Claude [1879-1956. UK/India. Architect]
Batley, Henry William [1846-1932. UK. Etcher/Engraver/Wallpaper/Furniture/Textile Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Battam & Heywood [-. UK. Cabinetmakers/Carvers/Gilders]
Batten, Eric [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Batten, John D. [1860-1932. UK. Muralist/Painter/Illustrator]
Batten, John Dickson (J.D.) [1860-1932. UK. Illustrator/Woodcut Artist/Painter/Muralist]
Batten, Mary Emmeline [1873-1952. UK. Printmaker/Woodcarver/Gilder]
Batterbury & Huxley [1874-. UK. Architect]
Batterbury, Thomas [-1922. UK. Architect]
Battersbury, Emily [-. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Battie, Charles Albert [1868-1964. UK. Architect]
Battiscombe, Humphrey [1886-1950. UK. Architect]
Batty, Dora (D.M.) [1891-1966. UK. Textile/Graphic/Poster Designer/Ceramist]
Batzer, Albert Edward [1886-1967. UK. Architect]
Bauerle, Amelia (Bowerley, Amelia) [1873-1916. UK. Illustrator/Etcher]
Baumer, Lewis [1870-1963. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Poster Designer]
Baun, Greta [-. UK. Commercial Photographer]
Bawden, Edward [1903-1989. UK. Illustrator/Wallpaper/Painter]
Bawden, Thomas [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Baxendale, Muriel [-. UK. Silversmith]
Baxendale, Ralph Gordon (Baxendale, R.G.) [1912-. UK. Silversmith]
Baxter, Arthur H. [-. UK. Wallpaper/Decorative Designer]
Baxter, David A. [1876-1954. UK. Painter]
Baxter, Fane Frank Fleming [-1939. UK. Sculptor]
Baxter, Frank [1865-. UK. Sculptor]
Baxter, Geoffrey [1922-1995. UK. Glass Designer]
Baxter, Glen [1944-. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Baxter, Paget L. [1864-1951. UK. Architect/Enameller]
Baxter, Paget Logan [1864-1951. UK. Architect/Enameller]
Baxter, Roderick Hildegar [1871-1946. UK. Architect]
Baxter, William Giles [-1888. UK. Caricaturist/Comic Artist/Illustrator]
Bayer, Svend [1946-. UK. Ceramist]
Bayes, Emmeline (Aumonier, Emmeline) [1867-1957. UK. Painter]
Bayes, Gilbert [1872-1953. UK. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Bayes, Jessie [1876-1970. UK. Painter/Muralist/Illuminator/Stained Glass Designer]
Bayes, Kenneth [-1991. UK. Architect]
Bayes, Walter John [1869-1956. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Sculptor]
Bayley, A. M. Clive [-. UK. Weaver]
Bayley, C. Thomas (Tom) [1893-1966. UK. Sculptor/Model Maker]
Bayley, E.H. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Baylis & Adam [-. UK. Graphic Design/Illustration Partnership]
Baylis, Alfred William [1873-. UK. Architect]
Bayliss, Francis Charles [1876-1938. UK. Architet]
Bayliss, Francis F. [-. UK. Architect]
Bayliss, J.M. [-. UK. Painter]
Bayliss, M. Jannette (Janette) [-. UK. Painter]
Bayliss, Wyke [1835-1906. UK. Painter]
Bayly, Hugh A. [1881-1975. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Baynard Press [1894-. UK. Publisher/Printing Firm]
Bayne, W. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Baynes, Keith Stuart [1887-1977. UK. Painter]
Baynes, Pauline Diana [1922-2008. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Bazeley, Frank [-. UK. Metalworker/Decorative Artist/Painter]
Beach, Ernest George [1865-1943. UK. Painter/Lithographer]
Beacon, Charles [1870-1929. UK. Sculptor]
Beadle, James Prinsep Barnes [1863-1947. UK. Poster Designer/Painter]
Beadle, John M. [-. UK. Industrial/Exhibition/Packaging Designer]
Beal, Reginald [-. UK. Illustrator]
Beale, Betty [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Beale, Evelyn [1870-1944. UK. Illustrator/Sculptor/Ceramist]
Beales, Colin [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Beales, Gertrude [-. UK. Lace Designer/Maker]
Beales, Joan [1926-. UK. Illustrator]
Beall, Robert Eusebius [1861-1909. UK. Sculptor]
Beaman, Sydney George Hulme [1887-1932. UK. Puppet Maker/Illustrator]
Beard, Freda [1897-1984. UK. Painter/Graphic/Posrer Designer]
Beard, Joan [-. UK. Photographer]
Beard, Mary [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Beard, Raymond [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Beardmore, Freda [1910-. UK. Ceramist]
Beardsley, Aubrey [1872-1898. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Beare, Josias Crocker [1881-1962. UK. Architect/Painter]
Beatl Sales [-. UK. Manufacturers of Plastic Tableware and Domestic Products]
Beaton, Andrew Wilson [1865-1944. UK. Architect/Painter]
Beaton, Cecil [1904-1980. UK. Photographer/Painter/Theatre Set/Costum Designer]
Beattie, George Nicholas [1869-1932. UK. Architect]
Beattie, William Hamilton [1842-1898. UK. Architect]
Beattie-Brown, William, Jnr. (Brown, William Beattie) [1878-1917. UK. Architect/Painter]
Beattie-Scott, John [-1937. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Beaudecor Ltd. [1954-. UK. Architectural Decorators]
Beaumont & Son [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Beaumont, Arthur James [1877-1956. UK. Painter]
Beaumont, Chevalier Worby [1875-1933. UK. Architect]
Beaumont, Elfreda Gertrude [1891-1987. UK. Painter]
Beaumont, Eugene Charles [1852-1946. UK. Architect]
Beaumont, Eugene Edward [-1932. UK. Architect]
Beaumont, James William [1848-1931. UK. Architect]
Beaumont, Leonard [1891-1986. UK. Graphic Designer/Painter/Printmaker]
Beaumont, Percy Munro [1861-1918. UK. Architect/Civil Engineer]
Beaumont, William Somerville [1875-1943. UK. Architect]
Beavan, Thomas Albert [1880-1920. UK. Architect]
Beaven, Henry Webley [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Beazley & Burrows [1884-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Beazley, Charles Nightingale [1834-1897. UK. Architect]
Beck & Pollitzer [-. UK. Exhibition/Haulage/Warehouse Contractors]
Beck and MacGregor [-. UK. Photographic Studio]
Beck, Henry Berkeley [1884-1935. UK. Architect]
Beck, Maurice [1886-1960. UK. Photographer]
Beck, R. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Beck, Richard L. [1912-1985. UK/Australia. Graphic Designer/Photographer/Cartoonist/Illustrator/Printmaker]
Becker, Harry [1865-1928. UK. Painter/Etcher/Lithographer]
Beckett, Ernest F. [1882-1958. UK. Illuminator/Heraldic Artist]
Beckett, Richard Thomas [1867-1937. UK. Architect]
Beckwith, Ernest Wicken [1872-1952. UK. Woodcarver]
Beddington, Jack [1893-1959. UK. Advertising Manager]
Beddington, Maud [-1939. UK. Painter/Textile Designer/Decorative Artist]
Bedells, Charles King [1832-1897. UK. Architect]
Bedford & Kitson [1897-1904. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bedford Lemere & Co. [1861-1967. UK. Architectural Photographers]
Bedford, Celia [1904-1959. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Bedford, Dorothy Helen [1897-1957. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Wood Engraver]
Bedford, Francis Donkin [1864-1954. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Architect]
Bedford, Francis Octavius [1784-1858. UK. Architect]
Bedford, Francis William [1866-1904. UK. Architect]
Bedford, Helen Catherine [1874-1949. UK. Painter]
Bedingfield, Ralph Waldo [1872-1940. UK. Architect]
Bee, John Francis [1895-1959. UK. Theatre Set/Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Bee, Thomas James [1876-1955. UK. Architect]
Beech, Frederick William [1882-1956. UK. Architect]
Beech, Henry [-. UK. Decorative Artist/Painter]
Beechey, Lionel [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Beechey, William [1753-1839. UK. Painter]
Beedham, Ralph John [1879-1975. UK. Illustrator/Wood Engraver]
Beer, Richard [1928-. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Theatre/Posterr Designer/Illustrator]
Beer, Ronald H. [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Beer, William [-. UK. Inlay Craftsman]
Beerbohm, Max [1872-1956. UK. Caricaturist/Illustrator]
Beese, Clifford John [1872-1970. UK. Painter]
Beeson, Sidney T. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Beeston & Burmester [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Beeston, Frederick [-. UK. Architect]
Beetles, Peggy [-. UK. Illustrator]
Beeton, Alan Edmund [1880-1942. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Beevor, Joyce [-. UK. Illustrator]
Begg, James L. [1874-1958. UK. Painter]
Begg, John [architect] [1866-1937. UK. Architect]
Beggarstaff Brothers (J. & W. Beggarstaff) [1894-1899. UK. Poster Design Partnership]
Behenna, Kathleen Arthur (Behenna, Katherine Arthur) [1862-1862. UK/USA. Painter]
Belasco, Dorothy Sarah [1893-1964. UK. Painter/Textile Designer/Printmaker]
Belcher & Joass (J. Belcher & J.J. Joass) [1905-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Belcher, Arthur Herbert [1858-1924. UK. Architect]
Belcher, George [1875-1947. UK. Cartoonist/Painter]
Belcher, John [1841-1913. UK. Architect]
Belcher, William L. [1923-. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Textile Designer/Painter]
Belfrage, James Herbert [1877-1955. UK. Architect]
Belk, Walter Patrick [1872-1963. UK. Architect/Silversmith/Metalworker]
Belk, William Patrick (W.P.) [1872-1963. UK. Silversmith]
Bell, Agnes E. [-. UK. Sculptor]
Bell, Arthur George [1849-1916. UK. Painter]
Bell, Bertha [1872-. UK. Painter/Illuminator]
Bell, Dora [-. UK. Metalworker/Jewellery Designer/Decorative Artist]
Bell, Dorothy Jeanne [1888-1978. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Bell, E. Cecilia [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bell, Edith A. [-. UK. Medallist/Sculptor]
Bell, Edward Ingress  [1837-1914. UK. Architect]
Bell, Emily [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bell, Eric Sinclair [1884-1973. UK. Architect/Etcher]
Bell, Fred L. [-. UK. Graphic Artist]
Bell, George [1814-1887. UK. Architect]
Bell, George, II [1854-1915. UK. Architect]
Bell, Henry [1647-1711. UK. Architect]
Bell, James Frederick Carruthers [1861-1932. UK. Architect]
Bell, Lillian [1943-. UK/USA. Papermaker/Sculptor/Electronic Artist]
Bell, Lizzie [-. UK. Sculptor]
Bell, Lucy Hilda [1860-1925. UK. Painter]
Bell, M.A. [-. UK. Stained Glass/Jewellery Designer/Metalworker/Enameller]
Bell, Margaret [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Bell, Michael C. Farrar (Farrar-Bell, M.C.) [1911-1993. UK. Graphic/Stained Glass Designer]
Bell, Peter [-. UK. Industrial/Lighting Designer]
Bell, Reginald [1886-1950. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Muralist]
Bell, Reginald Otto [1886-1950. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Bell, Robert Anning [1863-1933. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Stained Glass Designer/Mosaic Artist]
Bell, Silva [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Bell, Steve [1951-. UK. Cartoonist/Caricaturist]
Bell, Vanessa [1879-1961. UK. Interior/Textile Designer/Painter]
Bell, William [1881-1970. UK. Architect]
Bella, Edward [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Bellamy, Geoffrey [1922-1997. UK. Silversmith]
Bellamy, Muriel [-. UK. Fashion Designer]
Belleroche, Albert de [1864-1944. UK. Painter]
Bellingham-Smith, Elinor (Smith, Elinor Bellingham) [1906-1988. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Bellingham-Smith, Hugh (Smith, Hugh Bellingham) [1866-1922. UK. Painter]
Bellis, Frank [1864-1940. UK. Architect]
Bellringer, C.W. [-. UK. Carpet Designer]
Bells, Arthur Ernest [1880-1916. UK. Ceramist]
Belmont Publicity Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Graphic Design Studio]
Belton, Thomas A.L. (Belton, T.A.L.) [1912-. UK. Architect]
Belton, Thomas A.L. (Belton, T.A.L.) [1912-2003. UK. Architect]
Bembridge, Alfred Norman [1870-1955. UK. Architect]
Ben-Yusuf, Zaida [1869-1933. UK/USA. Photographer]
Bendall, Claude Daniel [1891-1970. UK. Painter]
Bendall, Mabel E. [1883-1953. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Benedict & Foss [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Benfield, Edward G. [-. UK. Caricaturist]
Benham & Froud [1855-1906. UK. Manufacturers of Art Metalwork]
Benham, Mollie [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Benington, Walter [1872-1936. UK. Photographer]
Benjamin North & Sons [1851-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Benjamin, Elisabeth [1908-1999. UK. Architect]
Benjamin, Louisa [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Bennet & Sons [-. UK. Decorative Painters]
Bennet, Nellie Maud [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bennett & Bidwell [1904-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bennett & Hossack [1920-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bennett, Alfred J. [1890-. UK. Painter]
Bennett, Charles Henry [1828-1867. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Bennett, Edmund John [1857-1923. UK. Architect]
Bennett, Frances [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Bennett, Frank Moss [1874-1952. UK. Painter]
Bennett, Fred [1876-1939. UK. Cartoonist/Comic Artist]
Bennett, Harold [-. UK. Ceramist/Painter]
Bennett, Herbert William Compton [1900-1974. UK. Film Director/Poster Designer]
Bennett, John [1875-1969. UK. Architect]
Bennett, John W. [1869-1930. UK. Woodcarver/Ceramist/Sculptor]
Bennett, Maurice [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bennett, Maurice V. (M.V.) [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Bennett, Noreen Francis [1923-. UK. Textile Designer]
Bennett, Reuben [1849-. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Manufacturer]
Bennett, Robert [1878-1956. UK. Architect]
Bennett, Septimus [1877-1926. UK. Sculptor]
Bennett, Thomas Penberthy [1887-1980. UK. Architect]
Bennett, Thomas Penburthy [1887-1980. UK. Architect]
Bennett, W.G. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Bennett, William E. [-. UK. Silversmith]
Benney, Gerald [1930-2008. UK. Goldsmith/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer/Enameller]
Bennison, Philip John Basil [1890-1924. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Sculptor/Architect]
Benslyn, William Thomas [1885-1947. UK. Architect]
Benson, Harry [1929-. UK/USA. Photographer]
Benson, Hugh Cecil [1883-1915. UK. Architect]
Benson, Mary K. [1842-1921. UK. Illustrator]
Benson, William Arthur Smith (W.A.S.) [1854-1924. UK. Architect/Metalworker/Lighting/Furniture Designer]
Benthall, Anne Theodosia  [1868-1950. UK. Painter]
Bentham, Percy George [1883-1936. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Bentley, Alfred [1879-1923. UK. Etcher]
Bentley, Arthur Frederick Collins [1877-1958. UK. Architect]
Bentley, C. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bentley, Charles [-1854. UK. Painter]
Bentley, Esmund [-. UK. Architect]
Bentley, John Francis [1839-1902. UK. Architect/Stained Glass Designer/Metalworker]
Bentley, Joseph Herbert [1866-1940. UK. Painter]
Bentley, Nicholas [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Bentley, Nicolas Clerihew [1907-1978. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist/Graphic Artist]
Bentley, Osmund [1883-1950. UK. Architect]
Bentley, Son & Marshall (John F. Bentley, Son & Marshall) [1902-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Benton, George Bernard [1872-1959. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Benwell, John Wayland [1858-1926. UK. Architect]
Berbank, Albert Edward [1896-1961. UK. Painter/Muralist/Illustrator/Etcher/Engraver]
Beresford, Arthur Edgar [1881-1952. UK. Architect]
Beresford, Frank Ernest [1881-1967. UK. Painter]
Beresford, Louisa Anne (Waterford, Marchioness of) [1818-1891. UK. Painter]
Beresford-Evans, John [1907-. UK. Industrial/Exhibition/Display Designer]
Bergner, Lucia B. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Berkeley Coachworks [1947-1960. UK. Automobile/Caravan Manufacturer]
Berkeley, Stanley [1855-1909. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Etcher]
Berkeley, Xenia [1915-. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Berkeley-Miller, Fredric [1854-. UK. Architect]
Berlin, Sven [1911-1999. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Bernard Advertising Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Bernard, Oliver Percy [1881-1939. UK. Architect/Theatre Set Designer]
Bernhardt, Beatrice C. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Bernhardt, Carl W.W. [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Bernton-Benjamin, Horace Eugene [1885-1969. UK. Architect]
Berridge, Mary [-. UK. Illustrator/Wood Engraver]
Berrow, Thomas Joseph Raymond (Raymond-Berrow, T.) [1884-1975. UK. Architect]
Berry, Allison B.  [1885-1960. UK. Architect]
Berry, Allison Bernhard [1885-1960. UK. Architect]
Berry, Arthur Gilbert [1883-1960. UK. Architect]
Berry, Daphne [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Berry, Herbert [1919-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Berry, John [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Berry, Joseph [1860-1944. UK. Architect]
Berry, Joseph Norman [1887-1940. UK. Architect]
Berry, Maude [1859-1949. UK. Painter/Decorative Designer]
Berry, Thomas Wilfred [1891-1925. UK. Architect]
Bertodano, Henry Stratford de [1872-1939. UK. Architect]
Bertoglio, Victor J. [1911-1974. UK. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Bertram & Sons [1830-. UK. Cabinetmakers/Upholsterers]
Bertram Carter & Sloot [-. UK. Architect]
Bertram, M. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bertram, Robert John Scott [1871-1953. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Besant, Francis Walter [1857-1936. UK. Architect]
Bessant, C.H. [-. UK. Decorative Designer/Metalworker]
Best & Lloyd Ltd. [1840-. UK. Electric Light Fittings Manufacturers]
Best, Eleanor [1875-1957. UK. Painter/Ceramic Artist]
Best, Grace [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Best, John Reginald [1866-1950. UK. Architect]
Best, Robert Dudley (R.D.) [1892-1984. UK. Lighting Designer]
Bestall, Alfred Edmeades [1892-1986. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Beswick, Henry (Harry) [1855-1933. UK. Architect]
Beswick, Jessie [1886-. UK. Painter]
Bethell, Lionel Beresford [1864-1928. UK. Architect]
Bethell, William Wood [1849-1909. UK. Architect]
Bethune, Evelyn (Bethune, Mrs) [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Bettington, Edward James [-. UK. Architect]
Betts, J.C. [1896-1960. UK. Graphic Designer/Calligrapher]
Betts, Lily M. [-. UK. Embroiderer/Wallpaper Designer]
Betty Joel Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Bevan, Robert Polhill [1865-1925. UK. Painter]
Bevan, Thomas A. [-. UK. Architect]
Bevan, Thomas Morgan [1878-1925. UK. Architect]
Bevan, William Henry [1865-1945. UK/South Africa/Canada. Architect]
Bevan-Petman, Henry Charles 'Hal' (Petman, H.C. Bevan) [1894-1980. UK/India/Pakistan. Painter/Poster Designer]
Beveridge, David Alston [1876-1948. UK. Architect]
Beveridge, Millicent [1871-1955. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Beveridge, Thomas Johnston (T.J.) [1888-1964. UK. Architect]
Beverley Pick Associates [-. UK. Design Consultancy]
Beverley, Samuel [1896-1959. UK. Architect]
Bevington, Alistair [1926-. UK/USA. Architect/Stained Glass Designer/Sculptor]
Bevir, John [1877-1945. UK. Architect]
Bevis, Charles William [1854-1927. UK. Architect]
Bevis, Oliver J. [-. UK. Painter]
Bevis, Richard Henry Percy [1883-1947. UK. Architect]
Bewick, Thomas [1753-1828. UK. Illustrator]
Bewlay, Ernest Chawner [1872-1942. UK. Architect/Painter]
Bewlay, Hubert Rawson [1869-1904. UK. Architect]
Bewsey, John Charles Norman [1881-1940. UK. Architect/Stained Glass Designer]
Beytagh, Dennis [1924-. UK/New Zealand. Furniture/Graphic Designer]
Bianco, Pamela Ruby [1906-1994. UK/USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Bicât, André [1909-1996. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Textile Designer]
Bickell, S.F. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Bicker, Phil [1961-. UK. Art Director/Graphic/Exhibition/Poster Designer/Typographer]
Bicknall, P. [-. UK. Architect]
Bidder, Joyce [1906-1999. UK. Sculptor]
Biddle, George M. [1885-1973. UK. Painter/Muralist]
Biddulph-Pinchard, Charles Henry [1876-1944. UK. Architect]
Bidlake, William Henry [1861-1938. UK. Architect]
Bidwell, Wilson [1877-1944. UK. Architect]
Biggs, Ernest John [1896-. UK. Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Art Director/Wood Engraver]
Biggs, John R. [1909-1988. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Woodcut Artist/Printmaker/Typographer]
Biggs, Lilian [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Bignold, Herbert [1858-1939. UK. Architect]
Bikker, Arthur Wellesley [1852-1927. UK/USA. Painter/Decorative Designer]
Bilbow, Thomas [-. UK. Architect]
Billing, Clara [1887-1963. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Billinghurst, Percy J. [1871-1933. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Bookplate Designer]
Billington, Dora [1890-1968. UK. Ceramist/Writer on Ceramics/Educationalist]
Bilson, John [1856-1943. UK. Architect/Architectural Historian]
Binder, Pearl [1904-1990. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Bindloss, Frank [1860-1945. UK. Architect]
Bines, Jonathan [-. UK. Ceramist/Decorative Designer]
Bingham, W.J. [-. UK. Lampshade Designer]
Binks, Reuben Ward [1880-1950. UK. Painter/Printmaker]
Binney, Hibbert Charles [1872-1921. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Binns, Henry William [1880-1956. UK. Architect]
Binns, John Dawson [-. UK. Mosaic Artist]
Binns, Richard William [1819-1900. UK. Porcelain Manufacturer]
Binns, William Bryan [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Binyon, Brightwen [1846-1905. UK. Architect/Decorative Designer/Painter]
Biographic Cartoon Films [1952-. UK. Animated Film Studio]
Biram & Fletcher [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Biram, Ernest Frank Stuart [1865-1944. UK. Architect]
Birbank [-. UK. Illustrator]
Birch, Alison [-. UK. Painter]
Birch, C.E. [-. UK. Painter]
Birch, Charles Bell [1832-1893. UK. Sculptor]
Birch, John [1838-1906. UK. Architect/Stained Glass Designer]
Birch, R.G. [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Birch, Samuel John Lamorna [1869-1955. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Birchall, James T. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Birchett, D.A. [-. UK. Architect]
Bird & Oldham [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bird Iles Ltd. [1928-1962. UK. Furniture Design/Interior Decorating Firm]
Bird, Cyril Kenneth 'Fougasse' [1887-1965. UK. Cartoonist]
Bird, David [1864-1916. UK. Architect]
Bird, Eric Leslie [1894-1965. UK. Architect]
Bird, Hugo Ritchie [1879-1958. UK. Architect]
Bird, John [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Bird, Lennox G. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bird, Maud B.S. [1878-. UK. Bookbinder]
Bird, Walter [1903-1969. UK. Photographer]
Birdsall, Anthony, Jnr. [1877-1972. UK. Bookbinder]
Birdsall, Anthony, senior [1819-1893. UK. Bookbinder]
Birdsall, Derek [1934-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Birkenhead, George Alfred [1857-1944. UK. Architect]
Birkenruth, Adolphe [1863-1940. UK. Painter]
Birkenruth, J. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Birkenruth, Johanna [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Birkett, Isaiah Robert Edmondson [1853-1933. UK. Architect]
Birkett, John [-. UK. Metalworker]
Birkett, John Geoffrey [1902-. UK. Architect/Town Planner]
Birkett, Stanley [1884-1959. UK. Architect]
Birkinshaw, John F. [1873-1961. UK. Architect]
Birks Rawlins & Co. [1894-1933. UK. Ceramics Manufacturer]
Birks, Alboin [1862-1941. UK. Ceramics Decorator]
Birks, J.E. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Birks, Laurence Arthur (L.A.) [-. UK. Ceramist]
Birks, Lawrence [-. UK. Ceramics Decorator]
Birley, Oswald [1880-1952. UK. Painter]
Birmingham Guild of Handicraft (Birmingham Guild Ltd.) [1890-. UK. Craft Workshop]
Birmingham School of Art (Birmingham College of Art and Design), Birmingham [1843-. UK. Art/Design College]
Birnbaum, Deborah [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Birnstingl, Harry Joseph [1890-1927. UK. Architect]
Birnstingl, Ursula [-. UK. Illustrator]
Birtles, Henry [1838-1907. UK. Painter]
Bisby, J.B. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bishop, Charles Henry [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Decorative Artist]
Bishop, Edward [1902-1997. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer/Printmaker/Photographer]
Bishop, Frederick Arthur [1869-. UK. Painter]
Bishop, George [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bishop, Henry [1868-1939. UK. Painter]
Bishop, W. [-. UK. Photographer]
Bissill, George William [1896-1973. UK. Painter/Poster/Furniture Designer]
Bjerke & Ericson [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Blaauw, Henry Thomas Gilman [1874-1948. UK. Bookbinder]
Black & Forbes [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Black & Milligan [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Black, Alexander Guy [1903-1967. UK. Architect]
Black, Andrew [1862-1927. UK. Architect]
Black, Ernest [1855-1917. UK. Architect]
Black, George [1846-1929. UK. Woodworker/Joiner]
Black, J. Lindsay [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Black, John Alexander [1873-1951. UK. Architect]
Black, L.B. [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Black, Misha [1910-1977. UK. Industrial/Exhibiition Designer]
Black, Montague Birrell [1889-1964. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Black, William S. [-1926. UK. Painter]
Black, William Small [-1926. UK. Painter]
Blackband, William Thomas [1885-1949. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Blackburn, Ethel [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Blackburn, G. [-. UK. Lacemaker]
Blackburn, Robert Herbert [1884-. UK. Architect/Civil Engineer]
Blackburn, Winifred [-. UK. Painter]
Blacker, E. D. [1884-1956. UK. Architect]
Blacker, Eveline Dew [1884-1956. UK. Architect]
Blacker, Harry ‘Nero’ [1910-1999. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Blackhall, Jasper [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Blackham, George Warren [1838-1912. UK. Painter]
Blacking, William Henry Randoll [1889-1958. UK. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Blackman, Audrey [1907-1990. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Blackman, Henry [1856-1948. UK. Architect]
Blackmore & Sykes [1913-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Blackmore, Alfred Charles [1887-1969. UK. Architect]
Blackmore, Arthur Edward [1854-1921. UK/USA. Painter/Ceramist/Decorative Artist]
Blackmore, J. [-. UK. Cabinetmaker]
Blackmore, Katie [1890-1957. UK. Painter]
Blackmore, Philip [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Blackmore, Sykes & Co. [1913-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Blackwall, Henry [1887-1978. UK. Architect]
Blackwell, Jasper [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Blackwell, Josephine [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Blackwell, Mabel [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Blackwell, Ursula Ruth (Goldinger, Ursula) [1909-1999. UK. Painter/Sculptor]
Blackwood Morton & Sons Ltd. (Blackwood Morton Kilmarnock) [1908-. UK. Carpet Manufacturers]
Bladen, Thomas Wheeler [1860-1946. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Blagrove, George Henry [1851-1928. UK. Architect]
Blair, Gorrie McLeish [1862-1939. UK/Australia. Architect]
Blake, Alfred Howarth (A.H.) [1854-. UK. Photographer]
Blake, Frederick Donald [1908-1997. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Industrial Designer]
Blake, Peter [1932-. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Blake, Quentin [1932-. UK. Illustrator]
Blake, William [1757-1827. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poet]
Blakebrough, Les [1930-. UK/Australia. Ceramist/Glass Artist]
Blakeston, Oswell (Hasslacher, Henry Joseph) [1907-1985. UK. Film Maker/Writer]
Blamey, J. Henwood [1864-1946. UK. Painter]
Blampied, Edmund [1886-1966. UK. Painter/Etcher/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Blampied, Roy Charles [1894-1946. UK. Architect]
Blanc, Hippolyte Jean [1844-1917. UK. Architect]
Blanc, Louis David [1877-1944. UK. Architect]
Blanch, Lesley [1904-2007. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator]
Bland & Bown [1897-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bland, Emily Beatrice [1864-1951. UK. Painter]
Bland, George [-. UK. Architect]
Bland, John George [1820-1898. UK. Architect]
Bland, Kenneth William [1909-1983. UK. Architect]
Blashill, Thomas [1830-1905. UK. Architect]
Blast [1914-1915. UK. Literary/Art Magazine]
Blatch, Bernard [1930-. UK/Norway. Illustrator/Graphic Designer]
Blatchford, John Conway [1873-1950. UK. Painter]
Blaylock, Thomas Todd [1876-1929. UK. Painter/Etcher/Woodcut Artist]
Blaymires, Charles Henry [1907-1949. UK. Sculptor]
Blenkinsopp & Scatchard [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Blenkinsopp, Henry Joseph [1878-1958. UK. Architect]
Blenkinsopp, Joseph Henry [1878-1958. UK. Architect]
Blinkhorn, Norman [-. UK. Photographer]
Bliss, Douglas Percy [1900-1984. UK. Painter/Woodcut Artist/Wood Engraver/Illustrator]
Blomfield & Driver [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Blomfield & Spiller [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Blomfield, Arthur Conran [1863-1935. UK. Architect]
Blomfield, Arthur William [1829-1899. UK. Architect]
Blomfield, Austin [1892-1968. UK. Architect/Painter]
Blomfield, Charles James [1862-1932. UK. Architect]
Blomfield, Reginald Theodore [1856-1942. UK. Architect/Garden Designer]
Bloom, Joscelyn Harvey [1894-1978. UK. Painter/Printmaker]
Bloomfield, Diana [1916-2010. UK. Textile/Bookplate Designer/Wood Engraver/Calligrapher]
Bloor, Walter D. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Blore, Mary [-. UK. Bag Designer]
Blount, Constance S. [-. UK. Enameller]
Blount, Ethel (Hine, Ethel) [1864-1943. UK. Furniture Designer/Enbroiderer]
Blount, Godfrey [1859-1937. UK. Painter/Graphic Artist/Decorative Plasterer/Tapestry Designer]
Blount, Walter Stanley [1889-1973. UK. Architect]
Blow, Detmar [1867-1939. UK. Architect]
Blow, Percival Cherry [1873-1939. UK. Architect]
Bloxam, Edith [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bloxam, Henrietta [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Bloxcidge, Eunice Emily [1868-1944. UK. Embroiderer/Decorative Designer/Painter]
Bluck, John [-. UK. Painter/Engraver]
Bluhm, Quentin Mangnall [1882-1955. UK. Architect]
Bluhm, Quintin Mangnall [1882-1955. UK. Architect]
Blundell, Margaret Leah [1907-1951. UK. Wood Engraver/Muralist/Illustrator]
Blundstone, Ferdinand Victor [1882-1951. UK. Sculptor]
Blunt Wray & Company (Blunt & Wray) [1888-. UK. Art Metalworkers/Silversmiths]
Blunt, Arthur Cadogan [1860-1934. UK. Decorative Artist/Illustrator/Etcher/Poster Designer]
Blunt, Edward [-1718. UK. Musical Instrument Maker]
Blunt, Frank E. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Bly, W. [-. UK. Woodblock Artist]
Blyth & Sons [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers/Importers of Bed Feathers and Horse Hair]
Blyth, Alan [1856-1930. UK. Painter]
Blyth, Beatrix May [1903-1989. UK. Ceramic Sculptor]
Blyth, Harold Albert (Blyth, Hal A.) [1894-1976. UK. Commercial Artist/Illustrator]
Blyth, Henry Charles William [1867-1949. UK. Architect]
Blyth, Mary [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Blythe, Sydney (Sidney) Wallace Thomas [1905-1985. UK/Australia. Architect/Town Planner]
Board, Ernest [1877-1934. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist/Stained Glass Designer]
Boardman, Edward Thomas [1861-1950. UK. Architect]
Bocking, A.L. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Boddington, Henry [1849-1925. UK. Painter]
Boddy & Dempster [1922-1924. UK. Architectural Firm]
Boddy, Percy Charles [1881-1964. UK. Architect]
Boden, George Alfred [1888-1956. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Bodilly, Francis (Frank) [1860-1926. UK. Painter]
Bodley & Garner [1869-1898. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bodley & Hare [1906-1919. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bodley, George Frederick [1827-1907. UK. Architect]
Bodley, Josselin Reginald Courtenay [1893-1974. UK/France. Painter]
Boehm, Joseph Edgar [1834-1890. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Boehmer & Gibbs [1889-1903. UK. Architect]
Boekbinder, James M [-. UK. Decorative Artist/Painter]
Bogart, A.B. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Bogle, William Lockhart [1857-1900. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Boïelle, Winifred [-. UK. Gilder]
Bolam, John [1922-2009. UK. Painter]
Bold, Thomas James [1873-1965. UK. Architect]
Bolingbroke, Minna R. [1857-1939. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Bols, Dorothy Gresham [1883-1954. UK. Painter]
Bolshaw, George Edward [1863-1938. UK. Architect]
Bolt Court Technical School, London [1894-. UK. Art/Craft College]
Bolton & Stock [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bolton, Arthur Thomas [1864-1945. UK. Architect]
Bolton, David [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Bolton, Katie [-. UK. Painter]
Bolton, Minnie [-. UK. Embroiderer/Textile Designer/Decorative Artist/Bookbinder]
Bomberg, David [1890-1957. UK. Painter]
Bond, Alexander Godolphin [1870-1937. UK. Architect]
Bond, Douglas C. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bond, Frederick Bligh [1864-1945. UK. Architect]
Bond, George Edward [1853-1914. UK. Architect]
Bond, John Owen [1877-1948. UK. Architect]
Bond, Laurence (Lawrie) [-1974. UK. Vehicle/Automobile Designer]
Bond, Simon [1947-2011. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Bond, Wilfrid [1870-1935. UK. Architect]
Bond, William Herbert [1862-1918. UK. Painter]
Bone, Charles Belfield [1862-1942. UK. Architect]
Bone, David Muirhead [1876-1953. UK. Painter/Etcher/Architect]
Bone, Herbert Alfred [1853-1931. UK. Painter/Tapestry/Glass Artist/Ceramist]
Bone, Phyllis Mary [1896-1972. UK. Sculptor]
Bone, Stephen [1904-1958. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Engraver]
Bonella, Alfred Augustus [1840-1915. UK. Architect]
Bonington, Richard Parkes [1802-1828. UK. Painter]
Bonnar, Thomas Kershaw [1876-1949. UK. Decorative Designer]
Bonnar, Thomas, Jnr. [1841-1899. UK. Painter/Interior Decorator/Stained Glass Designer]
Bonner, Albert E. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Silversmith]
Bonnor, John Houghton Maurice [1876-1917. UK. Metalworker/Jewellery/Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Bonnor, N. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Booer, William J. [1843-1923. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Booker, Aileen M. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Booth & Ledeboer [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Booth Ledeboer & Pinckheard [-1962. UK. Architectural Firm]
Booth, David [1908-1962. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Booth, Elizabeth Maud [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Booth, Elsa [-. UK. Furniture/Interior Designer]
Booth, Joyce [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Booth, Samuel Lawson [1836-1928. UK. Painter]
Booths & Colcloughs Ltd. [1954-1958. UK. Manufacturers of China and Earthenware]
Boreel, Edith Wendela [1895-1985. UK. Painter/Etcher/Engraver/Lithographer]
Borne, Daisy Theresa [1906-1998. UK. Sculptor]
Borthwick, Alfred Edward [1871-1955. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Stained Glass Designer]
Borton, Edward Victor [1887-1964. UK. Textile Designer]
Bosdet, Henry Thomas [1857-1934. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer]
Bose Bros. (Bose Brothers) [-. UK. Wholesale Ironmongers/Manufacturers of Brassware for the Furniture Trade]
Bospidnick, Richard George [1904-1969. UK. Architect]
Boss, Marcus Arthur [1891-1981. UK. Painter]
Bossom, Alfred Charles [1881-1965. UK/USA. Architect]
Bostock, Robert [1902-1975. UK. Architect]
Boston, William James [1861-1937. UK. Architect]
Bostwick Gate & Shutter Company Ltd. [-. UK. Manufacturer of Decorative Ironwork]
Boswell, Dorothy M. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Boswell, George Arthur [1880-1952. UK. Architect]
Bothams, Alfred Champney [1861-1931. UK. Architect]
Botterill, Austin Barugh [1877-1963. UK. Architect]
Botterill, Son & Bilson (Botterill & Bilson) [1881-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Botterill, William [1820-1903. UK. Architect]
Bottomley, Albert Ernest [1873-1950. UK. Painter]
Bottomley, John Mitchell [1846-1935. UK. Architect]
Bótzaris Sava [1894-1945. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Caricaturist]
Boucher, M.E. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Boucher, T.J. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Bough, Samuel (Sam) [1822-1878. UK. Painter]
Boughton, George [1866-. UK. Architect]
Boughton, George Henry [1833-1905. UK/USA. Painter/Illustrator]
Boulton & Paul Ltd., Norwich [1797-. UK. Construction Company/Aircraft Manufacturers]
Boulton, Doris [1892-1961. UK. Wood Engraver/Etcher]
Boulton, Emmie [-. UK. Tile Painter]
Boumphrey, Geoffrey Maxwell [1894-1969. UK. Interior Designer]
Bourke, Geraldine, Countess of Mayo [1863-1944. UK/Ireland. Embroiderer/Decorative Designer]
Bourne, Hilary [1909-2004. UK. Spinner/Weaver]
Bourne, John Cooke [1814-1896. UK. Engraver/Photographer/Painter/Lithographer]
Bourne, Olive Grace [1897-1948. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Bousfield, C. Evelyn M. [-. UK. Enameller]
Bouvier, Joseph [-1912. UK. Painter]
Bover, W.J. [-. UK. Glass Designer]
Bovril [1887-. UK. Concentrated Beef Drink]
Bowcher, Alfred William [1863-1890. UK. Sculptor]
Bowcher, Frank [1864-1938. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Bowden, Benjamin George (B.G.) [1906-. UK. Industrial Designer/Consultant Engineer]
Bowden, Jamas Albert [1876-1949. UK. Architect]
Bowden, James Albert [1876-1949. UK. Architect]
Bowell, Thomas Henry [1883-1934. UK. Architect]
Bowen, Katharine E. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Bowen, Lota [1872-1935. UK. Painter]
Bowen, Norah [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bower, Albert Egerton Lance (E.L.) [1881-1967. UK. Architect]
Bower, Benjamin [1874-1938. UK. Architect]
Bower, Ethel Alice Chivers [1867-1933. UK. Painter/Medallist]
Bower, Stephen Ernest Dykes [1903-1994. UK. Architect]
Bower, Thomas [1838-1919. UK. Architect]
Bowerley, Marta Caroline [1880-1945. UK. Illuminator/Illustrator]
Bowers, Robert Steuart [-1943. UK. Architect]
Bowes-Lyon, Muriel Frances Margaret [1884-1968. UK. Painter]
Bowie, Alice [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Bowie, John [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Bowker, Arthur [1909-1962. UK. Ceramist]
Bowles, Francis Wildman Selwode [1863-1940. UK. Architect]
Bowles, Thomas, II [-1767. UK. Engraver/Printmaker/Publisher]
Bowley, Julia [1871-1959. UK. Embroiderer/Tapestry Weaver]
Bowman Bros. Ltd. [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Bowman, Douglas [1890-1941. UK. Architect]
Bowman, Gertrude A. [-. UK. Embroiderer/Painter]
Bowman, Joyce [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bowman, René [1881-1933. UK. Enameller/Sculptor/Silversmith]
Bowman, Thomas S. [-. UK. Sculptor]
Bowmar, Charles Bartier (C.B.) [1907-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Bown, Percival [1873-1953. UK. Architect]
Bownass, James Everett [1883-1915. UK. Architect]
Bowyer, Gordon [1923-2019. UK. Architect]
Bowyer, Leslie [-. UK. Illustrator/Commercial Artist]
Box, John [1920-2005. UK. Film Designer]
Boxer, Mark ('Marc') [1931-1988. UK. Cartoonist/Caricaturist]
Boxer, Percy Noel [1886-1919. UK. Painter]
Boyce, George Price [1826-1897. UK. Architect/Painter]
Boyd, Agnes S. (Boyd, A.S.) [-. UK. Metalsmith/Painter]
Boyd, Alexander Stuart [1854-1930. UK/New Zealand. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Boyd, Annie G. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Boyd, Joseph [1873-1946. UK. Architect]
Boyd, Muriel [1887-1981. UK. Embroiderer/Painter]
Boyd, Stuart [1887-1916. UK. Painter]
Boydell, Bertha Stanfield [1899-1977. UK. Sculptor]
Boydell, John [1720-1804. UK. Engraver/Printseller]
Boydell, Phillip [1896-1984. UK. Illustrator/Typographer/Painter/Ceramist]
Boys, Thomas Shotter [1803-1874. UK. Painter/Engraver]
Boyton, Charles [1885-1958. UK. Silversmith]
Brabazon, Hercules Brabazon [1821-1906. UK. Painter]
Braby, Dorothea [1909-1987. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver/Illustrator]
Brace, Alan Geoffrey [1886-1971. UK. Architect]
Bracewell, Arthur [1886-1953. UK. Architect]
Brackett, Oliver [1875-1941. UK. Art Historian/Illustrator]
Brackett, Walter [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Bradbery, Ian Westwood [1918-. UK. Graphic/Exhibition/Industrial/Furniture/Interior/Display Designer/Typographer]
Bradburn, John Windsor [1861-1947. UK. Tile Designer]
Bradbury, Arthur Royce [1892-1977. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Bradbury, Edwin [1875-1948. UK/Ireland. Architect]
Bradbury, Emma Louise [1866-1959. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Bradbury, Eric [1881-1954. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Braddell, Darcy [1884-1970. UK. Architect]
Braddell, Dorothy (Braddell, Mrs Darcy) [1889-1981. UK. Interior/Exhibition Designer]
Braddock, Thomas [1886-1976. UK. Architect/Decorative Designer]
Braddon, Frederick (Fred) [-. UK. Metalworker/Ceramist]
Brade, Daniel [1829-1896. UK. Architect]
Braden, Norah (D.K.N.) [1901-2001. UK. Ceramist]
Bradley, Charles Campion [1861-1945. UK. Architect]
Bradley, Gertrude M. [1869-. UK. Painter/Engraver/Illustrator]
Bradley, Marion Eleanor Granville [1876-1951. UK. Painter]
Bradley, T. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Bradley, Thomas [1900-1993. UK. Textile Designer/Painter]
Bradley, Walter [-. UK. Printer/Typographer]
Bradshaw & Gass [1881-1902. UK. Architect]
Bradshaw, Donald [1900-1971. UK. Architect]
Bradshaw, Gass & Hope [1902-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bradshaw, George Fagan [1887-1960. UK. Painter]
Bradshaw, Harold Charlton [1893-1943. UK. Architect]
Bradshaw, John Henry (J.H.) [1888-. UK/South Africa. Furniture/Interior Designer/Etcher]
Bradshaw, Jonas James [1837-1912. UK. Architect]
Bradshaw, Laurence Henderson [1899-1978. UK. Sculptor/Painter/Poster Designer]
Bradshaw, Percy V. [1877-1965. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Bradshaw, S. [-. UK. Engraver]
Brady, Kenneth Russell [1884-1953. UK. Poster Designer/Architect/Cartoonist/Graphic Designer]
Bragg, Gerard [1871-1937. UK. Etcher/Lithographer]
Braidley, E. [-. UK. Tile Painter]
Braithwaite, Charles [1876-1941. UK. Painter/Illuminator]
Braithwaite, Morvydd [-1941. UK. Leathercraft designer]
Braithwaite, Walter Samuel [1855-1923. UK. Architect]
Brakspear, Harold [1870-1934. UK. Architect]
Brakspear, William Hayward [1818-1898. UK. Architect]
Bramley, Alfred Ernest [1870-1919. UK. Decorative Painter]
Bramley, Frank [1857-1915. UK. Painter]
Bramwell, Edward George [1865-1944. UK. Sculptor]
Bramwell, F.H. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bramwell, James S. [-. UK. Painter/Graphic Artist]
Brand, Walter [1872-1959. UK. Architect/Painter]
Brandon, G.E. [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Brandt, John [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Brangwyn, Frank [1867-1956. UK. Furniture/Textile/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Painter]
Branksome Ceramics Ltd. (Branksome China) [1945-. UK. Pottery]
Brannam, Charles Hubert [1855-1937. UK. Ceramist]
Branson, Edith May Olive [-1929. UK. Painter]
Branson, J. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Branson, Norman R. [-. UK. Architect]
Branston, Frederick William [1805-. UK. Wood Engraver]
Branston, Robert [1778-1827. UK. Wood Rngraver]
Brasket, Oliver [-. UK. Illustrator]
Bratt Colbran & Co. (Bratt Colbran Ltd.) [-. UK. Ironfounders/Fireplace Manufacturer]
Braven, Arthur C. [-. UK. Architect/Exhibition/Display Designer]
Bray, Jessamine Stella [1903-1993. UK. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Bray, Joseph [-. UK. Inlay Craftsman]
Bray, Laura [-. UK. Metalworker]
Brazier, Frederick Henry [1884-1967. UK. Architect]
Breakspeare, William Arthur [1855-1914. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Breakwell, John [-1959. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Brealey, John Thomas [1859-1911. UK. Architect]
Brealey, William Ramsden [1889-1949. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Breden, Albert Charles [1867-1903. UK. Architect]
Breden, Albert Charles (A.C.) [-1903. UK. Architect]
Brémond, Lucie [1856-. UK. Painter]
Brend, K. Harold [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Brendon, Dorothy [-. UK. Ceramist]
Brennan, Archie [1931-. UK/USA. Weaver/Tapestry Designer]
Brennand, Janet (Marsh, Janet) [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Decorative Artist]
Bressey & Liddon Walters [-1891. UK. Architecural/Surveying Firm]
Brett, Dorothy Eugénie [1883-1977. UK/USA. Painter]
Brett, G.W. [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Brett, John [1831-1902. UK. Painter]
Brett, Mary Elizabeth (Molly) [1902-1990. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Brett, Ronald [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Brettingham, Matthew [1699-1769. UK. Architect]
Brettingham, Robert William Furze [-1820. UK. Architect/Painter]
Breves Lalique Galleries [-. UK. Agents for the Lalique Glassworks]
Brew & Claris [-. UK. Furniture Manufacturers]
Brew & Co. [-. UK. Interior Decorators]
Brewer, Cecil Claude [1871-1918. UK. Architect]
Brewer, Harriet E. [-. UK. Interior Designer]
Brewer, Henry Charles [1866-1950. UK. Painter]
Brewerton & Shepherd [1900-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brewerton, Joseph Henry [1859-1927. UK. Architect]
Brewill & Baily [1894-1922. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brewill & Rickards [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brewill, Arthur William [1861-1923. UK. Architect]
Brewill, Baily & Mallows [-. UK. Architectural Partnership]
Brewill, Lionel Colin [1889-1943. UK. Architect]
Brewitt & Son [-. UK. Shop Fitters/Furnishers]
Brewster, L.G. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Brewtnall, Edward Frederick [1846-1902. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Brewtnall, S. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Brian N. Hart Advertising Service [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Briant, Rowland [-. UK. Photographer]
Bridge, G. [-. UK. Muralist/Mosaic Artist]
Bridge, George [1861-1927. UK. Mosaic Artist/Muralist]
Bridge, Gertrude Emily [1874-1905. UK. Mosaic Artist]
Bridgeman, George Frederick Thomas [1897-1966. UK/New Zealand. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Bridgen, Charles Henry Edward [1878-1952. UK. Architect]
Bridges, G. Newington [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Bridges-Adams, William [1889-1965. UK. Theatre Set Designer/Director]
Bridgman, Norman George [1869-1933. UK. Architect]
Bridgwater, Alan [1903-1962. UK. Sculptor]
Bridgwater, Derek Lawley [1899-1983. UK. Architect]
Bridgwater, Henry Scott (Bridgewater, Henry Scott) [1864-1946. UK. Mezzotint Engraver/Painter]
Bridle, Kathleen Mabel [1897-1989. UK/Ireland. Painter/Enameller]
Bridson, Thomas Ridgway [1877-. UK. Architect]
Brien, George Stanislaus [1895-1961. UK. Poster Designer]
Brierley & Rutherford [1918-1926. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brierley, C.L. [-. UK. Architect]
Brierley, Charles Leonard [1876-1915. UK. Architect]
Brierley, Walter Henry [1862-1926. UK. Architect]
Briggs & Rose (M.S. Briggs & C.H. Rose) [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Briggs & Thornely [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Briggs & Wolstenholme [1887-1906. UK. Architectural Firm]
Briggs & Wolstenholme, F. B. Hobbs, and Arnold Thornely [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Briggs, E. Edward [1889-1964. UK. Architect]
Briggs, Enest Edward [1889-1964. UK. Architect]
Briggs, Frank Gatley [1862-1921. UK. Architect]
Briggs, John [1911-1954. UK. Furniture/Woodcraft Designer]
Briggs, Martin Shaw [1882-1977. UK. Architect]
Briggs, Robert Alexander (R.A.) [1858-1916. UK. Architect]
Briggs, William George [1888-1978. UK. Commercial Photographer]
Briggs, Wolstenholme & Thornely [1906-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Briggs, Wolstenholme, Thornely, Stones, Stones & Atkinson [-. UK. Architectural Partnership]
Bright, Beatrice [1860-1940. UK. Painter]
Bright, Henry [1810-1873. UK. Painter]
Bright, William Frank [1873-. UK. Architect]
Brighton Guild of Applied Art [-. UK. Craft Association]
Brightwell, Leonard Robert [1889-1962. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator/Etcher/Painter]
Brightwell, N. [-. UK. Wallpaper/Jewellery Designer]
Brightwell, Nellie [-. UK. Wallpaper/Jewellery Designer]
Briglin Pottery [1948-1990. UK. Ceramist]
Brill, Reginald Charles [1902-1974. UK. Painter]
Brinkley, John [-. UK. Typgrapher/Letterer]
Brinkworth, Robert Edwin [1871-1921. UK. Architect]
Brinton & Co. (Brinton’s) [1783-. UK. Carpet Manufacturer]
Brintons Ltd. [1783-. UK. Carpet Manufacturers]
Briscoe, Arthur John Reginald Trevor [1873-1943. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Brisley, Ethel Constance [1886-1961. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Postcard Sesigner]
Brisley, Joyce Lankester [1896-1978. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Bristol Guild of Applied Art [1908-. UK. Craft Guild]
Bristow, Christopher [1884-1966. UK. Architect]
Bristowe, Ethel Susan Graham [1866-1952. UK. Painter]
Bristowe, Nicholas [1902-1953. UK. Painter]
British and Irish Spinning, Weaving, and Lace School [-. UK. Craft School]
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) [1922-. UK. Broadcasting Authority]
British Colour Council [1930-. UK. Colour Advisory Council]
British Heat Resisting Glass Co. Ltd. (Phoenix Heat Resisting Glass) [1934-1970. UK. Glass Manufacturers]
British Industrial Plastics Product Design Service [-. UK. Plastics Design Unit]
British Institute of Industrial Art  [1919-1934. UK. Design Organisation]
British Institute of Interior Decorators [1897-1988. UK. Interior Design Association]
British Society of Poster Designers [1926-. UK. Poster Society]
Brittan, Harold William [1886-1942. UK. Architect]
Britten & Gilson [-1905. UK. Stained Glass Manufacturers]
Britten, Ida [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Britten, William Edward Frank [1848-1916. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Muralist]
Britton, Frederick Christian (Fred) [1889-1931. UK/Australia. Painter/Etcher]
Broad, John [1873-1919. UK. Sculptor/Ceramic Modeller]
Broad, K. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Broad, Kenneth Stephen [1889-1959. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver/Woodcut Artist/Architect/Printmaker]
Broadbent, Abraham [1868-1919. UK. Sculptor]
Broadbent, John Stewart [1898-1979. UK. Architect]
Broadhead, Caroline [1950-. UK. Jewellery Designer/Sculptor/Textile Artist]
Broadhead, Charles Alfred [1880-1962. UK. Architect]
Broadhead, W. Smithson [1888-1960. UK/Canada/USA. Illustrator/Painter]
Broadley, William Alfred de Laistre [1876-1960. UK. Architect]
Brock, Alan St. Hill [1886-1956. UK. Architect]
Brock, Charles Edmund (C.E.) [1870-1938. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Cartoonist]
Brock, Henry Matthew (H.M.) [1875-1960. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Brock, Thomas [1847-1922. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Brock, William [1874-1953. UK. Painter]
Brockbank, Albert Ernest [1862-1958. UK. Painter]
Brockbank, Roger [-. UK. Industrial/Lighting Designer]
Brockbank, Russell Partridge [1913-1979. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Brockhurst Studios [-. UK. Commercial Art Studio]
Brockhurst, Gerald Leslie [1890-1978. UK/USA. Painter/Etcher]
Brocklesby, John Sydney [1879-1955. UK. Architect]
Brocklesby, Marchment & East [1902-1906. UK. Architect]
Brockman, James [1946-. UK. Bookbinder]
Brockman, Richard [-. UK. Ceramist]
Brodie, Charles Henry [1859-1943. UK. Architect]
Brodie, Hilda M. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Brodribb, Gladys Minola [1880-1946. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Brodrick, T.L. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Bromfield, Kenneth [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bromhall, Edith M. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Bromhead, Frank Harold [1881-1972. UK. Architect]
Bromhead, Horatio Kelson [1838-1934. UK. Architect]
Bromilow, Frank Edward [1909-1988. UK. Architect]
Bromley & Dahl [1912-1922. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bromley & Watkins [-1928. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bromley, Albert Nelson [1850-1934. UK. Architect]
Bromley, Andrew [1855-1923. UK. Architect]
Bromley, Henry Thomas [1872-1960. UK. Architect]
Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Art [1898-1966. UK. Craft Guild]
Brook, Peter [1927-2009. UK. Painter]
Brook, Tony [1962-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Brooke, Donald [1900-1981. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Painter/Decorative Artist]
Brooke, Faith [1894-1972. UK. Architect]
Brooke, Faith Ingham [1894-1972. UK. Architect]
Brooke, John [1853-1914. UK. Architect]
Brooke, Leonard Leslie [1862-1940. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Brooke, Margaret (Renee of Sarawack) [1849-1936. UK. Metalworker]
Brooke, Verona [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Brooke-Clarke, Dora [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Brookes, Edgar J. [-. UK. Graphic Artist]
Brookes, Peter [1943-. UK. Illustrator/Cartoonist]
Brookes, Ronald E. [1920-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Brookes, Warwick [1808-1882. UK. Painter/illustrator]
Brooks John Charles Vine [1901-1981. UK. Painter]
Brooks, James [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Brooks, James (1825-1901) [1825-1901. UK. Architect]
Brooks, James Martin [1852-1903. UK. Architect]
Brooks, Samuel H. [1838-. UK. Architect]
Brooks, Son & Adkins [1904-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brooks, Valerie [-. UK. Illustrator]
Brooks, William Edward [1879-1945. UK. Architect]
Brookshaw, Drake [1907-1993. UK. Painter/Lithographer/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Brookshaw, Drake [1907-1993. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Brookshaw, Percy Drake [1907-1993. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Lithographer]
Broom, M. [-. UK. Metalsmith]
Broomfield, Maurice [1916-. UK. Photographer]
Brotherhood of Ruralists [1975-. UK. Group of Artists]
Brothers Dalziel [1839-1893. UK. Engraving Firm]
Brough, Robert John Cameron [1872-1905. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Broughton, George Henry [1833-1905. UK/USA. Painter]
Broughton, Philip [-. UK. Illustrator]
Broun-Morison, Henry A. de [-. UK. Metalworker]
Browett, Eric Montague [1881-1969. UK. Architect]
Brown & Barron [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brown & Barrow (A. Burnett Brown & Ernest R. Barrow) [1897-1930. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brown & Burgess [1898-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brown & Johnstone [-. UK. Painters and Decorators]
Brown & Watt [1891-1928. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brown Frederick [1851-1941. UK. Painter]
Brown, Alexander [1853-1925. UK. Architect]
Brown, Alexander Burnett [1867-1948. UK. Architect]
Brown, Alexander Kellock [1849-1922. UK. Painter]
Brown, Barbara [1932-. UK. Textile/Fashion Designer]
Brown, Beatrice A. M. [1858-. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor/Decorative Designer]
Brown, Catherine Emily Madox (Hueffer, Catherine) [1850-1927. UK. Painter]
Brown, Cecil Hew [1868-1926. UK. Sculptor/Medallist/Painter]
Brown, Charles Armitage [1787-1842. UK. Writer/Artist]
Brown, Charles E. [1896-1982. UK. Photographer]
Brown, Charlotte [-. UK. Decorative Artist/Weaver]
Brown, Constance E. [-. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Brown, David Burns [1876-1963. UK. Sculptor]
Brown, Derek W. [-. UK. Architect]
Brown, Durward [1860-. UK. Architect]
Brown, E. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Brown, E. Arthur [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Brown, E. May [-. UK. Jewellery designer]
Brown, E. Norris [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Brown, Edwin Dace [1881-1927. UK. Architect]
Brown, Elizabeth Christie Austen [1869-1942. UK. Painter/Wood Engraver]
Brown, Elsie A. [-. UK. Bookbinder/Engraver]
Brown, Esther, N. F. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Brown, Ethel M. [-. UK. Painter/Mosaic Artist]
Brown, F. Gregory [1887-1941. UK. Painter/Poster/Textile Designer/Illustrator]
Brown, F. Paton [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Brown, Ford Madox [1821-1893. UK. Painter/Furniture Designer]
Brown, Frank [1859-1929. UK. Architect]
Brown, Frank (fl.1888-1911) [1859-. UK. Architect]
Brown, Fred [-. UK. Blacksmith]
Brown, G. [-. UK. Firepace Designer/Manufacturer]
Brown, G. Taylor [-1930. UK. Painter]
Brown, George Lawton [1868-1934. UK. Architect]
Brown, George Talbot [1898-1973. UK. Architect]
Brown, George Thomas [1866-1923. UK. Architect]
Brown, Gerald [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Brown, Gerald Baldwin [1849-1932. UK. Art Historian]
Brown, Helen Paxton [1876-1956. UK. Embroiderer/Ceramist/Painter]
Brown, Henry Harris [1864-1948. UK. Painter]
Brown, Henry James Stuart [1871-1941. UK. Etcher]
Brown, Henry Marcus [1868-1940. UK. Architect]
Brown, Herbert [-. UK. Architect]
Brown, Herbert Harold [1876-1948. UK. Architect]
Brown, Hildegard Gordon [-. UK. Painter]
Brown, Howard [1945-. UK. Graphic/Packaging Designer/Typographer]
Brown, James Stuart Campbell McEwan [1870-1949. UK. Architect/Painter]
Brown, John (Brown, Sir John) [1880-1958. UK. Architect]
Brown, John Alfred Arnesby [1866-1955. UK. Painter]
Brown, John George [1831-1913. UK/USA. Painter]
Brown, John William [1842-1928. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Painter]
Brown, John {1} [-. UK. Muralist]
Brown, John {2} [-. UK. Carpet Designer]
Brown, Lancelot ‘Capability’ [1716-1783. UK. Architect/Landscape/Garden Designer]
Brown, Mia Arnesby [1866-1931. UK. Painter]
Brown, Minnie [-. UK. Weaver]
Brown, Mortimer J. [1874-1966. UK. Sculptor]
Brown, Mortimer John [1874-1966. UK. Sculptor]
Brown, Oliver Madox [1855-1874. UK. Painter]
Brown, Sibyl D. Creagh [-. UK. Ceramist/Ceramic Sculptor/Illustrator]
Brown, T.W. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Brown, Thomas [1871-. UK. Architect]
Brown, Thomas Austen [1857-1924. UK. Painter/Engraver/Wood Engraver]
Brown, W. Bruce [-. UK. Industrial Designer]
Brown, W. George [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Brown, Walter Talbot [1852-1931. UK. Architect]
Brown, William [1873-1953. UK. Architect]
Brown, William Edward [1850-. UK. Architect]
Brown, William Edward Arthur [1877-1937. UK. Architect]
Brown, William Fulton [1873-1905. UK. Painter]
Brown, William Hervey [1855-. UK. Architect]
Brown, William Kellock [1856-1934. UK. Sculptor/Metalworker]
Brown, William Lobin Trant [1865-1925. UK. Architect]
Brown, William Marshall [1863-1936. UK. Painter]
Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co [-. UK. Porcelain and Earthenware Manufacturers]
Browne, Alfred Joseph Warne [1851-1915. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Browne, Etheldreda Mary Gore [1890-1979. UK. Mosaic Artist]
Browne, Fred. W. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Browne, George Washington [1853-1939. UK. Architect/Painter]
Browne, Gordon [1858-1932. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Browne, Hablot Knight (”Phiz”) [1815-1882. UK. Illustrator]
Browne, Irene Muriel [1891-1965. UK. Sculptor/Ceramist]
Browne, John Stewart [1861-1955. UK. Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Browne, Joseph Archibald [1862-1948. UK/Canada. Painter]
Browne, Kenneth [-. UK. Architectural Illustrator/Author]
Browne, Mabel [-. UK. Leathercraft Designer]
Browne, Maurice [1881-1955. UK/USA. Theatre Set Designer]
Browne, Percy Lindsay [1871-1951. UK. Architect]
Browne, Peter C. [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Browne, Thomas Arthur (Tom) [1872-1910. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Poster Designer]
Brownfoot, M.A. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Browning, Amy Katherine [1882-1978. UK. Painter]
Browning, Harry Le Cronier [1881-1955. UK. Architect]
Browning, Irene [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Browning, James [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Browning, O. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Brownlow-Cust, Adelbert (3rd Earl Brownlow) [1844-1921. UK. Decorative Artist]
Brownrigg, Annesley Harold [1882-1935. UK. Architectural Firm]
Brownsword, Harold [1885-1961. UK. Sculptor]
Brownsword, John J. [1865-1945. UK. Painter]
Browton, Jessie M. [1882-1971. UK. Painter/Jewellery Designer]
Bruce, Donald [1834-1919. UK. Architect]
Bruce, Martin B. [1863-1900. UK. Painter]
Bruce-Joy, Albert [1842-1924. UK. Sculptor/Medallist]
Bruckland, John [-. UK. Architect]
Bruford, Marjorie Frances (Midge) [1902-1958. UK. Painter]
Bruhl, Louis Burleigh [1861-1942. UK. Painter]
Brundrit, Dean John [1870-1939. UK. Architect]
Brundrit, Reginald Grange [1883-1960. UK. Painter]
Bruno, L.C. [-. UK. Graphic Artist/Illustraor]
Brunton, Elizabeth York [1880-. UK. Painter]
Brunton, Violet [1878-1951. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Brunton, W. [-. UK. Architect]
Bruton & Foster [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bruton, Edward Henry [1854-1926. UK. Architect]
Brutton, William Mortimer [1861-1937. UK. Architect]
Bryan & Roberts [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bryan, Alfred [-. UK. Cartoonist/Caricaturist/Illustrator]
Bryan, Arthur Francis [1884-1948. UK. Architect]
Bryan, D. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Bryan, George Albert [1883-1961. UK. Architect]
Bryan, Henry Dare [1869-1909. UK. Architect]
Bryan, Mary [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Bryan, Thomas D. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Bryan, Thomas David [-. UK. Metalworker/Silversmith]
Bryant, Keith [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Bryant, W. John [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Bryce, Alexander Joshua Caleb [1868-1940. UK. Painter]
Bryce, Helen Bryne [1891-. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Bryce, Mary R.L. [-. UK. Embroiderer/Illustrator]
Bryceson, Dorothy [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Bryde & Co, [-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Bryden, William Radford [1851-1941. UK. Architect]
Brydon, John McKean [1839-1901. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Brydone, T.S. (Brydon, T.S.) [-. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Bubb, James George [1782-1853. UK. Sculptor]
Buchanan, Bertram [-. UK. Etcher/Aquatinter]
Buchanan, Jill [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Buchanan, Mary [1876-1958. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Buchel, Charles A. [1872-1950. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Buck, Annice [-. UK. Ceramist]
Buck, Henry A. [-. UK. Calligrapher]
Buckels, Alec (Alex) [1892-1972. UK. Illustrator/Woodcut Artist]
Buckerfield, J. [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Buckingham & Berry [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Buckingham, Claude Somerset [1883-1943. UK. Architect]
Buckingham, Ernest Hugh [1873-1963. UK. Architect]
Buckland Wright, John [1897-1954. UK. Wood Engraver/Painter]
Buckland, Arthur Herbert [1870-1927. UK. Painter]
Buckland, Haywood-Farmer & Ashford [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Buckland, Herbert Tudor [1869-1951. UK. Architect]
Buckle, Claude [1905-1973. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Buckle, Mary [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Buckler, G. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Buckler, John [1770-1851. UK. Architect/Illustrator]
Buckley, Alan S. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Buckley, John Edmund [1820-1884. UK. Painter]
Buckman, Edwin [1841-1930. UK. Painter]
Buckman, Percy [1865-1948. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Buckmaster, Ann [1924-. UK. Illustrator]
Bucknall, William [1852-1944. UK. Architect]
Bucknell, Alfred [-1957. UK. Blacksmith/Metalworker]
Bucknell, Leonard Holcombe (L.H.) [1887-1963. UK. Architect/Ceramist]
Buckton, Eveleen [1872-1962. UK. Illustrator/Painter/Printmaker]
Budd, Barbara Nellie [1895-1949. UK. Illuminator/Embroiderer]
Budd, Beatrice M. [-. UK. Tile Designer]
Budd, Herbert Ashwin [1881-1950. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Budden, Lionel Bailey [1887-1956. UK. Architect]
Bude, Joan de [-. UK. Toy Designer/Maker]
Bulcock, Percy [1877-1914. UK. Painter/Lithographer/Illustrator]
Bulkeley, T. D’Oyley [-. UK. Architect]
Bull, G.H. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Bull, H.J. [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Bull, Walter William [1871-1957. UK. Architect]
Bull, William Ralph Blenham [1907-1962. UK. Architect]
Bullas, W. [-. UK. Metalworker]
Bulleid, George Lawrence [1858-1933. UK. Painter]
Bullock, Albert Edward [1879-1974. UK. Architect]
Bullock, Ernest Havergal [1880-1963. UK. Architect]
Bulman, Herbert George [1868-1931. UK. Architect]
Bulmer, George Bertram [1851-1915. UK. Architect]
Bultitude, Henry F. [1883-1966. UK/USA. Painter/Furniture Designer]
Bunbury, Henry William [1750-1811. UK. Caricaturist/Painter]
Bunce, Henry Edgar [1887-1972. UK. Architect]
Bunce, John Thackray [1828-1899. UK. Writer/Educationalist]
Bunce, Kate Elizabeth [1858-1927. UK. Painter/Decorative Artist]
Bunce, Myra L. [1854-1919. UK. Painter/Metalworker]
Bundy, Edgar [1862-1922. UK. Painter]
Bunn, Fanny [1871-1950. UK. Sculptor/Metalworker]
Bunney & Makins (Michael Bunney & Clifford Makins) [1905-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Bunney, Charlotte [1910-1995. UK. Archhitect]
Bunney, Gabriel C. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Bunney, Michael Frank Wharlton [1873-1927. UK. Architect]
Bunney, Michael John Hewetson [1907-1997. UK. Architect]
Bunting, May [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Bunyan, Alfred E. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Buoyant Upholstery Co. Ltd. [1909-. UK. Furniture Manufacturer]
Burbank, A.E. [-. UK. Illustrator/Scraperboard Artist]
Burch [-. UK. Poster Designer]
Burchall, James T. [-. UK. Jewllery Designer]
Burchett, Arthur [1853-1927. UK/Canada. Painter/Photographer]
Burchett, Howard William [1883-1960. UK. Architect]
Burdekin, Harold [-. UK. Photographer]
Burges, William [1827-1881. UK. Architect/Jewellery/Stained Glass/Furniture Designer]
Burgess & Myers [1906-1914. UK. Architectural Firm]
Burgess, Edward [1847-1929. UK. Architect]
Burgess, Ethel K. [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Bookplate Designer]
Burgess, George Hastings [1870-1944. UK. Architect/Painter]
Burgess, John Cart [1798-1863. UK. Painter]
Burgess, Julian Gulson [1876-1933. UK. Architect]
Burgoyne, Lorna [1894-1961. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Burleigh, Averil M. [1883-1949. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Jewellery Designer]
Burleigh, Charles H.H. [1869-1956. UK. Painter]
Burley, David William [1901-1990. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Burlin, Paul [1886-1969. UK. Painter]
Burlingham, Freda [-. UK. Textile/Jewellery Designer/Embroiderer]
Burlison, Frances Bessie [1875-1974. UK. Sculptor/Decorative Artist]
Burmester, John William Stanley [1858-1940. UK. Architect]
Burn, G.A.W. [-. UK. Poster Designer/Artist]
Burn, Rodney Joseph [1899-1984. UK. Painter]
Burn-Murdoch, William Gordon [1862-1939. UK. Painter/Lithographer/Etcher]
Burnand, J. Victor [-. UK. Painter]
Burnand, Victor Wyatt [1868-1940. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Poster Designer]
Burne-Jones, Edward [1833-1898. UK. Painter/Stained Glass Designer/Illustrator]
Burne-Jones, Philip [1861-1926. UK. Painter]
Burnell, George John [1877-1965. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Burnet Son & Campbell [1886-1897. UK. Architectural Firm]
Burnet, Boston & Carruthers [1901-1908. UK. Architectural Firm]
Burnet, Frank [1846-1923. UK. Architect]
Burnet, John [1814-1901. UK. Architect]
Burnet, John James [1857-1938. UK. Architect]
Burnet, Son & Campbell [1886-1897. UK. Architectural Firm]
Burnet, William Hodgson [1873-1933. UK. Architect]
Burnett, Cecil Ross [1872-1933. UK. Painter]
Burnett, Dierdre [1939-. UK. Ceramist]
Burnett, Percy Vivian [1896-1958. UK. Architect]
Burnie, David Beveridge [1858-1909. UK. Architect]
Burningham, John [1936-. UK. Illustrator]
Burns, Alex. [-. UK. Decorative Painter]
Burns, Cecil L. [1883-1969. UK. Architect]
Burns, Cecil L. [1883-1969. UK. Architect]
Burns, Cecil Laurence [1863-1929. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Burns, Margaret Delisle [1888-1974. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Burns, Robert [1869-1941. UK. Painter/Graphic/Stained Glass Designer/Illustrator]
Burns, Robert John [1942-2005. UK/Canada. Graphic Designer]
Burr, Alfred [1855-1952. UK. Architect]
Burr, Graham [1929-2003. UK. Ceramist/Painter]
Burr, W.F. [-. UK. Interior Designer]
Burrell, Kathleen (K.M.) [-. UK. Graphic/Poster Designer]
Burridge, Frederick Vango [1869-1945. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Burridge, Oliver [-1954. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Printer]
Burrough, E. Mary [-. UK. Lithographer]
Burroughes, Dorothy [1883-1963. UK. Painter/Poster Designer/Illustrator/Linocut Artist]
Burrowes, M.E.B. [-. UK. Lacemaker]
Burrows, Frederic (Frederick) [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Burrows, Gordon S. [-. UK. Graphic Designer/Display Sculptor]
Burrows, Henry William [1858-1939. UK. Architect]
Burrows, John R. [-. UK. Exhibition Designer]
Burrows, Thomas S. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Burt, Charles Thomas [1823-1902. UK. Painter]
Burtchaell, Katherine Elizabeth [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Burton, A. [-. UK. Woodcarver]
Burton, Annie [-. UK. Ceramist]
Burton, Charles [1882-. UK. Poster/Graphic Designer]
Burton, Charles Frederick [1875-. UK. Architect]
Burton, Decimus [1800-1881. UK. Architect]
Burton, Doris E. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Burton, Esmond [1885-1964. UK. Woodcarver/Architectural Sculptor]
Burton, G. [-. UK. Painter]
Burton, John [1894-1985. UK/USA. Glass Artist]
Burton, John Edward [1876-1957. UK. Architect]
Burton, Joseph [1868-1934. UK. Ceramist]
Burton, M.R. Hill [1857-1900. UK. Painter]
Burton, William [1863-1941. UK. Ceramist]
Burton, William Shakespeare [1826-1916. UK. Painter]
Bury, Adrian (Tell, A.) [1891-1991. UK. Painter]
Bury, H. [-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Bury, John [1925-2000. UK. Theatre Set/Lighting Designer]
Busby, Charles Augustin [1786-1834. UK. Architect]
Bush, Frederick Thwaites [1887-1985. UK. Architect]
Bush, Harry [1883-1957. UK. Painter]
Bush, Reginald Edgar James [1869-1956. UK. Painter]
Bushe, G. Scott [1892-. UK. Photographer]
Buss, Arthur Edward (A.E.) [1905-1999. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Bussé, Dorothy Adelaide [1889-1981. UK. Interior/Furniture/Exhibition Designer]
Butcher, Enid Constance [1902-1991. UK. Engraver/Illustrator]
Butement, Joyce [-. UK. Illustrator]
Butler Isherwood Bartlett (Butler/Isherwood/Bartlett) [-1974. UK. Design Studio]
Butler Wilson & Oglesby [1899-1906. UK. Architectual Firm]
Butler, A.C.  [-. UK. Display Designer]
Butler, Albert Thomas [1872-1952. UK. Architects]
Butler, Alfred Morris [1862-1946. UK. Architect]
Butler, Arthur Stanley George [1888-1965. UK. Architect/Painter]
Butler, Edmund [1862-1946. UK. Architect]
Butler, Elizabeth Southerden (Butler, Lady) [1846-1933. UK. Painter]
Butler, Frank A. [-. UK. Ceramist]
Butler, George [1904-1999. UK. Art Director/Painter]
Butler, Gertrude E. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Butler, H. [-. UK. Interior Decorator]
Butler, Henry [-. UK. Painter]
Butler, Henry (Harry) [-. UK. Painter/Etcher/Engraver]
Butler, Herbert Edward [1861-1931. UK. Painter]
Butler, James Walter [1931-. UK. Sculptor]
Butler, John Dixon [1860-1920. UK. Architect]
Butler, John H. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Butler-Stoney, Thomas [1875-1917. UK. Illustrator/Painter]
Butlin, Denis A.C. [-. UK. Window Display Designer]
Butt, Charles Frederick [1888-. UK. Architect]
Butt, William (W.J.) [-. UK. Illustrator]
Buttar, Edward James [1873-1943. UK. Painter]
Butterfield, Lindsay Phillip [1869-1948. UK. Textile/Wallpaper Designer]
Butterfield, William [1814-1900. UK. Architect/Designer]
Butters, Benjamin Harlow [1882-1908. UK. Architect]
Butterworth, Ethel [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Butterworth, Harold [1893-1969. UK. Architect]
Butterworth, Nick [1946-. UK. Illustrator]
Butterworth, Thomas [1856-1939. UK. Architect]
Button, Kate [-. UK. Painter/Embroiderer]
Buttrick, Walter Hammond [1882-1961. UK. Architect]
Buxton, Alfred [1883-1963. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Buxton, Robert Hugh [1871-. UK. Painter/Woodcarver/Woodcut Artist]
Buxton, William J. [-. UK. Architect/Surveyor]
Buzás, Stefan [1915-2008. UK. Hungary/Architect]
Buzzard, Mary Constance (Pegram, Mary Constance)  [1876-1953. UK. Sculptor]
Byatt, Edwin [1888-1948. UK. Painter/Graphic Designer]
Byers, John [1902-1957. UK. Architect]
Byng, Robin [-. UK. Interior Decorator]
Byrne & Woudhuysen [1954-1956. UK. Design Consultancy]
Bywaters (Bywater) [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Bywaters, Stewart Frank [1892-1971. UK. Architect]
C. & J.G. Potter [1839-2003. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
C. J. Studio [-. UK. Commercial Art Studio]
C. Vernon & Sons Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C.E. Mallows & Grocock [1898-. UK. Architectural Firm]
C.F. Higham Ltd. (Charles F. Higham Ltd.) [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C.H. & N.A. Rew [1904-. UK. Architectural Firm]
C.H. Gee & Co. Ltd. [-. UK. Printer]
C.J. Lytle Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C.R. and H.W. Crickmay & Sons [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
C.R. Casson Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
C.T. Bowie, Fisher & Co. [1850-. UK. Interior Decorators/Painters]
Cabré, Joseph Watson [1884-1946. UK. Architect]
Cabuche, Henry Leon [1876-1944. UK. Architect]
Cachemaille-Day, Nugent Francis [1896-1976. UK. Architect]
Cackett, Burns Dick & MacKellar [1923-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Cackett, James Thorburn [1860-1928. UK. Architect]
Cadbury, Richard Barrow [1835-1899. UK. Chocolate Manufacturer]
Cadbury-Brown, H.T. [1913-2009. UK. Architect]
Cadby, Carine [-. UK. Photographer]
Cadell, Francis Campbell Boileau [1883-1937. UK. Painter]
Cadenhead, James [1858-1927. UK. Painter]
Cadness, Henry [1854-1926. UK. Textile Designer/Illuminator/Painter]
Cadness, Mildred [1890-1982. UK. Enameller]
Cadogan, Francis [-. UK. Painter]
Cadwalader-Guild, Emma (Emma Cadwallader-Guild) [1843-. UK. Sculptor/Medalist]
Caffyn, William Henry (W.H.) [1870-1958. UK. Poster Designer/Illustrator]
Cain, B.R. [-. UK. Silversmith]
Cain, Charles William [1893-1962. UK. Painter/Etcher]
Caird, Gladys, M. [1892-1967. UK. Ceramist/Sculptor]
Caird, Marjorie Rorie [-. UK. Painter]
Cairnes Maltby Associates [-. UK. Design Studio]
Cairns, James Davidson [1866-1947. UK. Architect]
Caldecott, Randolph [1846-1886. UK. Illustrator]
Calderon, Philip Hermogenes [1833-1898. UK. Painter]
Caley, T.E. [-. UK. Bookbinder]
Calkin, Lance [1859-1936. UK. Painter]
Calland, Eustace [1865-1959. UK. Photographer]
Calligan, Edwin [-. UK. Display/Poster/Packaging Designer/Muralist]
Callow, Leonard [-. UK. Exhibition/Display Designer]
Callow, William [1812-1908. UK. Painter/Engraver]
Callwood, R.H. [-. UK. Wallpaper Designer]
Calman, Mel [1931-1994. UK. Cartoonist/Illustrator]
Calthrop, Dion Clayton [1878-1937. UK. Illustrator/Theatre Designer]
Calthrop, Gladys Edith Mabel [1894-1980. UK. Theatre Set/Costume Designer]
Calvert, Arthur Richard [1852-1922. UK. Architect]
Calvert, Charles Henry [1886-1957. UK. Architect]
Calvert, Edith [1864-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Calvert, Edward [1799-1883. UK. Painter/Printmaker/Wood Engraver]
Calvert, Lionel Delepierre [1856-1902. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Calvert, Margaret [1936-. UK. Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Typographer]
Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, Camberwell, London [1898-. UK. Art, Craft and Design College]
Camblin, Leslie [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cameron, A. [1875-1939. UK. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cameron, Arthur [1875-1939. UK. Metalsmith/Jewellery Designer]
Cameron, Arthur Edwin [1900-1983. UK. Architect]
Cameron, Beatrice [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Cameron, Charles [1745-1812. UK/Russia. Architect]
Cameron, David Young [1865-1945. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Cameron, Donald John [1894-1972. UK. Architect]
Cameron, Edwin Percy [1871-1953. UK. Architect]
Cameron, Henry Herschel Hay [1852-1911. UK. Photographer]
Cameron, I.M. [-. UK. Illustrator]
Cameron, John J.A. [1909-. UK. Photographer]
Cameron, Julia Margaret [1815-1879. UK. Photographer]
Cameron, Katharine (Kate) [1874-1965. UK. Painter/Etcher/Illustrator]
Cameron, Mary [1865-1921. UK. Painter]
Cameron, Rhoderic [1859-1928. UK. Architect]
Cameron, Robert Macfarlane [1860-1920. UK. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Cami, Aziz [1950-. UK. Graphic Designer]
Camm, Florence [1874-1960. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Metalworker/Decorative Artist/Cartoonist]
Camm, Thomas William [1839-1912. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Camm, Walter Herbert [1881-1967. UK. Stained Glass Designer]
Campbell & Christmas [1903-. UK. Wallpaper/Stained Glass Manufacturer]
Campbell & Hislop [1908-1924. UK. Architectural Firm]
Campbell Douglas & Morrison [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Campbell Douglas & Paterson [1903-1906. UK. Architectural Firm]
Campbell Fabrics Ltd. [-. UK. Textile Manufacturers]
Campbell, Alexander Lorne [1872-1944. UK. Architect]
Campbell, B. Elvey [-. UK/USA. Woodcarver]
Campbell, Beatrice [1883-1970. UK. Painter]
Campbell, Charles [-1896. UK. Stained Glass Designer/Decorative Artist]
Campbell, Colen (Campbell, Colen, of Boghole and Urchany) [1676-1729. UK. Architect]
Campbell, Ethel [-. UK. Leathercraft/Decorative Designer]
Campbell, Frederick A. [1851-1930. UK/Australia. Etcher/Painter]
Campbell, Jean [-. UK. Jewellery Designer]
Campbell, Joan [-. UK. Illustrator]
Campbell, John A. [1878-1947. UK/Germany. Architect]
Campbell, John A. (J.A.) [1878-1947. UK/Germany. Architect/Furniture Designer]
Campbell, John Archibald [1859-1909. UK. Architect]
Campbell, John F. [1885-1966. UK. Painter/Illustrator]
Campbell, Madeleine E. Hume [-. UK. Metalworker]
Campbell, Madeline Caroline Frances Eden (Wyndham, Mrs. Percy) [-1920. UK. Enameller]
Campbell, Nora Jean [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Campbell, Norah Molly [1888-1971. UK. Painter/Etcher/Sculptor]
Campbell, Sarah [1946-. UK. Textile Designer]
Campbell, Smith & Co. [1873-. UK. Stained Glass/Interior Decoration Firm]
Campbell, William [1860-1931. UK. Architect]
Campbell-Grant [-. UK. Interior Decorating Firm]
Campbell-Jones, Owen [1894-1982. UK. Architect]
Campbell-Jones, Sons & Smithers [1919-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Campbell-Jones, William (Jones, William Campbell) [1862-1951. UK. Architect]
Campion, Charlotte [-. UK. Woodcraft Designer]
Camwell, Alice Mabel [-. UK. Goldsmith/Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Canal Workshop [-. UK. Craft Workshop]
Cancellor, Leyton [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Candy & Co. Ltd. [1875-1998. UK. Tiles Manufacturers/Pottery]
Cane, Percy S. [-. UK. Garden Designer]
Cannell, Ernest [1870-1930. UK. Architect]
Cannell, Ernest William [1870-1930. UK. Architect]
Canney, Michael Richard Ladd [1923-1999. UK. Painter/Collagist]
Cantle, B.J. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Canton, Susan Ruth [1849-1932. UK. Sculptor/Painter]
Cantrill, J. [-. UK. Painter]
Canziani, Estella [1887-1964. UK. Painter/Illustrator/Interior Decorator]
Capey, Florence [1898-1986. UK. Illuminator]
Capey, Reco [1895-1961. UK. Ceramist/Textile/Industrial Designer/Painter/Poster Designer]
Caplan, David [1910-1986. UK. Graphic Designer/Typographer]
Caplan, Montague A. [-. UK. Furniture Designer]
Caple, William Henry Dashwood [1866-1939. UK. Architect]
Capon, Kenneth [1915-1988. UK. Architect]
Capper, Stewart Henbest [1859-1925. UK. Architect]
Cappon, Thomas Martin [1863-1939. UK. Architect]
Caradoc Press [1899-1909. UK. Private Press]
Carby Hall & Dawson [-. UK. Architectural Firm]
Carden, Robert Walter [1875-1943. UK. Architect]
Carder, Arthur Alfred [1878-1953. UK. Architect]
Carder, George J. [-. UK. Decorative Artist]
Cardew, Michael [1901-1983. UK. Ceramist]
Cardinal & Harford  [1792-. UK. Importers of Oriental Carpets]
Cardoe, Thomas [-. UK. Glass Artist]
Careless, Sefton Stockford [1898-1962. UK. Architect]
Careless, William Edward (Carless, William Edward) [1881-1949. UK. Architect]
Carfrae, John Alexander [1868-1947. UK. Architect]
Carline, George Francis [1855-1920. UK. Painter]
Carline, Richard Cotton [1896-1980. UK. Painter]
Carline, Sydney William [1888-1929. UK. Painter/Sculptor/Medallist]
Carling, A. [-. UK. Packaging Designer]
Carlisle & Clegg [-. UK. Wallpaper Manufacturer]
Carlisle, John [1850-. UK. Joiner/Cabinetmaker]
Carlton Artists [-. UK. Graphic Design Studio]
Carlton Publicity Ltd. [-. UK. Advertising Agency]
Carlton Studio [1902-. UK. Design Studio]
Carmelite Studio [-. UK. Commercial Art Studio]
Carmichael, John Wilson (Carmichael, James Wilson) [1799-1868. UK. Painter]
Carmichael, Stewart [1867-1950. UK. Painter/Engraver/Decorator]
Carne, Archibald [-. UK. Artist]
Caröe. William Douglas (W.D.) [1857-1938. UK. Architect]
Carpenter, A. [-. UK. Decorative Designer]
Carpenter, Aimée [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Carpenter, Alfred [1865-1944. UK. Tapestry/Wallpaper/Textile Designer/Decorative Artist]
Carpenter, John [-. UK. Photographer]
Carpenter, Richard Cromwell [1812-1855. UK. Architect]
Carpenter, Richard Herbert [1841-1893. UK. Architect]
Carpenter, W. Alfred [-. UK. Painter]
Carpet Manufacturing Co. Ltd. [1890-1990. UK. Carpet Manufacturing Company]
Carpmael, Cecilia [1876-1947. UK. Painter]
Carr, Alwyn Charles Ellison [1872-1940. UK. Silversmith/Jewellery Designer]
Carr, B.E. [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Carr, Fanny [-. UK. Textile Designer]
Carr, Frances Comyns [-. UK. Embroiderer]
Carr, Frank Henry [1904-1983. UK. Architect]
Carr, Geraldine [-. UK. Enameller/Sculptor]
Carr, Hamzah [-. UK. Painter]
Carr, James [-1821. UK. Architect]
Carr, John [1772-1832. UK. Illustrator]
Carr, John E.C. [1869-. UK. Metalworker/Stained Glass/Furniture Designer Designer/Decorative Artist]
Carr, K.J. [-. UK. Paper/Display Sculptor]
Carr, Leslie [1885-1948. UK. Painter/Poster Designer]
Carr, M. Ella [-. UK. Embroiderer/Lacemaker]
Carr, Norman S. [-. UK. Painter/Illustrator]